Bonnie Franklin Previews Saintly Role on Young and Restless

In an interview with, One Day at a Time star Bonnie Franklin talkd about her upcoming role on The Young and the Restless. Franklin, who will play Sister Celeste opposite Victor (Eric Braeden) and Genevieve (Genie Francis), dished about the storyline that brings her to the CBS soap.

On the current storyline…

“I am coming into this as a totally new, fresh character. I am not even involved, quite honestly, with knowing what is going on with [Victor (Eric Braeden)]. I just greet them as I see them as my character meets them.”

“I’m playing a modern day nun—blue jeans and shirts—who works at a mission in a water-front area  helping homeless people, [and] people who seem to be in trouble. Helping them kind of pull it together so they can move forward.”

“I find this man, [Victor], is in trouble and I try to help him. And I don’t trust this woman, [Genevieve (Genie Francis)], that I meet.”



Franklin makes her Y&R debut on August 24. For the entire interview visit


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    Since she’s not airing until August 24, Victor, I presume, will be gone several days even for “soap opera time”? As a heart transplant patient, going without medication this long, Victor would not just be “in trouble” he would be dead…. not to mention missing his anti-seizure meds for epilepsy. Funny how Nikki nor Sharon mentioned his medical conditions to the police when they reported him missing….No wonder MAB was fired, she can’t remember any of her past storylines. #Mactrucksizedplothole

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    I know Bonnie Franklin, and Bonnie Franklin is NO Sean Young.

    Seriously, though. Why is this storyline happening? How many times has Victor run away under MAB, to be helped by a faded star from yesteryear?

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    I am not so sure about these short term roles. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. We will see. Sometimes it is the story that kills an appearance by a “star.” It has to be written more than great and has to fit into current story. All the stars have to come together correctly for it to work. On all the shows it has to meet certain standards to work. That is my opinion.

    Through the years I have seen some big stars really look awkward.

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    I won’t complain about this storyline since it means that it’s the last stupid storyline that Maria would have had her hands on before getting FIRED!!!

    but like someone said above, Victor is a heart transplant recipient so what about his medication. BTW, I never see a scar when he is going hogwild with his shirt opened down to his navel. Anyone else?

    Then Sharon’s change over into a vixen would work so much better if Sharon Case could act like a bitch. And where the hell is the kid Nick always brings up to chastice Sharon with and the one that Sharon fought so hard to get back?!

    And, why is Nikki is worried about Victor being missing is she texting Sharon when the phone is evidence? I think that we missed out on a scene during the pre wedding where victor and nikki spoke. I think they was more planned there.

  5. Profile photo of josser

    Hooray! I’m excited to see Bonnie Franklin on TV! She’s a great actress.

    I do have to agree that Victor not being on his medication is a dropped ball but this is a soap opera and science becomes science fiction all the time. (Hello! SORASing destroys the timeline of these shows all the time!)

    Welcome Bonnie Franklin!

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    Blue Skies and Palomino Ponies

    Thank you! All I have been thinking of is how fascinating it is that everyone is quick to worry about a kidnapping, but no one has mentioned the heart or the epilepsy.
    Not to mention that I find it fascinating that an attorney of Avery Bailey Clark’s caliber is running around town talking to Sharon and Nick about Victor’s pre-nup. Confidentiality much?
    I’m not really sure I believe that the e-mail (and subsequent simper after sending) is Nikki’s style, not to mention that this was pretty stupid since the Buck we have all known and loved for so many years is very aware that Nikki has TGVN’s phone.
    All in all, I’m finding this whole storyline annoying. I did, however, madly covet Sharon’s dress yesterday.

  7. Profile photo of Greeneb2

    Very few soap opera producers/writers give a good g–damn about the long-term effects of their characters’ medical backgrounds unfortunately–sheesh!

    Brian :p

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    Help me to endure this. I NEVER liked this lady or Genvieve for that matter. Genvieve was good as Laura but can’t stand her on Y&R.
    However, I’ll be positive and say I think Bonnie may be a good nun though. They need to show nuns outside of the habit and church. Will be good for the Catholic church to get some positive exposure for once. Not a catholic, just saying.

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    Curios George

    Maybe when he was riding the horse with Sharon, she did something to him that knocked him off the horse and he had a bit of brain freeze cannot remember who he is or where he was. or why has`nt anyone check if his private jet was gone.

  10. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=Curios George]Maybe when he was riding the horse with Sharon, she did something to him that knocked him off the horse and he had a bit of brain freeze cannot remember who he is or where he was. or why has`nt anyone check if his private jet was gone.[/quote]

    They checked quite sometime ago that his jet is gone and that he didn’t fly commercial.

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    Especially since it is a rip off of the B&B Storyline where Stephanie ends up on skid-row where she meets Daisy. Brooke went looking for Stephanie = enter Genevieve.

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