Katherine Kelly Lang on Ronn Moss Exiting Bold and Beautiful: "I'm Crying Too! I Hate This!"

One of Ronn Moss' longterm, Bold and Beautiful leading ladies is trying to console devastated fans on Twitter tonight. Here's a snippet of an exchange between Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) and a fan who tweeted about being upset over Moss leaving the role of Ridge Forrester on the CBS sudser:

What kind of story would you pen for the loves of Ridge Forresters life, Brooke Logan and Dr. Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo), with Moss leaving the series? Take your best Wishful Storytelling shot in the comments!


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RM and KKL are good friends but Ridge leaving the show is probably the best thing that could happen for the character of Brooke.

Get Brooke and Steffy out of the lame triangle. I'm actually sick of triangles but it might be interesting to see Brooke and Steffy fighting over a real man such as Bill. Get Brooke back in the mix instead of medding in Hope's love life. Brooke vs Katie or Brooke vs Steffy would be interesting.

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i think Katherine misunderstood.

they're crying TEARS OF JOY!!!

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Love Well,let's look on the bright side (Katherine) Brook can now have some awesome romances in her life now because,her and Ridge was very boring,sorry.

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Well I don't know what KKL wants after Bridge. And all pretty much know that she'll most likely get what she wants from Brad Bell.

If I would get my wish, I'd bring Deacon back to town just after Ridge died. Let him try to take a advantage of Brooke as he really wants a place in his daughter's life. It doesn't take Deacon long to realize that he wants back whatever Brooke and he wants shared, while the Forresters are disgusted by Brooke who's rebuilding a friendship to Deacon (for Hope's sake).
In the meanwhile, Taylor finds herself at the edge. She once again feels that Ridge is the only man she ever truly loved. When she finds out that Brooke is grieving Ridge with Deacon in her life, she is disgusted by her. Taylor wants to make sure that Brooke doesn't dishonor Ridge and tries to find a way to undo her divorce from Ridge to become his rightful widow.

If the Deacon scenario doesn't work out I'd throw Thomas into all of that. Thomas gives Brooke a shoulder to lean on in her time of need. Thomas once more realizes that he has feelings for Brooke who sees a lot of Ridge in Thomas as the two start to get closer.
The storyline with Taylor could work in this scenario as well.

And whatever really ends up happening, I hope Brad Bell wises up and takes that opportunity.

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Hunter Tylo is the female version of Ronn Moss. If a plane goes down on B&B I hope Brad is at least clever enough to write Taylor in that plane. Here is an idea of a planecrash. Ridge is going on a businesstrip after a fight with Brooke. Taylor, ofcourse as a stupid as she is, is sneaking on board of the plane with a plan to seduce him. But in the air the plane is having problems and Ridge discovers Taylor and they hold on to each other while crashing down.

God, I wouldt wish it to my worst enemy to see Hunter Tylo trying to cry over a death Ridge, waving her arms and her head. The poor woman probably ends up with a concussion after that scene.

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KKL loved Bridge - I don't know what she will want tot do now that Ridge will be gone. I'm thinking at first she will want to be a single but strong leader, like inhereting Ridge's assets and running Forrester once again. I don't think KKL wants any new man at first, and then when she does I see the only viable option being Jack Wagner coming back.

She doesn't want Sean Kanan and Thomas is too controversial. Winsor, sorry but that ship sailed 10 years ago.

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Bill can't control himself and decides to act on that drunken fantasy he had a while back.

Him and Brooke happen to be near a cliff (because it's B&B and that makes about as much sense as anything else they do).. He gets her drunk, to take her mind off Hope and Liam and makes his move. Ridge magically appears (again, because it's B&B and of course that would happen). They brawl and Ridge is thrown off the cliff.

Brooke is too drunk to know what's going on, wakes up the next day after having a blackout and remembers nothing.

Bill gets his secretary to go dump Ridge's body, but when she goes to look for it, it's missing.

No one can find Ridge. He's declared missing. Everyone's upset. There is no evidence. Time moves on, and in B&B land, everyone but Brooke has forgotten about this in, oh, about a week.

Brooke spends the next year next to candles and photos and cries over Ridge, becoming a lonely recluse.

Ronn Moss works something out with the network in this time and makes random appearances as hallucinations to Brooke, to appease her and Bridge fans so they can be seen on screen together for 5 seconds *eye roll*

Meanwhile. Hope has fake-married Liam another 17 times and Steffy continues to seduce him with cheesy Bob Hope references.