DC #681: Ding Dong The Witch is Gone

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens, Jillian Bowe and Regan Cellura dive into the firing of Maria Arena Bell at The Young and the Restless. What led to event fans had long awaited? What will be the fallout? Former General Hospital executive producer Jill Farren Phelps has been hired to take over at Y&R. What can fans expect from the incoming team? Will the cast be cleaned up?  Jamey and Jillian share the scoop they’re hearing from sources.

After thoroughly dissecting the upheaval at Y&R, the DC gang dives into the latest headlines and storylines from The Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital and Days of Our Lives.

All this and oh so much more on today’s Daytime Confidential podcast!


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50 Responses

  1. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Yes, the witch is gone – and Sharon Case couldn’t be happier. I love her! Her tweets and retweets made me very happy.

    And I did love this podcast. Jamey, just awesome. Now that “MAB” hasn’t much to do anymore “she” should be a special guest on the DC podcast.

    I agree about JFP. Many are worried that she’s acting out, fire everyone over 40 and all the women on the show will be raped or brutally murdered.
    Sony is watching her! This is not ABC and there is no Brian Frons.
    I really hope that she’ll do something with the sets of Y&R. They really ALL look awfully cheap. Bloodbath coming without a doubt. Hope you guys are right and the right people have to leave.

    NO MORE old sitcom stars – NO MORE Daisy comebacks – NO MORE volcanoes. Hopefully some good writing for Sharon, Chloe and everyone else MAB has totally messed up.

    More balance and a stop to the Phyllis Newman hour. NO MORE “Law & Order: Genoa City”.

    GH is great right now. Still wish that Joe Jr. + son would go back wherever they came from and take Kate with her … but anything else I do like.
    I hope GH is bringing Robert Scorpio back. Tristan Rogers needs to be on that show. Don’t want to see him as an Australian mobster in Wisconsin. Tristan needs to be back FULL TIME – and hopefully he brings Genie Francis with her.

  2. Profile photo of doodleynoodle

    [quote=soapjunkie88]I hope GH is bringing Robert Scorpio back. Tristan Rogers needs to be on that show. Don’t want to see him as an Australian mobster in Wisconsin. Tristan needs to be back FULL TIME – and hopefully he brings Genie Francis with her.[/quote]

    I know that’s right. Bring ‘em back. GH fans want they peeps!

  3. Profile photo of ChristianDavis148

    You guys have nailed the proverbial nail on the head where things stand at Y&R. I cannot be any happier right now that Maria is out the door.

    I have to think that Scott Hamner had a gut feeling that the hammer was about to be lowered by Sony and decided to quit instead of having a “terminated” on his resume for further job offers down the road. I also have to think that Josh Griffith (despite his friendship with Hogan Sheffer) will have let Hogan go.

    I also hope to God that JFP and JG are smart enough to never allow Chris Goutman (or Ellen Wheeler for that matter) to haunt the very halls at CBS Studios where Y&R is filmed. If that happens, then we can easily kiss Y&R good-bye. If CG does come to Y&R, I will not watch it ever again. He made the last few months of ATWT unbearable to watch and slapped the LGBT community in the face by killing off Luke’s boyfriend, Reid to save Chris Hughes so that he could have his romance with Katie. Problem is, we all knew darn well that the two actors playing Chris and Katie had absolutely NO chemistry what so ever.

    However, I am willing to give Jill Farren Phelps and Josh Griffith the benefit of the doubt for the first 6-8 months. If things haven’t changed for the better, then I think it’s pretty much a lock that Y&R will be off the air in September of 2014, when their contract with CBS/Sony expires.

  4. Profile photo of ChristianDavis148

    [quote=sillytee]i still loved the Days cliffhanger. i thought it was very well done…[/quote]

    That cliffhanger has to be one of the best cliffhangers to ever grace daytime in recent memory and with Days off the air until August 13, fans are gonna be wondering who will or will not survive. And I’m sure the Executive Producer and the Head Writer at Days made the entire cast sign confidentiality agreements to not talk to the media about who survived and who didn’t.

  5. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    I’m not a Days viewer but I have to imagine that the next Podcast will probably go more in depth about the Days Cliffhanger. There is plenty of time to discuss now that the Olympics is in full swing for the next few weeks.

    Highly entertaining Podcast, though.

    The MAB and JFP impersonations were hilarious as well as the ‘Press Conference’ with questions from the DC crew. I too think that MAB’s horrible show running has put Y&R in this position. I only hope that Hogan Sheffer will be the next dismissal announcement we hear about.

    Count me in as one who’d say Yes to a Victoria Rowell Return. Just as GH is bringing back many of its most intriguing characters back, Y&R needs to do the same. Someone on another message board/website had a great idea that involved Sarge coming home to take care of his invalid wife who is gradually revealed to be an amnesiac Drucilla. It could work from what I have heard about Sarge because no one seems to know much about his personal life and he is a physical therapist and could have found Drucilla and fallen in love with her and devoted his personal time to try to restore her health.

    I know some feel that Victoria Rowell was difficult but she is also talented and many of her ‘gripes’ were actually valid (at least the ones that I heard about). When I look at the horrible styling of the the African American actresses, in particular, on Y&R, I know that she had some valid points.

    In terms of Y&R’s capacity for change– I think we can all agree, they have a very brief window in which to try to undue years of damage. It will be interesting to see if they can get it done or if they’ll truly have the chance. In any case the MAB years have caused Y&R to hit Rock Bottom and it was in desperate need of a change. Only goodness knows what’s next.

  6. Profile photo of AWfan2012

    Great podcast! Very informative. I am still very skeptical of Jill coming to YR but I was glas to hear that Sonny and CBS will be keeping an eye on her.
    I do not think that all of the endless court cases, murder trials, and visits to the Genoa City police departments are going to stop because Jill loved her police departments on AW and General Hospital.
    As always loved all of the AW references. I knew that Jamey was a fan but I did not know that Reagan watched it as well. I am still hoping that someday we will get an ANother World tribute podcast top 5 ccharacters, moments, memories, anything.

    Great Job.

  7. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @MsAgentProvocateur1: Right she held their feet to the fire to represent their core African American audience base. So she was right on the money!

    And as you already know, i’d say Hell to the Yes to her return. Y&R needs her like grandpa needs his britches!

    You can’t find that talent anywhere. They don’t make um like that anymore.

    I always think back to what Vincent Irizarry said about when he was asked about who was the best actress to work with on the show. He said:

    “Victoria Rowell…because you never know what you were gonna get!”

    And the Winter’s family is pretty much dead without either her or Shemar Moore. Tonya Lee Williams is a good actress and needs to return on a long term basis too. But Vicky made the family.

    And let me not never let anyone forget that she was the only actress to poll as high as Eric Braeden.

    Sorry Spit-Take, your Phyllis hour has not done anything for the show, accept contribute to its ratings decline.


  8. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    They won’t bring back Victoria Rowell. 75% of the cast would quit because no one wants to work with her. She burned her bridges by trashing them in the media.

    She’s overrated and ain’t all that. But….her return would guarantee the princess of the show (Crystal Khalil) would QUIT so I say bring it. Davetta Sherwood knew how to act. They could bring her back.

  9. Profile photo of

    I wanted more behind the scenes drama, but the podcast was great! Thx Luke for the cliffhanger; that would of been a great topic for the DC crew to discuss.

  10. Profile photo of AWfan2012

    Ni I have not. I just went back and looked for it. I have no idea how I missed that one. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention. Can’t wait to listen. Thanks again.

  11. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Hopefully the bloodbath starts with Nikki and Victor getting into a car and driving off into the horizon. If Eric B wants to grumble and mumble through his next contract negotiation, then he can hit the door, too.

    The Next Generation:

    Hopefully Noah will be getting a gay story-line, as the number of gays that watch The Show is pretty high. Not sure what to say about Fen, since he only had one line in June, before The Phyllis Show, went into high gear.

    Strip Club: Phyllis becomes the owner of one, with Summer being her main dancer. Noah falls in ‘lust’ with a male stripper, who has an alcohol problem. Eden gets body painted on stage as part of her act. Abby becomes co-owner, and decides to strip, too.

    Let JFP focus on the Next Generation, the show needs it.

  12. Profile photo of ChristianDavis148

    [quote=The_Moustache]so how soon will we see the changes in producing and writing on Y&R?? what’s the date?[/quote]


    I think we may start seeing JFP and JG’s material around late September, early October. But that’s just a guess at this point. I’m not 100% sure when it will happen. We have to remember that all of the daytime drama’s tape at least 2 months in advance. So just use that as a guideline.

  13. Profile photo of ChristianDavis148

    The one thing that I hope that the show at this point is smart enough to do is not to submit anything in terms of Writing and Drama Series at next year’s Emmys. The writing was so bad and Y&R overall sucked all year AND I really don’t think that JFP and JG can put outstanding writing material and whatnot together by the end of the year for Y&R to be considered in both of those categories. Directing: yes. Hair: Yes. Make-up: Maybe Acting: A DEFINITE YES!!! Get Doug Davidson on the Lead Actor ballot! He has knocked this storyline out of the ball park despite the shizz that MAB threw his way. Doug’s Emmy nomination should be the only one that the show submits next year.

  14. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    [quote=ChristianDavis148]I think we may start seeing JFP and JG’s material around late September, early October. But that’s just a guess at this point. I’m not 100% sure when it will happen. We have to remember that all of the daytime drama’s tape at least 2 months in advance. So just use that as a guideline.[/quote]
    No they don’t. GH and Y&R are tape about four to six weeks in advance. DAYS tapes around twelve to fourteen weeks before airing. Don’t know about B&B because they have a break in production every three months or so.

  15. Profile photo of thomasd55

    I was a Y&R fan for the first ten years; then, I lost interest in the show because of the changes (except for sporadic reunions, etc..). I’ve watched from the sidelines as Y&R fans have made their dissatisfaction with MAB clear. Now I learn that Jill Farren Phelps is taking the helm of the show……………right to the end. I have never liked JFP or her body of work. I wonder who JFP had to _ _ _ _ at Sony to get the job? If I were a viewer of Y&R now, I’d stop watching because I can’t stand to watch a sinking ship…..

  16. Profile photo of according2joe

    Great Podcast! This was my first time listening to the podcast. I may be the only one here with this opinion but I hope JFP ,JG, and anyone else for that matter doesnt mess with Victor Newman. I want to see him back with Nikki. I want to see more business stories, more romance, etc… it’s time to shock Y&R and bring it back to it’s glory days.

  17. Profile photo of katehhoward

    I am glad that people are finally starting to talk about getting Megan Wardback as Kate Howard. We want the fantastic megan ward back as Kate Howard. Nothing against Kelly but she is no Kate Howard. And the DID story is ok but only if it turns out that Kate is the alter and Connie is the real deal.

  18. Profile photo of MsNixon

    [quote=Coffee_Junkie]They won’t bring back Victoria Rowell. 75% of the cast would quit because no one wants to work with her. She burned her bridges by trashing them in the media. [/quote]

    If 75% of the cast is petty enough to quit then they should quit. I wish them luck getting work on another soap. The folks at Y&R need to realize that this is the 25th hour. It’s sink or swim. They don’t have time to play favorites or only work with their friends. They need to do whatever it takes to bring in ratings or no one will have a job. If bringing Drucilla back will increase ratings (and I’m pretty sure that it will) then that’s what they need to do. They need to take a lesson from AMC — don’t wait until the last month on air to bring back the vets the fans have been clamoring for. Bring them back now when they can still make a difference. A good soapy quad featuring two of the most popular AA supercouples of all time sounds like a good idea to me. Forget Big Red. Vicky vs. Debbie (Note to JFP – please make YoHarmony and Sarge real, fleshed out characters) could be all kinds of kickass. Bring it on!

  19. Profile photo of Dyllan

    Wow…..I don’t mind Judith Chapman’s character on Y&R. I would keep her. I like how she has become the new Gina. However, Jeffrey and Anita can go.

    Does someone know any more stories Maria wrote besides the chipmunk storyline?

    LMAO @ the conference.

  20. Profile photo of pferrando

    It’s interesting to read through all the comments on this thread. I think people forget that it was Lynn Latham that made Y and R unrecognizable starting in 2006/2007. MAB rescued the show, HOWEVER, she never really succeeded with the writing aspect. The production of the show is in great shape. People talk about the ratings, but it’s still by far the #1 show. ALL ratings for all shows are not in goood shape. If JFP thinks she can come in and clean house, all she will do is alienate long time viewers. There are not a lot of NEW daytime viewers to get, so there is a fine line here and I predict if she makes changes, you’ll see the show fall below a 3.0 share for the first time. I hope she has a short term contract, because I want her gone if the show heads south. As for Josh, I believe he was a writer under LML as well, so I don’t have a lot of faith in him. We’ll see. What we do need is to restore the show to the point it was pre-2006. I’d jump for joy is Kay Alden or Jack Smith, Sally Sussman or Ed Scott came back. They understand the show and it’s history.

  21. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    Have mixed feelings about Jill Phelps taking over, I also watch General Hospital and between her and Bob Guza,s writings, the show became so dark, all about the mob, car bombs, killing off vets, etc. I stopped watching GH till I read Phelps was fired the beginning of this year. GH may not be perfect, but it’s a heck of a lot better then it was under Phelps. Y &R desperately needed a change. First, get rid of the horrible couplings, Victor and Sharon-YUCK!!! Sharon just totally annoys me with her stuck-up blonde attitude. Eric Braeden, he is the star of the show, though his mumbling gets under my nerves. I loved Debbie Morgan on AMC but I can’t stand her character of Harmony on Y & R. Get rid of the bad wig and stupid street talk. Also Sarge, just isn’t working on this show. Most of the All My Children actors just haven’t connected on this show. Billy, stop with those pyscho facial expressions and that wack-out smile!! And Catherine Bach, wow, plastic surgery at it’s worst!!! I like Chelses and Adam, 2 good actors. A little less of Phylis, I like her, she acts and looks so old Hollywood, like a young Lauren Becall. But, I don’t want to see her everyday. Genie Francis just doesn’t work on this show, and I loved her as Laura on GH. May-be once Tristian Rogers returns it’ll get better. I just hope Phelps doesn’t make this show into a dark mess like GH was for a few years.

  22. Profile photo of harlee490

    I relished the podcast, excellent job guys! Cooking chicken! LMAO!

    Question pferrando….how will she alienate longtime viewers (as moi) by cleaning house? I’m not in fear for the true vets (CBS & Sony has her on a short rope…noose) the newbies yes I want them axed. You’re assuming the worse and JFP is going to go hog wild with no restraint…simply not going to happen. CBS & Sony wants to make it fan friendly and if JFP can pop the ratings back to 3.4 and stay in the next 6 months to a year CBS will be happy and probably renew for another year of two as Jamey stated.

    First of all Y&R has never dropped below 3.0 (close) and new EP & writing is so needed. What makes me question your comment is the date you joined and then being so negative. If it was a longtime poster we could agree to disagree and I’m thinking more of “mole”, could be wrong and probably am, but I don’t trust anyone who just joined and being this negative if you are long time viewer you would want the best.

    Jamey you had mentioned about staffing with some of Bill’s longtime writers which ITA, Sally is available, but Kay & John is at B&B, (with huge ratings increase over the last year) not happening, but people forget some of other longtime writers w\Bill, ie Jerry Birn, Rex Best, for example could add the burning passion that fans what from Y&R…to Y&R again. :) They were there with Kay & John.

  23. Profile photo of Smitty

    Luke Kerr I can’t believe you ended the podcast like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL i was so ready to hear the discussion about Victoria Rowell. You owe us big time for this one! ;-)

  24. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Sidesplittingly funny today guys! And you captured MAB and JFP perfectly Jamie. If more people knew who these two women were you could take that to start a one man show! Or better yet you could start your own websoap . A Soap within a soap! Maybe freeze frame pix with your delightful voice overs. I hope that you are correct about JFP not being able to kill off the vets. I don’t need Nicki or Jill to suddenly kill off.

  25. Profile photo of pferrando

    I’m only negative because I’m a longtime viewer of the show and I know what works and what doesn’t. Why would you be so suspicious about anyone who wants to post. Is this your site?

    I think we both want the same thing. I’m just nervous because the prior two regime changes did NOT work. Jill’s tenure at GH was not the best.

    I never said Y and R fell below a 3.0. I’m afraid it may if more viewers become alienated. Jill’s past reputation is to add new families and not use “older” vets. I need my Victor, Nikki, Jack, Kay, Jill, Nick, Sharon, and so on. Remember that LML killed off John! At least MAB has kept the vets on the so.

    Let’s see what happens. I’m just not dancing in the streets, especially since I like what’s been on the show this past year. A huge improvement over 2011.

  26. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    For that reason, marknsprmo, I wish they’d bring Steamboat (the web series) back. I got on to it late (watched some episodes on You Tube just before they were pulled from the site) and I thought it was hilarious!

    Thanks david46208 for including that clip of Dru vs. Nikki. That is the very Aristotelian definition of Drama (2 opposing forces in a clash with each with their own desires). Soaps need to bring back that coolly atmospheric method of confrontation rather than the constant yelling and screeching and catfighting that has now become the norm (e.g. compare that scene to Nikki and Sharon’s barn fight…which one do you find more indicative of two high powered strong women? I know which one I’d pick).

    And I definitely agree with harlee490 that these actors need to leave their egos at the door if they want to save this show (even if for a few years longer). I’ve never heard of a successful production where the actors ran the show, unless it was someone like Ricky Gervais who conceived and wrote the original The Office. If the actors are writing the show, that would be an entirely different argument. If not, feedback from the actors should be limited,jmo, especially in the case where you have a qualified, talented team of writers, which unfortunately did not characterize MAB’s time at the helm. Perhaps that is why a few actors ran amok with power to the show’s further detriment.

  27. Profile photo of

    @smitty yes Luke owes us! Left us on a cliffhanger I need a part 2 podcast just for Y&R. Everything Jamey said was true, but here what was posted from another site on the behind the scenes drama…Enjoy!

    The show has always been jointly owned by Bell Dramatic Serial Company (the Bells) and Screen Gems Productions (which later was absorbed by Columbia Pictures and later by Sony). Corday Productions also has a very small ownership (about 1%), which results from Bill Bell being under contract with Corday Productions in the early 1970s to write “Days Of Our Lives”. In order for Corday Productions to release Bill Bell from his writing duties long enough for him to create a new show (Y&R), he had to give Corday Productions a tiny ownership interest in his new venture.

    So by and large, Bill Bell co-existed peacefully with Screen Gems (now Sony). Even though Bell’s corporation and Sony were joint owners, Screen Gems allowed William Bell to have “creative control” of Y&R, since the show was his brain child in the first place, and they were primarily just investors from a financial standpoint. Screen Gems really had no reason to balk at Bell’s decisions, because after all, the show was consistently successful and was returning a big profit for Screen Gems. However, there were shake-ups at various times. For instance, as Laird pointed out below, there was a point when Screen Gems and CBS wanted to expand the show to an hour-long format, while Bill Bell preferred the thirty-minute format. Eventually, Bill Bell got the message from Screen Gems that if he flatly refused to expand to an hour, a new head writer would be found for the show and he would be out on his ass. Bill Bell himself has admitted this publicly. Since Bell wanted to maintain control, he reluctantly agreed to change the format to an hour. (With the other Bell show, Bold & Beautiful, you’ll notice that the Bells have refused to go to an hour, because a company like Screen Gems/Sony isn’t holding the purse strings and making demands that the Bells are obliged to go along with.)

    So as long as Bill Bell was writing the show (1973 to 1998), there was an agreement — either formal or informal — that the Bell family was in charge of the creative aspects of Y&R. But even during those years, Bill Bell didn’t exactly style himself as a “showrunner”. Yes, he was the head writer, but he always had input from a totally different person who served as the executive producer. For the first nine years, it was John Conboy. When John Conboy left about 1982, Wes Kenney came in as executive producer. When Kenney stepped aside, it was Edward J. Scott. At various times, Bill Bell was billed as the “co-executive producer” or the “senior executive producer”, but to my knowledge, Mr. Bell was NEVER the sole executive producer and also the head writer. He felt — or else Sony felt — that making the head writer the sole executive producer was placing too much power and too much responsibility in the hands of one person.

    In about 1998, Bill Bell stepped down as head writer and turned over the position to his long-time “right hand man”, Priscilla Kay Alden Nelson.

    My understanding is that at this point, the “management agreement”, whether it was a formal document or an informal understanding, terminated. The Bell family no longer enjoyed complete creative control of the show, as Bill Bell was no longer the head writer. The show rocked along from 1998 to 2005, under the supervision of first Kay Alden and then Jack Smith (both of whom were trained by Bill Bell), and Sony was comfortable with this arrangement except for one thing — the show was losing literally MILLIONS of viewers. Sony’s profits were being greatly reduced. Sony became more and more involved in daily management of the show, in order to try to halt the viewership erosion.

    Finally, in about 2005, Sony had seen their profits drop to a level where they felt compelled to exercise their authority in a more high-handed manner and dispose of the “Bell regime” that had presided over the drastic drop in viewership. So Sony stepped in — with the input of CBS executive Barbara Bloom — and installed Lynn Marie Latham as head writer, kicking Kay Alden and John F. Smith to the curb. But Sony made a drastic mistake when they did this. They named Latham executive producer as well as head writer, in effect giving her complete control over the show. This was never the way the show had been operated by the Bells. The Bell family had always split these two duties, enabling a system of checks and balances so that no one person was the King or Queen of the show. Sony didn’t take this into account, and they in effect made Latham the Queen of the show. As the head writer and the executive producer, Latham could do any damn thing she wanted to do. If she wanted to fire somebody, she fired them. If she wanted to rewrite history, she rewrote it. If she wanted to hire her husband and her unemployed son as writers, she did it, and she answered to nobody. She was the Boss in a way that even Bill Bell himself had never, ever been.

    This was a financial disaster for both Sony Pictures and for Bell Dramatic Serial Company. The show continued losing viewers, and the profits to both Sony and to the Bell family were continuing to drop. My understanding is that during the writer’s strike in 2007 (when Lynn Marie Latham refused to write the show and also refused to PRODUCE the show — which was her other job, for which she was being well paid), the Bell family went to their partners at Sony and basically said, “Okay, look. You’ve had your fun. You hired yourself a head writer and you hired yourself an executive producer, and it didn’t work out. We’re losing viewers, and you’re basically ruining the show. It’s time for you to give creative control back to our family.”

    From what I understand, Sony agreed and gave a 5-year period of creative control back to the Bells. Within the five-year period, the decline in viewership was supposed to stabilize, and the show was supposed to return to its glory period, or else creative control would once again revert to Sony Pictures. For the five-year period, Maria Arena Bell — an alleged novelist who to my knowledge has never actually had a novel published but instead who has spent most of her time shopping and attending art galas — was placed in charge of Y&R to represent the Bell family. Unfortunately, the Bell family made the same mistake that Sony had made with Lynn Marie Latham: they gave Maria complete control of the show, both as head writer and as executive producer. An astute person like Mr William J Bell would’ve told his children that this was a terrible idea. But the Baby Bells didn’t know any better. So just as Sony had created a big-headed monster with Lynn Marie Latham, the Baby Bells created a big-headed monster with Maria Arena Bell. She did any damn thing she wanted to do. If she wanted to spend the day shopping at Neiman Marcus while the show fell apart, she did it. If she wanted to tell a story about silver chipmunks robbing banks, she did it. If she wanted to air the same worn-out opening credits for ten year periods, she did it. She basically had an attitude of “I’m the boss around here, so the rest of you can jump in the lake.”

    The ratings continued to decline. Sony’s profits and the profits of the Bell family continued to drop. Meanwhile, Maria Bell preened around on red carpets at art council awards in her ugly Neiman Marcus shoes, sat in the Beverly Hills Hilton having cocktails with washed-up stars of old sitcoms and promising them short-term roles on “her” show, sat in her office flipping through Nordstrum catalogs picking out blouses to wear to the next arts council gala, and giving high-handed press conferences where she announced that her silver chipmunk/dueling doppleganger storylines were a tribute to her late father-in-law, Bill Bell, because “I am his heir. This show belongs to me. This is my vision, and I know that Bill Bell would be proud of my wonderful accomplishments”, etc., and then flying back to her office to check-out the Neiman Marcus website on her computer. In other words, she became EXACTLY like the horrible Lynn Marie Latham, whom the Bell family had lobbied so hard to replace.

    After the five year period began to wind-down where the Bell family had been awarded creative control of the show, Sony Pictures basically said to the Bells, “Okay, kids, this sister-in-law of yours is just as loony and incompetent as the Latham Hag she replaced,” and the Bells all nodded their heads in sad agreement and said, “Yep, she sure is.” Brad Bell pretty much admitted that his entire cast on Bold & Beatiful had been harvested from people that his deranged sister-in-law had fired in her one-woman campaign to prove to the Arts Council that she was the Big Bad Boss Lady of a daytime soap.

    Sony said, “Okay, we want to get rid of Miss Arena and take back contol of the show its final two years of production. Do you Bell kids have any objections?” Lauralee Bell and Brad Bell said, “We’ve as tired of Maria as you are. Please fire her.” The Sony representatives gasped and said, “Okay, we’ll hire a new executive producer and a new head writer, but you kids have to tell her that she’s fired, because we’re just a little bit scared of her since she’s such a lunatic.” Brad and Lauralee said, “No way, we’re not telling her; we’re scared of her, too. She’s nuts.” So the oldest brother in the Bell family, Bill Bell Jr, was assigned the task of telling his fruity wife that she’d been relieved of her duties in the best interests of the Bell family and Sony Pictures. Maria immediately got drunk off her ass and started writing crazy things on Facebook (or FacePlace, as she would probably call it), proving to everyone that the correct decision had been made.

    That’s my understanding of what happened. And no — it wasn’t a surprise to me. I didn’t think Sony would put up with the nutty Mrs. Bell much longer.

  28. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=MsAgentProvocateur1]Maybe someone can fill me in about the intrigue with the MOCA. I heard there is a power struggle of sorts on that Board.[/quote]


  29. Profile photo of tori87dec

    Genie is wonderful on Y&R and she herself said she doesn’t want to go back to GH and the shows producer just commented in an article that they’re happy with all their daytime players at this time but wish Genie the best. GenV is becoming a very popular character on Y&R and her chemisty with Stephen Nichols is wonderful. She’s great in all her scenes with anyone she plays against. Until the actress or show states she’s leaving I will choice not to believe it and look forward to Tristan(Colin) and Jess Walton(Jill) to return in the fall to drum up alot of trouble for everyone involved. Everything remains to be seen!

  30. Profile photo of jamison

    WOW Luke fan of (Lumi). Jamey (?????)hates Alisons S acting! Jillian is more reasonable on her comments! Hmm & Regan NOT a fan of DAYS at all ( Hates Ej or James) unbelievable!!! A lot of negativity & Yes I’m an Ejami fan. This is just my personal opinion sorry!

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    Jamey Giddens

    I do not hate Alison Sweeney’s acting. I am actually a fan of Alison Sweeney and Sami, I just do not believe she should even be mentioned in the same sentence with General Hospital’s Jonathan Jackson (ex-Lucky) when discussing acting chops — which is what Luke did. I also love Kristian Alfonso and Hope, but had Luke compared her to Erika Slezak or Judith Light in terms of acting, I would have had the same reaction. IMO, Luke mixes up his love for an actor/character with their actual chops, which is his right to do. But it’s my right to blow a gasket. ;-)

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