General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Johnny tells Todd that he knows what Todd did with Sam’s baby. He knows everything so Todd hangs up on Carly.  Johnny wonders how Todd can even look Sam in the eye, considering he gave away her healthy baby. 

Johnny explains that when Anthony’s body went missing, he sent out his men. They saw Heather with it, followed her out to the woods and saw everything that happened that night and reported it to him.  Todd doesn’t think Johnny will be able to convince anyone of this story, but Johnny figures the only one he needs to convince is Sam.  He figures she’d go to Llanview with a DNA test for Tea’s baby.

Todd questions why Johnny would wait so long to use this against him. Johnny says he didn’t want to draw attention to the woods and was trying to get a read on Todd.  He claims they aren’t that different. They act on emotion and then try to make it up afterwards.  He claims he was protecting Starr from the truth of what her father had done this time.

Jason wonders why Todd would be calling Carly. He isn’t happy when she says Todd’s a friend.  Jason points out Todd’s history of violence and is dangerous and to stay away.  Carly says it will hard to, considering their kids are dating. This is something else that doesn’t make Jason happy to learn. 

Carly says Starr makes Michael happy, but Jason thinks Michael feels guilty for not being able to save Starr’s family. If things go south, she’ll turn to Todd and Jason needs to protect Sonny.  Carly says Todd doesn’t want a fight with Sonny. He’s turning his life around, just like Johnny is.  Carly explains Todd being nice to Sam. Jason is surprised to hear that Sam took a job. He realizes she must be working a case.  Jason worries there will be trouble if Todd feels threatened.  Carly tells him to go to Sam and tell her his concerns. 

Kate overhears Sonny telling Max to keep him up to date on Joe. However, he swears he wasn’t ordering her a hit, just keeping track.  He wishes he could deal with Joe himself but will leave it up to the courts.  Talk turns to Olivia and Sonny offers to pay her medical bills. Kate points out that the Falconeri are proud people. She mentions she’s out of a job, thanks to Todd.  Sonny offers to pay for another magazine. Kate doesn’t think she can do it especially since she’s still dealing with what she’s done. 

Sonny thinks she’s talking about the car accident, but she’s talking about leaving her baby to die.  She wonders what happened to the baby and if he’s out there somewhere.  She rationalizes that someone must have found him and given him a good home.  She says Ewen’s helping her live with the guilt.

Trey’s visiting Joe in prison.  Joe blames Sonny for taking his empire and his fortune away. He wants it back.  Trey thinks he can use the show to prove Sonny’s a criminal, but Joe doesn’t want him spying on Sonny.  Joe wants him to marry Kristina to get to Sonny. 

Sam’s still trying to break into Todd’s safe when Kristina shows up, looking for advice on how to get Trey interested in her.  She says Sonny thinks Trey’s being secretive and admits he has been acting weird and thinks it has something to do with his father.  Sam tells Kristina to quit the show, but she says it makes Trey happy.  Sam tells her that Trey needs to see how good a person Kris is. 

Michael and Starr shoot the breeze about their fathers. They talk about what Michael wants to do with his life now that he’s back in school and needing to declare a major.  He explains briefly working for Edward and wanting to work with Sonny. However, he doesn’t want to give up safety or love.

Sam’s back to safecracking when Jason shows up to see her. 

Carly’s showing up at Johnny’s office as Johnny threatens to expose Todd if he says anything about Johnny.  Todd says he wants Carly and Starr to know the truth of what Johnny did.  

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    After days of excellent, on the edge of your seat episodes, everything came grinding to a halt today. All because of Sonny and Kate, and Joe and Trey, and Kristina and Jason who were all mind numbingly boring. The only bright spot was finding out how Johnny knew about the switch and Marr’s utter cuteness. And Kristina’s lovely top. And Kelly Monaco’s sheer gorgeousness. The rest, complete meh

    Although I did get a kick out the sheer mentalness of the Johnny flashbacks. They’re so hammy. This one was hamier (totally a word) than the one where they show us that he caused the accident. But now I’m wanting completely random Johnny-backs for everything.

    “I was just a kid, but I went into this boarding house and there was this newborn baby boy, crying, so I gave him to a good family”

    “I was visiting one of my men in the hospital and I totally saw Patrick stealing drugs from the medicine cabinet.”

    “I flew to Ireland for a minute and saw Lucky crying in a cemetary”

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    Oh, we’re back to the same old mob bullcrap again.


    looks like the ratings will take a big dip this week.

    Jason & Sonny and to a certain extent Sam are NO LONGER needed on the show. Time to show them the door to Y&R where their buddy JFP works now. They can hog all the screen-time they want over there.

    this episode was not one of RC’s best since writing the show. Maybe he was sick that day i don’t know but everything was way off.

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    Besides Sonny, Kate, Trey and Joe I loved the episode.. Mostly because of the huge turn around in dialogue. Like Carly and Jason’s convo- instead of just mindless chit chat of how great Jason is and does no wrong I actually got an acknowledgement from Jason that he can be violent. After years of Carly, Jason and Sonny being written as never doing wrong I enjoy see their shades of grey come out.

    However I love my Johnny but now I am so annoyed. He sat by and let Lisa terrorize Robin and now he has known about Sam’s baby being taken. He has now known about my two favorite characters having bad things happen to them. Yet I still love him thanks to BB- please have him do something big to help Sam get her baby back..

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    [quote=Perkie]But now I’m wanting completely random Johnny-backs for everything.
    “I was just a kid, but I went into this boarding house and there was this newborn baby boy, crying, so I gave him to a good family”
    “I was visiting one of my men in the hospital and I totally saw Patrick stealing drugs from the medicine cabinet.”
    “I flew to Ireland for a minute and saw Lucky crying in a cemetary”[/quote]
    I am DEAD at this suggestion, literally laughing out loud as I sit here imagining these scenarios. I love it! Cartini should definitely ‘borrow’ this concept.

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    [quote=Perkie]After days of excellent, on the edge of your seat episodes, everything came grinding to a halt today. All because of Sonny and Kate, and Joe and Trey, and Kristina and Jason who were all mind numbingly boring. The only bright spot was finding out how Johnny knew about the switch and Marr’s utter cuteness. And Kristina’s lovely top. And Kelly Monaco’s sheer gorgeousness. The rest, complete meh.[/quote]

    Ditto to what you said Perkie!! :)

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    Johnny’s flashback was just as lame as the one with Heather changing JaSam paternity test. Jeez. The two flashbacks were more like “cya” than anything else. I don’t know if RC/FV are tired of the angry letters, email, tweets, etc about keeping BB on the show, but that flashback was dumb.

    *Shiver* Sonny needs to be celibate for the next year. This man with the killer dimples used to be smoking hot, but he’s bedded so many women with the same song and dance (buy them a dress and visit the island) that it’s hard to take any pairing seriously. I understood the appeal of SnB and original CarSon with SBr and even Skate #1, but this time around all I want to do is hurl.

    I usually try not to make comments about the characters appearances, but what in the world is going on with Kate’s hair? Megan Ward’s version of Katherine Hardwick Howard was always dressed appropriately with stylish hair.

    LMAO…We’re suppose to believe that Sam can break into a safe when she can barely hold down a job per Carly?

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    This Joe Jr. crap needs to stop!!!! It’s messing with the good state the show is in. The story isn’t interesting me one bit. And the Joe Jr. actor is just not bringing it.
    And please can someone at least take care of Kelly Sullivan’s hair. She looks beautiful she shouldn’t need to run around with this weird styled (?) hair, especially not playing GH’s version of Anna Wintour – well at least that is what Kate used to be…

    Carly and Jason have one of their conversations. Normally I’m on Jason’s side but with him being full of ignorance I was on Team Carly all the way. Can’t believe it! LOL
    I’m afraid for the Carly and Todd friendship when it comes out that Todd is behind the baby switch…

    Johnny knowing about Todd’s involvement in the baby switch is a nice twist. Even though RC and his team got off a little bit easy here by just writing some of Johnny’s men spying on Todd and Heather. Besides that Johnny kept this to himself all this time makes it even worse. Johnny also was a little bit to arrogant by throwing the baby switch in Todd’s face. Todd “only” switched babies – Johnny killed three people.

    I’m happy to see that Michael doesn’t want to become a mobster anymore. Maybe he does see that he could accomplish the same thing – power and money – with being a legit businessman; maybe in the end even working for Edward.

    After last week, Monday’s episode seemed like a total blow.

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    OK, Joe Jr, Kate and their little boy Trey need to go. To start off with I can not stand the plausibility factor that at the EXACT SAME TIME THAT KATE has a mental breakdown over an incident that occurred over 20 some odd years earlier that Joe Jr and his midget son, Trey, concoct a plan to bring down Sonny, the mob boss who just so happens to be dating Kate/Connie.

    Now, Kate/Connie… SHE WAS CONNIE ALWAYS, and KATE WAS THE FAKE PERSONALITY, CARTINI…gave birth in a room and disposed of the child in a dresser drawer?!!! THAT IS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!! At the time of the child’s birth, she was 17 or 18 years old and it was 1990! In real life a couple of Jersey teens at that time gave birth to a child in a motel room in Jersey and discarded the child in a dumpster. TRUE STORY. The teens were vilified in the press and by everyone because they were RATIONAL ADULTS!

    KATE/CONNIE, was rational enough after giving birth to go to college, start a career and own a high end fashion magazine, make loads of money, etc., so I am NOT GOING TO BUY THE FACT THAT WE SHOULD HAVE SYMPATHY FOR KATE/CONNIE because she was raped and distraught or anything like it! Cartini already killed off one child since coming on board and now we are to buy the senseless disposal of another one in a dresser drawer?!!


    Then you have JoeJr, who wants his son Trey to marry Kristina, which will happen in a matter of weeks in the most ridiculous way. Seriously, this offspring of a mob boss who wanted the length of time his son has been alive to exact revenge is the dumbest criminal around! Instead of going for his target he goes after his daughter to get to his target?!

    EFFIN HELL NO!! This is just one of the dumbest plot twist and plot creations yet on the show. Cartini, it’s early enough to just forget about Joe Jr and let him languish in a Jersey prison without anymore story or screen time and then Trey could anger Sonny and without any “I am going to kill that kid” or “jason, we need to take care of trey” lines of dialogue, Trey just disappears one day. Kristina goes out looking for him at the end of one episode and returns the next being played by an actress who can act, looks Italian/Greek and who shows the maturity of the character better than the spoiled, spineless twit we have right now.

    While you are at it, once Robin is found Ferncliff will have an empty hospital bed, send Kate there to get the help she needs and like with Laura when she was there for years, SHE WILL NEVER BE SEEN AGAIN. PLEASE. Cartini, you have ruined Kate with this story and unless you play to recast with the original actress and make her back in the original character form, we don’t need her. She’s absolutely boring!!!

    AND WHY ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH is a fashion magazine mogul ALWAYS hanging out down by the factories on the docks of a small upstate NY town?! NEVER would you see Anna Wintour or the original Kate Howard hanging there.

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    What a letdown Monday was after some excellent shows last week. I’m back to FFing again…Sonny/Kate, JoeJr/Trey, Kristina, Michael/Starr. I hope Monday was their token appearances for the week and we can get back to the good stuff!

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    TV Gord

    Monday’s show had me flashing back to Heather (sigh) and her scenes with everyone last week, especially Anna. It made me wonder…is Steven Lars going to face charges for Heather’s rampage? After all, if someone vouches for a mental hospital patient’s release, they are responsible for a certain amount of supervision. At the very least, shouldn’t he be slapped with a pretty hefty fine?

    I guess I should get back to my ironing… ;-)

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    I really liked Johnny a few months ago, and I’ve forever been pissing and moaning about how they write Sonny always blaming Johnny for everything wrong under the sun… but now? Geez! I don’t see any chemistry with him and Carly, and now he’s killed Hope and her prison break daddy, and allowed Sam to mourn yet another child, all the while knowing how awful Claudia took it when she miscarried her baby due to an accident caused by Kristina’s negligence.

    Why would Jason tell Carly, Todd’s new BFF in town, that Sam must be working a case if she’s working for Todd? Stupid.

    Count me in as one of the many wishing Joe Jr would leave, but if he does, I want him to take Jason and Sonny with him.

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    Im with you Daniel, i am getting annoyed at the set up with that safe.

    I didnt think the epi was bad so much as the skate/joe/trey stuff ground the show down every time they flipped back to that. really who cares.

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    Monday’s episode was a TOTAL waste of time. I gave up even before the halfway mark because I was BORED. I don’t care a rat’s a$$ about Sonny, Kate, or the rest of the Corinthos Clan. They are dragging the show down, down, down. Bringing Kristina back to thumb her stuck up nose at everyone. . . This little Mob Princess is so stupid as to believe what comes out of Trey’s mouth, well, maybe if he backhands her a couple of times she might wake up and remember what gawd-awful taste she has in men. She is truly her mother’s daughter.

    Regarding Johnny: He is falling apart at the seams. He has been under an inhuman amount of stress for a long time now. It shows. I have never been a big Johnny fan, but what the writers have done to this character is criminal. Is he headed for a nervous breakdown? (((Really feel the writers, etc. played fast and loose by giving Johnny information about Todd and Heather and Sam’s baby. Johnny should not even be in this storyline.

    Now to Todd: Just when I think I have a handle on this character he surprises me again. Sometime he can think fast on his feet. Other times, he is dunderheaded. He should have Johnny Z cringing in his boots. Todd has a newspaper at his disposal with all the resources thereof. He should be able to incriminate Johnny Z and hold him with just a flick of the wrist. Same with Todd’s relationship with Crazy Heather. Todd should have been able to neutralize her a long time ago.

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    Mobb Ish

    so HAPPY to have the MOB back on the show! Only reason I even stopped on channel 7 was because I saw a shootout! Now don’t get me wrong, it was a good breath of fresh air while they were gone to let everyone else’s S/L get going, but it’s about time to have them back! Hope Jason & Sam work together to find their baby! Hope Sonny finds out who Trey is before Kristina gets her dimwit paws on him…

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    This is my first time posting. I’ve been reading this site for about 6 months now.

    I started watching GH during the late 1970’s when I would watch during summer school vacation. I got caught up in the lives of the Webbers, Quartermaines, and the Spencers. Through the years, during school and jobs, I would always manage to keep tabs on what was going on in Port Charles.

    But I really started losing even a passing interest in the show in the mid-2000’s when the mob took over, the bad guys were the good guys, most of the Quartermaines were killed off, the remaining Q’s like Monica were dishonored, and characters like Bobbie and Felicia just seemed to disappear with no rhyme or reason.

    With that said … I was excited when the new producer/writers took over earlier this year and heard that some of the vets were coming back, especially Heather Webber! I don’t know why … but I always loved her!! I think it was the iced tea and the lazy susan!

    I have been watching almost daily since March … and I agree that the show has definitely improved so much! The reason I finally decided to post today was because I found myself in total agreement with other posters that last week was soooo fun and exciting to watch!

    I was excited to turn in Monday and see what was happening. It only took 10 minutes before I simply turned off the TV. No Heather, no Anna, no Patrick or Robin, no Q’s … back to boring, depressing Sonny and Kate, Jason and Carly, and yet another mobster and his son who I could care less about.

    It was just so disappointing after last week’s excitement. I remain hopeful … this was just one episode. I haven’t seen Tuesday’s yet.

    Probably too long for my first post. But I have a lot of opinions on General Hospital!

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    iowaninmn…Your story sounds a lot like mine…except I didn’t mind the mob…at first. I began to hate the show when it began revolving around a few characters and the vets began dropping like flies.

    The funny thing is…when I was a kid I was fascinated with the grow-ups on the show. I would have been bored out of my mind with a teen storyline unless it was really, really good. My favorite characters were Aunt Ruby, Lila & Edward, Amanda Barrington. The action was for the 20 somethings and I loved it but what kept me anchored to the show were the families.

    I’m glad we’re getting back to a more well-rounded GH again. Love Cartini even if we have the occasional boring day. They’re probably just gearing up for the September awesomeness we’ve been promised leading up to the 50th anniversary. It’s gonna be fun!! :)

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