SOAP BYTES: Victor Rips Into Daniel About Nicole on Days of Our Lives; What Freaky Things are in Brooke Logan’s Closet on The Bold and the Beautiful?

GH BYTES: Ewen (Nathin Butler) you’re an evil boy for zapping poor Robin’s (Kimberly McCullough) brain like that. When Anna (Finola Hughes) learns the truth she is going to obliterate you. I believe it!

Anna and Heather (Robin Mattson) faced off in the interrogation room over Heather’s claim that Robin is alive. It was fascinating to watch Anna's reactions. As outlandish as Heather’s story was, you could see from her expression that she believed it more and more the longer she listened.  Bravo to Hughes and Mattson.

Heather: “You know something Slim, you’re not looking so hot. Are you not sleeping well at night? Are you laying awake thinking I might be telling the truth after all?

Lulu (Julie Marie Berman) brought Patrick (Jason Thompson) to the hospital to get treatment for his drug addiction. It was sad that Robin was “killed” off earlier in the year, but her “death” and its repercussions have provided so many opportunities for Thompson to deliver emotional performances. No one deserves a Daytime Emmy next year more than he does.

Todd (Roger Howarth) refused to give Kate (Kelly Sullivan) her magazine back.  Kate then threatened to sic Sonny (Maurice Benard) on him.

Kate: “Did you know your gossip columnist attacked my cousin last night?”

Todd: “Sure, it’s already front page news. ‘LSD OD Oh Da Doo Da Day’.”

Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) sought Ewen’s advice on what will happen to his mother when Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) awakes from her drug-induced coma.

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    [quote]If Jill Farren Phelps knows what’s good for her, she’d recast Victoria the first day on the job. There is a lot of work to be done at The Young and the Restless.
    Recasting Victoria with a STRONG actress would be a sign to fans that good improvements are on the way.[/quote]

    My goodness if that happens, I might very well become a Billy/Victoria fan. Instead of just turning off the tv when Amelia is on, I might actually watch.

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    I’m sorry but Y&R has many problems as yesterday’s hirings and firings can attest to and Victoria is definitely nowhere near the top of the list. Amelia was fantastic in those scenes yesterday and much of what makes Villy so popular is the chemistry between her and Billy Miller. I love Amelia in the role as do many other fans. There are so many unnecessary characters that can be removed altogether (Sarge, Harmony, Sophia, Eden, Anita etc.) along with horrible couples (Sharon and Victor tops the list but there are many others). Core characters like Sharon have been ruined with Nick running a close second now. Cane is on his 50th rewrite of his history. I think all of those things can be greatly improved and I hope that recasting Victoria is not at the top of JFP’s priority list.

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    Totally loving GH right now!! I remember when Grant Putnam was on the show the first time and he was *OMG* so stinking boring. It was a showdown between him & Jimmy Joe for the hand of Cecilia. I could NOT figure out why she wanted to be with Grant Putnam. (I WAS in grade school so there were probably a lot of things I didn’t get at the time).

    BUT THEN! Grant turned out to be a double agent and Comrade Gonad was born! (That’s what my brother called him, anyway). This boring as paint drying Dr. was really a BAD guy and he ushered us into an awesome Summer adventure with a healthy side of CHEESE. TOTALLY reminds me of Ewen. I’ll end up hating his guts but at least I’ll feel SOMETHING for him. :)

    I’m really getting excited about where Cartini is taking us! I don’t love every storyLINE but I love the storyTELLING. This is getting good and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it. AND This is just the tip of the iceberg!!

    I’m gonna miss EJami but I’m kind of excited about the Olympics this time. I wonder how many people are gonna be gone after today’s DAYsaster! I hope all the boring ones…and the greasy, hairy ones. 0:)

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    I like Victoria just the way she is. If they need to fire anyone, get rid of the “new” Heather. Gag on her. Knock off the stupid stuff with Sharon. I agree – get rid of Eden, Anita, Jeffrey, Gloria, and get Phyllis off the screen for a good six months.

    Frankly I was dismayed to see the stupid Robin storyline. It has been pleasant without her sanctimonious attitude. They can also get rid of anyone who sings and sings badly. That goes for Y & R too.

    Love Anna – always have and so happy to see her back.

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    Kimberley is trying to work something out. She wants other opprotunities, specifically directing, and it sounds like Frank C. wants work with her.

    It has been so good…even my daughter who is STILL in OLTL mourning was saying it was awesome yesterday. So excited to see it again when I get home from work instead of just playing catch up whenever. A true sign they have me hook line and sinker. FF though less and less!

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    TV Gord

    [quote=DonnyA2001]So does this mean Robin is back full time and her whole quitting was untrue?[/quote]

    No, there’s an article elsewhere that says she agreed to come back to work with Valentini for a bit, but she’s still leaving. When I remember where the link to that story is, I’ll post it.

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    Cindy Reid

    Did you happened to watch Thursday and Friday’s GH, if you did, did you notice Ewen was clean shaved on Thursday and had facial hair with Robin. I thought he just left Patrick and went to Robin’s room. How did he grow all that hair on his face that quick?

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    TV Gord

    Maybe he’s like Homer Simpson or Fred Flintstone. Those guys’ll shave and then have five o’clock shadow by the time they leave the bathroom!

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    @LovinVilly and RockiDreams–there are indeed far more pressing issues at Y&R than recasting Victoria(I love that Luke completely dismisses Amelia Heinle every chance he gets but worships Alison Sweeney at Days–FYI neither are better than the other). As many have said, trimming the canvas needs to be the first order of business with the obvious suspects(Sofia, Harmony, Tucker, Anita et al) being mentioned by most of us on other threads. Also, as others have said, making this an actual ensemble instead of the Victor and Phyllis Show would be a step in the right direction(frankly, I’d be good with them two, plus Phyllis’ spineless lapdog Nick, being off the frontburner for 3 or 4 months at least). And hopefully characters that aren’t who they used to be(hi Sharon!)can return intact from that black hole of a train wreck that was MAB’s tenure on the show.

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    My first day at Y&R would be busy handing out pink slips. AH would definately get one.
    The second day would be to figure out a way to undo what has been done to this show (dream sequence of poor Cassie Newman who has really just been in a coma all these years. When she wakes up things are quite different than what she has been dreaming)
    The third day I would spend trying to get Dru back. If she just won’t come back recast her with Debbi Morgan (who’s character is no longer a character on the show).
    4th day get busy on those sets.
    5th day get the word out that theres a brand new day!

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    I agree wholeheartedly with those who say get rid of AH! Every time I see her I think, “Why did they cast this bohemian hippie-looking flower girl as the no-nonsense, feisty yet vulnerable daughter of Victor and Nikki??” Heather Thom gave so many layers to this legacy character, yet AH, while sexy and striking, falls flat in the role.

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    For Whom the Bells Toll

    Dear “The_Moustache” – Amelia Heinle’s Victoria is not her creation and she is acting the part the writers have created.Also,have you watched YR lately, as Amelia’s hair has been well-styled and beautiful. :-)

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    WHY doesn’t it bother ANYONE but me that it is July and stinkin’ hot and Kate has on a leather jacket and UGLY yellow panty hoes? What is wrong with these people? Stay in the seasons!!!

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    TV Gord

    When was the last time we saw Kate outside? She probably goes from air conditioned building to air conditioned building every day (driving in her air conditioned car from one underground parking lot to another). I do that, and I know a lot of people who do, too. I don’t wear leather, but I’ve seen leather jackets this summer, even in this heatwave!

    I have no opinion on the pantyhose. ;-)

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    Oddly they are making summer leather now. I saw it in a magazine as a new trendy/”it” thing and thought WTF, but apparently to the question who wears leather outside the answer is rich celebs.

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    Okay, I created an account just so I could ask: Did anyone else get excited when they saw that picture because she looks so much like Colleen Zenk? :)

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