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Dante wonders if Lulu feels like they have no future together, but Lulu feels she just had a crisis of conscience because they were fighting all the time.  She felt she was being a bad wife and that the PCPD just isn’t her. She says Heather’s letter pushed her buttons. Dante assures her that he wants to know her feelings and asks if he’s smothering her, which Lulu denies.  Lulu says she’s been measuring her life against a history she isn’t part of and thinks love equals adventure.  She says she cares about the club. Dante hopes that Johnny has changed. He admits he was jealous and wants to make it up to her.

Dante says he’ll support Lulu through all her plans and is willing to work on their marriage.  Lulu apologizes for not telling him about the deal with Johnny, the expensive dress and that they don’t mean anything if they aren’t together. Lulu admits that the word forever scares her. Dante wants her to take the leap of faith. He’ll feel the same about her in fifty years that he does now. 

Liz overhears part of Ewen’s phone conversation about working with someone, but he deflects that he’s treating a celebrity and needs to be discreet.  She asks about Patrick. Ewen explains the withdrawals, how unfair it is that Robin is gone and that Patrick needs to learn how to cope.  Ewen asks Liz to lunch and she accepts. 

Sam lets Alexis in on the reality show being done, but that Kristina has feelings for Trey. Sam isn’t sure he doesn’t have ulterior motives.  Sam mentions Kris’ concerns for her and Jason. Alexis says she was happy with Jason until he failed to give Sam support. She wonders where they stand.  Sam says there is a distance between them and explains what happened with John and Liz.  

Sam’s upset because Jason and Liz shared a child and have a connection.  Alexis asks if she wants a divorce, but Sam hasn’t thought about that yet.  She’s trying to find a way to forgive Jason, but part of her still blames him and deep down can’t forgive.  Alexis tells her that she needs to let go, but Sam’s too confused to make a decision. Alexis jokingly tells Sam that she’ll represent her in the divorce for free. The two say I love you before Alexis leaves. 

Sonny lets Jason in on his visit with Joe and how Joe was making statements about the kids. Sonny wants to beef up security.  Jason asks if he wants a background check on Trey. However, Sonny says the show is over and that Kris mentioned being worried about JaSam.  Jason says Sam can’t get past what happened and he’s tried to reach out. 

Liz and Ewen show up and Liz introduces Ewen to Sonny and Jason. Sonny is confused, since he already knows Ewen.  Sonny wonders what’s going on, so Jason explains about kissing Liz and that he doesn’t want to hurt either Liz or Sam.   Sonny points out that Jason needs to make a decision and call it quits now for everyone’s sake.  Jason doesn’t want a divorce, but won’t fight it if it’s what Sam wants.  Sonny tells him to figure out what will cause the least damage. 

Liz is concentrating on Jason then apologizes for it.  Ewen understands that she still cares for Jason, even though they’re not together.  

Trey and Kristina kiss. He wants to continue in the bedroom, but instead she explains about Kiefer, his abuse and putting her in the hospital.  Kris says she hasn’t been serious with anyone since, but felt Trey had a right to know.  Trey swears he would never hurt her.  Kristina says she isn’t ready to sleep with him, because she needs time to feel safe with him. She says she will understand if he calls it all off. 

Trey reassures her that they’ll take it as slow as she needs to, which thrills Kristina.  After she leaves, he calls his father to say that he doesn’t want to use Kristina. However, he ultimately agrees to do what Joe wants him to. 

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    Loved, loved, loved the Alexis/Sam scenes. Well acted on both parts and there’s always something very realistic mother/daughter between KeMo and NLG.

    Loved, loved, loved the Lante reconciliation and I hope it sticks. And I hope we see more of them together than we have the past few months.

    Kristina/Trey: Wasn’t feeling her emotions when talking about Keifer. Maybe because I know it wasn’t her but Lexi. Trey seemed less skeevy with her today than yesterday, even during the phone call where he really wanted to do the right thing but was being forced by his father not to.

    Liz/Ewen: If they’re going to have them dating, then do it full force. None of this passive aggressive looking at Jason while she’s on her date crap.

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    the Alexis/Sam scenes are too forced. their mom/daughter relationship is too forced and IT SHOWS. time to remove Sam as Alexis daughter.

    what’s with all the Jason/Liz talk today? JIZ is over! JIZ is no more!

    this week has been a major bore-fest but thankfully tomorrow it looks like Todd will be back so it won’t be a complete waste.

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    Uh perkie why no mention of Jason watching Liz throughout her date with Ewen? Seems he did just as much, if not more staring of her than she did of him, especially when Ewen reached for Liz’s hand.

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    Poor Ewen. Even though I know he’s got Robin (but I think he’s being coerced into what he’s doing), I still felt sorry for him today. That’s all I’m going to say about that mess today, since I’m sure the Liz vs Sam war will rage on today.

    I liked Sam and Alexis’s scenes.

    Seemed like there was a sometimes love is not enough theme being forced on us today. Granted, I want Sam to divorce Jason, find her son, name him Daniel after the brother that she loved, find herself a nice little house of her own, and have some hot smoking sex with McBain on the side. I doubt that will all happen though because I don’t get the couples I want, and I’m afraid we’re going to get MA after December like people have been saying after the PP deal timeline is officially over. I didn’t mind Jolie version one or two, but it got old and stale after that, and I’d rather not see Natalie on GH.

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    After Alexis found out about the Sam/McBain smooch, she should have walked away, but not before reminding her grown azz daughter how she slept with Ric and Lucky, and is now playing tonsil hockey with Natalie’s man. I just don’t buy Alexis as Sam’s mother when I thought she gave birth to a boy?

    Liason. Sigh. Jason needs to stop the whining and tell Diane to start those divorce papers. However, it was nice to see Sam and Sonny both acknowledge that Liason have a long history and a connection besides Jake.

    Sonny made me laugh for the first time in years, as he sat in Jake’s (I just can not call that place the Floating Rib) and gave out his own love advice to Jason.

    Jason: Sam kissed McBain.

    Sonny: Sam kissed McBain? Divorce her, now! Pull the plug. Rip off the band-aid!

    Bummer. I was really hoping that Lulu and Johnny would hit the sheets, the desk or floor at the Haunted Star, but it looks like she’s still with Dante.

    WTH is up with Krissy? She throws herself at Trey and now she’s acting all gun shy and coy when the guy decides to give her a whirl?

    Ewen is smoking. I wanted Liz to spend more time with Ewen until Jason gets his act together, but it was all kinds of awesome that Jason kept sneaking peeks over at Liz while she kept sneaking peeks over at him. Liason is just so pretty!

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    Sad to say but can’t wait for the Olympics to be over so the writers at GH will go back to storytelling, instead of story-retelling like we’re being subjected to this week, i.e. Sonny telling Jason what going on with Kate, Jason telling Sonny what’s going on with Sam, Sam telling Alexis what’s going on with Jason, and so on and so on. Sigh, we’re most likely looking at another boring week next week until the Olympics finished up before we start to see something worth not nodding off to on GH. Thankfully last week had to me glued day after day after day.

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    As a good viewer I had this playing but had a play date going on and didn’t get to watch. I am however excited to turn it on now and watch my Sam and Alexis. Sorry- but I adore them together. I think they have fantastic chemistry. They are all sorts of awesome..

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    Love this site. listen to the podcast so now I want to post some comments

    First…what the freak is Sonny doing at the Floating Rib?!? Drinking beer??? Where was Mac? Him and his tight shirt and muscles was just there now they are gone? Is GH like Y&R, only show Black characters on the 1st and 15th?

    I like Alexis/Sam chemistry but I still do not believe them as mother/daughter. I have never liked that stupid angle and believe there is more story with Sam finding out Alexis isn’t her mother and also finding out who her father is. They need to flesh out Sam’s character.

    I LOVED when Jason was staring at Liz while she was holding Ewen’s hand and Jason tried to change the subject when Sonny noticed it. Although I loved that scene, I hated how Liz kept looking at Jason. I like that Liason has history but I can’t take Liz chasing Jason or being his cheerleader. Liz does great when dealing with a guilt-ridden bad guy. Liz/Ric was epic. They need to give the actor who plays Ewen an acting coach to help him with his flow. He doesn’t know how to transition between scenes and sometimes he seems uncomfortable.

    The whole Sonny/Kate/Kristina/Trey/Joe Jr is so boring. I know MB and his fans has to be bored of this stuff. It’s the same ole same ole. Also for Joe Jr to be so awful, he raised a good son who was going to Harvard and never got shot in the head!

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    TV Gord

    This is the second day in a row that there were no OLTL characters. I’m sick of all of these GH characters pushing my OLTL stars off the screen.


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    Watching NuKristina attempt to cry was so painful. I’ve been willing to give her a chance, as I felt she had very big shoes to fill, but yesterday’s episode sealed the deal for me: she’s just not very good. I suppose she can improve, but I remember LA crying on cue from the very first moment her character had to cry. I had a hard time watching those Krissy/Trey scenes because Krissy looked like she was scrunching up her face, TRYING to cry, instead of the tears coming naturally.

    OTOH, I thought the Lante scenes were excellent. Wonderful acting, and the argument felt very real and natural.

    Can’t wait for McBain to return! I need some McBam action!

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    It was a great episode about relationships. Very well acted by almost everyone.

    Even though I’m starting to like Trey, I can’t say the same thing about NuKristina. Her talking about Kiefer made me just wish that Lexi Ainsworth was still playing the part. Then Kristina could have flashbacks. Not to mention that LA could have sold those scene. Lindsey Morgan couldn’t.

    I thought Lulu and Dante’s conversation about their marriage and Lulu’s insecurity was amazing. I’m not even a fan of this couple but it was just brilliantly written, well acted and realistic drama. I was impressed!

    I actually thought that Sam’s talk with Alexis together with Liz and Jason constantly looking at each other was the weakest link of the episode.
    While I enjoyed some mother-daughter time between Alexis and Sam I didn’t feel the need at this point to tell her about the kisses too. The same goes for Jason and Sonny. Jason just talked to Carly about the kiss with Elizabeth. If there was some new development I would have said fine but this way it felt like a repeat.

    And I’m sorry, as much as I do like Liason, Liz and Jason looking at each other was ridiculous. Liz/Ewen and Jason/Sonny practically sat next to each other which made the situation more than weird. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a scene that looked so uncomfortable. And it wasn’t the situation itself.

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    I am also biased to the oltl characters. I also think that some have been assimilated smoothly.

    I think when I started watching GH was when they made Alexis/Sam mother/daughter. That was not that long ago. I just thought another soap kid showing up. No big deal.

    Actress playing LuLu is different. I am sure it has to reflect some of her off screen personality. I am talking the lay back nature. Different.

    Don’t care who Jason is with so I will move on.

    We need a good Friday cliffhanger.

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    [quote; liason4real]WTH is up with Krissy? She throws herself at Trey and now she’s acting all gun shy and coy when the guy decides to give her a whirl[/quote]

    In Kristina’s defence, as recently as “yesterday” Trey was saying no thanks, lets keep it professional and now he’s all, let’s play tonsil hockey in the bedroom. I don’t think she’d even thought that far ahead because in her scenes with Sam and Sonny from earlier she was still playing it innocent, like, Ooooooh he’s so dreamy, I’m drawing hearts on my binder, kind of thing.

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    I loved the Liason scenes (please try to control your shock ;) )and thought Rh looked gorgeous in that red top. I loved the way Sonny called Jason out on his connection to Liz, and how at one point Jason was outright staring at Liz and Ewen holding hands and Sonny had to say “Jaasssooon” to get his attention back to their conversation. Liz did look a few times at Jason, but by the end she seemed to be paying full attention to Ewen.

    I don’t buy Sam and Alexis as mother and daughter. I really don’t buy Sam unloading on her mom about cheating on Jason considering Sam’s history with Alexis and Ric. I did find it amusing how, yet again, Sam didn’t own what she did and proceeded to minimize her wrongdoing. She actually said about her kiss with McBain “well, if you can even call it wrong”. Yes, Sam, I call kissing one man while you are married to another man wrong. I also call Jason kissing Liz while he is married wrong. I also call McBain kissing Sam while in a relationship with Natalie wrong. And again with the booze? Neither one of them appeared even close to drunk. If they were supposed to come off either buzzed or drunk, they are both horrible actors.

    I wanted more Mac today as well. He is one smoking hot man!

    NuKristina is awful at emotional scenes. She needs some practice and some acting classes. I think she has the ability to improve with training.

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    I like Lindsey Morgan and think she is gorgeous. I thought Lexi looked too young and cant imagine her in the this storyline. Looking young is a great thing in Hollywood and in life but I found it distracting in the role. I think it’s difficult to judge the acting when the writing for a character is one note and she is in a terrible storyline.

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    WHERE is Felicia? Why aren’t they showing Felicia and Mac together? Love that he is working at hte FLoating Rib.
    Nu-Krissy has to go…..she is just not up to par with the others – I can tell she is acting…..I know they will eventually get Trey and Star together….

    it’s ridiculous that Ewen took Robin, too….unless it is Faison, which means Ewen worked with Faison and Helena….interesting that he told Patrick he lost someone once and couldn’t get passed it – who I wonder’s like 8th graders are writing that plot…..

    is Johnny dying or not?

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    All Lexi did in the role was cry over everything. She couldn’t do much beyond crying well except being smug. I remember because I grew as sick of Kristina’s tears a sI had after years of Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald’s tears.

    Yesterday was awful. I could not for the life of me figure out what Lulu was screeching to Dante about. How did that fight start?

    I never bought Sam and Alexis as mother/daughter and still don’t. Please let Alexis go find her real daughter and drop Sam.

    I really hate that Mac is wasting time working at Jakes. Just like I hate that Sean is wiping tables at Kellys.

    Liz looked pretty in red.

    Why was Sonny at Jakes? He hates that place!

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    Loved Sam and Alexis’s talk!!! They have such great chemistry together as mother and daughter and I love that Alexis is supporting her daughter 100%!!!

    Nice scenes with Dante and Lulu. Enjoyed seeing them have an actual conversation where we learned both sides point of view.

    The Trey and Kristina scenes were boring.

    Jason is a schmuck!!

    Love how nice everyone is dressing these days!

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    LOL at the haters busting on the awesome mom daughter connection between alexis and sam. Maybe its because as its been written few of the other ladies in town have moms who could care less. Hell liz’s mom hasnt even laid eyeballs on her in 20 years. Bobbie hardly sees carly from what weve been told and shown, flea ran out on maxie, laura hasnt been back from europe since she pulled out of a coma, momma’s falconari couldnt be bothered with liv and/or kate etc. etc. I think the other thing that irks folks is that it makes sam part of a main family – not unlike robin, carly, alexis and liz. I think the haters want to think of her as some second class citizen – sniff sniff shes not REALLY a Cassadine so shes NOT from a core family.

    I liked the lante scenes. this is how this couple should be written – they have always had the chemistry and it works when they arent writing dante like sonny jr.

    Love people enjoying sonny saying cut bait – the same sonny who barely washes the sheets and empties the tub before hes got the replacement in line using the EXACT same lines/moves/moments on each. but what I FLOVED about that scene was Sonny busting lizard for her passive aggressive tactics – so she brings ewan over here to introduce him, was that for YOUR benefit? Um yes, Sonny it WAS for Jasons benefit as was sitting in proximity to the two of you while on her “date”. How do we know this is her MO….well run the footage because i think we saw her pull this move with nik when she was trying to make lucky jealous when he was in to rebecca and i think we saw this move again when she was trying to get niks attention when he was in to brooklyn. And when left to his own devices on wed. epi who was he thinking about – SAM. No, jason doesnt want liz moving on and yes he seemed jealous but thats because a guy wants his back up choice to remain free and available to him until he decides what hes going to do with his first choice. Really i think they should just put sonny and liz together because the both need new moves, they both are fertile myrtles who still havent figured out birth control, they both think they are totally justified in everything they do, and they both think nothing of using one person to get a rise out of another without thought for either persons feelings.

    Im willing to give nuK a chance because I think she has potential, i think shes been put in a dog of a story and she is a corinthos davis cassadine, but treys gotta go. Why not put her with johnny after the docs find a brain tumor or a mind control device (to explain his bad behavior) Or better yet get nathan parsons to return.

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    1 other thought – i totally agree about rebecca looking great in red. i think reddish/cranberry colors suit her way more than the blues and greens they typically put her in.

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    I can only speak for myself, but I really don’t give a crap whether or not Sam is connected to a family. I don’t think she and Alexis are believable as mom/daughter. I don’t like any of Alexis’ daughters. I love Alexis and I think she deserves a lot better than having a former prostitute/con-artist (Sam), a spoiled, self-centered twit daughter (Kristina), and an obnoxious know-it-all (Molly) for her daughters. Weirdly, when they are all together, I do enjoy Davis girls scenes in a women-bonding kind of way.

    And as for when Sonny asked if bringing Ewen over was for Jason’s benefit, Jason clearly shot that down when he said he had already met Ewen. I think it was just an awkward moment because of Liason’s recent kiss.

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    [quote; eet]Really i think they should just put sonny and liz together [/quote]

    Eeeeewwwwww. That’s just all kinds of gross. There isn’t enough brain bleach in the world if they go there. Just. NO!!

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    Nah, they should just return to Sam and Sonny. After all the sexing they did and Sam being preggars with Sonny’s spawn – they need another chance to make it work.

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    [quote; mecasey]Nah, they should just return to Sam and Sonny[/quote]

    No, that’s gross too.

    I think Sonny and Jason should hook up and leave all the women alone.

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    Aww cmon siz fans have been waiting for the sizzle for 20 years – ever since liz showed up on sonny’s doorstep pretending to be all interested in jason just trying to get close to mr. dimples. If it werent for Anne Sweeney and her agenda HWs would have let their love blossom and by now we would have so much great story – siz love baby number one battling michael for control of the mob while cameron, now grown, took on sonny in an attempt save his brother from the mob life. True siz fans know that liz and sonny’s love is marked by her wearing red shirts and until they brought on cartini tptb were too afraid to even let liz wear red around sonny lest the fans demand their pairing be given a shot. if only they had been allowed to go forward think about all those unwanted pregnancies that could have been diverted – no misc. sonny babies, no misc. liz babies just sizzle babies and maybe sonny could leave the mob to manage the new corinthos five pop singing sensation.

    for all those reasons and many more the time is right for siz. im sure he has a pair of black sheets just waiting for liz to slip in between. In fact, all the better if they do it as a flash back – lets see them having had a ONS ten years ago right around the time cam was conceived!

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    OMG- So funny!! The thing is as I was reading your posts I was trying to figure the avatar out.. Aweome!

    I think Sam and Alexis have an awesome vibe because they are such great friends outside of work. While I don’t mind Nuk she needs to downplay the make up and just be softer.

    I have always wished they would put Liz and Sam in better clothes. It seems only Olivia, Maxie and Carly get the great clothes..

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    I think gh has gotten way lucky with the young actors they have cast and I dont think LM has had quite the start as say AR as morgan or HP as Molly but i see potential. You are right, less makeup and a softer approach would help, but I still love the concept of the character. It doesnt help that too that shes stuck in the dog of a story that is joe scully and company.

    I cant believe anyone would call Molly bratty. YES she has had bratty MOMENTS but what pre-teen doesnt? If she was a saint, it wouldnt be realistic at all, and adolescents are especially bratty when it comes to boys they like – all par for the course. I just love alexis and her three girls and I find the family dynamic, both one on one and as a group so warm and wonderful. I love the way they support each other and confide in one another.

    As for sam and alexis, yes they had a rocky start and they both did horrible things to one another but in the end they have long gotten past alexis pushing jason out of sams life and sam being with ric. I dont know how any mother wouldnt forgive the daughter that saved her life not once but twice, both times at risk to her own.

    Glad you all love siz. I think they would put the SIZzle in gh and sonny has to have a love interest doesnt he? They could move kate on to johnny once jax returns for carly.

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    Going waaaay back on these posts…my couple were written so wonderfully I’ll seperate them…as for the rest?…First up on this stroll in PC…

    It’s early but I’m thinking Liz will end up as damsel in distress the futher she gets into a relationship with Ewan. If the writers choose to actually have her develop a real interest in him. “…You seem kind of stressed.” “…It’s a special ase.” Uh, yeah. Robin held captive certainly qualifies. Interesting how every mention of Patrick or of Ewans’ “helping” him, acts as a vise grip, squeezing the shrink with more pressure as relates to his role in her “death”. The disection of his part in Patrick’s treatment is his “confession” of his “crime”. Let’s see how he balances romancing the girl and obeying another “master”…

    You know something? KeMo and NLG are satisfying, for me, to watch. Whether engaging in legal matters (which you know are on the horizon), or just family patter (K and Trey: “…hear about “Mob Princess”?…they pulled the plug.” Relief. “When’s he leaving?” “I wouldn’t count on Trey going anywhere.” Relief gone, replaced with a grimace. “She likes him, doesn’t she?” “…a lot.” Funny how discussing one daughters relationship leads directly to the next. And whether Sam pulls the plug. “It’s not just two people anymore.” “Am I gonna like where this is headed?” “No more than Jason liked where it wound up.” (Love the deadpan irony from KeMo here.)
    “…peck on the cheek?” “…comfort…that type of kiss.” (Well, I thought there was a bit more than comfort going on. ;) ) “…it’s serious?” “It gets worse. Jason saw…” I was bothered by the childish way she rounded back on Liz. Tsk-tsk. All four were in the wrong, with Sam getting a bit bent out of shape. Since both kisses “didn’t mean anything” as I recall. But, moving on. “…What do you want?…a divorce?” At this episodes airing, I don’t think Sam knows. I like Alexis’ parting thought. “Consider it a lesson in staying too long in a place you shouldn’t be.” Whether she meant to equate that parking ticket with Sam’s marriage or not, it’s still pretty good advice…

    I am always amused when the bully yaps about any of his rivals being “low lifes…stupid, vicious.” Just describing himself. Only he thinks that because he wears a well tailored suit and loves his kids, he’s rid himself of these descriptive terms. :| Increasing their security? I’ll try to stop snorting in derision. As to his enforcer, Lord love a duck! “You have to resolve this with Sam. At least talk to her.” Such common sense. “I’ve tried to reach out..(not hard enough, as I see it),… something always happens.” “Like what?” Goodness, gracious. On cue, tah dah! Liz! (C’mon, you knew that would happen, right? Admit it.) Oh, and Ewan is with her, in case you forgot…

    I give Liz credit. She does make an effort to remember her date. RH does a great job of illustrating distraction which SBu matches side long glance for glance. (Hard not to notice her when she, like JMB and LW, look so beautiful in red.) The kiss on the bridge not withstanding, I can’t honestly say I saw so much of a spark. It looked and felt more like a sincere concern for his emotional state. From him, hmm. Harder to read. Definite curiosity and maybe a little surprise from Jason. If they write it that way, you’re talking a budding rivalry. I think Ewan would give it a go. Trouble is, he can’t analyze his way into a romance. And with what he’s hiding, this triangle might not even materialize…

    Props to K for pulling back and not toddling off to bed with Trey at his first suggestion. She obviously hasn’t completely forgotten the painful object lesson that was Kieffer putting her in the hospital. Even though the gist of this story is, as I’ve said before, recycled and predictable, I detect a touch of nobility in the honest admission of her foolishness for hiding what he’d done to her. “…You deserve to know…he needed me to make everything okay.” LM isn’t bad, but I’d believe her K a little more if she wouldn’t have tried to squeeze the tears out. Mastering the trait of vulnerability isn’t easy. That was something LA did very well. EV is an attractive, earnest young man, who I’m finding is not much more than a prop to push this tired exercise that is masquerading as a mob
    “fairytale”… :~

    Be right back with my take on D&L…
    Swan! 0:)

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    Kudos to Kate Hall and Elizabeth Page for their beautifully written dialogue for my favorites…This part of PC was a roller coaster ride of emotional peaks and valleys…painful and exhilarating…yes, I’m biased…

    Heather’s “poison pen” is in full effect. “What kind of question is that?” Stunned that he’d ask her if “forever isn’t for us?”. D holds his ground, sincere and, yes, scared. “It’s…simple…Do you agree…we don’t have a future…?” “My father didn’t write that…no one can predict the future
    …” “…this predicts our marriage isn’t gonna last.” “How can you ask me that?!” Her voice shakes, barely above a whisper. “How can I not ask?” Betraying his own fear that she’s afraid for their future. The water that is L’s anxiety has risen to the top of the dam and his concern for what they’ve built together is what keeps him focused on rooting out the cause of her fear. “You’re having doubts. I wanna know…” “..I get this letter…it shook me…we’re fighting…I’m thinking…this is my fault and I can’t do this.” “This? Meaning what? Marriage?” Perplexed. “….I don’t like feeling like I’m sabotaging myself.” He tries to difuse the situation. “I’m not totally blameless…I gave you a rough time…we disagreed…we still love each other.” “We’re great together…but can we stay together?…” He manages to key in to her thinking, bringing up her loyalty to the Spencer brand which she doesn’t dispute but looks at from the angle of their perpetual running away from “what’s…good for them”, and wonders aloud with a voice that’s cracked, quivering, whether she isn’t “better off alone.” Now it’s his turn to be stunned, aghast that she’s veering in this direction. “…Is that what you want?!” Rapid fire, stacatto syllables erupt, her face crumbling, “No, that’s not what I want…I love you…” The floodgates open, revealing a young woman desperate in her lament that she’s not measured up to a particular “model” of expectations that she’s set up. And a model that she realizes isn’t who she is. He listens, just listens, as this is what he needs to do to rebuild her confidence in them. She shoulders a share of the blame, but he still wants her to talk, still wants to listen to her. “You’re my wife. I wanna know what your’re feeling.” The poison that flows around them is starting to dilute. She gathers herself, pushes forward. “…it’s not just the letter…I’ve been thinking…for awhile. I’ve talked to my dad…” Ooh, not encouraging. He’s visibly shaken, hurt, going to a place he himself fears. “..Knowing how he feels about marriage…little bit alarming.” She’s quick to damp down his anxiety. “I’m not talking about marriage…about myself…” She pauses, plunges ahead. “I like taking risk…feeling adreneline, once in a while.” He relates his own fondness for the sensation which she acknowledges but that he inadvertently wants to shield her from. She makes him see she’s coming from a place where she can exist independently from him but flouish in tandem with him. He voices his worry, that she thinks he’s “smothering” her. “I love you. I love being married to you, but this is about me…” She draws the parallels of the Spencer “love equals adventure” legacy she’s not a part of with the excitement he has with his career (his light bulb moment), and how her new club venture feeds that same type of need for her. “…It’s something that I care about.” “…you made the right choice.” Ah, yes, he “gets” it. “Even…working with Johnny?” “You say (he’s) changed…I hope you’re right.” “…you think he’s using me…the club as a front…” “Yeah.” Now it’s his turn to gather himself, unleash his personal challenge. “…I was jealous…(Quietly, no bravado), I know it was a long time ago…you…
    were in love…I don’t want to lose you to him (her mouth gapes in astonishment), or anyone. I love you, L.” “I know you do!” Fervently.
    “…I was acting like a jerk…insecure idiot and I’m sorry.” It hits her just how much it’s costing him to admit his weakness. And she loves him all the more for his being vulnerable with her. Her eyes are bright with unshed tears, clearly touched by his humble apology, as he faults himself for her unhappiness. They confess their mutual “control” issues, coming from their desire to protect each other. He vows to support her “through all your plans and all your dreams…like you support me…Our marriage isn’t perfect.(His voice breaking),…don’t know whose is…if you’re willing to work at this…then give it a try…we’ll have an amazing life together.” The poison has drained, small dregs being mopped up. She apologizes for not telling him about the Star deal, the dress “…I wanted it (They laugh because they both know she would’ve bought it anyway),…
    and I felt like I deserved it. It was my night.” “You did and you do.” His eyes are soft, deep pools of espresso. Her turn to be vulnerable, admitting her realization that going “…through the opening alone” with the material trappings (taking his hands in hers), “…doesn’t mean anything without you.” “I really wanted to be there. I’m really proud of you.” Her smile beams, her voice catching. “I know you are. I love you. It’s just…” Bits of residue from Heather’s words remain. “…That forever word scares me.” Plaintive, small. “You want a guarantee?” Yeah, I do.” A squeak. “There isn’t one.” And yes, he’s wise to say so, because it’s true. For them and for us. But that doesn’t mean they shoud run from the challenge their marriage presents. He grasps her hands, a gentle upturn to his mouth. “There are no guarantees. Just have to take that leap of faith and know that I’m gonna be there to catch you…” His amusing reminiscence of their first meeting brings laughter to her lips, but underneath is his deep belief in their relationship. “…you were someone special…that’s the way I feel now…the way I hope to feel in fifty years.” “That’s really sweet.” “I wanna spend every day that I can with you and if that turns into forever, then even better.” Their kiss is one of profound respect, mixed with a healing sweetness, bringing them back into balance. “I wish we had done this days ago (ruefully),…if I hadn’t hidden the letter…” She trails off. “It would mean a lot if your father did think we could make it.” Now her light bulb moment occurs. “That
    should’ve been my first clue…” that Luke has never told her how to live her life, who to love and to “…always…trust my own instincts.” True Spencer there. He eyes her curiously. “And what do your instincts tell you?” She smiles, innocently seductive, displaying the flirtateous streak that marked her mother’s irresistability. Her love cushions her desire for him as she pulls him toward her, propelling them towards their bed. “My instincts tell me the smartest thing I ever did was marry you. And if I’m scared of forever, the only person (a feather light touch of her lips), that I wanna do that with (another touch, that lingers, tantalizing), would be you.” The now simmering need to be physically close, bubbles to the surface, spilling over, as they tease each other. “Oh, but I’d miss that I’m so boring.” She beguiles him. “I didn’t say that. I said I was boring.” With a twinkle. “Oh, well then. Maybe we should do something about that.” They melt into one another, their kisses hot, tender, their world narrowing to the circle of each others arms. They’ve neutralized the attack and their love has emerged stronger, resillient, ready to face whatever comes next…
    Exceptional work from JMB and DZ to make these two days a master class of a reconciliation. By turns raw and riveting, laced through with hope and faith in a love that’s being built to last. It will be tested, as it should be. The best couples come through fire. D&L are one of the best. But that’s me…

    As always…
    Swan! 0:)

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