Investigation Discovery Goes After Lapsed Soap Fans With “Days of Our Knives” Daytime Block!


Over a dozen of your favorite soap stars are set to reunite on cable. No, SOAPnet didn't all of the sudden remember its name. Investigation Discovery is launching a new block of programming aimed at lapsed soap opera lovers!  Smartly christened "Days of Our Knives", the cabler's new daytime block will feature scandalous offerings hosted by soapers Susan Lucci, Kim Zimmer, Robert Newman, Drake Hogestyn and more!

"After the cancellation of All My Children and One Life to Live we saw an opening in the marketplace for some of our most popular series," says ID president and general manager Henry Schleiff. "Our tagline at ID is 'Your Guilty Pleasure' and that's a perfect fit for soap viewers, too. Our show titles even sound like they come from soaps — Happily Never After, Dates From Hell, Deadly Women, Wicked Attraction, Who the Bleep Did I Marry?"

Okay, this Schleiff fellow seems like my kinda TV exec! ID will be using their new soap-themed block to promote the upcoming series Deadly Affairs, hosted by La Lucci herself. The series premieres Sept. 8 at 10/9c. Check out ID's full lineup of upcoming programming hosted by soap stars after the jump!



Tainted Love Week (Aug. 20-24) Hosted by Robert Newman (Josh Lewis, Guiding Light) and Kim Zimmer (Reva Shayne, Guiding Light)
Wicked Women Week (Aug. 27-31) Hosted by Lynn Herring (Lucy Coe, General Hospital), Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie Spencer, General Hospital), and Judi Evans (Adrienne Kiriakis, Days of Our Lives)
Revenge Week (Sept. 3-7) Hosted by Drake Hogestyn (John Black, Days of Our Lives) and Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady, Days of Our Lives).

Bad Boys Week (Sept. 10-14) Hosted by Matt Ashford (Jack Deveraux, Days of Our Lives) and Kin Shriner (Scotty Baldwin, General Hospital).

Double Lives (Sept. 17-21) Hosted by Laurence Lau (Greg Nelson, All My Children) and Alicia Minshew (Kendall Hart, All My Children).

Family Secrets (Sept. 24-27) Hosted by Austin Peck and Terri Conn (Brad and Katie Snyder, As the World Turns), who are married in real life.

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  1. Profile photo of marybee50

    According to We Love Soaps,the Days of Our Knives series is going to be on at 1pm eastern,4pm pacific in the old AMC time slot.Bad for me,Days time slot also.On 9/3 at 1pm Lucci will have a 10 min preview of her series.

  2. Profile photo of marybee50

    ok so it seems the new series will run 1-4pm et/pt,a 3 hr block.That means it will air during all the soaps time slots,including the new GH one in Sept.It seems to me 3hrs is a long time to watch or dvr a reality show.I wonder if they will be able to use old soap clips?Anyone out there?

  3. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    And all they will be is the soap stars “wrapping” crappy reality shows. I can’t see how that would attract anyone other than those who would already watch crappy reality shows (and the most fanatical soap fans). It’s a gimmick, using the soap stars to draw soap lovers into watching garbage that is as bad as the garbage that replaced the soaps. :-\

  4. Profile photo of marybee50

    Hi TV Gord-nice to hear a friendly voice.I don’t see how this is honoring soap fans,coming on the same time as our soaps.I don’t watch reality shows,just not my cup of tea.And they are not just using actors not on tv right now,but ones that are.How does this help promote your show.I guess if you dvr it,but like I said,3 hrs is a long block of time.Really haven’t figured out what they are trying to do,except drive their own ratings.

  5. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    You’re exactly right, marybee50. That’s all they are trying to do is lure viewers from the very time period when soaps are still on the air. And considering how, um, persnickety (best word I can think of at the moment) soap fans are about having everything eXACTly as they want them to be, I can’t imagine many soap fans are going to be happy with seeing their soap faves appearing at the beginning and the end of segments, saying, “Here’s the way the atom was discovered”, or, “Here’s a twisted romance that was even too sick for Dateline NBC to cover”, or “Here’s an analysis of how little TV executives think of its daytime audiences”. Not when they can actually be supporting the four remaining shows that are still on the air!!!

  6. Profile photo of ktuc

    I freaking love this channel with all (or most) of the stories being true so this just makes it even more watchable! Besides, GH is now the only soap that I even watch!

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