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Sam’s surprised to see Jason. She assures him she needed the job and a fresh start. He asks if it’s a cover and if she’s investigating Todd.  Jason warns her that Todd is dangerous and he doesn’t want her on Todd’s bad side.  Sam says she can take care of herself. She knows Todd’s past and that she’s getting to know him.  Jason wonders if Todd has explained his interest in her baby and that he was at the funeral. 

Sam mentions the newspaper article and admits she was hired to investigate Heather. She was interested in her connection to Todd.  Sam says she’s been trying to get into the safe so Jason offers to guard the door for her. 

Todd asks Johnny if he wants Carly to know what he’s done, which Carly hears. She angrily says that Todd promised not to go after Johnny.   Todd says he has something to confess, but then admits he planted the camera to dig up dirt on Johnny.  Carly asks what he saw. Todd admits to seeing CarJohn having sex.  Carly says he needs to apologize to Johnny. She doesn’t care that Todd and Johnny hate each other.  Johnny says he wants it to end. When Carly leaves the room to take a call, he tells Todd that they need to keep each other’s secrets in order not to lose the lives they have.

Todd agrees to the truce. When Carly returns, he apologizes for invading her privacy and promises to co-exist with Johnny.  After he’s gone, Carly is embarrassed that Todd saw them together and is glad it wasn’t something worst that Johnny had done.     

Alexis crashes TJ and Molly’s dinner at the Metro Court. The mother and daughter argue about boundaries and chaperones.  Molly accuses her mother of thinking that she and TJ want to get a room, when all they want is to eat.  Alexis and Shawn agree to leave them to their meal and head over to Jake’s. 

TJ orders their food and impresses Molly, but he admits he looked it up online beforehand not to embarrass them.  Molly admits with both Sam and Kristina’s issues, she’s feeling left out and is happy that he did this dinner for her. 

Alexis says she isn’t uptight, something Shawn doesn’t believe, so she tells him about playing strip pool and when he doesn’t believe her, challenges him to a game.  He loses the first game, and his shirt, she loses the second and hers.  Ultimately, after most of the clothes come off, she wins, forcing Shawn to lose his boxers.  Alexis makes him admit that she’s not uptight and then remembers she was supposed to go back and pick up Molly and runs out. 

Trey is surprised that his father wants him to marry Kristina, but Joe says it’s the only way to get their empire back.  Trey doesn’t want to involve Kristina, but Joe says family is more important. He asks Trey to do this for him. 

Kristina shows up at the warehouse, looking for Trey. Sonny senses a problem.  Kris says she’s concerned about Jason and Sam.  Sonny says he understands Sam and how she’s turning her pain into anger and lashing out.  Kristina goes to leave, which upsets Sonny. She says she didn’t want another lecture about Trey.  Kris admits her father may have been right about Trey and explains how he doesn’t seem interested in her other than with the show. 

Sonny tells her that she needs to value herself and she might be doing the show for the wrong reasons.  Trey shows up, without the camera crew and says he’s been rethinking the show. 

Just as Sam cracks the safe, Todd arrives and finds Jason, who says he’s there to see Sam.  She comes out of Todd’s office and pretends to be angry to find Jason there.  Todd tells him to leave or he’ll call security and goes into his office.  Sam tells Jason that she almost got into the safe and thanks him for helping her.  Todd sees the picture covering the safe askew and opens it, looking for the DNA letter. 

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    The only thing that I came away with today, is that I’m tired of Alexis being yelled at by her daughters and not smacking the taste out of their mouths. And I’m tired of her being considered uptight because she doesn’t want her fifteen year old to have sex. The entire time Molly was going off on her mother, I kept thinking what I would be doingto her if I was Alexis.

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    UGH @ this episode.

    Alexis & Sean and Molly and TJ is so forced. they don’t have any chemistry with each other.

    I wish Alexis had better storylines than this. NLG deserves it.

    so now Todd who has murdered and assaulted women on OLTL for years & years is being blackmailed by a punk like Johnny? DO I HAVE THAT RIGHT?

    It was barely believable when he was being blackmailed by Heather Webber but I went along with it anyways.

    Overall it’s not looking like a very good week.


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    I agree with you Perkie.

    And I have to say that Alexis/Shawn scenes pretty much helped me through the episode.

    I wasn’t feeling yet another conversation between Sonny and Kristina, where he tries to be there for her just to be probably yelled at in the next one. I’m so over Kristina behaving like her parents don’t love her and just want to run her life as they wish.
    The girl is not in high school anymore.

    Todd admitting to seeing Carly and Johnny having sex was fun.

    Didn’t really care for the rest. Used the FF button as soon as Joe Jr. appeared. -.-

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    I’m ready for old Kristina to come back…she had depth. This one is a one trick pony. I could totally believe that the other Kristina was combination of Alexis & Sonny…this one…more like a perfect combination of JLo & Marc – acts just like them, too. Can’t stand when a character is brought on for the sake of a s/l…that’s not working, btw. Blech. GH should have never replaced Lexi.

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    I loved the color of Alexis’s skirt and top on her today. It’s nice when she gets to wear a little bit of color, now if waredrobe would allow Sam some color I’d be a decently happy viewer.

    I’m in my 40-somethings, but if I gave half as much sass to my mother as Molly or Kristina does, she would knock me on my ass and I would know I deserved it.

    I seriously do not get where the writers are going with Jason and Sam. It seemed like that scene was all about setting Todd up to find out about Sam investigating him. I was enjoying Sam working for Todd, and I don’t want it to end. I know he played a major part in her baby switch storyline, and I don’t know how they would make it work out, but I would like Todd and Sam as friends. I also liked Todd telling Jason he should leave today. Whoever Sam ends up being romantic with, whether it’s McBain or the Borg, it would be nice to have Todd in her corner to irritate him. Carly’s not the only woman in town allowed to have men friends writers!

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    I watched in on YouTube today because the slider bar works much faster than the FF button on my remote. I didn’t just actively avoid watching any of Trey/Joe or Sonny/Kristina’s scenes, I “anti-watched” them. If I caught site of an orange jumpsuit or any coffee beans (I’m sooo tired of that set), I averted my eyes and kept right on slidin’ that bar.

    I liked: Carly beating Todd with her pocketbook, the cute look between Jasam when they said, “Let’s do it,” before she went back to trying to crack the safe, and when Coleman said told Shawn, “Don’t go all frontal on me man.”

    We had two good weeks with Heather, Anna, Luke, Lulu, Dante, and the rest of that crew. I hope that doesn’t mean that we have to endure three more days of this week, PLUS all of next week before we can get back to the good stuff.
    If that’s the case, I’ll look at recaps before I watch.

    Nukristina sucks.

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    HUGE flaw in Joe Jr.’s plan: won’t Trey have to use his real name to marry Kristina legally?

    Great to see Coleman again. He should fool around with Alexis. Shawn and her have NO chemistry! Shawn had chemistry with Carly

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    Sam has got to be the worst detective around. First of all, why try and break the safe DURING WORK HOURS?! Surely, Todd isn’t there from the hours of midnight to 7am, so just come back after hours and try and break the combination. Certainly, Todd has given his assistant the security code for the office since he is not around all the time. ALready in the space of 2 episodes, spoiled brat Kristina … who clearly doesn’t understand the value of money and working a day in her life since she was shocked that Sam couldn’t just leave her job in the middle of the day to grab a coffee and talk about her unrequitted love with Trey… super-slueth/hitman Jason both walked in on her in Todd’s office in the EXACT SAME SPOT TRYING TO BREAK into the safe. (Does Todd not get phone calls at the office?

    Then Todd even walked in on Sam working the combination, albeit he was conversing with the SURPRISING MUCH SHORTER bulking hitman watching guard at the door.

    As well, if everyone was soooooooooo disgusted at Kristina working with Trey and think Trey is using Kristina, WHY HASN’T ANYONE THOUGHT TO RESEARCH his background to find out who he really is? I mean, Spinelli could get it done in a flash or Sam could call in some favors with John and his connections with the FBI or even Alexis, a high powered attorney, could do some digging to find out who Trey is, discover his history goes only so far back as Kristina’s entrance into Yale and that his birth name is Joe Jr Jr.

    Come on Cartini, with soaps at the opposite end of a frayed rope, close up the GAPING HOLES in all your stories before airing them!!!

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    [quote=curacaoman]HUGE flaw in Joe Jr.’s plan: won’t Trey have to use his real name to marry Kristina legally?[/quote]

    If his father was so intent on keeping his identity a secret, Trey probably changed his name legally.

    [quote=curacaoman]Great to see Coleman again. He should fool around with Alexis. Shawn and her have NO chemistry! Shawn had chemistry with Carly[/quote]

    Shawn has zero chemistry with anybody. Don’t see it with Alexis, didn’t see it with Carly, didn’t see it with the random black girl he was using to make Carly jealous.

    I do agree with you about Coleman. They need to keep him on the show and he should show Alexis a really good time.

    And how humiliating was it for NLG to film those horrible stripping scenes? When are the writers, any writers, going to write a good SL for Alexis?

    Again, another mostly FF episode. Anything Sonny, JoeJr, Alexis/Shawn/Molly/TJ. Maybe the last two weeks were a fluke.

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    I do not think Lindsey Morgan is as bad as some overexaggerate. Kristina is pretty much being written the same way she has for the past few years and being played pretty much the same way. Well except less crying and screeching about being an adult. I never got the Ainsworth hype. She brought no depth to this role just alot of crocodile tears and high pitched yelling over every little thing. People felt sorry because she looked like a little girl. Kristina is not and never was a deep chracter. She’s a spoiled brat used to getting her way who has parents that coddle her and cover for her. I also think LM looks more like a mix of Sonny and Alexis than the other Kristina’s ever did.

    Those stripping scenes were horrible and I was embrassed for NLG when she started stripping her shirt off. It was not sexy to see them playing strip pool in that middle of that dive and they started the game while people were there! They are also wasting Sean and his hotness by having him hang around Molly and TJ all the time. Also wanted Alexis to bitchslap Molly across her smart know it all mouth.

    Molly is turning into quite the little bitch. She was always irritating with her acting as if she was above the adults around her and on their level but it’s reached new heights. Alexis should’ve dragged her ass back home. Also note to the writers that teens do not go on dates to fancy restaurants. A Friendly’s style place would’ve been more age appropriate. They had them romancing over fancy dinner like adults.

    RS was horrible on Passions as Martin Fitzgerald and he’s horrible on GH as Joe Scully Jr. The man may look the role but his mush mouth self is all wrong. As if we need another person who can’t pronounce there words on GH. And Joe and Trey can leave town immediately and take campy Connie with them! Stupid revenge plot doesn’t even make sense.

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    Richard Steinmetz’ pronunciation of s as if it were sh, “You’re my shon, Trey” , really gets up my ass. Or should I shay assh?

    I remember that got on my nerves when he was on Passions.

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    HOW can you not like the strip pool game? Did people SEE that body on Shawn? I stopped the frame several times – he is tooooo fine. I like Alexis having fun.
    I am sick of Kristina threatening to leave her parents – they need to kick her out…more Shawn and Aleix for me!

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    TV Gord

    [quote=Jon]Richard Steinmetz’ pronunciation of s as if it were sh, “You’re my shon, Trey” , really gets up my ass. Or should I shay assh?[/quote]

    As much as I love Debbi Morgan, that always bugged me about her when she was Angie on AMC/The City.

    As for the Alexis/Shawn scenes, I was thinking it would be funny if somehow Molly and TJ walk in on their parents making out! Oh, the irony!

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    PJC the whole sam safe thing was one giant plot point. I liked the chemistry of the scenes but yeah i hated the stupidity of her doing this during the daytime without a throw away line – todd went out for a meeting and i have an hour sort of a thing.

    And yes I agree NLG deserves a storyline but I liked the pool playing scenes. Sean is BEAUTIFUL and anything that gets him nakiid is just fine with me.

    I didnt like the alexis molly stuff but i liked the molly tj actual date. I dont know but I find them super sweet together – him learning the menu for her, her trying to eat the unusual dishes he ordered, the way they looked at each other – i liked it.

    I dont mind k 2.0 from an acting pov i just find the whole story stupid – bringing down sonny by having trey marry his daughter??? HUH??? Wouldnt threatening to expose kates secret be more of a threat? And if scully has no money even if k buys a lawyer for him and he gets him out of jail, sonny will simply execute him so thats no solution at all. The entire thing seems like its going to be a contrived mess.

    I hate Carly being a dope (see I love Carly but yep, Im calling her a dope just like with liz the other day – will this mean i have a carly agenda?) no way does my girl carly not get her radar up after overhearing that todd/johnny exchange. SJBs carly would be eavesdropping and tbs carly would be grabbing the baseball bat demanding that one of them tell her the truth. This carly takes everyones word and demands a half assed apology from todd. Le Sigh I love LW as an actress but Im sorry she is NOT real Carly because REAL carly, MY Carly would be all up in the biz and clued in to the goings on.

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    to some extent thats true holding on and to some extent they write to the strengths and tendencies of the actress playing the part. I think tb in the role would bring different things to the table and would open up different areas for them to write. I cant imagine – for example – lw with a baseball bat fending off the five families.

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    This was the first episode that I actually watched live in almost two months. It was so nice to see the spark is still there between Jason and Sam. I was worried that she was not going to accept his help, but I am glad she did. The almost kiss or hug was nice as well. Means something is still there.
    I thought TJ and Molly were cute. It is kindof bummer that the actor will be replaced and we will have to see how the chemistry is with Molly and the NuTJ. I agree with everyone. Alexis should reprimand Molly for her attitude and tone with her. Not acceptable. Kristina is rubbing off on her too much.

    Sean can take his clothes off anyday. When the boxers almost came off, I thought HBO! But no, Coleman insisted they stay on. The strip poker scene even though I do want to see Sean naked was not needed in my opinion either. I mean who really does that at their age?

    NuKristina can’t act and needs to go. Trey and his father is not cutting it at all.

    If only Sam was able to see the contents of the safe, she was so close! I guess Todd knows now. The scenes between Carly, Todd, and Johnny were badly written. There is no way that it was believable. The tension alone in the room should have been enough to clue Carly. She should have demanded to see the videotape, then the bottom line of the story would have started. It was made to be comical at some parts, and just did not work.

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    J Bernard Jones

    EricsEvilTwin wrote:

    I cant imagine – for example – lw with a baseball bat fending off the five families.

    In 2003/2004-ish, Laura Wright apparently took some kung fu, kickboxing or other martial arts self-defense classes while she was on Guiding Light as Cassie Winslow. There were several scenes where Wright put some very impressive self-defense moves on several male characters/stunt doubles where she kicked some major ass. There were a couple of times when I thought she’s actually hurt someone. LOL … I’ve searched high and low on YouTube for surviving clips, but alas there were none I could locate.

    This arc lasted only a few months, as it wasn’t long afterward that Wright left GL for GH and John Conboy was fired from GL as its EP. Whatever GL was trying to do with that story was completely aborted when Nicole Forrester took over the role, but Wright certainly proved she could — and very likely still can — do a great deal of tough physical stuff, as also seen in this well-known clip below:


  18. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    I cannot take anything away from Ms. Monaco, who I’ve been a fan of for a long time. She’s a spitfire when it comes to that stuff, too. Juts pointing out that Wright can pull off some serious ass kicking, too. I dug the Brown & Barun fights, too, but Wright’s was a lot more “Alias-y” to me. LOL

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    See but Carly hasnt traditionally been aliasy (I didnt watch that show but I do watch the one on tnt with piper whats her name an I imagine they are similar) Carly is more raw, more emotional, more street fighter – actually more like claudia might have been if she wasnt a psycho. A spy wouldnt normally resort to being dramatic or physical but rather crafty and smart – thats not carly. Real carly walking in on todd and johnny would have been more up in the moment and I just sometimes watch a scene like that and wonder what the writers might have written if carly 1.0 or 2.0 returned to the role.

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