Brooke vs. Taylor, The REAL Life Edition: Fan Sparks Twitter DRAMA Between Bold and Beautiful’s Katherine Kelly Lang and Hunter Tylo!


Where is Stephanie Forrester when you need her? Talk of Ronn Moss leaving the fictional role of Ridge Forrester on The Bold and Beautiful has led to an apparent revelation of real life beef between his two leading ladies!

When a fan accused Hunter Tylo (Taylor) on Twitter of not doing anything to stop rumors about Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke), Tweet-insanity ensued! See how it all went down after the jump!

The initial tweet from a fan to Lang:

Lang's response to the fan and indirectly to Tylo:

To which Tylo shot back:

And later:

Lord, this mess is better than ANY storyline on the actual B&B right about now. Forget Hope/Liam/Steffy; Brad Bell obviously needs to captialize on THIS drama!

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    This is still all about Sean Kanan. LOL

    He really must have a laugh over this. And I’m sorry while I have been on Team Brooke for years … if a fan tweets your something about a co-star, DO NOT try to confront her through Twitter. That’s pretty naive and just gives the fans more to fight about.

    KKL is pretty clueless when it comes to things like this. It was the same with Sean Kanan. She refused to say his name, was pretty defense about him or better say Brooke/Deacon and it became a story. Nobody knew where reality was ending and fiction starting.

  2. Profile photo of Forever21

    How does KKL go off a fan’s tweet to attack another actress? Did this fan conduct a survey before this tweet? Does she really believe everyone who isn’t a fan is a HT fan? Even if they were what does she expect HT to do, issue a press conference to the world addressing all non KKL fans who happen to be HT fans? KKL needs to realize that she is the reason some people don’t like her. KKL is the same person who crows in interviews about getting more airtime than other people. She is a shrew and I find her to be a terrible actress. Does she think bringing her drama with HT to twitter is a good idea? Sean Kanan must be laughing his ass off at this turn of events. Brad should write her off the show with Ron Moss.

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    The really need to do a reality-show behind-the-scenes of B&B and Y&R. That would be something. Forget “Dirty Soap” – the Bell soaps are where the real drama is going on. LOL

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    It actually sounded sarcastic, the comment KKL made to HT. But I could be wrong. If there is a battle behind the scenes, then I am 100% for KKL. Not because she is the better actress, but because HT is the worst actress ever on this show. If some of you have read my earlier posts, the leaving of Ronn Moss could also mean troubles for HTylo. And if Brad Bell would actually do what a good writer does, he would write Ridge and Taylor out together in a plane crash. I can see it all happening. Pathetic Taylor following Ridge on a business trip because he is upset for something Brooke did. She sneaks in the plane but when the plane is in the sky and everyithing goes wrong, Ridge discovers her in a different room and they both go down. It would open up so much possibilities…

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    I’m sorry booze but that idea sucks. It is clear to me KKL is still getting hounded because fans are thinking she is the reason Brad Bell hasn’t brought back Deacon to the show. We all know Brad Bell has final say in who comes on the show but smart fans who know how vets can use there status to get what they want know if KKL can complain enough she can pressure Brad Bell not to bring back Sean Kanan. But after reading these tweets from last night (which I first hand saw myself) I don’t think KKL has the smarts to prevent Sean Kanan to return. I truly think this is all on Bell.

    If Bell doesn’t bring back Sean Kanan after Ronn Moss departure.. that would be a big mistake on Bell’s part.

  6. Profile photo of thecourt99

    Given that KKL’s comment wasn’t to HT, but rather about her in response to what the fan said, I took it as sarcasm and not as firing the first shot. It’s kinda hard to tell if someone is joking in print.

    I think that in order for HT to respond….someone had to have told her…and she shot back directly to KKL…and I don’t think if she could tell if it was a joke or not. HT’s final response is what makes me think that there is actually something behind the scenes though…either that, or she just didn’t get the joke.

  7. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    I read the twitter feeds again and thought about it and I now believe that either they were making fun of the situation or having a joke at the instigator’s expense.
    When I first read the exchange, I thought maybe the entire thing was orchestrated but decided that that was far too cynical of an idea and stopped thinking that way.

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    Jamey Giddens

    A fan tweeted to KKL: “because tylo was always insanely jealous of your popularity and bridge!”

    KKL tweeted back: “it is too bad people have to resort to this type of behavior. I never speak badly about her. ”

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    I think its nuts.. we all have heard the rumors about KKL preventing sean’s come back but frankly its just rumors and have no evidence backing them.. If it were true she would be wrong to do it,but it really isn’t any of our business what they do in their private life. But some PRO Taylor fan had to take the rumors to Poor KKL and one of the PRO Brooke fans got ticked off and want to get back at the NON Brooke fan through poor HT… Well I am not Pro-Brooke I think KKL is an amazing actress and nice person based on her tweets… I Also Love HT… I have only had great Social media brushes with HT, KKL, JMW and KM… they seem to be wonderful people… Heck Taylor even told me thank you for wishing her a happy birthday personally… I have seen KKL post many replys to her own fans… and JMW like a pic I made of her and said it was VERY COOL personally… and we all know about KM’s vids…not many stars take time for their fans like the women of BNB do…

  10. Profile photo of Forever21

    [quote=Jamey Giddens]A fan tweeted to KKL: “because tylo was always insanely jealous of your popularity and bridge!”
    KKL tweeted back: “it is too bad people have to resort to this type of behavior. I never speak badly about her. “[/quote]

    Is KKL fucking serious? So she believes HT is insanely jealous of her and her pairing? LOL. Like I said KKL is a shrew and she sounds very immature and petty.

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    OMG! What is wrong with KKL?! WTH would she think Hunter would do that? She sits up there and takes a pot-stirring troll’s “word” before actually asking a woman she’s known and worked along side of for years? Wow…just all kinds of wow right now.That’s some shady stuff right there, shady shady shady.Hunter deserves an apology from KKL over this.

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    What is wrong with KKL?! Why would she think Hunter would do that? She sits up there and takes a pot-stirring troll’s “word” before actually asking a woman she’s known and worked along side of for years? Wow…just all kinds of wow right now.That’s some shady stuff right there, shady shady.Hunter deserves an apology from KKL over this.Sean Kanan deserved his a while back from her too but probably never got it.

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    My first post here. I have been following all 3, Tylo, Lang and Moss on Twitter for a long time. Langs rabid fans are the worst I have ever seen on the net, and Moss has been lapping up every bit of their daily attacks on Tylo for years. Him and his wife are nothing but nasty, arrogant trash IMO. Tylo is an actress, not a PR rep. Let Moss deal with his own contract negotiation however he chooses, and let Lang do her campaign to keep him by herself.

    Frankly, I think the two divas who play in Bridge, have been exerting too much control on the show, and have been a big reason why people have quit, other actors and actresses can’t get any story time and the show has lost viewers because of it. I won’t miss Moss, and if Lang goes with him, I would not miss her either. These two are old, stale, tired and need to be backburned permanently. Diamont is way better. Bring on HENSLEY, or ANTONIO SABATO JR.! Bring some fresh man meat to the show, and let the Scarved Boy Wonder EXIT! Fine with me.

  14. Profile photo of stoney07

    Lord Jesus!!!

    KKL needs to realize that for as many fans she has/had with Ridge, Taylor had an equal amount, which is why they’ve played that triangle for 20 years too long. KKL and HT are basically on the same wavelength as far as popularity, and the only reason KKL gets all the shine now is because the character of Taylor has been trashed to prop Brooke for the past few years.

    This has nothing to do with HT as an actress…but everything to do with KKL and Ron Moss. I wish they would both just LEAVE. I know Brooke is a big part of B&B, but she needs a reality check. Ron Moss just needs to GO.

    Gosh, behind the scenes is just like the show. That’s why I get so annoyed with B&B. THe world doesn’t revolve around Bridge…nor does it revolve around KKL or Ron Moss. GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!!!!!

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    Now if just the actual soaps were this entertaining, we would all be better off.

    As for Ridge’s departure, I see an accident where he gets amnesia, thinks he a rock singer and runs off with a band.

  16. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    Well, I stand corrected.

    I don’t know what’s up with these Bell soap people then. There are no Joan Crawfords nor Betty Davises among them– they’re not allowed to act this way (LOL).

    I still say, we need a mole with a hidden camera because this stuff is far more entertaining than anything on offer on these shows!

    They must be saving it all for Twitter and Facebook.

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    Restless Vixen

    [quote]What’s wrong with me? I don’t see drama here. The two actresses seemed to be on the same page (to me). Where’s the controversy?[/quote]

    I’m with you, TV Gord. Maybe I’m just blind, but I see no smoke nor fire here – just reading too much into tweets. But I’ve been wrong before :-)

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    Restless Vixen

    [quote=Jamey Giddens]A fan tweeted to KKL: “because tylo was always insanely jealous of your popularity and bridge!”
    KKL tweeted back: “it is too bad people have to resort to this type of behavior. I never speak badly about her. “[/quote]
    This response is not directly solely at Jamey. Playing devil’s advocate here: could the “people” KKL is referring to be stans shit stirring on Twitter and not Hunter Tylo? I can see where some could read this is Lang admonishing Tylo, but it could also be her admonishing the fan for assuming Tylo is jealous of Lang and Bridge when KKL herself has said not one negative thing about Hunter Tylo in the soap press or on Twitter. I would think KKL knows better than any fan of B&B whether or not HT is insanely jealous of KKL or Bridge.

    Just a thought. I think this entire thing is much ado about nothing. I’ll never understand why some who admire or are fans of one character have to have venomous hatred towards the other “side”.

  19. Profile photo of WhozYerMama

    There is more to this than is being shown here. BEFORE we make assumptions, we need 2 consider all things. Go look at ALL of the Tweets, and you will see that this started with a TAYLOR fan goading KKL about SK. The person started on August 8th and KKL blew it off, that same person began harassing her again, saying things about it being “soothing to her soul” that she got SK off of the show, and sarcastically saying that her not having any scenes with SK was “just a coincidence” KKL responded with a beautiful picture, saying that scenes like that and being with her daughter were things that were soothing 2 her soul. KKL blocked the harasser, and he continued 2 talk smack, then, about her blocking him. THEN the Boldluvr person chimed in and said what MANY of us have heard, that Hunter encourages her fans 2 say things like this. From what I have seen, she certainly doesn’t discourage them! I mean, look at the attack on Ronn after her November chat session, where she told her fans that she had NO scenes coming in the near future. FINALLY, after taking so much crap, Ronn Tweeted her, begging her 2 tell her fans that everything was FINE, and she was ON SET, taping! She didn’t respond and was non-existent for quite some time, after being on all the time before the charade!
    I have seen things that have been posted from her, and notes 2 her fans, suggesting that Bridge was ruining the show, and even saying things like “I am not a hobnobber, I don’t like my spouse telling my boss how 2 write for me.”
    There is MORE going on behind the scenes that WE know! There is a chance that KKL has REASON 2 BELIEVE that HT would talk trash about her! Ever think of that? Hmmmmmmm…..
    It is quite obvious that there is FAR MORE going on here.

  20. Profile photo of ShortNSassy

    I just love it when half the details are left out of what really happened. Hunter is no innocent victim here. For almost a year know she has been bashing Bridge, her coworkers and their fans but I havent seen that reported. She knows all about the site that was made for the purpose of spreading rumors about her coworkers (she even talks about it in her chats) but she wants to act like KKL has done something wrong for getting sick of her trying to cause unwanted drama on and off the set of B&B. Maybe she should try to get her fans to back off instead of egging them on. She is always the first to take to the net when she isnt getting what she wants but doesnt seem to believe in others (KKL, RM and Bridge fans)doing the same thing. Im so over the playing the victim act that she does daily. Shes as fake as her face and I really hope that now that Bridge is no longer an option she will see just how useless she really is and do us all a favor and disappear like Taylor has so many times now. She wouldnt be missed!!!!

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