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Robin demands to know who’s doing this to her, but Nurse Ratchet isn’t helpful. Robin then points out that the electroshocks could cause brain damage. She then gets angry and claims her mother will kill with her bare hands. The nurse is aware of who Anna is. She says they’re ready for her. Robin warns the nurse to turn the machine up high because if she doesn’t die, she’ll come after the nurse herself.

Anna warns Heather to tell her the truth about Robin. Heather snarks that Anna wasn’t interested in what she had to say yesterday. Heather wonders if Anna was been lying awake at night wondering. Heather thinks maybe Patrick would like to hear what she has to say. Anna warns her to stay away from him. Heather says she can stop the mourning and reunite their family.

Todd’s watching silent footage of ConJohn when Kate walks in, asking Todd to give her the magazine back. However, he wants to talk about her and Johnny, something Kate isn’t interested in. Kate says she’s co-owner and can have Todd evicted. He says Carly signed off on all the changes, so Kate brings up Sonny. Todd’s annoyed that she’d threaten him and wonders if it’s Connie talking.

Kate assures him that Connie is gone. Todd says her disease is the only reason she’s alive. Kate figures that’s why he’s killing her magazine. She gets a call that Olivia’s at the hospital and heads out. Todd decides to listen to the audio of Connie and Johnny’s visit. He is shocked to hear the truth that Johnny caused the accident.

Ghost Anthony appears to Johnny, telling him that a guilty conscience will take him down and that Starr will find out the truth. Johnny’s sure that Connie won’t talk. However, Anthony says she’s sloppy and will do something that Johnny won’t be able to cover up. Anthony tells him to tell Starr the truth, kill Connie or run. Johnny says he’s not leaving since things are good now. Anthony warns him to cut his losses. Johnny angrily throws his glass at Anthony, which hits the wall and unhinges the hidden camera.

Ewen tells Dante that he’s keeping Olivia in a coma until the drugs run their course. Dante finds it difficult to see his mother this way. Ewen says Olivia will be confused and scared when she wakes up and to reassure her.

Steve lets Liz in on the details and is worried about Olivia. Liz assures him that Ewen will pull her through this and says his mother is a monster. Steve renounces Heather as his mother and says she just used him. Steve wonders why he was so willing to trust Heather.

Lulu and Patrick get to the hospital, but he’s worried his reputation will be shot if the truth comes out. Lulu says he’ll lose Emma and the drugs won’t bring Robin back and he needs to do this. Lulu heads out to find Ewen after Patrick promises to stay put.

Ewen runs into Liz and says that he misses her and doesn’t know why they backed off. He questions if she prefers someone else, but that he’s still interested and to call him.

Lulu brings Ewen to Patrick. He knows about the substance abuse and missing Robin. Patrick says he’s having visions of her and that they felt real. He admits he hasn’t made a decision to stop taking the drugs. Ewen is glad for his honesty. Ewen says Patrick needs to move forward and he’ll admit him discreetly. He explains the withdrawal symptoms will get ugly, but that he’ll be there to help. Patrick assures him that he was sober during his brain surgery.

Steven’s angry that Heather manipulated him. Dante says she should never have been released and that Steve needs to help Olivia pull through this. Lulu checks in and Dante gives her a progress report. He’s worried that his mother is lost forever. Kate arrives and asks what she can do. She offers to get him some food. Dante asks her to sit with Olivia.

Kate tells Steven a story of her childhood with Olivia and assures him that she’ll make it. She asks Lulu and Dante to all hold hands while she says a Hail Mary.

Johnny wonders who planted the camera. Anthony asks how long it’s been there and how much they have seen. Johnny remembers talking to Connie and figures someone can put him away. An angry Todd shows up at Johnny’s door.

Heather says she’ll talk in exchange for full immunity, all charges dropped and a public apology so she can repair her relationship with Steven. Anna doesn’t agree, so Heather says she won’t talk. Anna pulls out her gun.

Heather says she saw Robin before she was released. She heard a new patient was coming and nosing around and saw her. Anna thinks she’s mistaken. It was someone who looked like Robin, but Heather says she saw Robin’s face. She heard someone talking to the nurse, but didn’t see his face and heard the nurse refer to him as Doctor.

Nurse Ratchet calls someone and tells them that Robin took the full dose. The door closed. The sign on it reads Ferncliff Critical Care Unit. Later on, she tells the doctor that Robin didn’t respond well. The doctor examines Robin and turns out to be Ewen.

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    Being spoiler free does have it’s advantages. It allows me to be completely gobsmacked sometimes, like when we find out Ewen isn’t who we thought he was. Although I said it was him the minute Heather told Anna that the nurse called him doctor.

    I’m not sure how I feel about this reveal. In a sense, I’m pissed that Liz is still not getting a decent love interest. In another, I’m glad boring Ewen has a personality. But in the third sense, I’m not happy that he’s toruring my poor Robin. I’m also not sure if I want him to be the genius mastermind or just whoever’s puppet.

    Good scenes all around today. Excellent use of Anthony as Johnny’s conscience and BW managed to get a couple of one liners out.

    I liked the Olivia scenes, with Dante and Lulu and Kate although I still want to punch Steven in the face.

    Loved that Robin was a fighter to the end. That’s my girl.

    Not looking forward to the Angry Todd Show.

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    I’m not sure how I feel about this reveal. In a sense, I’m pissed that Liz is still not getting a decent love interest. In another, I’m glad boring Ewen has a personality. But in the third sense, I’m not happy that he’s toruring my poor Robin. I’m also not sure if I want him to be the genius mastermind or just whoever’s puppet.

    Loved that Robin was a fighter to the end. That’s my girl.

    I just have to say Hell Yeah to all of this… I have to wonder if that nurse is really ready for Anna and I love that they “know who she is”.. Thank you so much for writing kick ass females. Robin gave me goosebumps today and I am so flippin excited for this story.. But the bite gaurd thing made me sad..

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    [quote=Perkie]Being spoiler free does have it’s advantages. It allows me to be completely gobsmacked sometimes, like when we find out Ewen isn’t who we thought he was. [/quote]
    I read spoilers, and that reveal had never been hinted at in any I’ve read, LOL.The vague ‘there’s more to Ewen’ spumor sure, but not anything that was revealed today. Cartini are keeping things on relative lockdown over there.

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    GH was sooo full of soapy goodness, and it wasn’t even Friday yet, I cannot wait to watch GH tomorrow, I know a lot of people are upset about the OLTL’ers whom I love seeing since the shows unnecessary cancellation, but GH is on fire right now, and I love it!

    Finola H. is just greatness personified.

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    I read the spoilers too and am pretty good at guessing what’s going to happen but that one? I did not see that coming. Very rare for me when watching a soap. Heck, I was reading a mystery novel the other day and figured out who did it before the murder even happened. Kudos to Cartini for shocking me!

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    This was soap excellence on our screens today! I’ve always had pure confidence in Ron and Frank and today’s episode was an example of their talent…Soooo GOOD! Strong characters…umbrella plots…EXCELLENT ensemble cast (Finola Hughes, Roger Howarth, Jason Thompson, Robin Mattson, Kimberly McCollough)! And so nice with no Jason, Sam and Sonny!
    And my take on Ewen: he is 100% just a puppet under the real mastermind…
    This is the sign of successful soap: Can’t wait ’till the next episode!

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    The way we found out that Ewen is involved in Robin being held captive was great. It also makes the Ewen character way more interesting. I do believe he’s only a puppet though. He has worked for the Cassadine family at some point and I kind of figured back then that we was a little shady.
    But who’s Ewen working with? I don’t believe for one second that he works alone and has the power to hold people against their will in a wing of Ferncliff.

    Heather hopes for immunity for her telling Anna about Robin!? She really is delusional. But I like that we see kind of a different side of Heather. Talking about Ferncliff and Robin, Heather seemed kind of scared. Robin Mattson did an awesome job in those scenes – as did Finola Hughes.

    Do I need to be worried about Patrick now that Ewen is taking care of him!?

    Todd’s best revenge would be showing the tape to Sonny, Carly and Kate. Johnny would be ruined and lose it all. But somehow I don’t think it’s going down that easy.
    Here is to wish that Ron ends some of his storylines. The “Who killed Cole/Hope” saga has to come to an end. The same goes for Kate’s DID storyline.

    Steve is getting off way too easy. For all I care he can share a cell with his crazy mother.

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    Lawd, Liz can’t catch a break in the man department.

    Go, Robin! Team Anna all the way.

    Yes, Heather looked a little freaked out with what’s going on over at Ferncliff. I could be wrong, but I often wonder if Heather’s obsession over Luke has to do with Helena and her propensity to brainwash people?

    I, too, think it’s time to wrap up dead Hope/Cole story line, because Starr has already moved on to her next boyfriend.

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    I hope Alan Quartermaine is still alive and at Ferncliff. The biggest mistake Guza and Phelps made was killing him off. Especially now with John Ingles being ill, Edward hasn’t been on the show in a long time! The Quartermaine family needs to come back and it needs a male head of the family.This would also give Monica a story.

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    that Ferncliff secret lab better be like David Hayward’s Project Orpheus, where had over a dozen supposedly dead Pine Valley residents.

    #1 for being alive should be Alan Quartermaine. The show has not been the same since he was killed off. He was heart & soul.

    #2. Jake. Elizabeth deserves her little boy back.

    #3. Georgie Jones. Maxie misses her sister.

    #4. Justus Ward. It made no sense killing off a legacy character.

    #5. Emily Quartermaine. Bring her back to give NEM fans their happy ending.

    #6. AJ Quartermaine. re-hire Sean Kanan as The REAL AJ and give him a good story.

    #7. Kristina Cassadine. Alexis needs her sister right now.

    #8. Stefan Cassadine. Alexis needs her brother right now.

    #9. Zander Smith. Cameron should be allowed to get to know his father.

    #10. Tony Jones. It was a mistake to kill off a legacy character.

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    A story for Monica would be is that all those Quartermaine relatives that were running around in the 80’s and early 90’s but left, were to suddenly come back and take up residence as Casa Q.

    it could be a comedy storyline for Monica. She’s been wanting the house filled up with relatives for years and now she gets them all at once.

    Cecile, Alexandria, Herbet, Quentin, and all those other Q’s that somehow vanished from the show.

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    Surely they can give Jackie Zeman “Bobbie” a line or two on the show? Maybe looking after her former lover’s son, Patrick Drake or bring Luke some chow for lunch.

    she’s being evicted from her house for crying out loud!

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    I truly LOVED the reveal at the end that Ewen was Robin’s doctor! Finally Hot Dr Abs gets interesting!!! Someone else is pulling the strings, but who…. Helena? Faison? I want to know more. I’m excited about Ewen having Robin. I absolutely hate what he had done to her, and geez…. I seriously do not want another re-ron story (like Princess Jessica’s ECT over on OLTL) where Robin wakes up and thinks she’s 17 and Stone is still alive and she doesn’t have AIDS, so this had better not be that! I do think Ewen honestly has feelings for Liz though (no matter how it started, like maybe with Helena telling him to get close to Liz), and I hope this gets her a nice juicy storyline far away from the Super Jase. I will admit, I could’ve done without the bite guard also.

    What did Kate think that pulling out the “my boyfriend is the head mobster around here” card was going to get her? As of that moment, they both thought she had killed Todd’s grandchild, she’s just damn lucky to be alive, she’s got a lot of nerve.

    We need a day or two break from Todd, even though we got the best line from him today about needing another fashion magazine like we need another daytime talk show. lol.

    I love Anna, but pulling out a gun on a suspect in the interview room, which in today’s day would be videotaped is not a smart move, it’s a Jason move.

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    It would be great if they had Alan being held there but a little bit UNBELIEVABLE if you ask me. I think they should just recast Edward since they already did that with the original twice. I think the last actor was tremendous but it’s time for the Q family to come back to life and in a big way on this show.

    As for the show yesterday, I liked it, especially the scenes with Patrick. I sort of am in the camp of wanting Robin to be dead and this to be a story of Robin being killed by that crazy long haired guy from years ago to get back at Anna than Robin being held captive right under both Anna and Mac’s noses for all this time. The scenes with Patrick seeing Robin were so heartwrenching and I think it would have been more believable that as a ghost she comes back, ala GHOST. It could have been mined for true dramatic and romantic potential especially since Robin/actress won’t be back for long.

    On the Heather front, that was highly unlikely that Anna would buy into Heather’s story without first doing some digging into it herself. Yes, she misses her daughter but pulling out the gun in the police station like that was no better than, Sonny, Jason, Johnny, Todd, Dante or even John and their knee jerk reactions to getting info. Anna was supposed to be above that. I would have preferred Anna working the Mom/Child card with Heather and dangling Heather’s freedom and Steve in front of Heather’s face to get what she wanted.

    (After the recent Colorado shooting, I hope this show takes a good hard look at its easy use of guns as plot devices. What better way to pay tribute to those who died than to take time off from the senseless use of the weapons.)

    I don’t mind Todd finding out about Johnny accidentally killing his granddaughter when he tried to blow out the tires on his dad’s car because I am tired of this story (as well as the Kate/Connie and the writers insistence that Kate was always the true personality when all viewers know the character’s history as Connie). My biggest gripe with the story is that Todd has done the same with Sam’s child and will be doing the same to Tea once it’s all discovered. I wish the writers would make Todd the villian but not one who has just as much or more bad stuff in his closet. Now, it’s just hard to watch because Johnny is a good guy at heart, caught in a situation that he truly never wanted to be in YET Todd does things only for himself… such as his motivation to switch the babies BECAUSE HE DIDN”T WANT TEA to blame him for her child’s death.

    If Olivia comes out and takes Steve back I will be pissed. THis woman has kept his secret about his nefarious dealing in Nashville or wherever, even accepted his mother in the beginning even though she is a nutjob. And after all of his “she’s just eccentric” babble, if Olivia takes Steve back I will wish the LSD truly did erase her memory and her character.

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    DId the writers actually read Robin’s lines out loud after they wrote them or did they just hand them to the actress, tell her to say them, shoot the scene on one take and call it a wrap?!

    “Wait til my mother finds out!!!” and “My mother kills people for a living!!!”

    That’s dialogue worthy of an emmy?!

    Try… Wait until Anna Devane finds out! She’s my mother. And a government agent! She hunts people down for a living and brings them to justice!

    or some nonsense like that. Something more believable that WAIT TIL I TELL MY MOMMY crap!

    And Anna doesn’t KILL PEOPLE FOR A LIVING. She is a spy. She hunts people down and, if required, kills them. Jason, you’re ex-boyfriend/friend is the man who KILLS people all day long for a LIVING!

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    WHo would have thought that not only do they have someone holding Robin at Ferncliff hostage giving her free “mental treatments” but they are nice enough to give her a manicure and VIXEN RED nail polish!

    One nail is shown in the scene. I could loan the producers $20 bucks to get the actress another manicure just to make it look realistic and have the girl remove the polish from one nail OR at least chip away at the polish!

    It’s doubtful she would have such a nice mani after being “lost to us all” for months now.

    (that sort of lazy directing and preparation irks me to death!)

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    [quote=soapjunkie88]The way we found out that Ewen is involved in Robin being held captive was great. It also makes the Ewen character way more interesting. I do believe he’s only a puppet though. He has worked for the Cassadine family at some point and I kind of figured back then that we was a little shady.
    But who’s Ewen working with? I don’t believe for one second that he works alone and has the power to hold people against their will in a wing of Ferncliff.[/quote]

    Wasn’t Ewen working with Helena when he was “treating” the Woman In White who was supposedly her daughter? I agree that someone else is pulling Ewen’s strings…maybe blackmailing him into doing this.


    I read this on Carol Banks Webber’s SoapZone column this week:

    “Anna also interrogates Jason to get to the bottom of Heather’s bombshell, that Robin maybe didn’t die. Anna might very well find herself investigating a severe case of mind control with victims Robin, OLTL’s Victor, and Johnny, and the co-conspirators/perpetrators Heather, Ewen, Helena, Grant Putnam, Jerry Jacks, OLTL’s Irene Manning and Allison Perkins. Robin’s being kept hostage because she stumbled upon this mind control plot. Seems Ewen and his team have been performing human experiments in Ferncliff, using mind control methods. If Johnny was one of those victims, this could be why he shot Anthony without a second thought. Johnny won’t have much more time left anyway.”

    I thought this was just more of the crazy rumors out there, but looks like at least part of this rumor was right on. It will be interesting to see if ALL of it turns out to be true.

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    [quote; stefanstavros]And my take on Ewen: he is 100% just a puppet under the real mastermind[/quote]

    Part of me feels like, if he’s involved, than he needs to be evil. I don’t want to invest in him as evil only to have him boo hoo that he’s doing this because whoever has his sister/mother/daughter/wife held hostage and forcing him. If they make him bad, commit fully and make him bad.

    On the other hand, I don’t want to lose yet another member of the ever wittling hospital staff. First LIsa is crazy. Then Matt kills her and we lose him. Maggie was obsessed enough and now she’s dead and Tyrell disapeared in a poof of smoke one day. We only have Patrick and Steve left as doctors and Pif and Liz as nurses on a show where the word Hospital is in the title.

    SZima, welcome to the board, but this column is as spoiler free as humanly possible. Please put spoilers in the spoiler thread under forums. Thanks.

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    the storylines have been moving at lightspeed, people can’t deny that.

    in other soaps the baby switch, Hope & Cole’s killer, the Kate/Connie reveal, Luke’s held hostage, Heather’s terror would’ve lasted years and years before any answers or resolutions were given to the audience.

    i hope the pace & tone of the show keeps up.

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    I love how fast the show is moving true- but I totally agree about people being off for two weeks or so. It makes me loose interest in whats going on with them. I have always only been interested in two out of the four stories on but have never minded watching the other stories to get my 25 minutes of who I love.. Two weeks of characters I am so so about or stories that give me a case of the icks like Anna an Luke make me less likely to want to tune in..

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    The show has been really good lately. What storylines or characters I have been enjoying the most are… Heather, Todd, AND ESPECIALLY… my long time favorite Anna Devane looking like a kick ass female. I really don’t want her hooked up with Luke though. I don’t think I could stomach him touching her.

    I LOVE that my Robin has shown her face again, and I feel that JT has been killing all his scenes lately. However…. I don’t really think Lulu belongs in this Scrubs story line…BUT I have found the character of Lulu refreshing lately…I especially liked the Jolu interaction.

    What I don’t care for is NuKrissy and this Trey storyline…Joe Jr…or Sonny and Con/Kate. Wrap it up and throw it away.

    I also miss Elizabeth…and McBam.

    I find it odd the way characters disappear for a week… (if not more) and then come back and hog all the air time for two weeks… only to disappear again…I am not sure I like this form of editing. It is almost like they feel compelled to get most of a story out…and then leave you hanging only to use the same formula on a different story line…I am expecting to be left hanging on the current ones airing on the screens now… any day …to allow something else to play out. I am not sure why story lines can’t take turns every other day. People may loose interest waiting for their favorites to return, when they are left waiting too long.

    Other than that…I think the show is moving in the right direction and I look forward to watching it everyday.

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    I love Todd, obviously, but he’s been on nearly 3 weeks straight!

    We need more McBam!!!!

    And why does LIZ always get stuck with the potential crazies!??!?!?! Hope Ewen just got in too deep and that someone else really IS pulling the strings like others suggest. I was hoping Liz could at least GET SOME in the meantime.

    Steven Lars is TSTL. Why does he still exist?!??!!?

    LOVE seeing Robin again!!!!!

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    The soap is soooo on fire right now! Can’t wait to see the next episode and I haven’t felt that way about a soap since One Life to Live. Coincidence? I think not…

    However, I will say I’m on the fence about Ewen being this big bad guy. I’m really hoping that he’s part of a bigger picture such as Faison because FV and RC have a history of taking these boring characters and suddenly making them all crazy and psycho. Example: Eli and Marty (a legendary character) from OLTL. And those weren’t that great in my opinion (especially Eli)

    So here’s hoping there’s so much more to the story than meets the eye…

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    I literally screamed like a woman at GH ending yesterday! It’s heating up folks. Despite people feeling back about Liz and Ewen, this is the BEST thing that could happen to Ewen…he finally has a purpose other than just being a walking meatstick with an accent!

    I think he is Robert’s son.

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    This show is really interesting now! I watched another entire episode with no FF’ing. That hasn’t happened in actual YEARS!! Go Show, go!

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