Where in The World is Victor Newman on The Young and the Restless?

Victor:  After a stormy confrontation with Nikki, the Newman patriarch vanishes!

Tucker/Sharon: The slonkey is very troubled by the encounter her new hubby and her ex-mother-in-law had. Sharon decides to pull a Nikki and get drunk at the ranch. Tucker arrives a bit later to meet with Victor and is stunned to see the new Mrs. Victor Newman three sheets to the wind.  Sharon is hellbent on finding her husband, but Tucker is not about to let her drive drunk. Sharon asks the rebel billionaire to take her to the Abbott wedding to find Victor. Once the duo show up, Sharon makes a huge scene by demanding Nikki tell her where Victor is.

Realizing Sharon is trashed, Nikki decides to sober her up by pushing her into the pool! Tucker is appalled by the confusion Sharon's attendance is causing and whisks her back to the ranch. The Newman children start to wonder what happened to their father. Is he pulling one of his famous disappearing acts?

Victoria ponders if her dad is causing drama because Nikki married Jack. Later that night, Jack wakes up alone in bed and searches for his wife. Old Smilin' Jack overhears Nikki leaving a voicemail for Victor. The socialite feels terrible for lashing out at him and is worried about his whereabouts. Victor being missing-in-action leaves Newman Enterprises wide open for takeover. Watch for Tucker and Sharon to team up to gain control of the conglomerate.

Nikki: Her quest to find Victor starts to become an issue in her marriage.

Billy: The Abbott playboy makes it his mission to find out what is going on between Dr. Tim and Phyllis.

Daniel/Heather: The two take their relationship to the next level.

Phyllis: Red's cat and mouse game with Dr. Tim becomes very scary.

Neil/Harmony: The pair agree to go out on a date, which doesn't end well.

Eden: Is Michael's little sister losing it?

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    I’m sorry I just had to read those spoilers. Always good for a laugh.

    MAB seems to battle herself every day to write an even shittier storyline for Sharon. Now she shows up drunk on Nikki and Jack’s wedding!? Oh well. Next thing you know, she’ll be sharing Victor’s bed with Tucker.

    As for Nikki putting her marriage in danger – IF you are lucky marriage lasts longer than a month on this show. If not be sure the next one is just around the corner. -.-

    I hope by the time the walls are closing in on Phyllis, Josh Griffith is in charge. Otherwise Phyllis walks free laughing while poor Paul is in jail for shooting his psycho son in the shoulder.

    Daniel has become the soap’s slut who has to take care of those woman who either need airtime or can’t really be paired otherwise. That’s sad.

    Eden’s losing it!? Like Jenna losing it, Ashley losing it or Ricky losing it? I’m just pretty confident that it’s going to make no sense at all.

    Josh Griffith/Jill Farren Phelps stuff can’t come soon enough!

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    Sharon: Promiscuous and now drunk! Seriously, I now totally buy that MAB had it out for her all these years. How long before she’s rolling around with Tucker?

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    Restless Fan

    Just a few more weeks of Maria Bell’s stink and I can hardly wait. I hope the new regime axs that god awful Victor/Sharon union. I hope Maria Bell gets therapy for whatever it was that was going on in her head.

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    Where in the world is Victor Newman? Please. Who cares? Sorry all, don’t mean to be cynical. Maybe it’s knowing MAB being on her way out to make way for JFP. Sigh… 0:)

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    Thank you Shadowdemon01 for sharing that.

    I just don’t see why JFP can’t retire already.
    Y&R won’t be on beyond 2014 thanks to her. Hers was a name I NEVER thought would be associated with Y&R.
    Truly tragic.

    I can imagine Bill Bell just hating what Y&R has become.
    Much like what Agnes Nixon thought of AMC with the hacks it had during its final years. Sad.

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    [quote=shadowdemon01]Folks… I really think Y&R is not long for this world under the new regime. Check out this article…

    You should read the other soap articles about Y&R that are on Highlight Hollywood. They all are having one thing in common, they let Maria Arena Bell appear as a saint and great writer. If you agree with them then you should be afraid for what’s coming. If not you might reconsider. ;)

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    I want to see Nikki and Sharon fight. I wonder if Sharon is the one losing it and not Eden. Btw, that came out of left field. Eden losing it. Where did that come from? I mean Y&R do things that should take months to do in a matter of days. There is already tension between Jack and Nikki because she left a voice mail for Victor. I mean they just got married.

    The thing I dont understand is how Tucker is appalled by the confusion Sharon’s attendance is causing? How clueless is he then? I mean doesnt or wouldnt he know how bitchy shes become in the past couple of months?

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    Someone please push the FLUSH LEVER..

    Because this SHOW IS IN the TOILET!

    Those who wish to defend the indefensible, that is the horrible junk that is MAB’s writing, how in the world do you think Y&R got this bad. Sure LML began the downward trend, you may say, but surely you must know that MAB has Accelerated this shows Decline.

    If the show is going to end in 2014, guess what? MAB’s stories would not save this show!

  9. Profile photo of ChristianDavis148

    [quote=Jamey Giddens]That ‘article’ isn’t worth the HTML code used to type it…[/quote]

    ROTFLMGBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jamey! I actually realized a day or so after I emailed it to you that it was just MAB trying to (for lack of a better phrase) “put the fear of God” in Y&R’s fans. I eventually did find out that the person who wrote the article is apparently a veryclosefriend of Maria’s and I wouldn’t put it past Maria to have helped out in writing that so called “article”.

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    We’ve all said it here so many times before … Victor is hellbent on destroying his happiness and that of all those around him. Nikki is hellbent on destroying whatever happiness she can find in favour of her now misguided eternal love for Victor. Just let it go Nikki and try to stay married for Jack for a little while at least. Victor … with any luck you are stumbling around Scotland and will find yourself being swallowed by some isolated peat bog; never to be found again.

    Anyway, the widely anticipated new regime is just beyond the horizon and hopefully ready to storm in and save us all from all of this despotic drivel.

  11. Profile photo of TraceyAbbot101

    Like I have posted before, Victor left as he is scared of his wedding night, you know, being “ridden like a show horse” by his new bride, Sharin Sharon!

    Imagine scene: Victor emerges from the shower, takes his lil blue pill, and looks into the bedroom.

    He sees Sharon, in bed, under the covers, wearing her riding habit and carrying her crop…. Smack!

  12. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Well well, if it isn’t the bi-annual “Victor is missing, maybe presumed dead, and someone is trying to take over NE” -storyline.

    WHO CARES where he is. Just fix Sharon and quick, before she is totally irredeemable.

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    hey mon

    I have always not liked Sharon Collns from Day One back in 94. Glad to see her running around like the town drunk as Jack and Nikki’s wedding. Shucker is just around the corner, I predicted it as soon as Eileen was given her papers. Makes sense, Sharon has had all the other billionaires on The Show.

  14. Profile photo of SZima

    [quote=shadowdemon01]Folks… I really think Y&R is not long for this world under the new regime. Check out this article…

    [quote=Angie Lucy]Oh come on! That article is such a love letter to Maria. Zero credibility there.[/quote]

    For some reason, Maria does have people “out there” that think she was wonderful at Y&R.


  15. Profile photo of Mets82

    People may think shes wonderful now but just wait. Maybe a day or a week or a month later, those people that were on her side will jump ship.

  16. Profile photo of tedew

    hey mon … I agree with your post #24.
    I’ve never ever figured out the popularity of Sharon. She’s been a troubled lass from day one; always in trouble or in jeopardy and always causing problems for all of those around her.
    No wonder her Mother is never around to lend unheeded moral support.

  17. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    GASP! Where is Victor???

    Duh. Vacation time for EB obviously. BTW, VN is the only one I know arrogant enough to ride off and leave his bride in the dust without a word.

  18. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=RebeccaJ]GASP! Where is Victor???

    Duh. Vacation time for EB obviously. BTW, VN is the only one I know arrogant enough to ride off and leave his bride in the dust without a word.[/quote]

    I find EB riding off with out telling the new bride, just beyond STUPID.

  19. Profile photo of tedew

    There’s something wrong with that whole marriage thing anyway. Even I don’t think Victor is stupid enough to marry Sharon without some sort of ulterior motive or two. After all, the wedding chapel was the company jet where a suspicious prenuptial document was also served. Then the blushing groom pulls a needless disappearing act?

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    Couldn’t have said it any better…..When are these people going to learn Rinse, Recycle, Repeat isn’t going to work anymore?

    If a character has nothing new to give, get rid of them. No they kill of characters like Cassie, Colleen, Brad and John.

    In all my days of watching soaps I have never seen a character taken down like what they have done to Sharon. SC just keeps rolling with the punches, she as well as Eileen Davidson are two class acts.

  21. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    You know what has ALWAYS annoyed me about the way Victor was written? For instance, he’ll be in the living room talking to Nicki or Nick and the hospital calls and says Victoria had an accident or something really serious has happened that involves the family.

    Instead of TELLING the family members he’s talking to, he’d say, “Ummmmmm there’s somewhere I need to be, ok?”

    Gawd that has annoyed me no end. It’s like he absolutely no allegiance, no connection to his family whatsoever. His family is run every bit as impersonally as his business. Its just like the riding off and leaving Sharon b.s. Who DOES that?!

  22. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=tedew]RebeccaJ … agreed! Actually the only allegiance Victor has is keeping up with his vendetta against Jack (at any cost)![/quote]

    Xlnt reply and the absloute truth.

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    Blue Skies and Palomino Ponies

    “Where in the World is Victor Newman?”

    I CAN HELP! Nikki, Sharon, Katherine, Kyle, and Segundo, here is where you should look:

    1.) Hope’s farm
    2.) Wherever the reliquary is these days
    3.) Really good Japanese restaurant sets
    4.) In the clearing (where the boxers stand.)
    5.) Scary jails in Myanmar

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    I remember Victor’s words a few shows back, to not ever let a woman make a fool of you. He said this in response to her trip to Kansas. I think he’s setting Sharon up to be a suspect in his disappearance. HE took the pre-nup to make her look suspicious.

  25. Profile photo of tedew

    kgfteach … that is a good observation and Victor’s demented little mind is up to something no good. The prenup however appears to be in Sharon’s grubby little hands to immolate.

  26. Profile photo of kgfteach

    Ahhhh…Sharon did burn the papers, after all, but I guess Victor knew she’d be snooping for them. He’s too astute to leave his valuable business papers so vulnerable. He’s got to have copies. Avery will be able to state, down the road, that Victor told her there was a signed prenup. Next, Nikki will tell the world she saw Sharon burning papers!

  27. Profile photo of tedew

    Not sure why anyone should assume that she was burning anything of importance. And why is the high and mighty oft ex Mrs. Newman always skulking around that place anyway? And why is the new female version of Michael Baldwin running around blabbing Newman legal matters?

    But you are right about Victor. But why do we have to put up with Victor yet again off in the hinterland running, controlling and destroying people’s lives from afar? Plus he really shouldn’t be marrying people (no matter who or how stupid they are or for whatever devious reasons he has) and parts of his vicious wicked games. I actually hope Sharon breaks out of that shell she’s been in forever and gives all the Newmans a very well deserved miserable time.

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