Bold and Beautiful’s Hunter Tylo Tweets Support For Ronn Moss and Family


First "Logan" aka Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) tweeted her devastation about Ronn Moss (Ridge) leaving The Bold and the Beautiful. Now "Doc" has shared her feelings via Twitter. Here's what Hunter Tylo tweeted re: Moss' pending departure from the serial:


I hope Brad Bell is eating his Wheaties. Something tells me he will need the strength of Samson and the wisdom of Solomon on that set for the forseeable future!

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    Ok, this is just bad news. Because if Ronn taped his last episode the other day … according to EW… then it wasn’t a death and merely a “walk off camera”. SO instead of HIGH DRAMA all we will get is “ridge is in the kitchen” Ridge is in the bathroom” Ridge went to Italy for a little bit” or Ridge is downstairs in production” moments until they can convince him to return. Hopefully he will not.

    But with Hunter Tylo knowing nothing about his being let go or choosing to go… which means they weren’t close either… than there will be NO dramatic conclusion to the character.

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    I don’t watch these CBS soaps…but these actors are seriously scary looking with all the plastic surgery they have had. They don’t look like real people. They look plastic stiff people. Sorry….I just don’t understand their thinking that they look better… Why are actors afraid of aging normally?…look how great Jane Elliot looks on GH.

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