General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Joe summons Johnny to talk about wanting to take Sonny down.  He says Johnny is the heir apparent of both Zacchara and Solito empires.  Johnny says he has a new life and has walked away from that one.  Joe says Sonny will take everything and end up controlling it all.  Johnny still isn’t interested so Joe says to give him the business since he’s already laying the ground work to come after Sonny.  Johnny says he’ll pass and leaves. 

Sonny has Trey brought to his boxing studio to prove his worth.  Trey says he stopped the show because he didn’t want to hurt or exploit Kristina anymore. He just wants her.  In the ring, the two start to spar. Trey is holding his own until Sonny distracts him by mentioning a background check. Sonny manages to get a punch in, knocking Trey down. Trey gets back up and says he intends on making things official with Kristina and Sonny knocks him out again. 

Starr’s angry with Todd for pressing charges against John. She is sure her father did something to provoke the fight.  Todd pretends to care about his niece until Starr calls him on it and warns him she’ll leave for good if he doesn’t drop the charges.  Todd wonders why she likes John so much. She reminds him that John was there for her after the accident when he couldn’t.  Todd says John took away his family, but Starr again says he needs to do the right thing. 

Kristina tries to comfort Sam, who’s worried about John because he spent the night in jail.  Kris tells her to go down and support John. However, Sam assures her that he’s just a friend and that it was just a kiss that they got out of their systems.  Kristina doesn’t buy it, pointing out that Sam and John have feelings for each other. She wonders how that will affect Jason and their marriage. 

Sam says she’s been trying with Jason, but it hasn’t been working. She thinks it may be over and time for a divorce.  Sam changes the subject to Trey and whether Sonny knows they’re dating. Kris heads out to find her father. 

John needs to get to London to see Natalie, but Alexis wants information first, namely, why he kissed Sam. John swears he loves his family, even though Alexis mentions his connection with Sam and how he was there for Sam with the baby.   Alexis says Sam can’t get over the loss of the baby. John berates himself again for not getting her to the hospital.  Alexis asks about his feelings and john admits he cares for Sam. 

Olivia’s happy to see Dante, but shocked to see a very pregnant Lulu. Then she realizes she’s seeing things again.  Olivia explains about seeing Heather’s refection in the mirror and is worried about ending up in a padded cell.  Dante reminds her that there will be side effects and to let them know when it happens again.  Olivia worries that she’ll see things for the rest of her life. 

Dante heads off to find Ewen while Lulu goes to see Patrick. Lulu gets nauseous and throws up in a garbage can.  Olivia looks at the Sun and sees herself pictured there. 

Todd goes to the police station and tells John and Alexis that he’s dropping the charges and to thank Starr.  Todd goes back to his office to let Starr know that John is free. Starr assures him that he did the right thing and that he’s her hero. 

Kristina shows up at the boxing ring. Sonny says he and Trey have been getting to know each other and wants to go to brunch. He asks about Trey’s parents. 

Sam’s happy when Alexis gets home with John in tow. 

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    Since when does Sonny box? What a dumb plotpoint!

    Do these people have homing devices? Dante knew exactly where to go to arrest McDish. Kristina knows to go to the boxing ring?

    Something has been bothering me about lousy editing. Alexis and Kristina were in the living room, Sam and McDish on the porch. Yet they never saw each other, VERY SLOPPY.

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    The last thing this show needed was another mobster. Sonny, joe Scully, Kristina, Kate, and Trey are all FF material for me. The only time this show is on fire is when it’s showing Heather, Anna, Robin, Tracy, and Luke.

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    I totally agree…The current story line with Joe Jr/Trey/Sonny/Kate/Kristina is a complete bore, and I don’t pay any attention to it. Whenever they are on, its as if they throw a bucket of water on a show which is on fire otherwise. No one cares…that is the problem..who cares if fake Kate had Joe Jr’s child…no one is invested in these characters…and I agree…we want don’t want the story lines mob centric….

    The mob characters are also people…their story lines don’t always have to be about the mob…They can write other personal stories for them, and their being in the mob is more like a footnote. Prime example is the current Jason/Sam/Heather/Todd/John story line. The fact that Jason is a hitman for the mob isn’t really a controlling factor to this story. It effects it..(ie John being beat up)…but it isn’t the main focus.

    I want more Anna, Liz, Heather, McBam, Liason, Jacks Brothers, Patrick…sightings of Robin, Maxie, Mac, Alexis, Q’s, Ewen, Johnny…heck even Starr & Michael…We are getting a LOT of Todd…and thats actually good for me…I love this character…he even makes Carly bareable for me.

    I have really been enjoying the show with the exception of Kate/JoeJr, “Horrible NuKrissy” and Trey. I truly dislike this nuKrissy …something so snotty about her, and she doesn’t come off young enough…the age difference between Sam and Krissy no longer seems apparent…She also has had no chem with anyone…I normally like Sam and Krissy scenes…the ones today were totally flat for me. The ones with Alexis the other day…blah…I don’t like her…and I used to love this character..its a shame.

    Welcome back Perkie…I hope your vacation was a good one.

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    It’s just sad that with all the stories that General Hospital could have pulled out of John coming to town without trashing the history of John and Natalie that they went straight for the love story with Sam.

    It would have been so much sweeter if that when John came to town and after it was revealed that Kate (not connie) shot out Anthony’s tires that John felt it was too easy of a conclusion. And with his long sought grudge against Sonny, John opted to stay in Port Charles to get to the answers of what really is going down. Sure, we know that Joe Jr did the deed and that Sonny is sort of innocent but John could have easily gone on the force at the PCPD and not had a love affair UNTIL January when Natalie could be brought onto the show.

    Then we would have a story filled with dramatic highs and lows and the arrival of Llanview’s tough chick Natalie. Could you imagine Natalie coming to town after discovering that John kissed another woman and while checking into Carly’s hotel Carly points out Sam to Natalie (since Carly knows John and of course the “kiss”). Natalie walks over to Sam and slaps her across the face and says “are you proud of yourself bitch for trying to take my fiance and the father of my baby AWAY from his family?!!!” and then the ensuing fight for John would begin.

    That scenario would be EPIC!!! Now, we will wait until January for the drama to occur and then it will be nothing more than a wimper.

    Pace the action, Cartini. Not everything has to happen immediately!!! Fans of OLTL love the fact that John is there!

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    Not everyone hates Sonny. I loved Milo bringing Trey in with a bag over his head. Milo is so funny when he deadpans like he didn’t understand his instructions. Too bad Max wasn’t there to bump him a little. I thought this show was so good that I watched it twice. Joe and Johnny was pretty good too. I wasn’t real sure why Johnny went to see Joe but I did enjoy Joe trying to recruit Johnny. I really enjoyed Johhny turning him down. Time will tell, and it probably won’t be long till Sonny takes Joe out. (or maybe Jason)

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    I disagree I hate when they try to whitewash the mob by ignoring the fact that they are in it which for the most part is what RC is doing with Johnn, Sonny, Jason. Hell Joe Jr technically is not even in the mob.

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    Sam says she’s been trying with Jason, but it hasn’t been working.

    Was this shown off screen because other than Jason going over to her place of employment I haven’t seen anything. And now the only reason Jason is even mentioned is because of her concern over McBain

    And please do not tell me that throwing yourself into your job, staying away and shoving your tongue down the throat of another man is the new couples therapy.

  8. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I think “GH” has done every mob story that is possible to do in Daytime. Time to move on. Who thinks that Joe Scully is a real threat for Sonny!? Look at the guy! What a sorry excuse for a human being. I just want him gone and that story to be over. It’s nothing new, nothing that entertains me.

    I have to say though that I’m warming up to Trey. He can stay after walking away from his father for all his crimes and lies. I actually even enjoy him and Kristina together, now that Mob Princess is over. It was good choice by Ron to cut that story short. Now he has to do the same with Scully, who wants to take over the Zacchara AND Soleito crime organization!? LOL

    It’s nice that Sam and John admitted that there is something between them. Even though they told Kristina and Alexis. It was really nice. I love and totally enjoy the chemistry Kelly Monaco and Michael Easton have in EVERY single scene. It’s so amazing! I would love for them to get together.
    Don’t get why people keep complaining about trashing the love story of Natalie/John and Sam/Jason. This kind of stuff happens on soaps all the time – for decades!!!! Look at Marlena and Roman from DAYS … what later became John and Marlena.
    It’s unfortunate that Natalie can’t show up in Port Chuck to play more of a role in this, but we all should know by now that that’s because of legal issues.

    I LOVE Olivia losing her mind. Lisa LoCicero is doing an amazing job!!!!
    And please, I don’t want Lulu pregnant. I just don’t!

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    TV Gord

    I think this show’s exchange between Joe Jr. and Johnny sets up Joe to take over the Soleito/Zacchara holdings, which will give him the power to take on Sonny on an more equal footing.

  10. Profile photo of bishbay

    Hope you’re wrong, TV Gord. I had to suffer through the actor who plays Joe, Jr. when he was on “Passions” as Martin Fitzgeral-Lopez, and it was AGONY! (Don’t get me started on Katherine Crane…) Like the reality show, they need to cut this story off short. Have Joe trigger an old bomb that Franco had left for Jason and move on.

  11. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    I loved seeing the boxing scene with Sonny. It took me by surprise! Maurice Bernard is into boxing so I think he may have suggested the scene. Acting wise, I think Maurice has come alive under Frank V. and Ron C. When Guza was writing. the past few years Maurice looked so bored and was sleep-walking thru half the scenes. He seems to be really giving his all to save the show. I know a lot of fans are sick of Sonny and the Mob but under Frank V’s directions, I am actually liking Sonny again and I thought Maurice looked sexy with the boxing.
    LOVE Roger Howarth. He makes me want to watch the show everyday to see what Todd will do next. He is so quirkey and funny, and I love his ad-libbing. I am SOOO happy they brought him on the show. I loved the scenes of him and Starr, she always brings out the good side of him. I still want Blair on the show, love to see her and Carly go at it. And, loving John and Sam, the chemistry is there. and Jason and Liz, they just look at each other and it’s electricity. I just want GH to stay on the air. The show has gotten so much better, just wish the ratings would go up. GH has the hottest guys, Todd, Mcbain, Johnny, Dante, Patrick, Ewen, Sonny, Jason, and even Trey is starting to impress.

  12. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I hope I’m wrong, too, bishbay. He seems like a caricature, and my only hope is that he and Sonny battle to the death. I still haven’t given up hope that they are going to reduce the mob to next-to-nothing in Port Charles. Anna should declare a war on the mob. If anyone can kick the right asses and take the right names, it’s her.

  13. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    I will admit as a teen I once chased MB and SB through a mall. :8) I loved their stories back in the day and I still love the actors. However years of over exposure have soured their stories for me. Years of always knowing they would win. Years of loosing characters I also adore like Alan and Georgie and then still watching them in the same retired story… It’s always MB being a tortured soul some how- Jason being a saviour to all.. Then throw in Carly who I really can’t stand.. Always yelling at someone how much she loves her kids- but where are they!! All the women always loosing something but never Carly.. I do like the mob story- just not all the time- not all the focus.. I just can’t embrace the whole Sonny and Joe Scully story.. Then add Kristina who seems like she is being groomed to be the next Carly.. I just can’t find ways to sympathise with those characters..

    However I am always a good viewer letting it play in the other room.. It’s just a question on if anything makes me go back to watch something good. I do like having funny parts again that make me laugh.. To that extent I can see why Todd was a popular character.. His delivery is just great..

    So did the lsd make Olivia pyschic??

  14. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I think JMB looked good pregnant. I like Olivia’s confusion.

    I don’ t understand how Sam can say she and Jason are trying.. Perhaps it is like when she says she is working. All off screen.

    The actor who plays Milo is actually Maurice Benard and Steve Burtons trainer. I read that somewhere. He got them into boxing. My nephew is a trainer and he was offended on behalf of boxers everywhere for the silliness of that boxing match. Clearly, the Trey actor had a few quick lessons. He is not a boxer. It was amusing to watch with the men in my family. I dont mind the addition of the gym since the show has been so insular for so long. We may have spent several months just going between Jasons penthouse and Sonny’s office. I like new sets.

  15. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    The only thing I was thinking about when Sam said she was trying was she was talking about forgiving Jason.. It’s all in her own head stuff. Right now the only issue between Jasam is Sam not wanting him.. Jason wants her back- it’s not like there is a question of what Jason wants.. I can see how Sam still has so much anger inside. I wish they would show her going to grief counseling though..

  16. Profile photo of mipeony

    I liked Alexis and John’s conversation in this episode, love her in semi-mama bear mode. Loved Alexis asking him point blank about his feelings for Sam, for telling him it wouldn’t be this way if Sam hadn’t been so vulnerable, and then for telling him like it is about Jason’s actions… using the words chose, unwilling, wouldn’t.

    I want Alexis shown more, so I’m glad Sam got her to help McBain. Sure he could’ve just called Tea, but then they wouldn’t be able to drag out this baby napping story. While I love me some Sam and McBain, I want them both to get their shit settled with their partners so they will be be available to move on, even if it’s only just for a few months until the baby is returned, the paternity reveal hits the fan, and Natalie shows up after the PP deal is finished.

    The boxing stuff doesn’t interest me, except for the fact it looks like a rehabbed Franco’s studio. I could care less about Trey/Joe Jr/or Sonny.

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