SOAPY BYTES: John McBain Exhibits Honey Badger Ferocity on General Hospital; Harmony Needs to Go on The Young and the Restless

Y&R BYTES: It is time for Harmony (Debbi Morgan) to make a fast exit from Genoa City. With each passing day I like the character less and less. More importantly, after many memorable performances as Angie on All My Children, I do not want the role of Harmony to be my lasting soap memory of Morgan.  

Both Morgan and Kristoff St. John deserve better than being thrown together in such a chemistry-free pairing. The Young and the Restless needs to cut its losses and admit the role of Harmony has been a colossal mistake. Next, they need to get on the horn and call up Victoria Rowell.
Sharon (Sharon Case) woke up with a hangover, then apologized to Tucker (Stephen Nichols) for kissing him in her drunken state. Nikki arrived at the Newman ranch to try and find Victor (Eric Braeden).

Sharon:  “Victor is my husband and my concern, so why don’t you get the hell out and go back to your husband?”

Sharon vs. Nikki (Melodie Thomas Scott) is always such a treat.

Billy (Billy Miller) tried to figure out how to get the scoop on Phyllis (Michelle Stafford). At the same time, Phyllis was trying to determine what Billy knows. Why do I suspect he’ll come up with something even she doesn’t anticipate?  That super detective Nick (Joshua Morrow) told Phyllis he though Billy was bluffing.

I have to say I loved Victoria (Amelia Heinle) ripping Phyllis for her double standard.

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    I happen to really enjoy the character of Harmony on Y&R and to get rid of her would be a huge mistake. As for Victoria Rowell, she is too much trouble. I enjoy her completely as an actress if she could only do her job and stop creating drama with the cast. I feel Y&R gas a strong African/American cast and now has a wonderful writer in Susan Dansby who’s work I admire. What a talent. More concerned about what JFP is going to do to my show.

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    Loved Angie but can’t stand Harmony. Please tell me why Kay is taking care of her like a teenager. It reminds of the days Kay and Jill wanted to groom Nina to be good enough for their beloved Phillip. That storyline was great, but it doesn’t work for a grown woman in her 50s for cripes sake!

    Y&R needs to bring back Jill.It’s Katherine & Jill that were the treasure, viewers have tuned in since 1973 to see them not MAB’s sloppy substitutes. Harmony/Katherine- No, I mean really this is silly. Tucker/Katherine- SNORE ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I’m sure Tucker/Harmony would pay for Jill, she’s worth much more!

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    Y&R-I found Nikki very smug the last 2 days or so. I mean mind your business about Victor and worry about Jack. You cant say I care about Victor and worried where he is, when you tell him to HIS FACE to get lost. You wanted to and married Jack. I dont mind Harmony and Neil. Its got to be better than Neil and Sofia. I like Sofia but there was no chemistry from the get go and that felt forced. They had no feelings for each other, had sex one time and that was it. Phyllis, once again, scheaming and lying. Im guessing Summer finds out about what her mom did to her trust fund and it pits Summer vs. Phyllis. I wish Paul would stop feeling sorry for himself and have Christine, Heather, Lauren help him. He did nothing wrong.

    B&B-I wasnt going to even watch today’s episode because the preview of it sounded exactly like what Ive seen for days, weeks now. Why bother commenting on it. I will say in the triangle’s defense, Hope, Liam and Steffy have a hell of a lot of dialogue. They deserve a well off vacation.

    GH-I cant really comment because Ive missed the show the past couple of days but I guess Natalie is back in Lianview?? That was a fast trip to Europe. Now, is Ewen a bad guy or is he being forced to do Jerry’s bidding? Btw, how did Patrick end up in the hospital? I thought, according to him, his pill addiction was under control?

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    Y&R-Luke,you are so right about AH as Victoria.When she threw back everything Phyllis did,I was so happy.People just need to keep reminding Phyllis how bad she has been.All I can say is go Billy,find that dirt on Phyllis.

    B&B-they are repetitive,so I will be also.SSDD,nothing else to say.

    Just have to add this,Dallas was fantastic!!!

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Toscanti: Eric Braeden causes a stir regularly on Y&R. He famously got into a fisticuffs with Peter Bergman over trying to force the actors to go off cue cards and let’s not forget his long good-bye press parade where he pretty much told off Y&R and CBS. Yet in 2 months he still was back with a contract , sippin on jin and juice. With his mind on his money and his money on his mind… And when hasn’t Eric (since the late 90’s) gone to the press and gave his report on the status of Victor on Y&R. So much so that they had to use symbols in place of letters when they would publish his rants!

    Actor Michael Fairman (Murphy) also reported that someone on the show who is Church of Scientology member has kept him from getting screentime because he left the church and spoke-out about. Speculation is that it is Michelle Stafford. But it could be Sharon Case. They are both members.

    In other storylines…I mean behind the scenes drama…Jeanne Cooper also told MAB that she could put a blond wig and serving spoon in another actresses hand if they were going to remand Kay to being like Alice Horton or Lila Quatermaine…

    Jess Walton complained and threw a fit when they asked her to take a paycut and then she confessed that she was just mad because was asked to take one first and didn’t know that everyone was gonna have to take it.

    And finally whenever Peter Bergman has a grievance with the brass at Y&R he is welcomed like Jesus in the press and given no suspensions…

    So I don’t see how vicki could be any more “trouble” if that is how you are phrasing it then the rest of the cast.

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    One question:

    How the hell is it possible for an actor to be on a vacation and STILL be front-and-center in a storyline???

    Only Eric Braeden can pull something like this off. Sheesh!

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    One question:

    How the hell is it possible for an actor to be on a vacation and STILL be front-and-center in a storyline???

    Only Eric Braeden can pull something like this off. Sheesh!

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    Happy Day

    Anytime I hear of an actor being cast on Y&R – particularly if they are long time daytime actors who have excelled in other roles – i just get this feeling as though someone just told me there is going to be a car wreck right in front of me and I want to plead with them not to take the role. For a show that many a moon ago used to be so good about bringing on strong, well developed characters – so that if you heard an actor was coming to the show, then you knew 9 times out of 10, it was going to be a success – it has tragically gone downhill. Characters across the board on Y&R are ill defined, have changing motivations and no consistency, and move according to the plot rather than staying true to a character – and for a long term player it is frustrating and difficult to watch, but for new characters (even played by vets), it’s character killing. And with so few shows, these wonderful actors can’t burn a bridge like that (set on fire by the writers or not) cause there are fewer places to go in daytime. Genie Francis, Angie Hubbard, Maura West, Stephen Nichols and more, have all been given poorly written, paper thin characters that just wind up turning audiences off. And it’s a shame. Hopefully, this will change before there are more innocent victims.

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    I think the character of Harmony could be a lot more interesting if Maria Bell wanted her to be that way and knew how to create that dynamic character. After spending decades on the street addicted to this, that and the other elicit thing, Harmony should be street smart, tough and not about to wait around on a man like Neil. Sure, she is trying to be a good momma to her boy then all I have to say is DON’T GO FOR NEIL. Hopefully the new regime will either make a fast exit with her or team her with Sarge, whom she has very little interaction but a whole lot of chemistry with to make a great storyline. And I am not going on the fact that they are friends, have acted together and all that. I think it’s in the writing and the writers are forcing Neil on Harmony cause the man has nothing to do on the show.

    Two points I want to make there… Soaps, if you have a character that is just not working out… Neil or Hr Hairy Chest on Days or Dante on GH… then write them off. Don’t kill them just have them go on a long business trip, a medical conference or on an eternal steak out. Point number 2 is with the actor playing Neil. When he is in scenes with Jack, Victoria or Katherine, he speaks amazingly different than when he is acting with Harmony/Debbie Morgan. His accent changes, his bravado and his overall personality. It’s so noticeable that it’s irritating.

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    Why does every man in Genoa City want to sleep with Phyllis? Even the good doctor Reid comes back for “sloppy seconds” with this red headed STD carrier.

    I am kind of torn over this story of Nikki, now married to Jack, still emotionally attached to Grandpa Newman. I mean, Good God Girl. get a grip!

    And the worst hair award goes from Victoria to Heather Williams. The poor actress always looks like sh just rolled out of bed.

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    [quote=brettyboy]Noooo, YR don’t get rid of Debbi, she’s one of daytime’s best actresses, just write her better![/quote]

    I feel badly for Debbi. Emmy award winning actress, definitely has the chops- given a ‘turkey’ of a role with storylines and dialogue that can only make one roll one’s eyes. To me, it almost doesn’t matter whether she came in as Yolanda or a completely different character because the writing for her is LOUSY!

    @david46208– I once read on Victoria’s twitter account (okay, I was curious as to whether she’d have any messages about the recent Y&R shakeup) and I heard her mention how classy Sharon Case is so I’m going to go ahead and guess that if anyone tried to put the Scientology ‘hex’ on ‘Murphy’ it was more likely to be Stafford– not trying to cast aspersions on anyone, but I’m less inclined to believe it was Case, whom I’ve never heard of having any conflicts with co-stars. Now Stafford…

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    @david46208- How do you know all this info.? I will say that maybe if all these problems on Y&R are happening behind the scenes maybe somebody, like an Executive Producer of Y&R, somebody from Sony, anybody, should step in and address the cast and get there house in order. It seems like maybe these problems off screen are coming up on screen.

    Oh, David, whats the “spitting incident?”

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @pjc722: What you see Kristoff doing as Neil is called Code Switching (to customize style of speech to the audience or group being addressed) such as when African American people change the tone and the way they say words when in the company of other African Americans then when in the company of non-black people. Sometimes that means using urban slang.

    This has been embedded in the show since the Winters/Barber clan first appeared in the early 90’s. It is what made them authentic ad true-to-life.

    It is also common for educated black men and women to engage in what is called Code-switching. I do it on the job and i’m sure most African Americans do so in their professional place of employment.

    For instance if Neil is on the job he would generally refer to his wife Dru by her name or as his wife to others.

    Now when he was alone in his office with say Malcolm or at home he would refer to Dru as his “boo” or “baby”.

    This best illustrates the change in language.

    Not at work:

    At Work:

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Mets82: This was all in the press over the years. SOD and SOW were eagerly reporting the behind-the-scenes drama at Y&R.

    For Eric B’s sake he would be the cover star or have a tag line letting you know that he was about to speak out. It appeared to be that once Bill Bell no longer worked with the show that he started to jump out more and curse up a storm, mainly in SOW. And when left Y&R a few years ago due to contract issues he did a press tour for more than 20 plus sites/magazines to tell his side of the story. And he was none the kind.

    As for the others you could read the soap magazines as they kept you up to date with what was going on across the industry. Jess Walton took to the press to discuss her contract issues.

    DC reported on the article where Jeanne Cooper made the comment about going to the brass and making the “bread pudding and blond wigs” comment.

    And thus more…

    That’s why people always joked about the writing being bad under maria’s helm but the drama behind-the-scenes was good.

    Now when Peter Bergman would call out bad storylines and such he was still heavily played. But we all remember what happened to Kristoff Saint John after that famous podcast where he told the truth about the black storylines on Y&R and when Bryton spoke-out as well. KSJ wasn’t used for 90 days and he was cleaning up FB page. All of the sudden MAB didn’t have any story for him.

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    david46208-Thanks for the response. Much appreciated. I’ll tell you I think like I mentioned above, someone has to step in and get the house in order because it will get worse instead of getting better.

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    So Victor is in Los Angeles, why don’t they do a crossover to B&B, lord knows they need a decent storyline! Perhaps Victor has amnesia and meets Pam (or someone else who hasn’t met him in previous crossovers and has an affair). Maybe crazy Pam keeps him captive when he gets his memory back and tries to leave, ‘I let Stephen get away, I won’t let it happen again’, that’d be great!

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    Harmony is a great addition to the show. What happened with the storyline of Katherine having a black grandchild. Where is Jevon? Why aren’t they developing this storyline. Would be nice to see a grandma mentoring her grandson. Something kids these days need to see. Well summer is almost over so I guess that idea won’t do any good.
    People of color on Y&R and BB get the shaft. Daisy’s hair is a mess now. Why don’t they just let a sista keep her hair natural. It was beautiful like that. With such a large black audience you’d think CBS would have it together by now. Ah, well such is life. I think that if the story lines continue as they are, even though MAB is leaving, I will be forced to watch reality television on BRAVO and VH1.
    oh where oh where has my daytime tv gone oh where oh where can it be?

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