Source: “Scott Hamner Quit The Young and the Restless!”

I tweeted earlier that I was hearing Scott Hamner, one of Maria Arena Bell's two co-head writers, had quit The Young and the Restless.

"Scott [Hamner] quit, so maybe Josh [Griffith] is meant to replace him?" said an insider. "I hear he got tired of doing it."

Soap Opera Digest has published an article on their website confirming Hamner stepping down from the CBS serial. Said Hamner:

"I had decided to let my contract expire but Maria [Arena Bell, executive producer/head writer] asked if we could call it a sabbatical instead," explains Hamner. "She really didn't want me to leave, so I agreed to take a few months off. She has been so gracious and generous about my need to take a break and I appreciate that."

According to my sources, these moves are a decided effort on the part of Sony TV to seize creative and financial control of The Young and the Restless. Keep checking back with Daytime Confidential as this story develops!


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    Griffith and MAB clashed once before. If he’s returning I hope this means she’s history. This woman can’t survive this change and in the end still be employed.

    And as for Hamner, I hope he never returns.

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    I don’t know what HW experience made him qualified to HW this show other than the year he was the HW of Port Charles and when he was HW of Y&R with LML. All he does is the press it seems to discuss storylines.
    He should have left when LML did.

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    Heard an “interesting” rumor.

    Guess who is being considered to replace Maria if she goes?
    Hint: She single-handedly destroyed General Hospital.

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    [quote=Yoryla]Heard an “interesting” rumor.

    Guess who is being considered to replace Maria if she goes?
    Hint: She single-handedly destroyed General Hospital.[/quote]

    Is this McTavish?

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    Wait a minute. Doesn’t Scott Hamners statement sound a lot like Jess Waltons?

    If the person taking over destroyed the ABC soaps I say good, because MAB has made Y&R into an ABC soap and it needs to go back to being Y&R again.

    I’m not worried, no one can ruin what’s not there. Y&R hasn’t used the characters I’ve followed for over 3 years and I may never see them again under MAB. Whoever takes over can’t do worse than that.

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    [quote=SwanQueen59]Methinks there be a few rounds of soap style “Russian Roulette” being played. Definitely a situation of “Be careful what you wish for.”…

    There will be no “careful what you wish for” on my part. MAB’s terribal. It can’t get any worse.

    This broad refuses to learn from past mistakes. She deserves to get canned.

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    And that’s why JFP is no longer at GH. Believe me, I have no wish to see her at Y&R. It’s sad that even with the possibility of a much needed change in oversight, candidates considered to take over are, forgive me, bottom of the barrel… 0:)

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    [quote=pennywise555]Wait a minute. Doesn’t Scott Hamners statement sound a lot like Jess Waltons?[/quote]
    It does. And sadly I believe Jess Walton isn’t coming back. I wish I could say the same for Hamner. Let’s just hope MAB is in her last hours of head writing this show.

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    [quote=pennywise555]Wait a minute. Doesn’t Scott Hamners statement sound a lot like Jess Waltons?[/quote]
    Yes, it does. I’ll be HIGHLY shocked if Jess Walton actually returns, at least not without an entire regime change.

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    [quote=soapjunkie88][quote=pennywise555]Wait a minute. Doesn’t Scott Hamners statement sound a lot like Jess Waltons?[/quote]
    It does. And sadly I believe Jess Walton isn’t coming back. I wish I could say the same for Hamner. Let’s just hope MAB is in her last hours of head writing this show.[/quote]

    I’ve been holding out for Jess Walton’s return. If she’s done, I’m done. I’m barely hanging on as it is. If she isn’t returning she’d say something on her Facebook page. But she’s not good about updating it on a regular basis. She pops in once every few weeks or so.

    I’m sure she doesn’t miss Y&R one iota. Maybe the people but certainly not the politics as she’s been treated TERRIBLY by MAB & Co. But I think if she “is” done, I think she would return to give the character Jill a proper goodbye. That is if the powers that be in charge at that time will even LET her.

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    @Yoryla: Oh noes, say it isn’t so!! She was TERRIBLE! And I think secretly a man with all of that misogyny.
    Y&R fans better get read for a James Franco arc!

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    I’m confused. Does this mean that the BELLS will lose control over the late Bill Bell’s soap? Although I applaud this move if we start to hear grumblings from the bells about Maria’s firing or loss of control over this show it will be their own faults for allowing Maria to continue destroying this gem.

    I’m a little nervous about Phelps. Although she has been part of very successful soaps in the past, her use of James Franco over 2 years and 4 story arcs on GH proved to be way too many arcs and more comical and cartoonish. Earlier she had the horrific murder of Frankie Frame on Another World and the rape by her genecologist of Eden Capwell on Santa Barbara. It was also under her reign at General Hospital that the show was ultimately taken over by the mob and the Quartermaine family… a core family for decades… was reduced to Thanksgiving day specials and pizza dinner episodes. And we can’t forget the disastrous story of torture of Robin by Lisa Niles over 2 years and the impossible tenure that character had on the show.

    I’m glad for the changes at the helm of Y&R if all this proves true but I will be holding out hope that Jill decides to direct that the show go back to what made it great and not what makes other shows bad.


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    Eden Capwell’s rape was horrific; but it was also the best written and most realistic sexual assault story ever told in daytime. The acting done by Marcy Walker and others involved in that storyline was superb.

    That said, JFP has done some unforgivable things to daytime soaps. She definitely belongs on the list of those who had a hand in killing the genre.

  14. Profile photo of pjc722

    My point was not that the acting wasn’t good but more to the fact that she has been at the helm of truly horrific acts of violence towards women instead of celebrating them. All the actresses in the 3 stories/shows I mentioned acted amazingly and are all terrific actresses. But at the end of the day, soaps should be empowering women while celebrating their weaknesses. But their weaknesses should not be about men coming to the rescue all the time.

    Also, Phelps directed General Hospital over the past 10 years into a mob centric show that devoured up a core family (QUartermaines), ruined the CORE focus of the show… the hospital… and created what many in the industry have considered the worst of daytime.

    Yes, GH won daytime emmys 4 years during her tenure but you also have to realize that the acting on the shows is superb and the pure fact that the EMMYS are a popularity contest! Of course, GH is going to win with the largest cast out there for daytime and critics not being the ones voting for the winner but other actors and guild members.

    Again, I have HIGH HOPES AND FINGERS CROSSED for Phelps. She turned around Another World and increased its demo in the 18-49 much wanted advertising category without bringing in a whole new cast or switching the stories to young cast members or newbies. She mostly did the same over at GH, although its ratings went down rather than up.

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    I will say that the intentions are still there to bring Jess Walton back. It was Walton’s decision to leave the show so she could spend time with her daughter and new born grandchild and, although, I do not care for Maria Bell as a showrunner she was nice enough to give this pivotal actress/character the time off.

    Not many soaps would do that for a major character who is tied to 2 other major characters as their mom. Seriously, think about it. If Maria was planning on not having Jess return she would have milked it for all its worth by having her die of cancer or killed. It would have created a truly dynamic story for Billy, Cane and Katherine. Katherine alone could have been devastated enough to reconsider drinking. The rivialry between Cane and Billy would have been reignited as they struggle to deal with her death. The stories would have been there to milk no matter how badly Maria would have implemented them. (Knowing Maria, Jill would have a long lost daughter or son come to town to claim his/her inheritance. A child Jill had when she was a young teen, although Maria would have cast the character as Abby’s age to milk the young demo. LOL)

    Jess and Jill will return. But I hope when she does she returns as a stronger character than when she left. I have always felt that Jill should be the 3rd tycoon in Genoa City and not Tucker. For years this character has been JUST ABOUT READY to take the reigns of daytime’s BITCH mantel left vacant by the loss of Lucinda Walsh (ATWT), Iris Carrington (AW), Alexandra Spaulding (GL), Dorian Lord (OLTL) and the mid 80’s Erica Kane before her daughters aged and made her a granny.

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    With Phelps … or any new team on the soaps today (“Days” included here) … everyone has to be liked and that is what makes the soaps today so dull. Soaps need villians and vixens who are mean-spirited and conniving, manipulators and power players. The likes of Stefano and Helena and any of the psycho killers on Y&R need to go and true villianry to return.

    Bill on the Bold and the Beautiful is a great example of that if he would only stop wasting his time with his son’s sex life and do more power dealing and manipulating. Yes, he tried to kill Amber but thankfully the Bells dropped that quickly but need to amp up his “I hate Bill” cred. He needs to be less of a slimy used car dealer and more of a power player. I would love to see him less in ED HARDY wardrobe and more in suits and ties but thats only the sexy factor.

    Over on Y&R, everyone has to be loved because they write everyone coming to someone’s defense or the bad “guys” family or lover coming to chastice them into saying SORRY. Sure, I like Billy as the fun brother to Jack but I do love that he is out to make a buck. I don’t mind him selling gossip and the show should stop writing it as a bad thing and making him defend himself. But he’s not the villian. Jack has aged and matured but with every scheme he has concocted of late, he drops it once his dead dad visits him as a ghost. OK, Jack is the new John. I will buy that. Victor has crossed the line way too much and is too “I know it all” for my liking him as the central villian anymore. I am actually bored with him. Phyllis is a screecher and I am truly tired of her bully streak and then her sweet lil, head into the shoulders smirk, innocent girl act when Nick says I love you. She is a character that is in dire need of a rest and less screen time. That’s where Jill comes in. Let’s have her return even WEALTHIER than she left, have her walk into Tucker’s office and say “I now own McCall” and see Tucker leave town. Let’s have Jill maneuver with the men.

    Days NEEDS TO RETHINK bringing Stefano back from the dead. He is done. I am tired of seeing him rise from the ashes after seeing his corpse lie in state all the time. Days needs a new villian and should mine their vast history of them on the show without having them a DiMera. Bring Carrie back but bring her back because her mother Anna has returned, wealthier than before and willing to go up against Ej (who runs Dimera) and whomever Victor gives the reigns to of his company. She’s a good possibilty and she has ties to the characters that would require months and months of build up.

    General Hospital just needs to make it less about “Think of what this will do to your “insert kids name here” villianry and just chose a character to make the bad guy. And I am not talking about mobster/killer bad but “I know you slept with such and such and unless you vote my way/or get this info for me now I will tell your bf/gf/wife/hubby” kind of villian. Tracey would be nice but less abrasive. Carly even but if only Tracey is less abrasive and Sonny doesn’t walk in thinking because he has a set of balls and a stick between them that he can order her around.

    Soaps just need more BY THE BOOK VILLIANS and less cartoon/comic book ones. I.E. Stefano and Helena have decided to marry and move to one of their secret islands to live out there days relaxing. Plotting world domination has taken its toll and they want rest.

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    [quote=Jorpa]I know I’m dreaming here, but it would be nice to see Ed Scott come back as EP. *sigh*[/quote]

    I think that WOULD be wonderful. Ed Scott was there when Y&R was consistently the #1 show with numbers significantly higher than anyone else. I don’t know the details of his leaving, but I remember people being upset about it.

    I just started watching this show again about 3 years ago after not watching for at least 20 years, and the differences are staggering. I’m dumbfounded as to how this untalented woman got the job of running the show. Just because she married into it? Talk about nepotism!!

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    Mesa 426

    I am so sick and tired of Victor Newman. He has no role. He has no script,. He has the same dumb lines all the time. He doesn’t know the meaning of “family”. HE NEEDS TO BE GONE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

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