SOAP BYTES: Survey Says Carly is The Right Woman for Todd on General Hospital!

Y&R BYTES: Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego, er Victor Newman (Eric Braeden)? That is the question everyone in Genoa City is asking. Tucker (Stephen Nichols) asked it to Sharon (Sharon Case). Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) definitely wants to know. 

The longer Victor is away, the less interested Sharon seems in finding him. In what may have been the most interesting twist on Thursday’s The Young and the Restless, Sharon told Avery (Jessica Collins) she didn’t know anything about the prenup Victor made her sign. 

A ranch hand found Victor’s phone and gave it to Nikki. Nikki sent Sharon a text pretending to be Victor, which had the new Mrs. Newman panicked. I wonder why?

Nina (Tricia Cast) revealed to Ronan (Jeff Branson) that Paul (Doug Davidson) planned to plead guilty. Just how awkward can those mother/son scenes get? Lauren (Tracey Bregman) showed up at the jail and told Michael (Christian LeBlanc) emphatically that she was going to convince Paul to change his mind.

Meanwhile, Eden (Jessica Heap) underwent hypnosis to try and remember what happened on the night Ricky (Peter Port) died.

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) attempted to raid Summer’s trust fund, so that she could send the blackmail cash to Dr. Tim (Aaron Lustig). Phyllis later met Dr. Tim at the book store to give him the account number to his money.

Dammit, now I have that Carmen Sandiego song stuck in my head.

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    Y&R: Victor is gone, hopefully forever. The only problem with this is I’m afraid they’re setting Sharon up for a murder rap. Yawn, more court scenes.

    B&B: Sick to death of S/L/H triangle. Why don’t we see Brandon Beemer on the screen?

    DOOL: Monday can’t come soon enough….

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    I know it’s an unpopular opinion but I like what going on with Sharon. The character’s quirk as a klepto is unique and interesting. Also, Sharon’s character is currently a direct reflection of her past as an undercover teen mom.

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    Y&R… With Victor gone I am not sure why it isn’t setting off alarm bells everywhere like the last time he disappeared and the time before that. Sure, Eric needed time off and this plays well into that mix but I would have preferred him to catch Sharon drunk and kissing Tucker and then just realizing he has been a fool so he went off to NYC to spend some quality time there with Ashley then yet another “where is victor” story when there is SOOO much already going on in town.

    I am not a fan of the new vixen, Sharon. Oddly, Sharon Case can act and she has proven that over the years with Cassie’s death, her rape (a couple of times), her fights with Phyllis and her battles with Nikki. But as a bitch she can’t act at all, which is sad because I would love to see her marry Victor, divorce him and because she hires Vance Abrahms she comes away a super wealthy woman and the town bitch. (Too many nice woman in town who want to be bad but beg to be good)

    B&B needs to start moving away from all the young set stories and dive back into the older set. I don’t want another love triabgle with brook and taylor for Ridge but I would like to see Taylor meet a man and Brooke to become attracted to him. It definitely would make a good story and keep Taylor, Brooke and Ridge together in storylines.

    GH is good. I won’t say it’s on fire until Connie puts Kate away and moves out of town, Todd pays for switching the baby and John acts less like a know it all ass and more like a man. AND GET YOUR HANDS OUT OF YOUR POCKETS!!! God damnit there has to be a 101 different ways to stand on camera so choose one!!!

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    LMAO. Do you remember the OLTL scene last year where John kicked in a door with both hands in his pockets? :bigsmile:

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    So Victor is in Los Angeles, why don’t they do a crossover to B&B, lord knows they need a decent storyline! Perhaps Victor has amnesia and meets Pam (or someone else who hasn’t met him in previous crossovers and has an affair). Maybe crazy Pam keeps him captive when he gets his memory back and tries to leave, ‘I let Stephen get away, I won’t let it happen again’, that’d be great!

  6. Profile photo of timepass

    Victor is having a tantrum by leaving again; and I don’t give a crap. At his age it is qyite d discusting. Nikki fell for it, again, and is ruining her marriage for that looser and frankly I wash my hand of her.

    Phyllis stole her daughter trust fund and it’s ok with The haracter previously known as Nick.

    The new writing is not coming soon enough for me!

  7. Profile photo of Jabot1991

    The problem is they are writing him OOC with Carly, anyone who has seen OLTL especially during Roger Howarth’s first runs (1992-1995, 1996-1998, 2000-2003) then you will know he is the only monogamous man ever. Only loving Blair, this sickens me as a longtime OLTL viewer. And another thing Carly is NOT Blair, there is no comparison, Blair at least has class.

  8. Profile photo of maxsmom

    Roger Howarth left OneLife in part because he did not want Todd as a romantic lead. He isnt just flawed, he’s damaged and believes Blair is the only woman who could ever understand him. It’s half of the reason I can love Todd, he will never forgive himself for raping Marty, nor will I. The other half is my love for Roger.

    I really dont want to see Todd and Carly or Todd and anyone other than Blair. I would not classify myself as a shipper, I just believe Todd and Blair make sense.

  9. Profile photo of Punky

    [quote=Jabot1991]The problem is they are writing him OOC with Carly, anyone who has seen OLTL especially during Roger Howarth’s first runs (1992-1995, 1996-1998, 2000-2003) then you will know he is the only monogamous man ever. Only loving Blair, this sickens me as a longtime OLTL viewer. And another thing Carly is NOT Blair, there is no comparison, Blair at least has class.[/quote]

    This isnt true. She isnt the only woman Todd has loved. He loved Tea very much and he married her a second time because he was in love with her.

  10. Profile photo of Mets82

    Y&R-I think I mentioned this already but where did Victor go? I dont understand why hes in LA? I think Sharon is going to hit rock bottom sooner or later. Btw, all of a sudden shes consumed with money. Uh, you’ve been married to Victor, for what, a day? You think your entitled to something? Nikki is making me sick. The way she brow beats Sharon about Victor when, you know, SHES MARRIED TO ANOTHER MAN, is sickening!! Worry about Jack!! You supposedly wash your hands of Victor a 100 times and yet you worry about him constantly. When are you going to learn? Sabrina, Diane, Sharon. He disappears or married to someone else and yet you stick your neck out for him.

    Phyllis actually said “Hold me” to Nick. Hold her?? Seriously?? Yet again, she tried to make it like she was in the right and Nick and Avery were in the wrong. She is sickening. I kind of wish, people stop meeting at that library. Adam/Chelsea, Phyllis/Dr.Tom, Heather/Daniel. They all go to the same spot and the same place.

  11. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    I watched OLTL during Trevor’s run as Todd. I watched RH’s Todd when he came back and his devotion to Blair was so cute. I can’t stand Todd and Carly together. When I watch old YT scenes of Blair/Todd, it seems like Todd/Blair were like a tag team. Todd had Blair’s back and Blair had his. When Todd did horrible things to Blair, it was out of hurt feelings. Instead of getting Carly and Todd together (puke) they need to start setting things up so Todd can see his brother is alive which will cause Blair to want him back but she’s married to Tomas. I knew we have to wait until January which is like a lifetime in soap world but the writers have to do something to keep him a little open for Blair.

    John and Sam just make me giggly. I love them.

  12. Profile photo of jwteddy

    UGH UGH UGH PLEASE Who the heck is taking this SURVEY a blind martian??? Todd will ALWAYS LOVE only His true love Blair Carly sickens me she is in bed with EVERY man in port charles since she came on general hospital. They need to bring blair back pronto and have her and todd be together. This about sums it up and it is in todds own words on bottom: Blair is the only person for Todd. She actually understand him and accepts/loves him for who he is (though is not always happy about the choices he makes). It has been established on GH how important Blair is to Todd and his character:

    “She (Blair) gets me more than anyone else ever has or will.”
    “You’re the only person in the world who could ever calm me down.”
    “You’re the only person I feel okay with.”
    “You’re the only right thing I’ve done in my life.”
    “Everything that I have in my life, everything that I have that I love, I have because I’ve loved you.”
    “Some people are just irreplaceable.”
    “The perfect woman, the mother of my children.”
    “I actually love the mother of my children. I actually want a life with Blair.”

    ‘Nuff said. :)

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    no todd never loved tea he put up with her but never really loved her. He NEVER had sexual relations in ALL their marriage and stayed celebite for 6 years from the time he and blair split till they were together again in 2001. Then when he and tea were stranded on that island and he did have sex with her the next day he looked sick to his stomach like what the hell did i do. He prompltly paddled his ass off the island to be with BLAIR. An i TOTALLY agree with Jabot1991 Carly is NOT BLAIR Blair has class Carly never has and never will have class.

  14. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    I’m sure Abbott and Costello are going to hook up right after they pinky swear to never tell Blair and Jax about it and braid each other’s hair while watching the last epi of Pretty Little Liars together. :bigsmile:

    As far as Todd and Tea, good grief, that was over the moment he left her on that island with another man and paddled back home to his wife. 10 years ago. The. End.

  15. Profile photo of Forever21

    Carly and Blair have played the same roles on both shows. Blair is now the older worn out version of Carly. A blair fan is bashing Carly for sleeping with “every” man? Blair wasn’t called the town pump by Max Holden and the town tramp by Mitch Lawrence because she kept her legs closed. She spreads them easily so she isn’t any better than Carly. They are both flawed and if Carly is classless then Blair is a guttersnipe.

  16. Profile photo of crafty23

    [quote]This isnt true. She isnt the only woman Todd has loved. He loved Tea very much and he married her a second time because he was in love with her.[/quote]

    He said himself on their wedding day, the one where he shows up in the coffin, the one that was supposed to be for love, that he thought he knew what love was but wasn’t sure if he felt that for her. I could never understand why she chose to go through with it anyway. I’d have left him to rot right there. Whatever. He can say now that he loved her then, but he certainly didn’t show it.

    As far as Carly, a woman who still brags about being married to the so-called love of her life whom she just can’t seem to let go of while happily f*cking her cousin’s ex-boyfriend any day of the week has no room to judge anyone. Ever.


    [quote]John and Sam just make me giggly. I love them.[/quote]

    I love them too!!

  17. Profile photo of Punky

    I know the fact that Todd loved Tea doesn’t fit with the fan fiction T&B fans have been spinning that Todd has only loved Blair but you can’t change what happened on our screens. To the person who said Todd just put up with Tea. Did you watch OLTL in the 90s. She wanted to end their marriage and he did everything in his power to fight for Tea, from bringing Sam to town to save his marriage, to trying to get Andrew transferred by the Bishop. Todd loved his wife Tea and didn’t want his marriage to end even if he already had custody.

    Even if their relationship ended, it doesn’t change the fact that he did love her at one point.

    When Todd came back in 2011 he told John and I quote “There was a time when Tea and I LOVED each other VERY MUCH”. Thus however much T&B fans want to rewrite history you can’t change the fact that Todd has loved more than one woman and he loved Tea.

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