Good Morning America Tops Today in Total Viewers For First Time in 17 Years!

ABC's Good Morning America has managed to best NBC's Today in total viewers for the first time in 17 years, reports The New York Times. The Mouse House's televised coffee klatch handed the Peacock's morning show a spanking in the Nielsens, the week prior to NBC beginning coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics. Somewhere Ann Curry is laughing her ass off.

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    CBS This Morning is better than both,atleast if you want news.You get intelligent guests and better interviews.I think the gentleman that produces the show now came fron Morning Joe on MSNBC,and it shows.Good lead in music,and no annoying weather person.

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    Thanks J Bernard.I didn’t think I would like Charlie Rose or Gayle King,but they do their homework,even on set.I also like the table format instead of a couch or chairs.Everyone just seems more relaxed and polished.

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