Ronn Moss on Leaving The Bold and the Beautiful: “All Good Things End Eventually”

Ronn Moss has provided a statement about his decision to leave the role of Ridge Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful, after 24 years. Here's what the actor relayed to his fans via Facebook:

I want to make sure, without any doubt, that you guys all know how much I love you. Your support during this time and hopefully beyond is everything. I can't say anything yet, but soon will explain. Hang in there with me, We have a wonderful new journey ahead of us.

Try and not be sad, angry, disappointed.. It's been a great run and all good things end eventually. As this door closes, others are opening.

I want you all to come with me through these new doors of opportunities and experience how cool it's going to be. Have faith, be strong, Know I'm eternally yours.

While a lot of people, present blogger included, have poked fun at Moss' acting style of the years, there's no denying how immensely popular he is as Ridge — especially with B&B's international audience. The man has to have a bodyguard when he visits some European countries! I sincerely hope losing him doesn't prove too much of a blow to the serial.

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    [quote=Narcissa]Who dresses this clown? And what the eff is wrong with his hair? YUCK![/quote]

    FUNNY! I was wondering about that also. All I have to say is, “HIS MAMA SURE DRESSES HIM FUNNY”

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    RealityCheck 33

    The man can’t act, but when you lines are dubbed in for overseas’ audiences, it’s not so obvious. He was eye candy for years and now he’s a Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon’s dream come true!

    I can see an eventual recast unless they kill him off.

    BTW, he’s always dressed like a Keith Richards wannabe, but was never able to pull it off. Looks like a rummage sale at Bloomindale’s basement. JMO.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: There are 40 million American people who are considered poor today. Soap actors are going to have to downgrade their lifestyle.

    Baby Joe might have to wear his Gucci sneakers for 2 semesters instead of 1.

    Their wife will have to get her mani and peddie from that $15 Korean nail salon, color her own hair with out the box Clairol, exchange shopping at Sax and Bloomingdales for Nordstrom and Targee’ aka Target and clip coupons to shop the Safeway sales.

    And the actor will have to trade in that Lexus for a Ford Taurus.

    Hey we’re living in a bad economy.

    Plus, when you are working in a dying scripted model; you don’t have room to negotiate. Let’s get real here.

    And as my grandma always said, “Some money is better than no money!”

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    For me it is an opportunity to get to other stories. Also, when I read his statement, it sounds to me like he may have something else going on already.

    It would not surprise me. Sometimes the confidence to leave is stronger if there is another offer. You know, just like a guy has a girl friend before he tells the wife he is leaving. Happens all the time.

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    I wonder how long will he actually be gone. They play this game a lot on the Y and R. I really don’t mind him leaving. It opens up a lot of storyline potential. Will they bring Jack Wagner back now? Will they go full steam ahead with Brooke and Thomas? Will this finally be the end of the never ending Brooke/Ridge/ ________ triangle? (Fill in the blank-Caroline, Eric, Taylor, Grant, Nick)

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    Why do I get the feeling that he may be going to another soap?! It would be a tremendous coup for Days or GH.

    Either way I wish him luck and I hope B&B has taken advantage of this exit and made a huge deal/death story out of it!!!

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    Love Hunter Tylo. I still think she is beautiful and hate what they did to her and Ridge. Their love seemed mature and genuine. Hope she has more storylines now. Hope the reveal that Ridge really loved her more all along. Hated Ridge and Brooke–just sex! Tylo should help Hope come to terms with her issues and help her daughter with her daddy issues too. Girls who feel abandoned by their dad almost always have problems with romances with adult males–both Hope and Steffy have abadonment issues with their dads and Tylo should be the one to help both. Ridge should die on the show(nothing against the actor but he is leaving) which will compund the abandonment issues for both girls. Get rid of the silly love triangle–both girls are good actors and need more to work with and so do Hunter and Kelly. Make them mothers and give then real grown men to love!

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    Yes, Ronn is an extremely nice person, husband, father, and friend.
    B&B was his job for 25 years. A job he did with passion pride while being “well liked,” an accomplishment most never achieve. Look at the situation from this perspective.

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