Chicago Sun-Times Item Mentions Good Afternoon America Being 70 Percent Off One Life to Live’s Numbers!

The mainstream press is taking notice of Good Afternoon America proving to be every bit the smelly, ratings turd that The Revolution was before it. A recent item in the Chicago Sun-Times had this to say about the limited-run series:

First “The Revolution” bombed as the replacement for “One Life to Live,” and now the summer-only edition of “Good Afternoon America” is attracting an audience 70 percent smaller than the axed, long-running soap opera. While “GAA” is basically a place-holder for the much-anticipated launch of Katie Couric’s “Katie” chatfest on Sept. 10, you can bet the ABC honchos are hoping the veteran broadcaster will be a lot more successful.

Eagle-eyed Daytime Confidential readers will likely point out that GAA is actually 70 percent smaller than One Life to Live's numbers among women 18-49, which I blogged a few days ago, after finding the info on Marc Berman's must-read TV Media Insights blog. So glad the mainstream media is starting to pay attention to the rotten dinosaur eggs ABC is laying all over their daypart, in a rushed attempt to get out of daytime soaps. Mickey and Minnie, it just ain't working. Bring back One Life to Live and All My Children!


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    I don’t see Couric’s new show succeeding. Unless you’ve got something special to offer in talk shows nowadays, you’re doomed. An Oprah or Ellen are rarities.

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    Again,Katie is syndicated and will probably not affect GH in anyway.In Md,her show will be on at 4pm,will not have GH as her lead-in,and will go up against Ellen and Judge Judy.Steve Harvey will be up against GH on my NBC affiliate,with the Talk on CBS.

    You are correct about too many talk shows,but most of them are syndicated except for the View and the Talk.Right now Judge Judy beats them all.So,it seems to me that the only thing for GH is to have its ratings rise.And,only time will tell about that.

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    I think that oltl should have been the soap to stay on air. Good actors, good story, a full body of rich characters, and they stayed within budget. The actors all cooperated. Why it was cancelled is beyond me.

    I watched it the last four years or so when Valenti/Carvalati(sp) were at the helm. It was fantastic. I went there when my other soaps were cancelled. I could not believe I hadn’t watched sooner. The only thing I will say about that though is that I like the story telling of the Valenti team. If I had watched sooner I am not so sure I would have been so interested.

    I am watching GH now and I see the gifted writing and focus but I still see that oltl had it all and then some. What were they thinking? GH was favored by the top brass and it was saved. Even now, oltl would have been settled because now GH is moving to 2:00 and that is a gamble of moving a show after it has been on a certain time. It will lose some and maybe gain some, that remains to be seen in September.

    I hope whoever made the decision to cancel oltl was fired. I know I saw it creeping up to 3rd place and maybe 2nd with time when there were more than four soap on the air.

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