General Hospital’s Maurice Benard on How New Regime Scripts Sonny: “They’re Writing Sonny as a Man”

Maurice Benard is loving Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati's more "well-rounded" version of Sonny Corinthos, the dimpled mobster he's played on and off since 1993. In an interview with MSN, Benard said this about the "new" Sonny:

I love the way they've affected him. They're writing Sonny as a man, as opposed to a mafia guy or a killer with a good heart. He's just a well-rounded man. And he's still badass – I went off, today! Sonny just thinks a little more, especially with the woman he loves. He tries. And they tell me during scenes, "Not so big. Be more supportive." Wow, they never told me this, before. It's changed. I'm into it and I think, as far as I can see on twitter, [the fans are] all into it. A year ago, the fans on twitter hated everything I was doing. They hated the show. It was like, "Why is this happening? This is stupid!" Now, it’s all positive.

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    No Daisy

    Count me in as one of the people liking Sonny lately. He is more relatable, more human, more sensative. For years I’d been questioning why any woman would want to be with Sonny, he was such a psycho, arrogant ass! But now? He is able to forgive, he’s learning to compromise, all without losing his manhood. And he’s even been flashing those dimples with more frequency! Who knew? It is possible to redeem Sonny! I’m glad Mo agrees.

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    Maurice is right, a year ago, I’d have paid money to get him off GH! Not because he’s a bad actor, far from it, but because of the way Sonny was written and managed on the show. Now, I hesitate before fast forwarding through his scenes. Partly its because Kate does crazy so well, partly because Sonny has lost his one dimensional lackluster appeal.

    I cant say the same for Steve Burtons Jason though, his character is still as cartoonish and nails on a chalkboard as one can get! I think that character has been written so badly for so long in such a waste of a way, there may be no redemption. Its time for him to have another head trauma and send him in a whole new direction, which I’m confident he can do if he’s willing to work more than his eyebrows, if not, then lets get him off the canvas altogether!

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    I really like Sonny now, like I never did before. It’s like I’m seeing Mum’s Sonny. To me he still seems like a tough guy, he’s just not comming as a heartless SOB anymore.

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    I am over the SONNY CENTRAL FACTOR of the show, as well as JASON and even Todd or John. I think the shows … ALL OF THEM … need to refocus attention on the WOMEN and make them the driving forces.

    What does that mean for each show? Well this:

    GENERAL HOSPITAL: First of all, out with Kate/Connie. Done. Over. The character was never strong under this new actress, and although played well by the actress she and the writers pigeon-holed her to the point where everytime I see Kate acting fierce I will think Connie is there, with or without the accent.

    In would be Alexis as a central character along with Anna and Tracey and Monica. Yes, Monica. She is vital to any story with Carly because she is her son, Michael’s grandmother and Jason’s mom. Plus, she is the head of the hospital.. or should be and therefore, central to the CENTRAL ASPECT of the show… the hospital. ALEXIS should have always been there whenever Helena reappeared and should somehow gain control of the Cassadine empire. The actress who plays her is tremendous and it would put her center stage. Tracey, because every show needs a VIXEN and if they write her less comical and MACHO and more tough and manipulative as she was when the character was first around, she would become a juicy bit of drama for the program. And then Anna. A great character. An even better actress. And she can deliver romance, drama and action all in a pleated skirt and pumps!

    All the other women could take cues from these women and be tied to them. Lulu needs a mother figure and Tracey has been good to her, Alexis has her coven, Monica has Carly… who also should be a central female character… and Elizabeth, since Liz works at the hospital and will always be tied to Jason. Anna would be the tie with all the women.

    DAYS: Marlena, Hope, Sami and Nicole. All 4 women are strong and vulnerable, tough and loyal, loving and flawed. Marlena more so than Maggie should be the central focal point of Days. I don’t mean that every story goes through her but because the show is BRADY/BLACK centric it would be logical for Marlena to take up Mrs Horton’s role without baking the donuts. WIth Bo leaving Hope will need a new focus and I hope the writers have it they she will be freed up to date. I think romance and not ACTION should be what drives Hope now. As for Sami and Nicole, their paths should always cross, they should always have a bit of mistrust in the other, and should always be plotting against one another. Sami is a great REACTIONARY Vixen/Bitch while Nicole has always been the smarter one who plots her actions carefully and that makes for a dynamic conflict in any joint story.

    Kate, of course, should be the ULTIMATE VIXEN but have more motive than just “I hate her for my son” or “I just hate her”. It’s too one dimensional. Kate should have more to her back story of hate for both Sami and Nicole and be conniving all the time.

    B&B: Of course, it’s just Stephanie, Taylor and Brooke. No three women encapsulate a show more than these 3 women do and they are tied to all the characters seemlessly that having them as a focus on the show would serve them well. WIth Ronn Moss leaving the show and hopefully dying, a fight for Forresster between Taylor and her brood against Brooke and her Clan would be a story rich with possiblities and drama. Throw Stephanie in there to complicate it all and we have a juicy 20 minutes daily. As with GH and Days, Steffy, Hope and NuCaroline along with Katie would follow behind the first 3 ladies and never in front of them.

    Y&R: Enough Jack against Victor. As much as it is great story, Victor has upped the ante so much with Colleen’s death, Patti’s insanity, and a host of other tragedies that pale in comparison to Jack not giving Victor his medication all those years ago when he was having a heart attack or tricking the man into doing his bidding while in his eplectic state. Nikki, Victoria, Phyllis, Jill and maybe Lily should take the reins from the men and drive story as opposed to driving alongside of it.

    Make the women central and the men their lap dogs!

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    Angie Lucy

    You can tell onscreen that MB is enjoying himself more. It must feel good to play something more 3D. The character of Sonny works best when he’s not a cartoon villain or a poor-me “hero” as Guza had written him these last few years. It was good to actually want to watch Sonny today. MB is bringing him to life, and it’s enjoyable to see him enjoying himself as an actor. Good for you, Maurice!

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