Katie Couric at TCA: “Soap Operas Have a Huge Following”

Katie Couric continues to try and make peace with soap opera fans, disgruntled that her new syndicated talker, Katie, is taking General Hospital's  current timeslot on ABC-owned and operated stations (GH is moving into the slot currently held by Good Afternoon America in September).  At the TCA panel for her upcoming show, Couric had this to say about the suds (as reported by the LA Times):

"Soap operas have a huge following," she said. "I think that they fill a need for a lot of people," adding that she thinks that can "peacefully coexist" with other daytime shows.

Considering Couric was reportedly vocal about preferring GH be her show's lead-in, as opposed to The Revolution, I am more than willing to cut her and Katie some slack. I also hear Time Square Studios (which oversees both ABC Daytime and Katie) is throwing some cash GH's way in order for the soap to put together a big, splashy story the week of Katie's debute. Here's hoping this new lineup can be a win-win for both shows! 

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    Quoting: “Soap operas have a huge following…” Well, duh! :| I read another quote where she mentions the “pushback” from fans on her twitter feed. At least she seems to have a clue. Sorry, all. Being a bit cynical here… 0:)

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    ABC may have realized that the insensitive soap comments made by their employees contributed to the backlash against their crappy daytime talk shows, but don’t be fooled: ABC is out of the soap game. They want to use GH to steady Ms. Couric’s debut but GH is history. Think tuning into KC is good for soaps because she says a few pleasant things about them? Think again. ABC will try to build a bridge among its daytime shows but it’s made out of lies. Replay every lie they said about AMC and OLTL if you believe ANY of the spin coming out of ABC, and that goes for the spin coming from folks at GH as well.

    I suspect we’ll see some GH “stars” appear on Ms. Couric’s show. Possibly more on the Chew as well. It’s all manufactured spin to get soap fans to buy into the talk shows.

    As always, the best policy is to think anything coming from the mouth of anyone paid by ABC is a lie… actors, producers, writers…ANYONE. And most of the time, you’ll be right.

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    I’m dissapointed that the writer of Daytime Confidential is actually suggesting we cut Katie some slack, no way! This is a replacement for a soap opera, we should boycott it in the same way we do all soap opera replacements. If we cut her some slack, ABC will think that they can put alternate programming on and we’ll watch it. The writer of this article is selling out, please don’t others do the same. ABC are looking for any excuse to cancel GH, we have to show them that we won’t watch anything else.

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    Katie will be on at 4PM in Md.So as TV Gord has pointed out many times,she is syndicated,and can appear at anytime.She will be on the ABC station,but I have no idea what they will be running at 3PM.Our local station is putting her head to head with Ellen.They are hoping Katie will drive up the local news lead in.

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    Just saw a spot here in the Buffalo, NY area (ABC affiliate), that has her on at 4:00 PM also opposite Ellen. No word up here what they’ll have at 3:00 PM. If I remember correctly, Ellen is opposite Dr. Oz and The Doctors… 0:)

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    OK so now I’m confused.Reading this article,it states Katie wanted ABC stations to have GH be her lead.But my ABC station has her on at 4,and an unknown lead in as of yet.So it seems to me the 3PM space is given back to the stations,and anything can be put there.

    Also,I was wondering if anyone has seen the ratings for GAA,which to me could be a bigger threat to GH than Katie,since GAA is owned by ABC and not syndicated.Am I reading this correctly?

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    TV Gord

    marybee50, according to tvbythenumbers.com, for the week of July 16-20, GAA had 1.79 million total viewers, compared to GH’s 2.45 million. In the 18-49 demo, GAA had 346,000, compared to GH with 547,000.

    It will be interesting to see how GAA’s numbers are for this week, because more people may have tuned in for news in the aftermath of the Aurora killings. I thought it was a better show on Monday because they either didn’t have an audience or the audience was quiet because of the seriousness of the show. (That may just be me, though…the main problem I have with all of these ABC talk shows (The Chew, The Revolution, GAA) is how much they “amp up” the audience. Relax a little.)

    Those GAA numbers look pretty sad, but the thing is it is SO cheap to produce (likely using the same crew as GMA), the smaller budget could still trump the ratings.

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    TV Gord-thanks as always.I do agree about the amping of the audiences,but most talk shows do this,even Comedy Central’s Colbert and Stewart.

    Again,I think this maybe the show to keep an eye on instead of Katie.

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    TV Gord

    Oh, and the confusion about Katie wanting GH as a lead-in, MOST ABC affiliates ARE airing her at 3pm. Even most of the CBS, NBC and Fox affiliates that are airing her are keeping her at 3. (Thanks, by the way, for taking the lead up there. :-) Aside from providing any new info that I can, I’d prefer to sit this one out.) ;-)

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    Understood.I know you took some flak earlier.The funny thing about my loacal ABC,their 5PM news is the lowest rated in Md,and I guess they are hoping Katie will help.Don’t think so,because their news teams are not the greatest.And the 4PM highest rated show right now is the Fox afflilate with Judge Judy.

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    TV Gord

    Judge Judy is tough to beat these days, but you’re probably right that they hope it will help their 5 o’clock news. :-)

    (And I don’t mind the flak…I’m just trying to be less antagonistic on the boards heading into August. It’s kind of a New Month’s Resolution. I may need to check into Robin’s old room at Ferncliff to make it happen, though.)

  12. Profile photo of marybee50

    Thanks again for the civil discussion.I don’t find you antagonistic as much as you think.You are always well informed and usually correct.

    But if you must go to Ferncliff,be very careful.You have no idea where you may find yourself in Sept.

    BTW,tried Kelly the other morning,but just could not handle it.But I may try again this week,as my DVR will be quiet for the next 2 weeks.


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    TV Gord

    I just realized I made a mistake about when GAA’s first show after the Aurora killings was. It was Friday the 20th…so it WAS included in the ratings I posted above. So, they didn’t see a bump from a serious news story.

  14. Profile photo of marybee50

    brettyboy-TV Gord is a tv fan,all tv,so he watches alot of shows,not just soaps.

    And I just realized I can’t watch Kelly because she is on our NBC affiliate,now mired in the olympics.So ESPN for me since no MSNBC either.Maybe I’ll peek in on GAA to check out the show after Y&R and B&B.

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    TV Gord

    Thanks again, marybee. :-) Yes, brettyboy, I love ALL TV, including soaps (you’re not being rude, by the way) :-). Also, television is a part of my career, so I’m watching the impact of GAA on the daytime landscape, I’m not “worried” about it. Besides, if I’m not–or you’re not–a “Nielsen family”, our viewing habits are not recorded anywhere. Unless you have consented to be a part of the ratings system, it doesn’t matter what you watch.

    I loved and miss AMC and OLTL (along with all of the other cancelled soaps that I used to love and watch), but I understand why they are gone. I’m now hooked on GH (mostly because of the Llanview transpLlants), but I’m strictly in “enjoy it while I can” mode. I’ll be sad when it is cancelled someday, but I won’t be surprised. Television is business.

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