Young and Restless’ Sharon: “I’m Kinda Starting to Like Being The New Mrs. Victor Newman”

The girl from Madison, Wisconsin is trying to be a Boss this week on The Young and the Restless! Sharon (Sharon Case) is enjoying the title of Mrs. Victor Newman a little too much for a missing Victor's (Eric Braeden) family (Not to mention the show's fans!) this week on Y&R.

Can Nick (Joshua Morrow) take down his first love, before she makes off with control of the Newman dynasty? Watch a promo for this week's Y&R after the jump!

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    Hmm. Sharon burning papers? Maybe those are MAB story outlines going up in flames? Or sneak peaks at JFP’s plans for Y&R? Just a thought. (I’m giving JG the benefit of the doubt right now.) … 0:)

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    Sharon Case is killing it. Take a stupid story like this and she makes it work.

    Anyway that’s not the Sharon Collins Newman I love and I have seen for years. Sharon appears as a gold-digger, burning that prenup and all. Sharon was never that way. I remember that she didn’t even want the Newmans to take care of her mother’s medical bills.

    Now if they would play the story with another beat I might even like it. If they would play it like Sharon feels completely lost, cheated and abused by all the men in her life and now wants to have her revenge at the family that beat her down I even think I’d like it.
    After Nick cheated on Phyllis and now just got remarried to an attempted murderer while he gave Sharon hell all those times for her actions + Adam changes his ways for another woman and not her, could have drove her into Victor’s arms. I’m not even talking marriage or any kind of romantic relationship. More like a companion ship as friends, where the two start to trust each other. I then imagine Victor leaving his power of attorney to Sharon, while he goes licking his wounds over Nikki’s latest marriage to Jack. After Victor’s gone, Sharon finds proof about Victor sending Skye away and being present on the volcano when Skye died.
    Sharon feels the betrayal all over again, loses her mental stability and wants to use her power to not only ruin Victor but the entire Newman family.

    That would have been a story I could enjoy watching. But this … it’s crap. Only Sharon Case’s awesome performances are worth watching.

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    I’m sorry that they did this with Sharon who I’m hoping will get better story with this new regime if she becomes a Jill pet she’ll be good to go. Adam now Nik’s father? why?

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    I’m kind of enjoying Sharon(both character and actress)right now.Since Jill is off the canvas right now,though it was nice they atleast mentioned her last week,and Lauren is to wishy-washy,we could use someone to do some manipulating.Nick and Victoria need to be brought down a little bit again.

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    The only thing good about this storyline is Sharon Case. She really is a wonderful actress and I guess she know has the storyline to show her range.

    Other than that, this storyline is no laughing matter. The sheer fact that Sharon Newman, a beloved character is trashed, is – as someone here said earlier – reason alone for MAB to get fired.

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    Cyberologist … you could be a day or maybe two ahead of me but I really don’t get your “Adam now Nik’s father? why?” comment.

    CoffeeJunkie … Sharon’s hair colour change was a gradual but fairly obvious transition a short few weeks ago. And Yojoromo4469. I liked her darker hair as well but at least her re-blonded locks look natural enough.

    soapjunkie88 … you are correct. There is so much that Victor has done that is just simply bypassed. He’s either actually broken laws in various forms and severity and caused miscarriage and obstruction of justice so many times that the teflon finish on his Super Villain costume should be quite tarnished by now.

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    Sharon Case appears to be having fun and I admit that I love the idea of ShareHo, I mean Sharon, actually having a backbone and dishing out zingers to Victor’s brats, Tricktoria and Abby. And I LOVE seeing her spar with Nikki. The dialogue on this show seems fresh and engaging. I actually find myself LAUGHING at my screen, and not just laughing at how stupid the characters have become, though I must admit that ShareHo has essentially become someone I don’t recognize. But as long as they can keep me laughing, I will keep Genoa City on my agenda.

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    alstonboy-I agree.Today’s show was pretty good.Loved Sharon and Nikki going at it.And everyone leaving Phyllis to herself felt so good.Really,Jack and Nikki lasted one day.Is that a new record.Oh no,I guess that would be Sharon and Victor.

    I finf Victor is much more tolerable when he is not on my screen.

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    I’m sorry… I am not buying this VIXEN Sharon one bit. I think it is horribly played by the actress and horribly written by the outgoing regime. For one thing, Sharon married Nick twice (at least once), produced 2 children with him, he adopted her first child and then he cheated on her and got his mistress PHYLLIS pregnant before the divorce. So her argument that if Victor left her she would have NOTHING after a week of marriage sounded more petty and immature than conniving or manipulative.

    Then jump to Adam and she wed him and then divorced him and got not one red cent from him?! Doubtful.

    She was also married to Jack.

    Oh, and then she married Victor while he was in prison. That was clearly just for show and you mean to tell me Victor didn’t offer Sharon a penny for her ‘work’?!

    Go back to Nick and their shared kids and she’s not getting child support?! Please. Nick is worth now a half billion dollars so if Sharon hasn’t gone to Vance Abrams to get a HUGE chunk of that change for her daughter or an enormous increase in child support than that’s her fault.

    Plus, Sharon owned the coffee house franchise with Nick. Before they sold that they owned 3 to 4 locales because that was the big fight with Nick and Victor.

    I even laugh at Phyllis for having to rob her daughter’s trust fund when Phyllis divorced Nick for CHEATING ON HER with Sharon and she was married to Jack for a few years. You mean she got nothing there either?!

    It’s not like either women live lavish lifestyles. Both still own the same apartments they have owned for years. Both have the same furniture and neither can be called FASHION PLATES in no way shape or form! So where is the money, sweeties?!!

    If I was a calculating type of guy, I would say that Sharon should be worth anywhere from 10 million and up and that’s on the low end. If anything Sharon should be worth 25 million from the 4 marriages I just mentioned. Each guy lied, cheated and stole from her so any judge, jury or divorce lawyer worht their weight in gold would have gotten her a truck load EVEN WITH PRENUPS. (We all know the 2 Newman boys didn’t ask her to sign that document)

    As for Phyllis, she is a schemer and a master manipulator. I would put her wealth at somewhere around 10-15 million if you play your cards right and with alimony, it would only get higher. Throw in the fact she had a quicky wedding with Nick twice and you know they never signed anything in prenup ways so Phyllis should never have to worry about dough or $$$ ever.

    So as for Sharon wanting it all after watching her living on a farm in New Mexico… I don’t buy it.

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    I used to like Sharon as a blonde, but now that I’ve seen her with darker hair, I think it gave her a much softer look. Now blonde looks brassy on her, and I wish they’d stop with this weird wardrobe all of a sudden. She looks too matronly.

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    Case has and will always be a great actress. I’m kinda liking her in this story and am interested to see where it is going. The marriage itself has that “yuck” factor, but if there’s some payoff it may have been worth it. I still am curious to see how quickly the show switches gears under the new regime. As long as the show doesn’t lose its “look” (listening Jill?), I can even put up with some questionable writing from Josh. If I stuck with it through Lynn Latham (the devil), I can give JFP a shot.

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    alstonboy4315 … have not or have missed seeing you here for a while, so nice to have you back. Of course your post #12 above is yet again right on target to my mind.

    The rest of you … I also am liking Sharon’s apparent discovery of her back bone. I think it’s a given that she has money from her various legal unions with all the men in her life so I don’t think that money is her prime objective. If she becomes the one who brings the whole Newman clan to their knees, then great. But she is going to have to stop spilling bottles of ink on her summer frocks.

    Phyllis. Avery had it so right when she told her exactly how it’s always been with her. How Phyllis can stand there in full indignation mode knowing full well what she’s done and accuse all around her of not being supportive is mind boggling. She says she’s doing it all to protect her family … but she’s never been a true mother in any sense of the word. (She even gave Summer HGH so that she could avoid the troubled early teen years). She’s always been a conniver and selfish and self centred. She knows that all around her know exactly what she did so why not just deal with it and accept the consequences? I just can’t stand her constant repeated incredulous rants any longer.

    Michael Baldwin (the DA, albeit possibly temporary) … why does that poor man have to work out of the very public Genoa City Police Department offices instead of the DA’s Office at City Hall?

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