General Hospital Stars and Soap Grads Party at 2012 Disney/ABC Summer TCA Party


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I miss JJ on GH! It's nice to see a photo of him smiling though, we never got to see him smile on GH his last go round.

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14 June 2011
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I'm very happy for him to have the chance to do something that, character wise, is different from what he had to play on GH, especially if it gets him away from the water works. Not that I don't appreciate how emotionally gut wrenching he could be in that mode. You're right, mipeony. We didn't get to see that smile. It'll be almost restful to see him take a break from that"Trauma drama" and if the role incorporates his musical talent, I'm all for that to be woven in too... Innocent

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Where the hell did Lisa LoCicero get that jinormous carpet bag? How dumb does that look?

I see Maurice Bernard borrowed a shirt from Charlie Sheen.