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Alexis returns to Jake’s, looking for her lost phone. She finds Mac, who’s the new bartender.  He grills her about her pool game with Shawn, having heard the juicy gossip from Coleman.  Alexis says it’s not what he thinks. She explains she’s just tired of people thinking she’s a prude.  Alexis asks about Mac and Felicia. He says they’re happily taking it slow.  He tells her to find happiness with Shawn and to lower her guard a little.  Alexis appreciates the advice and decides to take the leap and ask Shawn out. 

TJ catches Shawn remembering his pool game with Alexis. He thinks Shawn’s acting weird and complains about Alexis. However, Shawn says Alexis deserves his respect. TJ wonders what Alexis did to win him over. Shawn just says Alexis is allowing the kids to date and TJ should appreciate that. 

Liz drags Steve away from Olivia’s hospital bed to Kelly’s for some breakfast. She assures him that Olivia is in good hands and will be fine and that Ewen is a good doctor.  Steve asks if they’re back together. Liz says she’s giving Ewen a second chance since she took him for granted and sent him mixed signals.

Lulu overhears Ewen tell a sleeping Patrick that he’s sorry he had to take Robin away from him and questions that.  Ewen pulls her out of the room and angrily tells her not to barge in. He then apologizes, saying Patrick is going through withdrawals and no longer sees Robin.  He thanks her for bringing Patrick in to get help. 

Ewen assures Patrick that the cravings will subside, that detox will take at least 10 days but that they need to talk about Robin and that he’ll get through this.  Patrick wonders how he knows, so Ewen says he’s been through a loss as well and wasn’t sure he’d get over it.  Patrick offers to listen, but Ewen knows he’s just stalling and that they need to get to work. 

Kristina demands to know why Trey is walking away from the show.  Trey says there was a problem with his father. Almost losing him made Trey realize that Kris could lose her own father since he encouraged them to fight and the show isn’t worth it.  Kristina says there is no reason to stay in town and he’s better off in LA for his career.  Trey says he wants to stay for her, he likes her and there’s nothing separating them now.  He wants to see where this goes and Kris agrees to it.  They kiss.  

Sonny pays Joe a visit to ask about his son but Joe denies having a child.  Sonny asks how Joe knew Kate was pregnant.  Joe says he spoke with the priest, who told him then heard that Connie took a room and went looking for her there.  Joe says Connie had left by the time he got there and that woman who ran the place had found the baby dead and buried it. 

Joe accuses Connie of killing his son and wonders how Sonny would feel if one of his kids were killed.  Sonny says if he thought Joe was doing anything but talking, he’d have him taken out. 

Dante’s surprised to see Lulu not at Luke’s bedside so she explains what happened with Patrick.  He’s glad she was able to help, but accuses her of keeping things from him and they need to discuss it.   Back at the apartment, he shows her the letter from Heather that Lulu thought came from her father.  Dante wants to know why Lulu lied and said it was a bill. 

Lulu says she was upset by the letter and Dante wonders if it’s because she thinks there’s truth to it.  Lulu admits she did wonder and Dante asks if forever is not for them. 

Alexis stops by to see Shawn and as she gets up the nerve to ask him out, another woman comes in and throws herself at him. 

Ewen gets a call and tells whoever that Robin has been sent to the Swiss clinic and her mother is none the wiser.  Liz shows up and finds Ewen on the phone. 

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    Loved the Mac/Alexis scenes and it made me wonder why the writers never trutly gave those two a chance.

    I felt bad for Alexis when she finally got up the nerve to ask out Shawn only to have another woman show up.

    How hard would it be for Sonny to find out the truth about Joe and Trey?

    The whole Trey/Kristina thing totally skeeves me out, knowing why he’s courting her. Just gross.

    Liked the Steve/Liz family bondng, but hate that she’s back to being interested in Ewen, considering what we now know.

    The detox scenes with PAtrick and Ewen take a different tone now that we know too.

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    Last week rocked, this week sucks!

    No wonder GH cannot get out of the ratings cellar. Everything Deuche and Trey just eats up space and budget and for what?

    And ReRon, shame on you for teasing us with the greatness that could have been Macxis, now that that possibility is off the table. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!

    And Mac as a bartender instead of Coleman? WHY? Becuase it gets rid of Coleman? And John Y. York is on contract? I would rather see Mac and Coleman on my screen that Deuche and Trey!

    This week truly and unequivocably SUCKS!

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    Mac as a bartender!?!?!? Please say it ain’t so.
    I honestly don’t know what job he should take, but after years of being the police commissioner, I have my problems in believing that he would want to be a bartender. I rather would have him as head of security of the Metro Court.

    I had to FF the Joe/Sonny scenes. I really tried to watch it because I wanted to give this storyline a chance somehow. But Richard Steinmetz makes it impossible. One sentence and I have to give up.

    Enjoyed Kristina and Trey a little bit though. Both have attitude that I still don’t like but their scenes were bearable. Even saw a little bit of chemistry. Only that it was one-sided from Erik Valdez. I think RC and his team could make me like him. He certainly is good to look at. If just his daddy would be gone already…

    Ewen has become a much more interesting character with what we found out. I like it! It would be great if Liz eventually finds out about Ewen and saves herself instead of being rescued.
    Shouldn’t be Steve be at the station answering for what happened in Memphis!? The police knows that Maggie isn’t responsible which should lead them back to Steve. Throw him in a cell and be done with him. I don’t need the stupidity of Steve Webber on GH. :P

    I liked the Lulu/Dante scenes. It fits with Lulu’s background and for me the talk was a very realistic one. Still don’t like them as a couple though.

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    I’d rather see Mac as a bartender than not see him at all, for a while there it seemed as if he was going to be written off. I hate that last week was so good, and then this weeks episodes were so incredibly boring it was hard not to want to change the channel to something more entertaining. I wish the writers could be consistent in their writing. I’m no Dante fan, but as someone who likes Lulu I’m glad their boring relationship will finally get tested a little bit, if they do end up going there with Patrick, I would so ship a Lulu/Patrick pairing lol as for Dante…I couldn’t care less about him.

    I was excited about Alexis finally getting a love interest, but I just don’t see any chemistry between her and Shawn, they should’ve given her a triangle with Mac and Felicia..where is Felicia hiding these days anyhow?

    I despise anything Joe and Trey related…I don’t remember the name of the poster from the other thread who mentioned the way the actor who play Joe pronounces his “s’s” as “sh” but that really grinds my gears lol bring on the reveal let Sonny win this oncoming rivalry as we all know he will and get it over with, because I don’t care.

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    Some more lose ends and more headaches for the fans but an enjoyable program. I like the idea of Mac being being the bar and it would be great if Mac opts to buy the place, fix it up a little (it’s one of the more drab and sparsely decorated sets on an otherwise well designed show), and then be around a whole lot more. BUT I have to complain that Mac should be more in the thick of things. I would have preferred Anna going to Mac about what Heather said about Robin. Since Mac isn’t on the force but was once an agent like she once was, he could do some searching and digging into what Heather said without raising too much suspicion or crossing a “legal line”

    Plus it would put Mac back on to the canvas since the romance with Felicia will be an off camera experience.

    I love the idea of Shawn and Alexis. I think that the actor who plays Shawn is very sexy, plays the guy with a mix of strength and dry humor and any romance potential for Alexis is one great story. My only gripe is the their kids have a blossoming romance and that just eeks me out when soaps do the lazy thing with set-ups. I would prefer either couple to just be friends than BOTH romantic.

    And why are Alexis’ daughters such DEEP THINKERS. Sam can never just say what she wants to say like “I want a bowl of ice cream” no she goes into it like it’s a do or die or I have suffered soooo much lately. Look at all of her clips over the years, she tilts her head back, closes her eyes and ALWAYS throws in “I’ve been through so much in the last few weeks from a broken nail to bad hair to forgetting my keys, that all I want to do is just do something for myself but I can’t decide between vanilla or strawberry ice cream”. I’ve taken liberty on the dialogue but not on the actress ability to express frustration. Then you have Molly, who as sweet as she is, she is the biggest nerd and has to rationalize everything to the point her squeaky voice becomes annoying. Kristina is another story. She thinks everything revolves around her and that her broken nails, lost keys to bad hair being part of her parents plot to control her.

    I think it’s truly time for one of the Davis coven to go off to college… all 3 could use a degree.

    Why am I liking Lulu more without Dante every time I see her. Yes, her character is lost career wise on this show and I don’t necessarily see her working at the showboat, THE STAR, but I do like seeing her and without Dante. Dante is one of those macho men from bensonhurst who thinks he knows it all but knows nothing. He always has a feeling that someone is lying or is not the guilty party BUT HE IS NEVER the one to find out the truth, it’s always someone less professional… Like his mother, and she just clumsily came across Heather and got all the answers. Lulu is being brought down being paired with him and would love to see her get something more juicy in her story.

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    Anything with Sonny and Kate pisses me off. For months and months we have heard how Sonny would never hurt a child and that anyone who would is worse than the worst! Now we know that Kate/Connie gave birth in a hotel room (surprising since adoption, even in the 60s in the country was about a woman giving her child up for something better and TOTALLY LEGAL) and instead of giving the kid to someone…

    SHE DISPOSES OF THE CHILD IN THE DRESSER DRAWER AND LEAVES!!! Now, I know being raped or whatever truly happened to this character is traumatic BUT I WILL SAY IT NOW AND SAY IT FOREVER, disposing of a newborn child like that is the ULTIMATE in disgusting and horrible!! The fact that Sonny didn’t coil from Kate/Connie… no matter what her mental capacity was at the time… and then tell her he needs time alone to absorb this is ridiculous.

    And it only lends itself more to the JUSTIFIED ANGER and REVENGE Joe Jr feels towards Sonny and Kate right now. Sonny killed his father… no matter for what reason… and Kate/Connie LITERALLY, NOT FIGURATIVELY, threw her newborn child away like trash.

    Now if Cartini wants to somehow justify this and make the Character of Kate sympathetic again for women to accept, try it. But this story, like the one where Starr’s 3 yr old daughter, Hope, was burned alive in a car is GH’s attempt at riveting storyline, then go right ahead! But I won’t buy it.

    (And the ratings go up and then the following week go down. Not one soap has seen their numbers go up and then up and up and up and stay at that level. On average, all 4 soaps are stagnant in the ratings…. WHY? Because the shows are still telling garbage, albeit with characters we love. )

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    [quote=pjc722].. and Kate/Connie LITERALLY, NOT FIGURATIVELY, threw her newborn child away like trash.[/quote]

    No. For “literally, not figuratively” to be correct, she would have had to dispose of the child in a trash can or some other receptacle. (Unless you know people who put trash in their dresser drawers?)

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    Does everyone really believe Joe’s story? I just don’t believe that Joe told Sonny the truth. We know that Joe Jr. is alive, so what is the real story? Connie probably didn’t want the baby but did she really leave it to die? I don’t think so.

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    This show just gets better and better each day. Loved every minute of the show even the Joe Jr/Sonny/Tey/Kristina storyline. Ever since Frank Valentini took over, he has turned John J York into a new man. I love the fresh hair cut and it looks like he’s been hitting the gym hardcore. Malcolm Scorpio is hot!

    Shawn and Alexis I will enjoy. About time Alexis found her a normal sexy man instead of a psychotic sexy man.

    NuKristina is finally growing on me. It took awhile for Linsay Morgan to find her groove but I see great improvements. Her chemistry with Erik Valdez has grown into something really good.

    I love seeing an actual married couple talk through their issues like mature adults instead of resorting to yelling. Dante an Lulu were fantastic as he confronted her about lying to him regarding Heather’s fake letter. DZ and JMB were great. I’m loving #Lante more since #Cartini took over.

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    Mac being a bartender fits in with his history running the Outback. It’s genius! I don’t understand where fans thing Ron does not know this show’s history. You can tell he’s a total soap fan.

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    Mac is a still very much a hottie to me. If I was Alexis I would’ve hit that as much as possible. Alexis is no prude. Doesn’t everyone remember the storyline when she was first Sonny’s lawyer where a certain va va voom photo that she had posed for years ago kept popping up everywhere? Plus, prudes don’t sleep with the likes of Sonny Corn-toes and Jerry Jax.

    Truthfully, I was glad we got a day without Todd. He’s a good addition to the show so far, but I’m going to start disliking him if he’s on every day. Now if they were to show him shirtless more often, I might not have a problem with it then.

    I still don’t care about Sonny/Joe Jr/Trey and Kate.

    From the preview they showed at the end, I’m looking forward to the Alexis and Sam mother-daughter talk today.

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    Yes…a week behind…Wednesday on Tuesday…always PC on that viewing day only…not looking ahead…

    Did anybody really think that Scully, Jr. wouldn’t tell the bully the kid died? This is the same old horse, long in the tooth, going around the same track, with the same old dialogue, threatening the kids, wanting what’s rightfully theirs, etc. Sick. Of. It…

    Fashion report. The ivory dress with tan suede cummberbund belt was what LM chose to wear to the GHFCW luncheon. Sweet and charming, both actress and outfit, up close and personal. As to what transpired between K and Trey? (Hey! That rhymed!) They are saddled with with a story as tedious and recycled as their respective male parental units. Hard to pay attention when the dialogue is inane. Are we supposed to think Trey’s so sinister that we fear for K’s emotional well being? “…so what does this all mean?” “This means I wanna be with you.” Oh, please, I laughed outright. This is turning into a training exercise in how to deliver lines. I’ve seen improvement in these two but they need better than this… :~

    NLG has always been good at bringing the drama. I love when she gets the chance to put her comedic skills to work. We got to see them with the earlier strip pool sequences. With only JJY, there is that comfortable friend giving friend advice at the Rib, after the initial teasing about Alexis revisiting that little adult game with Shawn. “…hear you lost your shirt.” “Did Coleman give you a play by play?” “…vivid detail.” Oh, yeah, that blush wasn’t make up. That she tries to flip the subject to Mac and Felicia (Where is Felicia?), is proof that she’s interested in Shawn but figures she doesn’t stand a chance. Bless Mac for urging her to “lower your guard…You could do worse…” “He’s adequate…” (Oy! That’s an understatement.) That he gets her to “Tinkerbell” flutter her way out
    “…watch me go. Watch me leave.”, is no small miracle. The pairing is forced but if it leads to more screen time for her, I’m all for it…

    If nothing else KrMY has learned to use his vocal inflection with irony to go along with the attitude. Never more so than when TJ keenly observes Shawn’s distraction. “You’re acting weird…thought you were cool with Molly and me.” “I am.” Then the rapid fire jump to accusation.
    “Something’s up…Molly’s mom! She got to you!” Well, I wouldn’t have said that, but according to the numerous flashbacks, I guess that’s what we’re supposed to think. ShBl is a good cast addition, but I still don’t know anything about his character. Other than he’s got a great smile, has PTSD, and is quite adept at taking off his shirt…

    Liz and Steve having breakfast at Kelly’s was a nice “transitional” interlude for him to get away from GH. “…Olivia might wake up…” “Kate
    …promised she would call…” Which segues to a “Let’s talk about Ewan/move on from Jason” conversation. I liked that they wrote Steve as concerned about his sister but with a light touch. I think the reference to Patrick is going to be a running theme for Liz as she gets deeper in with Ewan. Her brother’s approval “You’re moving forward…finding the good guy.”, has such an irony that neither is aware of…

    Yep, the pairing’s forced but who can’t relate to Alexis’ combination of nerves and determination? And then being totally deflated in the face of
    Ranelle(?) just showing up and supplanting her?…

    “I’m sorry…I had no choice. I had to take Robin away…” “What’d you say? How did you take Robin away…?” Enquiring minds want to know. L ends
    up being the first to receive a different “look” at our calm, cool Aussie
    shrink. You can see the shock on her face as he bustles her out the door and his apologetic covering of his lapse in control. Hmm. Methinks he may regret this slip up. Methinks L may recall this little encounter sometime down the road…

    This is a tricky challenge for NB. Playing a compassionate psychiatrist while at the same time hiding his role in a truly horrific deed done to
    one of GH’s sweethearts. That he’s also now in charge of her “in recovery” husband, adds an intriguing layer of deception wrapped in regret. Patrick brings himn back to the counseling aspect, JT fidgeting under the covers, with a very real handle on the substance withdrawl. Understandably trying not to talk about Robin, especially when Ewan opens up about his own
    “loss”. “…I lost someone very close.” “…wanna talk about it?” “I’m the doctor, you’re the patient…personal history distracts…” “That’s the point.” The cell call that pulls him into the hall is personal in a way he doesn’t like: “…it’s not safe…on this line…Robin’s safely transferred…mother has no idea…” And rounding the corner, neither does our Nurse Webber…

    He catches her by surprise. L blinks, asks about Olivia. D updates her, moves on to why she’s here, as opposed to her father’s room, curious. A
    “deer in the headlights” moment but it passes, as they walk the hall, she explaining Patrick’s status, he digesting her news thoughtfully. “He’s lucky you were there…” She defers to Maxie, but he praises her again.
    “You did good.” “…Even though I kept you in the dark…?” She cracks a door open, unwittingly. They pull up, facing each other. She continues her reasons for not telling him. The door opens a bit more. “It’s not that I
    don’t trust you.” “I know, but this isn’t the first time you’ve kept something from me recently (calm but sounding down)…we have some issues
    …that we need to deal with.” He’s quiet, his words coming out with notes of uncertainty. She’s leveled, not used to hearing this seriousness.
    “Okay, let’s go home.” Heads bowed, fingers twisting at their wedding rings. In the loft, she’s nervous, rearranges the coffee table when he emerges into the space. She wants to “run”, but he stops her, gently grasping her wrist. “Food can wait. This can’t.” “Where should we start?” The forged letter is pulled . “Where…?” “You gave it to Anna…” noting its’ “good” role in “cracking the case” that saved her father. But, “You told me it was a bill.” “Yeah.” No inflection. “Why’d you lie to me?” His eyes do not accuse her, dark, coffee pools, sad, confused. “It should be obvious…” “…it’s not…to me.” She rightly reasons Heather speaking for Luke would cause upset for both of them, the Luke “sentiments” “make it worse.” “I can see that a little bit.” “A little bit?” For her, it’s how could you not. “…there’s more.” He reads the section that’s given them pause. She’s still, riveted to her spot, discomfitted, her eyes darkening with doubt, as his voice recites what she fears. “…the longer you hold on, the worse the break willm be when it comes. Forever isn’t for you and me.” “See, that’s horrible.” Barely above a whisper, a crack in her voice. “Especially if you think there’s some truth to it. Do you?” His eyes pin her. She bravely volleys back, tries to verbally and physically
    “walk away”. “…you’re making something out of nothing.” He follows her with another honest question. “…why didn’t you tell me…?” She starts to stutter an answer, but trails off. “…don’t…protect me..something has struck a chord…” Silence, her mouth opens, but no words come. Afraid to confront what she’s scared of. The counter is between them, a barrier that keeps them apart, he wanting to reach her. “Tell me I’m wrong…I’ll believe you.” Urgent, wanting affirmation. A beat. Two. Her honesty kicks in. “I can’t.” It’s in the open. “…the letter…made me wonder…about you and me.” “Wonder what?” Disbelieving, but he shuts it down, focusing on her fear, her distress, trying to understand. “If Luke was right? If forever isn’t for us?” Their eyes lock, the question hanging before them. The answer? Could go either way. And this emotional roller coaster has reached the peak of the first hill. I’m gonna hang on for this ride…
    Brava and bravo, JMB and DZ…

    Be back for the follow up on this one…
    Swan! 0:)

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