Can You Handle 50 Shades of Romance on General Hospital?

This week, romance is taking over Port Charles, as General Hospital gives fans "50 Shades of Romance." While I seriously doubt any GH couple will ever be as racy as Christian Grey and Ana Steele, it’s nice to see a little love in the afternoon on GH. Watch this week’s promo after the jump!

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    Jason and Sam are a really romantic couple. They were married and he wanted her to give up her baby for adoption. Before that, while feeling spurned by Jason, Sam tried to kill her rival’s children. Jason routinely murders people and has two facial expressions. They’re both violent criminals. Totally rootable.

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    If they do get divorced its still clear where his heart is and where really it will always be. I wouldnt want my girl to be his bedwarmer because he cant have someone he really loves but hey to each his own. I do wonder though, if they divorce and they still love each other like that what happens to mcbam and jizz when jasam discover their child is alive and is not a product of francos rape, but rather the love child they have longed for over the last decade? Jason has always had baby rabies – look at the way he practically drooled over little aiden (or should I call him substitute jake?) – and when he finds out he has the chance to be a full time dad what then?

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    Jason was enthralled with little Aiden wasn’t he? Jason wanted to marry Liz and raise her baby before he even knew that Jake was his son. When it came to Sam’s new baby? Let the kid be adopted and move on.

    Pfft. As for Jason’s heart, the man just tinkled all over Ewen’s shoes on Monday because of Liz. ;)

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    Hey if jason wants liz for her fertility and her availability and he chooses to fill his bed with her because he cant have sam, i sort of think thats sad for both liz and jason. The word for it is settling.

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    And what would you call Jason taking Sam back after she admittedly threw herself all over him after Liason broke up due to danger? Liason’s court scenes and the scenes that followed showed that Liason loved eachother but thought being together was too dangerous. If it wasn’t for the “danger”, they would have been together as a family with Jake, so that makes Sam the bedwarmer. He ended up back with her out of convenience and because he couldn’t have Liz.

    We can go back and forth about this….all the way back to before Sam was on the show and Liason almost ran away together. It doesn’t matter. This is how soaps work. One couple ends and another starts before the other is completely dead. Do I always like it? No. But it doesn’t take anything away from the next couple.

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    And yet js you said if this is all only a tease and jasam is end game that you will stop watching. So much for this is how soaps are and I dont take anything away from the next pair.

    Jason ALSO left sam because of danger which is what started this whole mess. the difference is he couldnt stay away from her. Liz he easily stayed away from until sam became unavailable. Even lizards brother and jasons best friend have pointed out that he hooks up with her when he has a fight with sam.

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    EET – I think I was pretty clear that my reason for not watching did not have to do with Jason going on to another couple (Jasam in this case), but with Liason not getting a valid chance and just being teased. I stayed with the show when Liason broke up. The only other time I was going to stop watching was when RH was fired. It’s not the moving on to another couple for’s the never getting a full story out in the open for my favorite couple. I’m sick and tired of being jerked around. If they are not going to to Liason, stop teasing it. I, for one, can’t stand it any longer. It’s just too frustrating for me.

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    Happy for Lulu and Dante, poor things need a storyline. I’d much rather a drama-filled week than a romance-filled week though. As for Jason and Sam, I want to root for them, but Sam deserves so much better than Jason. As for Jason and Elizabeth,..I’d love to root for them, but Elizabeth deserves so much better than Jason. Sam’s the reason I watch General Hospital. I do adore Elizabeth too, but Jason’s lame..if Sam’s happy, I’m happy.

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    You know for the most part I do enjoy your posts EET….and other than Liz and Jasam/Liason.. we do agree on a lot of the other aspects of the show…as you well know from previous conversations with one another….What I don’t get is why you feel the need to lower yourself to call soap characters names like “lizard”. You can’t even say it’s because Sam is being called names…because I haven’t seen her called anything nasty in quite some time…certainly not in this thread at the moment…Yet I see you still calling Liz derrogatory names. Personally I don’t get it…

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    I will also join the group of Liason fans that will be livid if after all of turns out to be a tease. Yes I know that Jason and Sam have a child together…and I fully expect for them to reunite at sometime in the future because of this…This is how soaps work…Which is why I think Jasam definitely needs to be broken up for now…They are stale, boring..and have been together way too long for a soap couple… and things need to be shaken up…Liason has a LARGE fanbase, that has been waiting a very long time for their story…It is about time they got it…If we don’t get our story… I will be done with this show. I also want Jake back..I think it would be interesting to see Jason with both of his sons also…a throw back to how Alan and his two sons in a way…..

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    The most boring couple on earth was Jason and Liz. The only reason I started watching GH again was the breakup of those two. Then the love of her life was/is Lucky, no, it’s Jason, no, it’s Nicholas, nope….repeat. Give her someone new for goodness sake and stop the been there done that crap.

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    Um whats worse calling a fictional character a nickname or someone saying that BECKY is a better PERSON than KELLY. last i checked none of us are buds with these people to know that. Becky may well be the better person, kelly may well be the better person but we couldnt possibly know enough about either to say. Id rather see sam called scam any day of the week than to read derogatory comments about the actors yet nobody called that out. And please dont tell me about kellys playboy past or some drunken night that was only caught because the paparazzi follow her and cheryl around. So the fact that she has no issue with nudity somehow makes her a bad person so much so we should simply forget about the charity work shes done? We know nothing about what kind of friends these women are to other people, we know nothing about their faith and/or service to community, we know nothing of them as partners but damn it kelly must be a horrible person because people have seen her breasts.

    I too am tired of the liz/jason tease by the way. I dont buy them as a couple in part because whenever they have a choice they choose others whether its liz choosing zander or jason choosing courtney or liz choosing lucky or jason choosing sam they never move forward and that is unfortunately the history that the fans of this couple want me to forget/ignore. I would find it far more interesting personally to see robin come back with mixed up memories and thinking she was still with jason. we could have mcbam, piz and j&r for a short time and then have natalie come on and mix things up while robin slowly regains her memory of her true love. I also wouldnt mind jason and mcbain becoming enemies, natalie showing up and being like sjbs carly – full of “plans” and mischief and maybe jason at times reluctantly going with it by not stopping it while other times trying to protect sam even if he could maybe use natalies actions to win back HIS one true love. Either way, I want liz out of my love story. poor jasam is losing all this time with their child – a child they waited nearly a decade to hold. They need to have their baby back pronto.

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    It’s time to put KATE to rest and Connie, too. In all the cases of DID that soaps jump to make for some dramatic story, very rarely has the “alternate personality” been so vicious as Connie/Kate have been. Sure, Connie was a loose cannon as a teen in Bensonhurst, always flirting and dating the wrong men. Of course, we will buy that Connie was raped the evening that she was to meet up with Sonny and that Kate came out and took over. Sure, from then on Kate was in charge right from the moment she discovered she was pregnant and right up until she gave birth in a room and deposited her child in a dresser drawer to die.

    Sure, Kate then went on to become a successful fashion magazine publisher with millions in the bank and not a care in the world. Then Kate’s secret world came crashing down when Connie came back to power and wanted payback for Kate desposited Connie’s baby in an empty drawer in a room and leaving it to DIE.

    Sure, Connie has the world believing that Kate shot out Anthony’s tires (motive isn’t strong there other than to protect her mobster boss boyfriend … who has hitmen in employ) even though ONLY Connie and Johnny know the truth.

    But I move away from why this story is disgusting to me. KATE THREW A BABY AWAY and the show/writers and even critics are letting this pass as a result of her alternate personality. Vicki/Nikki/Jess/Tess/Eden/ etc. never did as much in their alternates (except maybe on Days but that show is all about CAMP) BECAUSE THE WRITERS KNEW TO RESPECT THE LEGACY OF THE MAIN ‘PERSONALITY’. I think Kate should be made to pay for this horrible act EVEN IF TREY is her son. Please, no romantic sweet happy ending here only if Kate is behind bars when it arrives.

    (And yes, I know I have it backwards but Kate has ALWAYS BEEN THE ALTERNATE PERSONALITY and not CONNIE and I don’t care who comes on board to rewrite several years of history!!)

    As for the romance, AMAZING! Love it when the guys have to be less macho in the sense of what guys think macho is and are romancing their ladies. As for Lulu being pregnant, I don’t see a full term here, people.

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    Wow talk about revisionist history. You started that whole discussion by claiming that Becky was not as important as Kelly because she wasn’t doing Vegas shows, or movies, or DWTS. You felt that made Kelly a much more valuable commodity, for having these past accomplishments in her resume

    I know my response to you was that in my opinion that was not necessarily true, because,Becky’s priorities were different. Her career does not come
    first with her like it dies with Kemo…raising her kids and her family are what comes first for Becky. She is not putting herself out there for outside projects, because that is her personal choice… not because no one wants her… or not because everyone in the business is out banging on Kemos door for her to work for them…Hardly the reality of it. If you read Michael Fairman’s interview with Kelly, she was the one asking them to please let her come back. I posted the article on the Vegas show because from the way you wrote your post…lol…you were insinuating that the show was all about Kelly…another far reach from what the actual reality was…..I also said that MANY of the other actors have done movies…and that you didn’t mention that they had this big star quotient that you insinuated Kemo had….Not once did I call her a bad person…I stated her history, and recent behavior without calling her names or giving my opinion of what she has done….I stated facts…that is all…If you view it as less than stellar that is YOUR opinion.

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    Actually you werent the one who said it – i wasnt referring to your post at all, but rather what js had to say. And yes I do think outside gigs shows the industry has interest in an actress/actor but I mentioned MANY of the other stars that have had prime time gigs. I mentioned JMB I mentioned LLC I mentioned KS etc. etc. I never said ONLY kelly has that.

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    Heres the direct quote…

    I like RH better as an actress and as a person than Kemo. I base this on their performances and on their behavior. I have seen way too much of Kemo’s naked bitts and pieces for my liking. It is her choice to do what she does (Playboy, porn, getting out of limos without undies while drunk off her a**). It is my choice not to like it. Party on Kemo – it’s your right. Just like it’s my right to not like you for it.

    Whats worse slamming kelly as a person or calling liz lizard? Im saying if we are going to have such a high standard around here that a nickname gets called out, how come that post didnt elicit any criticism. And why is it the only time that someone gets called out for free speech against a CHARACTER it has to do with me calling liz a nickname. Ive seen other fans call other characters by names – as swan queen how many times people call dante DUMBTE – and no one says boo. If we are going to have a standard then have a standard ALL the time. otherwise its just situational ethics.

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    50 shades…I don’t think so! LOL! General Hospital hasn’t been hot in years. TPTB completely forgot what romance is and that soaps were popular when they focused on the LOVE in daytime. Frons idea of what was hot was gross!

    So bring it Ron and Frank- because this show definitely needs way more in the romance department, but rekindling the Jason and Elizabeth relationship is an excellent start! Todd, John, Patrick, Dante and Johnny are great romantic leads as well- don’t waste it!

    Awwww! Jasam share a kiss and then decide to divorce- FINALLY!

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    js3557 was my post about not liking Kemo. It’s my opinion of her and I’m sticking to it. I base this opinion on her life and career choices that I have learned about via tv, magazines, interviews with Kemo, and the plethora or porn/nude things she has done in the past. Like I said before, she has every right to do these things, and I have every right not to like them. For me it is not about RH vs. Kemo. I haven’t liked Kemo since she first appeared on the Gh spinoff PC. I learned about her lifestyle and career choices then and did not like them. Am I supposed to pretend that I think her choices are great? Am I supposed to keep my opinion to myself because others won’t like it? Call me judgmental, a prude, mean, whatever. It’s my opinion and if you don’t like it…scroll on by.

    And I don’t care what names anyone calls Liz. I have a new attitude about these things. For one, she’s a fictional character. Secondly, everyone has the right to like or dislike any character they choose to, and to express that opinion. I don’t let it get to me anymore because there are more important things to get upset about….like homelessness, war, discrimination, etc. So rock on with your lizard, scam, liesalot, spam, dumbte, et al

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    Js3557 – I certainly support your right to feel how you feel and to express your opinions. If you are not hurting anyone, I do not judge. Kelly made her choices and put herself in the public eye. So , she ends up with people critiquing her. She will have to deal. I don’t think she is hurting anyone either. I do always wonder why these women leave the panties at home. I get the Britney Lindsey youth stupidity for the most part. How old is Kelly? Put your party pants on and cross your legs in public. Sheesh!

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    JS thats fine with me. My only point was that Im getting called out for a nickname which is far less of a deal than trash talking the actor themselves. Though I might add one might be careful going there – there has been speculation and commentary on all of these actors and their personal lives over the last decade and I for one think it would be regrettable if we start talking about things like the paternity of someones children or their behind the scenes hookups.

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    I would never talk about anyone’s children. That is off limits completely to me. What these celebrities do and say is fair game, until it involves their children.

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    EET – That is so not the case with all these posters speculating over who is and isn’t gay. Missy Reeves wasn’t left alone. Anthony Geary isn’t left alone. I don’t care what Becky and Kelly do in their spare time but if it is made public than people are going to talk about it. Becky’s pregnancies always get sifted around and if Kelly is going to go drinking without panties, she should stay away from TMZ hot spots. All I am sayin!

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    And I thought some of the comments about MR were over the line, esp. the comments about her children. As for tony, I dont care who he does and does not sleep with, but I do wish he would invite me to amsterdam lol.

    I guess since I only frequent the gh threads I would say that most of us stay away from the personal lives in those threads.

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    I think you just need to scroll by when someone says something bad about your fave.. I do all the time when people say nasty things about Kemo.. For the record we know nothing about their home lives. I do agree taking pot shots at the actual person is way worse than poking fun at the fictional character.. I also think though that there is always a vibe that Kemo/Sam is open for talking trash about but if it is RH/Liz suddenly everyone is saying be nice.. It can get annoying when I read countless posts of making fun of Kemo’s hands, forgetting lines, puffy eyes you name it. Then Liz is mentioned and suddenly the Kemo fans are bullies.. Some posters just need to be tougher about what they are reading..

    However I wonder if Kemo and RH ever sit together and read the message boards.. >)

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    I don’ t think I saw anything about The Reeves kids. But, she tweeted and all hell broke loose. I chose not to participate but it made for interesting reading. I don’t think anyone would go after an actor without ammunition.. They leave themselves open when they go public with their bad behavior.

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