Summer Soap Couple Games: The Young and the Restless, Round 3 (Voting Closed)

The second round of Daytime Confidential’s Summer Soap Couple Games has ended. Five couples were eliminated in Round 2 and five moved on to Round 3, where they will compete for their soap’s Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. The three couples who get the most votes in Round 3 from each soap will then move to the All Around Soap Couple Summer Games Final.

Round 3: Voting takes place August 6 – Midnight August 8
The five couples with the most votes from Round 2 will compete for the Gold, Silver and Bronze medal of their respective soap. After winning Round 3, these three top vote getters will enter Round 4.

Round 4: All Around voting takes place August 9 – Midnight August 12
The Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners from each soap’s Round 3 will compete for the final All Around Soap Couple Summer Games medals. Only the three couples with the most votes at the end of Round 4 will take home the final three medals.

Who will be the last three couples standing? Let Round 3 begin!

Vote for the couple you want to win the 2012 Summer Soap Couple Games.

Summer Soap Couple Games: The Young and the Restless, Round 3 (Voting Closed)

  • Nick and Phyllis (28%, 2,583 Votes)
  • Billy and Victoria (22%, 1,981 Votes)
  • Adam and Sharon (22%, 2,024 Votes)
  • Nick and Sharon (11%, 1,023 Votes)
  • Adam and Chelsea (17%, 1,509 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,120

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20 Responses

  1. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    The hotness that are Sharon & Adam! :love: :love: :love:

    Sharon Case and Michael Muhney made it always work. Their chemistry was great. I wish they would reunite them instead of having Sharon being married to her father figure and going crazy, while Adam has become one of the most boring characters on Daytime by being busy playing house with a reformed rapist.

  2. Profile photo of dani700

    Adam and Chelsea are absolutely adorable together. Sharon is nowhere as hot with Adam as Chelsea is with Adam. I hope they don’t break this couple up. I am enjoying seeing them together. Sharon has become a gold digger and Adam is reformed. Their relationship is stale just as Phyllis and Nick.

  3. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=Coffee_Junkie]The Lane fans are crying and pulling their hair out, demanding a recount.[/quote]

    Very funny. I honestly don’t see why Nick and Phyllis are so high on this chart, since they were not scored that well on the previous ones. B and V are still the best together, regardless of the vote here.

  4. Profile photo of Betty

    This poll should be fun but the cheating in this round has ruined it.

    Phick who wasn’t even the 1st or 2nd couple in popularity in rounds 1 or 2 is now way ahead?

    Phick gained over 400 votes in less than 90 minutes. I would have more than a little robo voting went on.

    DC doesn’t care though because they are getting hits to their site. Too bad. This round should be redone.

  5. Profile photo of Dayna

    Betty, I noticed the same thing this morning too. Went to vote before leaving for work and Billy / Victoria were in a slight lead of under 100 votes. Checked back in at my coffee break about hour & half later and Phyllis/Nick were 300+ votes ahead. None of the others had huge gains. Just seemed really odd to me. Didn’t think of the robo voting (actually had to look up what this was) but sadly it does seem that may be what happened. Too bad because it takes away from the fun of the poll.

  6. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    My understanding is you may only vote once. I am like some of the others, AMAZED that Nick and Phyllis seem to come from out of nowhere, when as others stated, they were barely in the running. Some people most have figured out a way to cheat on this and it really irritates me.

  7. Profile photo of Betty

    I’m actually embarrassed for the Phick fans. Who ever is doing their robo voting just dumped another 250 votes within 20 minutes worth of time.

    They aren’t even subtle anymore. 400 vote dump, 50 vote dump, and now 250 votes.

    Congrats Phick you win!

  8. Profile photo of GuiltyPleasure

    Ok, so what the heck is going on? I’ve read on Twitter, plus other soap boards that Y &R fans are really frustrated because they can’t vote, the voting screen disappears. Yet one Y&R couple is getting huge block of votes at different intervals. I know this is robo voting but how is this even possible if the voting screen disappears? It’s a whole lotta effort to make sure a couple that was way behind in the first two rounds, posting 483 in round 2 and only 386 in round one, win. I’ve noticed this is also happening on the GH poll. It’s too bad, this was kind of fun, but now it just feels silly and childish.

  9. Profile photo of marybee50

    I don’t know much about computers(lucky I can turn it on),but maybe what ever these robovoters are doing is blocking others,and that’s why screens go blank.I know you use to be able to tie up phone trunks in contests.

    Anyway,it does take the fun out of a simple pleasure.

  10. Profile photo of Restless Vixen
    Restless Vixen

    It was silly and childish to begin with.

    No shade at DC, by the way. These type of polls are hardly scientific and I doubt Daytime Confidential intended this one to be, either. They’re meant to be fun. I’d like to add this as another thing that has damaged this daytime soap genre: Silly couples ships taking themselves and their favorites way too fucking seriously. I mean, really! Soaps are about more than just couples, and these polls don’t really affect anything real. The same poll could happen next week with different results. Big freakin deal!

    You know what this poll really says? Y&R fans want to see sessy time and romance with characters of childbearing age (well, maybe not Phyllis anymore, but…). They want attractive men and gorgeous women – not a bunch of teenagers or senior citizens. And every pairing remaining has at least one character from a core family, with Billy and Victoria being the ultimate as a Newbott (Newman and Abbott) couple. I hope someone from Sony/CBS is taking notes. I don’t doubt JG/JFP already familiar with this kind of thing.

  11. Profile photo of soapgirl2617

    Nick and Phyllis fans are not the only ones that manipulated the poll. One of the other couples in the top three did the same. You can tell by how fast the vote count went up in a short amount of time.Probably fans of all the couples did. I think many fans thought this poll was one vote per IP address. However,that was not the case so the poll tells us nothing.It was a waste of time. The top three may actually have less voters than the other couples. I am sure JFP will not be making decisions based on manipulated polls. If so the show will probably be off the air in six months.

  12. Profile photo of Knoxville

    Phick fans are notorious for cheating in any poll they can get their hands on. It just seems like they are too afraid to see what the numbers would really be if they just left it fair and square. Oh well (shrug) and just for note, I have no idea how anyone can look at the pics up top or even look at any past YT vids and not see that Sharon and Adam whether you loved them or hated them completely eviscerate Chelsea and Adam in terms of visual beauty or chemistry. MM and MCE bring cute but that’s about it. When it comes to heat and chemistry MCE and MM don’t even begin to generate a pot of boiling water in comparison to SC and MM.

  13. Profile photo of soapgirl2617

    I think the Shadam fans did the same thing as the Phick fans on this poll. Probably all the couples did to some extent. Some fanbases just did a better job robo voting. I think a couple of fanbases checked out because of the robo voting. You can tell because some vote totals stopped growing. DC should have done the poll like TV Source where you sign in with an email address. All of these couples do well there but you trust the results a little more because at least the cheating is limited. It is really not important.Polls are just for fun.

    I like most of the couples in this round. I think Villy is easily the most popular couple on Y & R. They are great. Phick has great moments too. I like Adam and Chelsea much more than Sharon and Adam.Adam looks younger with Chelsea because of all that smiling. Adam and Chelsea seem to have real love the way they are written. This is what makes soaps fun.We all see things differently.

  14. Profile photo of Karlie

    Same old, same old. Phick fans have been notorious for years for their robo-voting. IMO, every single Phyllis/Phick poll on the Y&R official website, for example, has been rigged by these fans so Phyllis/Phick always win by huge margins. While other fans may robo-vote, Phick fans have been at it for years (one Phick fan bragged about it on another message board years ago saying other fans were “jealous” because “[they] didn’t think of it first”. LOL!). I saw the same huge jumps in numbers by the thousands – within minutes! – for Phick on the official Y&R site polls. That’s why I know Phick is not that popular with the general Y&R audience because their fans just won’t allow them NOT to win by fair voting so robovoting ensues.

    CBS SID did a supercouples write in ONLY poll a few years ago, whereby you couldn’t robo-vote online but had to MAIL in your voting page from the magazine. Phick lost to Shick. Whenever online voting is involved, the rally cry goes out on the Phick fan sites and robo-voting ensues. It makes me laugh because, IMO, a couple that needs that much unfair propping all the time clearly is NOT that popular as their fans try and make them out to be to TPTB. Yet, it’s obviously been working. Why else would one of the most mis-matched and repulsive couplings be continually forced down viewers throats??

  15. Profile photo of delta24

    It boggles the mind how uninformed so many are that claim that they know Phick fans, as for the SID Poll, we lost that Poll by 42 votes, you can confirm that with Richard at SID magazines. And as most of you already know since you all know so much, SID has moved their couples poll to a write in mail in format and yet if our Fan base is washed up and gone, why are we continually in the top three.

    Bitterness and pointing finges is so unbecoming, and for those that are speaking about how Phick did not have a presence in Round 1 we did, we were in 2nd place behind Villly and in round three the Shick fan base who is # 10 on the SID poll all of a sudden was able to muster over 700 votes to our 432.

    And yet you label us cheats. We have been around a long time, and we happen to have amazing fans who are ready to support our couple. Maybe it is something to do than put down another fan base because you don’t like them.

    We support our couple on a daily basis and on a weekly basis. Don’t hate us because we asked our members here and abroad to vote on the poll. And do not accuse of cheating, because we are winning a poll..

  16. Profile photo of delta24

    And what is wrong with a rally cry, we rally cry for Charity also, we rally cry for any events that the actors we like attend, we are always in support of our actors and do not compare ourselves to others.

    We are as loyal as any fan base,we support Phick through good times and bad, we do not go around bad mouthing other fan bases, because we have enough to deal with, with all this resentment for a “Reel Life’ fan couple support team.

    Thank you for your time.

  17. Profile photo of Karlie

    A loss is still a loss, if even by 1 vote. Phick lost.

    Cheating is still cheating, no matter how you slice it and speaks volumes for how much support the reel couple Phick truly has. Lol. The truth hurts (IMO).

  18. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=Betty]I’m actually embarrassed for the Phick fans. Who ever is doing their robo voting just dumped another 250 votes within 20 minutes worth of time.

    They aren’t even subtle anymore. 400 vote dump, 50 vote dump, and now 250 votes.

    Congrats Phick you win![/quote]


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