DAYS Caption This: Two Guys, a Computer and a Couch

Is this screencap a metaphor of Will (Chandler Massey) and Sonny's (Freddie Smith) chemistry? Take your best Caption This shot at this scene from Days of our Lives.

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    FoxyMegan, I agree that Sonny and Will are fairly boring thus far. The problem is that the chemistry between Will and EJ is off the charts. Which sucks because nothing will probably ever happen there. I do think the story is cute. Sonny has a crush on Will, who obviously is crushing on EJ (a LOT). But Days needs to ramp up some heat in this story for it to work

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    [quote=Daysguy90]Sean Cody Film Crew…… priceless!

    Though I’d prefer the Treasure Island Media Film Crew ;)[/quote]

    Oh no! These boys are too young and naive to get into THAT kind of nasty. We need to wait a few years for some T.I.M. action. :-)

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