SPOOF: McKayla Maroney is NOT Impressed With Soap Operas!

My single favorite thing to come out of the 2012 Summer Olympics has to be the McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed meme, which went viral after Gavin Alaoen posted the first one on Tumblr. Now, every time I see a new one I roll with laughter. 

I enjoy it so much I thought I’d give it a shot with some soap screencaps.I think it’s always good for soap fans to find the humor in the genre we love so much! See more of my humble attempts at McKayla Maroney is Not Impressed With Soap Operas after the jump!

For more McKayla Morney Is Not Impressed photos visit BuzzFeed and Tumblr.


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Wow, I can't tell you how much I miss Luke and Laura.

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Very cute,Luke.Lots of laughs.I think the last 2 were the best,Rick and John and Marty.But I liked Daisy,Mitch Lawrence,and Ryan and Greenlee also.

Thanks for the Friday night laughs.

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Where's the one with her not being amused with Brian Frons at a press conference?

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Ahahahaha, Luke, you are special!!

My fav is the one where she is in the line of inmates waiting for Jason to get off of the phone!

@Tom: I totally agree! I cannot wait for Laura's return... and L&L's reunion! I think Cartini would be fair enough to give her the same kind of special treatment that AG (Luke) gets.

But who I miss most of all is NUKE!! Oh, Nuke. Soo hot.

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Oh no this hooker is not casting shade on my Jenny and Greg. LOL!!! These are great Luke!

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I like her not being impressed with Bianca and Zack's baby's birth/Lion King ripoff. Cuz I wasn't impressed either.

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Love her at the Guiding Light weddings, standing in from of Natalia and Olivia. But how can McKayla not be impressed with an almost naked Bill Lewis, a shirtless Carmine from Y&R and that hot young guy from B&B being shirtless?

If McKayla is unimpressed, she needs to constantly stick around Y&R, at least until MAB's mess is done with on there.

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Loved the one where Claudia is carrying her like a football as she kidnaps Carly, and the one where she is waiting in line for the jail payphone as Jason yaps away on it. Too funny!