The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victor and Sharon Get Hitched!

Victor/Sharon: Kids, these two cray-crays tie the knot! When the good denizens of Genoa City find out about their marriage, don't look for it to goover so smoothly.

Jack/Nikki/Victor/Sharon: Mr. Mumbles and OId Smilin' have a heated show down over Beauty of Nature and Nikki. Victor can't handle the fact that Nikki has moved on with his mortal enemy and stuns all by crashing Jack and Nikki's wedding with Sharon in tow! Later, Sharon flips at the wedding when she spies something she doesn't seem to like. Down the road, Victor pulls a disappearing act by leaving town, which has huge ramifications for Nikki, his children and Sharon.

Billy: The Abbott playboy is close to uncovering a secret Phyllis is trying to keep buried.

Katherine/Abby: The grand dame admires the naked heiress' actions.

Neil/Harmony: The two embark on a dreadful first date.

Sofia: She informs Neil of her decision.

Ashley: She says farewell to her family and friends.

Sharon/Chelsea: Seems like the slonkey doesn't take the con artist's warning to heart. Sharon stumbles across a bit of information about Chelsea.

Eden: The girl goes under hypnosis to remember the events surrounding Ricky's death.

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    Is it too much to hope for when JG gets into the writers’ room that one of his first orders of business will be to disintegrate this Victor/Sharon sham of a couple? Oy!… 0:)

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    Wasn’t Sharon and Victor meant to be over MONTHS AGO??? And MAB doesn’t know why she was fired. Well gurl, there is the reason!!!!
    Again poor Sharon Case. People should feel sorry for her and not for MAB and the way she was fired. MAB treated Eden Riegel and Maura West like crap, Sharon Case has been to hell and back … these are the people that deserve sympathy – not that HACK!

    Sofia gone? Ashley gone!

    Neil and Harmony on a date!? I hope JFP and JG are planing on calling Victoria Rowell and end this crap. Besides that I hope that the new writing regime comes up with better character names than Harmony. LOL Still haven’t gotten used to that one.

  3. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    [quote=Nk3play2]I thought they had stopped this storyline… that’s the last I heard; why would they continue with this???[/quote]
    Maybe it’s because of the thing Jamey teased on Twitter. Sharon Case had a talk with MAB about her character and the current difficulties she had. MAB ended the talk with threatening to recast the role of Sharon. THIS could be MAB’s revenge. Maybe she even hoped SC would walk. Who knows…

  4. Profile photo of pennywise555

    UGH! That picture grosses me out.

    I hope JFP cuts off the Viagra supply to Genoa City ASAP! :tired:

    I am sooo sick of all these over 60-year-old men parading around like peacocks having sex with one woman after another. Victor, Tucker, and now it looks like Jeffery, should NOT have multiple women throwing themselves at them. It’s just ridiculous. And if a younger woman needs a pairing, please hire a hot actor in her age range! Males old enough to be Grandpas should having sex with females old enough to Grandmas.

  5. Profile photo of Yoryla

    This week sounds like pure SHIT!

    You know what, I am GLAD JFP/JG are coming to tear all this down! This week sounds horrible and stupid and boring. I cannot believe this is Y&R.

  6. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    See, this is the very Definition of INSANITY! Committing the same disastrous action more than once yet expecting a different result!

    So the last go round was a disaster that everyone hated so why not do it again??! What. The. Hell?

    Just because people were vocal about their disgust, didn’t mean they were going to tune in. The further drop in ratings should’ve been a huge sign. Daffy Headwriter that she was, MAB probably assumed it would translate to huge ratings. Um, no. And it won’t this time, either.

    So glad the *$#! is gone!

  7. Profile photo of ChristianDavis148

    [quote=J Bernard Jones]It’s not like this is soaps’ first May 2012 – December 1812 romance.[/quote]


    This was way too funny! Thanks J. Bernard for the best line of the week and it’s only Monday!

  8. Profile photo of z260z

    Seriously??? What did Sharon Case do to MAB? Or Eric Braden either for that matter. This storyline is so beneath both of them.

    Maybe the new regime will be able to give some of the other actors a chance to be seen instead of having Michelle Staffard on everyday bullying and annoying everyone in town. Or at least let her character receive some of what she has been dishing out over the years.

    There are many talented veterans in the cast that have been brought on with much fanfare only to be left chewing scenery. You have Stephen Nichols, Genie Francis, Darnell Williams, and Debbie Morgan, all of which have been given little to do once they made their grand entrance. When you have all that talent it should be used!

  9. Profile photo of ChristianDavis148

    Jamey, Luke, Regan and Jillian,

    I know it’s been less than a week since we all learned that MAB’s rear end was shown the door at Y&R, but have any of you heard anything regarding what JFP and JG are planning on doing now that they’ve taken over at Y&R?

    Yes, I’m getting antsy! LOL

  10. Profile photo of isiola

    In the world of soaps especially Y&R…S & V could be married by a fake Justice of the Peace (no surprise)…the effect of the new regime cannot happen soon enough…poor Bill Bell he must be rolling in his grave…Phyllis has to be held accountable someway & not escape by the “legal loophole “. Even if it is community take is that Daisy’s brother is involved in the disappearance of the knife I do not care what happened to Daisy…Hopefully stories will be resolved & all our beloved spoilers will be wrong… ; )

  11. Profile photo of brown_eyedhoosier

    i think there are just too many storylines and they don’t always play out. it is frustrating though! the sharon and victor thing is certainly not a “ratings booster”! i am so very disappointed in the writing and am hopeful it improves. there are some exceptional actors and actresses on this beloved soap.

  12. Profile photo of Karlie

    In my opinion, Maria Bell has had it out for the character Sharon (and by extension, SC) and that has shown onscreen for over 3 years. There was no real reason to degrade the character repeatedly the way she has – starting with the sick pairing of Adam and Sharon – unless she was punishing SC. This almost-incestuous pairing of Sharon and Victor seals that arguement air tight, IMO. TPTB saw how fans LOATHED this pairing early this year, yet they pushed it even further?! No one, not the fans or the actors themselves, wanted this pairing, but MAB forced it anyway. Why?! Well, now MAB got what she deserved: a public and humiliating FIRING!!

    I just hope the new regime can truly fix the character Sharon, otherwise I’ll tune out from this show for good. The show is in the toilet.

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