Will Josh Griffith Follow Hollywood Heights Collaborator Jill Farren Phelps to The Young and the Restless?


More and more intel is coming in about the behind-the-scenes shakeup at CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless. According to sources, Hollywood Heights writer Josh Griffith could be following HH's showrunner Jill Farren Phelps to the sudser. Both Y&R and HH are co-owned by Sony TV.

This would be the second stint for Griffith at Y&R. He was there from 2006-08, notably accepting financial core status to write the serial, alongside Maria Arena Bell during the 2007-08 WGA Writers Strike. Griffith's last tenure on the show ended amid rumblings of discord between him and Bell. Griffith has also written for As The World Turns, One Life to Live, Santa Barbara, Sunset Beach and General Hospital.

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    I have no problems with Josh Griffin – he helmed the show when Lynn Marie Latham was terminated during the 2007/2008 Writer’s Strike. I think he held a clearer vision to what “Y & R” is supposed to be, unlike Maria Arena Bell who has made the current mess on my HDTV very unwatchable, sometimes even cringe-worthy!!

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    Team Josh Griffith. He took over right after the writer’s strike. I thought he was a bit boring, but his writing didn’t piss me off.

    Didn’t MAB have JG fired because he was changing her scripts? LOL I’m sure they will just gel.

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    As a writer myself, I was taught that I should despise writers who cross the picket lines (Scabs).

    However, I was also taught that a scab would never be respected or get good writing jobs in the future. Although it is debatable what constitutes a ‘good’ writing job these days, crossing the picket line doesn’t appear to have hurt Griffith’s career. Was my Dramatic Writing Professor wrong??

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    This would be a welcome change, because Josh didn’t change characters, he wrote at a slow pace (some might say boring) like Bill, but he did do some good things. The Winters family ALWAYS had good story leading the way was Dru, Dru was always in front story…could that mean possibly return of Drucilla…lets hope so. I do think some of the new characters will be gone. I’m not against this move because he wrote some good soap on ATWT w\Hogan at the time. This is could be what Y&R needs, he knows Y&R isn’t GH, ATWT but a Bell soap. When writing for Y&R it wasn’t drastic in change and more in line of Y&R style…this COULD be good.

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    JIll and Eric Braeden will FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! The real soap will be happening behind the scenes if this happens. Eric goes postal on Jill will be the headlines. LOL

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    Would love for Josh Griffin to sign on.

    Nothing can be worse than the direction MAB/Sheffer/Hamner took the show in. You don’t even see Nikki and Katherine around anymore. And GF being booted from this soap would be love since she never fit in. Also there are so many characters that need to be dumped, Billy Miller needs to be brought back in line so they don’t keep twisting stories to fit his time off, Braden needs to go down some pegs as this Shictor storyline is a hot mess.

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    So is Hollywood Heights canceled? Are new EP and Writers coming in for that show? or will Jill & Josh work on both shows?!?! I neeed answers damn it!

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    [quote=jw79bull]So is Hollywood Heights canceled? Are new EP and Writers coming in for that show? or will Jill & Josh work on both shows?!?! I neeed answers damn it![/quote]
    “Hollywood Heights” is a limited series. It’s going to have it’s series finale in October after 80 episodes. So both JFP and JG are both free to run “Y&R” full time.

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    Good. Now she’s gone we can see what a post- Bell Y&R world looks like. I’m all for change. This is Sony/CBS’s core soap. They lose this they’re done. That other tidbit thing for a half hour is crap and Sony knows it which is why they didn’t give it an extension. They did give Y&R until 2014. so I wish them luck in keeping their flagship going with new writers.

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