New Format And Name For Anderson Cooper’s Daytime Talk Show

Anderson Cooper's daytime chatfest is getting an overhaul for its second season. According to Deadline, Anderson  will now be called Anderson Live and feature rotating co-hosts with its new live structure.

The sophomore talk show will also move from Lincoln Center's The Allen Room to the Broadcast Center in New York, which was previously home to the now defunct Nate Berkus Show. In a released statement, new co-executive producer Terence Noonan said:

Being live plays to Anderson’s strengths, providing immediacy and topicality, which allows us to talk about what is going on in the world.

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    After seeing that episode where he basically KICKED a guest off because of her parenting abilities and what she felt was proper for her daughter… a guest HE INVITED ON… and from seeing his nighttime “NEWS” show… loosely titled… I find him condescending and not at all interested in another point of view other than his own.

    I was hoping the show would have died but I can tell from the name change that the producers are trying to take some of the STEAM from KELLY LIVE on ABC (formerly Regis and Kelly Live) to draw a comparison there, otherwise the name change isn’t anything drastic other than a desperate attempt at a ratings grab.

    Just cancel it.

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    He is so fake and the audience can feel it. Successful talk show hosts have an authenticity about them where you feel like they are your friend and you would invite them into your home. i wouldn’t let Anderson into my house. Cooper was closeted for over 20 years and lied to his audience. I don’t get a sense that he is a “real” person. He is a son of extreme wealth and privilege who got his career because of his family. He doesn’t connect with the everyday audience. The show should have been cancelled after the first season. Just like Nate he won’t make it past season 2.

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