Longmire’s Bailey Chase on How As The World Turns Stint Was Acting ‘Boot Camp’

Who says daytime dramas are a cakewalk? Longmire star and  As The World Turns alum Bailey Chase (ex-Chris Hughes) spoke with Assignment X on the rigorous shooting demands of his hit A&E series. Chase revealed to the site how starring on the now defunct sudser helped him prepare for primetime.

AX: You were on AS THE WORLD TURNS from 2003-2004. A lot of actors say that acting on soaps is the hardest acting work there is.

CHASE: I feel like – for me and probably for most actors – it’s boot camp, at least in the beginning. It was a great training ground for me, I logged a lot of hours in front of the camera and at that point, I felt a real growth, like I got over myself a little bit, my vanity and things like that. It’s about just showing up and the work. I feel like at that point, by the time I was done with that, it was like, “Okay, I’m a professional actor, this is what I do” [laughs]. And I felt like I earned it at that point. It’s hard doing daytime because of the demands. And I think that’s why the finished product suffers a little bit, because there’s never any time.

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    Some of the so called big stars that have short stints have not been able to keep up.

    Those that leave call it training ground. Those who have made career in daytime do not. It is all perception.

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