General Hospital SCOOP: Dastardly Villain’s Return Won’t Be All Wet!

A popular General Hospital baddie is on his way back (Today, I think!), and what he has planned for the denizens of Port Chuck could have them all a bit, shall we say, thirsty!

If you're wondering why I'm being so cryptic, it's because the storylines coming up on GH are SO good, I don't want to give too much away. Let's just say, it would be really, really smart for the Quartermaines, Spencers et al. to invest in some of those Brita water filters.

Is the returning villain tied to Ewen and Robin? Funny you should ask that. Look for the devilish doctor's agenda to be revealed slowly over the coming weeks. I will say this, Ewen's (Nathin Butler) accent is no coincidence…

Will Anna find Robin?  That's the plan, when the divine Ms. Devane (Finola Hughes) leaves Port Chuck and heads to Switzerland in search for the girl who once called her "Luv". Look for Anna to be joined on her quest by a man who holds a special place in her heart; only for a past love to pop up overseas, royally complicating matters.

Bobbie sighting? I'm starting to hear rumblings that Carly's (Laura Wright) mama, Barbara Jean Spencer, R.N. (Jackie Zeman), could be on her way back to town, just in time for a very special event.

The Baby Switch: Florencia Lozano is doing a play in New York, so the earliest she can reprise the role of fiesty, Llanview-based barrister Tea Delgado is fall. Don't be surprised if things come to a head, regarding the baby switch, around November Sweeps.

Liason vs. JaSam vs. McBam: Jason's (Steve Burton) renewed connection to Liz (Rebecca Herbst) will soon be strengthened, when he has to rescue the lovely Nurse Webber from mortal danger. Meanwhile, look for Sam's (Kelly Monaco) bond with John McBain (Michael Easton) to also deepen, especially after nasty stunt pulled by Todd (Roger Howarth)!    

Heather isn't done yet. Worried that Robin Mattson may be out the door, now that Heather's crimes have been revealed? Don't be. I hear the wacky woman has only just begun to terrorize Port Charles!

Loopy Liv: Poor Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) won't be right in the head for quite awhile, thanks to all the LSD Heather injected her with. Can Steve's (Scott Reeves) love—not to mention his guilt—bring her back from the brink of insanity?

Todd and Carly, From Friends to Lovers? Now that Blair (Kassie DePaiva) has broken his heart and he's learned that Johnny (Brandon Barash) is a nogoodnik, don't be surprised if Todd starts to catch feelings for his new BFF.

Lulu to the rescue. Dante's (Dominic Zamprogna) spouse won't have much time for performing wifely duties, because she'll be too busy trying to save Johnny and Patrick (Jason Thompson)! Will the Patrick/Lulu (Julie Marie Berman) chem-testing go any further? I hear it depends on how fan's react.

That's Just My Baby Daddy: One popular GH leading lady might have her already complicated love life rocked by the return of he ex-husband, who just so happens to be the father of one of her many children.

Goodbye Jason, goodbye? All over the web, there are rumblings that Steve Burton may be leaving GH. The actor re-tweeted a denial, but I hear negotiations aren't going so good. Could Port Charles survive without SuperJase? Let's hope we don't have to find out!


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  1. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    This all sounds great! :-) I’m especially happy that Robin Mattson isn’t going anywhere. Also, Steve Burton’s departure might be a hopeful sign that the mob angle might be downplayed even more than it has been lately. Maybe if Joe Junior gets his daddy’s empire back, Sonny will go into the coffee business for real and open a chain for coffee shops called Sonbucks!

  2. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    i think the villain is Jerry Jax.

    i heard Tea runs away with the baby and isn’t seen for months.

    NO MORE JIZ! (jason/liz). that’s over and has been for years.

    Heather and Jason become cellmates at Ferncliff.

    LOL, as if anyone cares what happens to Booblivia. WRITE THE CHARACTER OUT NOW!

    is anyone surprised that a Todd/Carly romance is on the way? they laid that groundwork from the first moment they met.

    also, not surprised about the Lulu/Patrick romance.

    about Steve Burton: GOOD RIDDANCE! he and Maurice Bernard should leave ASAP after nearly driving the show to cancellation. since RC/FV took over the show has improved 1 million percent and the show no longer needs (as if it ever) needs characters like Sonny & Jason. BYE!

  3. Profile photo of Soap_Stud

    Sounds like PC will continue to be a great place to visit…happily surprised to hear the Q’s mentioned….if it is Jerry Jade could it be Jade that returns for Carly?

  4. Profile photo of llanviewlover

    The tease about Anna has me very excited. I’m assuming Luke will join in her search and Robert is the past love who will pop up. Can’t wait for the fireworks once Robert learns Luke is making the moves on Anna AND lied to him about Ethan being his son!

    Also would be overjoyed if Bobbie returned to town. If the rumor is right that Jerry Jacks is the villain who’s coming back, it would make sense for Bobbie to come back since they were lovers back in the day. But what could be the “special event” that lures her back … Carly’s wedding? Or maybe Michael’s?

  5. Profile photo of mipeony

    I’d love both Faison and Jerry Jax back! I’d rather Sam have her baby back before November! SB can just go. Liz and Sam are both better off without the Borg, and I’ve grown tired of both the angry borg stare and the constipated look that’s supposed to be any other emotion.

  6. Profile photo of tommie

    Only thing I am interested in who has ROBIN and WHY? Patrick better stay true to Robin who is still ALIVE and the love of his life. Robin shouldn’t be suffering while Patrick moves on.Just got through Patrick cheating with Lisa and ONLY Robin paying. No thanks to anyone but SCRUBS!

    Lulu, Maxie, and Liz need to find their own men. Sick of Robin suffering all the time while Patrick gets another woman. Scrubs had enough other women like Leyla in past and recently Lisa. How about Patrick still believing Robin is alive and going against everyone to find her.

    Sick of Lulu and her harem. Let Dante have her. No chemisty with Lulu and men. Only Dante makes Lulu likable. Lulu ruined many men.

    NO ONE has the chemistry that KIMBERLY & JT have, NO ONE.
    Robin and Patrick with just a look on the boat set fires in scenes.

    BRING back Robin and work with Kimberly’s schedule as they work with JMB and KMo schedule as they do other things. Kimberly’s Robin is GH HISTORY and FV needs to remember that moreso than others.

    This story is a Robin/Scrubs story not a Anna’s story. I hope it is Faison who has Robin. Robert needs to be back too.

    I doubt SBu goes anywhere. He is always threatening.

  7. Profile photo of Angie Lucy
    Angie Lucy

    Back in the day I’d have never said this, but I won’t cry if SBu goes. I’d rather see his character improved, but I can live without him. That’s how far down Guza dragged Jason.

  8. Profile photo of JasamForever

    The only storyline that sounds interesting to me is Robin and Patrick. No! No! No! to Patrick and Lulu.

    I hope it can be worked out with Steve Burton. He is an asset and needed on the show.

    If Sam does not get her baby back until November, then I won’t watch live until then. This storyline is beyond ridiculous. All that Sam has went through to have a baby and once she finally has her child, cannot have any bonding time with him for what exactly? So some writer could write Tea on the show? So they could write some dumb baby switch storyline? Sam had her baby on June 1 so in November he will be 5 months almost 6. I could care less about anything on the show until this is fixed, and fixed sooner rather than later.

  9. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I think I’d miss Burton’s “fart acting”, but I suppose if they are looking to recast Jason with someone of equal dramatic range, they could get Kristen Stewart.

  10. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    I wouldn’t mind if Steve left either. I am increasingly more and more bored by his character and the only way he would be interesting is if he was sucked back into the Q / ELQ fold completely. I loved those bickering stock meetings back in the day and if he was somehow forced to deal with the business side, rather than the mob side, I think his character could be rejuvinated.

    Plus, if he leaves he can be reunited with his one true love: Evie Garland. Forget Liz. Forget Sam.

  11. Profile photo of bishbay

    I have to agree with JaSam Forever that the baby-switch storyline has not proved crucial to getting the OLTL characters on the canvas. There’s a bunch of other ways that Todd could have gotten integrated/up to no good without having Lozano’s schedule hold up the resolution of an important storyline.

  12. Profile photo of Mets82

    Surprised people want Jason gone. I think hes a good character but I think he and Sonny have been overexposed for years. It doesnt help that they’ve had top storylines for years and the Quartermines pretty much disappeared along with Bobbie.

    I like Oliva. I think she goregous and I like that shes a bit fiesty. I hope this LSD stuff comes and goes. I dont think Patrick and Lulu should hook up. Shes married to Dante and it would be nice if a character grieved her significant other. What I mean is that most of the time on soaps, it seems like when someone gets divorced or dies, they jump into bed with someone else. Either a one night stand or drunken sex. It would be nice if Patrick had the opportunity to date but just couldnt do it.

  13. Profile photo of RockiDreams

    I could care less about Robin, who has her or why – I just hope they keep her there out of sight. I would miss Burton as Jason and I wish they would get Sam and Jason back together. Sam and Grandpa McBain makes me want to hurl. Liz has zero chemistry with anyone in PC maybe the exception being Patrick. I have enjoyed not seeing Heather on – I just find her ridiculous. More like a cartoon character. I kind of like Olivia too – she wakes me up when she comes on the screen especially after watching some dreary session with Patrick moaning over Robin. Lulu and Patrick? That is hilarious. I liked Dante when he was first on but then they saddled him with Lulu and ruined him. Whatever my complants or likes or dislikes, I still enjoy GH quite a bit. My oasis after a long day dealing with the real world.

  14. Profile photo of Clifford

    This show has become a MILLION times more watchable versus where it was a year ago last summer. THANK YOU GH for returning me to must-see daytime viewing again! Yay, bring on back the Jacks brothers! And many, many more familiar faces/vets please! I think Cartini is doing a great job since joining the GH team earlier this year and it shows.

  15. Profile photo of ynroltljunkie2009

    Steve Burton leaving the show would not be a huge loss for me. Burton has led story for 16 years since his character was transformed to Jason Morgan. Even though I love my #LIASON, there are plenty of other characters that would help me heal especially the divine Ms. Devane played by the fierce Finola Hughes.

  16. Profile photo of Clifford

    The last time I remember seeing Bobby on GH was when Guza was penning the show and he wrote a one-day episodes of dreamlike situations for several characters and Patrick was chief-of-staff and gave Bobby her pink slip due to the economy (ala mirroring Bob Guza releasing Jackie Zeman from the show). Haven’t heard of her character or seen her since ironically.

  17. Profile photo of ynroltljunkie2009

    I always believed FV would bring back Tristan down the line once the Robin story started to pick up once again. Carlivati set it up perfect for Robert’s eventual return now that his best friend is sleeping with his ex-wife and lied about Ethan’s paternity. I can see the fireworks Rogers, Hughes and Geary will bring.

  18. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I used to flat out *hate* Jason. For some reason I couldn’t grasp the fact that they gave the poor guy a *head injury.* Since I’ve started watching the show regularly I’ve really come to like Jason and I’ve Steve Burton do some great acting. I hope he stays. Who would have sexual tension with Sonny then?

  19. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    The last time JZ was on camera as Bobbie was (I believe), when Kristina (then LA) had been put in the hospital after the second (?) time she was beaten up by Kiefer. I seem to recall she shared the scene with NLG walking in the halls at GH. LW refered to Bobbie in a scene where she was telling Shawn her mother had to go out of town and needed someone to manage Kelly’s. Someone please correct me if my memory isn’t right on these recollections. She hasn’t been written out, per se. She’s just a sometimes mentioned “presence” that hasn’t morphed back on to the canvas… 0:)

  20. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Getting back to Jerry Jax, I wonder what anyone else thinks of the resemblance, but I would enjoy it if it turns out that he’s related to Todd!

  21. Profile photo of tealita

    If Sbu is happy to hang around then I’m content to watch him. If on the other hand he’s miserable and unhappy with his deal, then “don’t let the door hit ya…” I’ve mourned the loss of much more iconic characters over the years and it hasn’t effected my loyalty one bit.

    Thanks for the spoilers, Jamie. TV Gourd, you crack me up!

  22. Profile photo of keanna

    Thanks for the spoilers, Jamey!!

    Jerry, Faison, or maybe Helena!!

    Jerry and Ewan related somehow?

    Bobbie coming back, love the idea!! I say bring Robert back, too!!

    The other spoilers sound interesting, too!!

    As for SB maybe leaving, if he’s not happy, he should leave, I loved him for years, but they need to do something about Jason!!

  23. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    [quote=TV Gord]OooooooOOOOOOOOOooooooooo, Jamey! :-)[/quote]

    I haven’t said that since I had that poster of Lindsay Wagner on my bedroom wall back in the 70s!

  24. Profile photo of wmhhall4

    I’ve been watching GH since Laura killed David Hamilton. GH hasn’t been this good in YEARS! All of the stories are fun and interesting. I love Olivia. I love the mob stories. They set GH apart. I can’t wait for Cartini to write one. Thanks guys, I haven’t been excited to watch in YEARS. This show is on FIRE. No complaints here at all.

  25. Profile photo of katehhoward

    OMG I suspected it would be Duke. The actor is not working right now so it makes perfect sense. As far as Kirsten Storms I really hope that we will get to see some Maxi and Felicia story. The last time they were together Kirsten gave it to her like no one else could. I would love to see Jack Wagner reprise the role of Frisco and lets get ready to rumble. If there would be any good story it would be the return of Frisco and how Maxi takes it.

    Now as for my inspiration Kate Howard. I am still hoping that TPTB kill the Trey and Joe Jr storyline and bring back Megan Ward as Port Chucks Anna Wintour. The chemistry between Megan and Maurice was so good. We can have a good GH and a brighter love sotry for Sonny and Kate. But without the whole DID s/l. Maybe they can say that Ewen brainwashed Kate when she left to go to Paris for a while. It would make sense since she shares a tie with Jerry Jax through Jasper Jax and Ewen. I think they will be pplaying that mind control thing with Johnny so they should do it with Kate and we find out that there is no alter and she does no have DID. And they Bring Megan Ward back as our strong classy fighter Kate Howard. She will go after Todd and get Crimson back. I am sorry but the Kate I knew would find ways to get Crimson back without the help of Sonny. Kate went to Princeton and has major connections. There is still story for the character but TPTB would really need to bring back Megan Ward. And please with better choice of hair and make-up as well wardrobe.

  26. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I hope it’s not Duke. I never saw Ian Buchanan on GH, but I’ve seen enough of his over-acting in prime time to last the rest of my life. Also, I fear that Duke’s Pine Valley cousin, Ryan Lavery would be the next camera hog to foist himself on Port Charles. I’ve also had enough of HIM to last the next TWO lifetimes!

  27. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Didn’t we all see Duke dying in Anna’s arms!? I know it’s a soap but bringing people back from the dead kind of has to make sense. Bringing Duke in at this point is not necessary. I rather have Tristan Rogers as Robert back.
    And if anyone returns from the dead, the next time it should be Quartermaine!!!!

    But Duke and Anna had a following. So I guess if he’s returning some fans might be very happy about that. But again, seeing the dynamic between Anna, Robert and Luke would have been so much more interesting.

    I like that Jerry is back and that Jax is on it’s way. But I can’t picture Jerry has the head of this operation. He has to have teamed up with someone else…
    As for Jax, is Ingo Rademacher back for good or is it just another visit that ends in a few weeks?

    I hope Bobbie’s back!!!!
    And I hope that the Robin storyline gets bigger and we see what’s behind it all.

  28. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    TV Gord! :O Ryan Lavery??!!(Inhales in horror, recovers composure) Bite your tongue! After what he did almost right after Gillian died??!! The possibility of him in PC??!! Never!!! (Sorry about the “bite your tongue”. I usually don’t tell people what to do! ;) )…. 0:)

  29. Profile photo of engradypind

    Bobbi Spencer is NOT Alexis’ mother. Alexis’s mother was an opera singer and mistress to Helena’s husband. Helena slit the woman’s throat IN FRONT OF Alexis. Her husband took Alexis and Kristina to raise as he was their father. Helena has always hated Alexis because she is a reminder of her husband’s infidelity. Bobbi and Luke were pretty much raised by their aunt Ruby who ran a whore house. Bobbi only had one child, Carly. She proved unable to have any more children.

  30. Profile photo of engradypind

    Has anyone mentioned bringing back Ric Lansing? If Alexis is supposed to get sick it would be logical for him to come back to be with Molly. He could be a very interesting complication for Sonny and Johnny and even for Jerry Jax.

  31. Profile photo of gamblerchick

    Steve Burton wants to be, with his family the the show. That understandable we can, live without watching him everyday. Like we did early in the day when he left before. To do that movie. That he did. I personally think the best acting position, today is being under the reoccring status. In the acting business I think that’s what he should do. And do other things when he, is not on GH. And come in whenever they want or need him. I’m hoping for the best, for keeping different options open. I live to see the day when bring Jax back, so they can clean up this mess. With Jax and Carly. Of all the men that Carly, has slept and been together, Jax is her soulmate. If they want to keep Steve on, GH they need to start to fix and clean up, of what has been broken over the past year.

  32. Profile photo of JasamForever

    Wait. Is Duke played by that awful actor that was recently on Days of Our Lives? His character was married to Sarah Brown’s character. If that is him, then please he does not need to return. His acting was awful. Just bring back Tristan. It is that simple.

  33. Profile photo of soapy opie
    soapy opie

    And don’t forget Alexis’ history with evil, but intriguing Jerry Jax.

    Now that she’s playing “strip poker” with the super-hunky Shawn, there
    could be TWO (extremely different) guys fighting for her hand.

    A prize well worth winning, I might add.

  34. Profile photo of days4ever

    I saw this and thought it might be Ric Lansing, Molly’s dad and Sonny’s brother. “One popular GH leading lady might have her already complicated love life rocked by the return of her ex-husband, who just so happens to be the father of one of her many children.” Now we know that it is Jax and that is awsome too.

  35. Profile photo of testadoda

    Maybe Jason could go on a trip around the world,with Sonny and Carley never to be seen again.
    The unholy three have eaten the show and I have to FF them .Sam is alive again with Mc Bain.
    Jax needs to come back get his daughter from Carley and give her a life without new guys running around every day.

    I will look forward to Anna finding Robin,, but the one who helps find her better be her father Robert
    Last I saw Luke left his own daughter in a brothel,with real nuts. Lulu was trying to save her father and he couldn’t be bothered talking to her. Plus while Robin has been held captive, Luke had Robert chasing Ethan,when his own daughter needed him. Come back Robert. Anna and Robin need you.

  36. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I don’t think I would mind if Steve Burton doesn’t sign a new contract. But I know that he has many fans. Jason is a popular character on this show. There is no denying that. Don’t know if it would be best to see him leave right now. It could hurt the show more than it would do any good.

    I hope that with Jill Farren Phelps over at “Y&R” that Tristan Rogers finally gets the chance to return to “GH”. Don’t want to see him as a wannabe Australian gangster – I want Scorpio. He’s so much more needed on “GH”. Specially with the Robin storyline.

  37. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    [quote=ynroltljunkie2009]Steve Burton leaving the show would not be a huge loss for me. Burton has led story for 16 years since his character was transformed to Jason Morgan.[/quote]
    The problem (for me) is “how Jason was written” Guza’s obsession with hims…the hitman with a heart of gold..taking out the badder bad guy to make him look good.

    with throwing every character under the bus for him is what turned off a lot of fans I post with…either you’re a Jason cheerleader, or asskisser he always comes out smelling like a rose… it seems that Jason is being written a tad differently…just a tad (for me). The Jason worship is still in the writing but its got a different spin on it.

    For the last nearly 10 years every time his contract is up its the same rumors about SBu leaving to be with his family in Tennessee…then he resigns for another year. I watched before Steve Burton and Maurice Benard so I can live without them revolving a soap around a few characters isn’t good anyway.

    Although I loathed when Bobbie was made Carly’s mother (same as when my fav Alexis was made Sam’s mother) I’d like to see how they will write for her outside of just being Carly’s mommy maybe that’s all she’ll get.

    Not much WoW factor with Jerry Jax in the Robin storyline (which is the only one that I’m interested in at the moment). But if brings Alexis some story this time around I’m all for it…I just hoped it would have ties to one of Anna/Rober’s old nemesis. Hopefully Heather won’t be brought into this as well…something tells me she’ll be shakin’ n’ bakin her crazy in this too.

  38. Profile photo of SavePortChuck

    Yes, Lucas was Cheryl’s son. Cheryl was Tiffany’s sister and was romantically involved with Robert. Not sure who Lucas’ father is. I believe Cheryl came back to town pregnant and was quickly killed off due to an illness leaving Luca motherless. Foggy memory with all of that. Hope it’s close to right!

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