Will Bold and Beautiful Showrunner Brad Bell Ever Sing “Baby Come Back” to Ronn Moss?


With all the talk of Ronn Moss leaving The Bold and the Beautiful, I couldn't resist finding a classic clip of the singer/actor's 70's soft rock band Player! I wonder if B&B showrunner Brad Bell will be singing Player's "Baby Come Back" to Moss, if the sudser's international ratings take a post-Ridge hit?  Watch the clip below!


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    Sad to say, but Ronn looks like he is either lipsinking badly or just can’t remember the words to the song. Just look at him and the others as they sing. His lips move at a different pace than the words would show.


    Hopefully, the Bell’s will take full advantage of this exit in that it’s a death and not just a walk off camera.

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    Give it 3 – 6 months and he will be back. The ratings will go down and Brad will call begging. Ronn who has yet to get another job will take what they are offering

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    If they TRULY can’t afford to keep Ronn Moss around, then I say there’s no reason why they should capsize the entire ship just to accommodate his salary demands. However, I don’t know the entire situation, so I can’t judge.

    I say that B&B needs to do some summer cleaning, trim around the edges and get rid of all the unneeded people that they don’t need. A well-defined budget would do them good, instead of doing like Hackarena Bell did and hiring every random Tom, Dick, Harry, Raheim and Laqueisha that has fallen into Hollywood’s C-list.

    I feel that they should do anything within reason to try to lure Ronn back because he is a huge part of the show, but if not, just keep it moving. Bring on someone cheaper who will be effective, like Sean Kanan. Bring back Sean Kanan and have Brooke and Taylor fight over him. :p

    P.S- I personally find Sean Kanan to be much yummier than Ronn Moss. Hell, even Jack Wagner. Neither could take Ronn’s place, but both are great leading men!

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    Oh, my, I actually had this album as a kid in the ’70s. Poor Ron Moss. I work across from the County Jail and whenever I see someone all in orange I think Prison Work Detail.

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    I am a B&B newbie, but I immediately found his acting to be horrible and that hair/wig is very distracting. All he does is show up everyday and adds nothing to the show. I say let him go and bring on someone who wants to work. Sorry fan favs of his, but greed just makes him that much more unappealing.

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    Is B&B really having serious money problems? They dropped Lesley-Anne Down, Jack Wagner, Brandon Beemer while people like Adrienne Frantz and Winsor Harmon are only recurring. Shouldn’t they be okay? Or did they spend to much money on their last Italy location shot?

    Anyway I somehow don’t believe that Ronn Moss is just walking away because of money. Look at the state B&B is in. Look at the material that the vets on that show are getting for months now. They are only supporting the younger generation. There is nothing left for them. I wouldn’t stay on a show where I only had to comment on my daughters love life after I was the lead on that show for over 20 years.

    This combined with Moss’ accident maybe lead to the decision that there are more important things in life. Maybe Moss even sees that the end of the show is coming in a couple of years and doesn’t want to stay around to see it.

    But as it seems there is more to the story. KKL sent a cryptic tweet saying something like that we don’t know the half of what’s going on. RM himself wants to give some explanation later on…
    Maybe Brad Bell doesn’t even let him walk. Maybe RM signs a new contract at the 11th hour.

    To tell the truth, even though I’m no fan of Ronn Moss, his leaving hurts the show. The people overseas are crazy over Brooke and Ridge. This could bring B&B in some serious trouble. They depend on the oversea market. It’s what B&B is known for the last couple of years. And these oversea deals are what’s getting them the money to still do location shoots. In the end, it’s bad for the show.

    But we’ll see…

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    B&B is purely written for the European market. Thats because the style is so different compared to the other three shows. Its probably the only reason why the show is still not in the financial crisis. I do think they overpayed stars like RM and KKL to hold on to them, but I think Brad Bell opened his eyes because he is stuck with the character and KKL doest want anything else besides Bridge. So he is rather losing RM then KKL, thats for sure, I think he thinks the same way a lot of viewers think, and that is that this is a win win situation.

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    They have to bring back Jack Wagner now. They need a man for Brooke since KKL hates Sean K for some odd reason.

    But enough with that, i had NO idea he sung that song. I have that on my IPod! And my neice and nephew love singing that song when it’s on the swiffer commercials. Especially my neice. I love hearing her sing that.

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    She doesnt hate SK. ACtually JW isnt on this show for the same reason as SK isnt anymore, because KKL didnt wanted a relationship other then Bridge. The possibilities for both SK and JW where endless when Ridge was still on board, but she didnt allow it. It has nothing to do with hate. Just stop the gossip.

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    I get the feeling that , between Ron’s accident, the contract negotiations and promoting his new album, he decided “doing it all” wasn’t worth it and wanted to focus on something different for a while. Bell is probably already making storyline plans for his return after tour is over, maybe in 6 months or a year. I doubt we have seen the last of Ridge the Waffle King.

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    gossip? Get a life! I’m gossiping about ppl I don’t know. Seriously, you are pathetic. I am getting my info from various soap site and magazines that said she didn’t want to work with him and they didn’t get along. Soap Digest being one. Get your life.

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    I don’t understand why JW or SK had 2 go just b/c KKL didn’t want a relationship with their characters! That makes NO sense! I mean, just b/c Brooke isn’t involved with them doesn’t mean they couldn’t be with OTHER characters on the show! Hell, KKL wouldn’t even have to SEE them if she didn’t want to! Scott C said him and JMW weren’t even together when they filmed their WEDDING scene! SK and/or JW could be shooting at completely different times than KKL. And if KKL had THAT much pull, RM would be getting his pay and STAYING at B&B, rather than walking! BOTTOM LINE is, BELL MAKES THE DECISIONS! People WANT/CHOOSE 2 believe bad things about KKL for their OWN reasons, without considering the logic! If you don’t know FIRST HAND, you are gossiping. ;) And I have a live, a WONDERFUL life, BTW! :D

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