Summer Soap Couple Games: Days of Our Lives, Round 3 (Voting Closed)

The second round of Daytime Confidential’s Summer Soap Couple Games has ended. Five couples were eliminated in Round 2 and five moved on to Round 3, where they will compete for their soap’s Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. The three couples who get the most votes in Round 3 from each soap will then move to the All Around Soap Couple Summer Games Final.

Round 3: Voting takes place August 6 – Midnight August 8
The five couples with the most votes from Round 2 will compete for the Gold, Silver and Bronze medal of their respective soap. After winning Round 3, these three top vote getters will enter Round 4.

Round 4: All Around voting takes place August 9 – Midnight August 12
The Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners from each soap’s Round 3 will compete for the final All Around Soap Couple Summer Games medals. Only the three couples with the most votes at the end of Round 4 will take home the final three medals.

Who will be the last three couples standing? Let Round 3 begin!

Vote for the couple you want to win the 2012 Summer Soap Couple Games.

Summer Soap Couple Games: Days of Our Lives, Round 3 (Voting Closed)

  • Will and Sonny (35%, 1,486 Votes)
  • Sami and Lucas (15%, 614 Votes)
  • Sami and EJ (23%, 961 Votes)
  • John and Marlena (22%, 929 Votes)
  • Bo and Hope (5%, 200 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,190

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10 Responses

  1. Profile photo of La_Laa

    Give me my Wilson! :) I don’t need anything else from this show.

    Ahh,I can’t wait for the their romance. Wilson, show for the rest of couples, what REAL LOVE looks like. :love: This will be HOT. :bigsmile: YES!


  2. Profile photo of marybee50

    La Laa-me too.I’m just wondering if T does something to make Will realize he cares for Sonny.Judi Evans said she will also be involved in the Sept story.Can’t wait to get it started.

  3. Profile photo of La_Laa

    to marybee50

    Well, Brian also will be back. So I think maybe both Brian & Tad will be the catalyst to Wilson pairing.
    I am tired, that everything is about William. A want to see Will’s jealousy, so bad. And also some build of relationships, before they get together.

    Judi Ewans probably will be involved in Sonny’s story.

  4. Profile photo of betty-pop16

    Sonny and Will <3, the only reason I put up with this little show, there is so much going on that I dont care about. I watched anyway to support and I hope Will and Sonny are not Written like other irrelevant “love story” on this show.I am waiting for their first kiss like crazy.

    LOL is between Ejami and WilSon who will win

  5. Profile photo of amy2527

    I’ve been waiting SIX YEARS for Ejami so I think they should take the gold, WilSon should take the silver (as they’re an up an starting couple) and Marlena/John should take the bronze.(because they’re a bedrock of the show – kind a staid and solid but John is hot).

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