The Brothers Jacks Return to Port Charles on General Hospital!

If you read my cryptic, General Hospital spoilers on Friday, you've likely already guessed a couple of my riddles. The dastardly villain I alluded to was of course Jerry Jacks, played once again by Sebastian Roche. Meanwhile, the baby daddy back to complicate his ex's love life, is Jerry's kid brother, Jasper "Jax" Jacks (Ingo Rademacher), who is also returning to the ABC serial.

Roche gave an interview with TV Guide's Michael Logan previewing the havoc his character plans to wreak on Port Charles this time around. Rademacher has been tweeting his excitement over the returns as well. Are you pumped to see the brothers Jacks back in Port Charles? Sound off in the comments!

Photo credit: ABC


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I wish with ALL my heart that they would knock off the "Joe Jr."moniker. Can't he just be Joe? For crying out loud, we didn't know "Joe Sr.", so why run this in the ground. When Sonny or Kate say Joe Jr., Joe reminds me of children playing a game. "We hate Joe, Jr." pout, puff, kick and bite. And Sonny with that gun! He looked like he could barely hold it. It was funny when Joe told him to go ahead and shoot him. Bad A, Sonny, looked like his air had been let out of his balloon. Please writers, you can do better. Joe, Jr. is used up!.