General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Jerry lays an unconscious Alexis down on the couch and claims he never wanted to hurt her, but has no choice. He then injects her with something.

Ewen almost gets caught by Carly and Johnny, but manages to take Josslyn and sneak out of the house. Ewen takes her to Windermere. He is surprised to see Alexis there as well. Ewen stops Jerry from injecting Josslyn. Jerry sarcastically offers to let Ewen out of their agreement, but then warns that he’ll tell Liz the truth if Ewen refuses to continue to cooperate. Jerry says he has one final assignment for him and injects Josslyn.

Jason’s not sure how they can separate their lives. He doesn’t want to make things harder. Sam doesn’t want them to forget how much they meant to each other. She doesn’t want his money and then asks if they should try a separation or counseling. Jason agrees to, if it’s what she needs. Sam admits she doesn’t know what she wants, that she can’t forgive him and is punishing him. Jason would rather let her go than see her hurt.

Sam doesn’t know how to say goodbye and wonders if they can divorce, but still be friends like they used to be. Jason says they can’t be friend, but he’ll always want her to be happy. He’s sorry how things turned out. Sam wants them to say the words or it won’t be real. They both say goodbye. Jason turns away, but Sam grabs his hand. They hug and then kiss.

Sonny takes Kate to his restaurant and the two reminisce about their first date. Sonny’s sad that he let her go from his life twice. He thinks it’s a miracle they’ve found each other again. He wants Kate to be by his side for the rest of their lives. She’s worried about Connie coming back and that he deserves better than her because she’s crazy. Sonny says they both deserve to be happy and asks her to spend her life with him. Kate accepts.

Dante finds the pregnancy test in Lulu’s bag. He thinks that its Maxie’s based on her weird behavior at the hospital. However, Lulu admits that it’s hers and that she’s pregnant. Dante’s shocked and then thrilled. Lulu points out that it makes Olivia psychic. Dante says he’s happy, but then wonders if she is. Dante asks if she has reservations or if the timing isn’t right. Lulu says she has fears, but no reservations and wants a family with him.

Alexis comes to and is confused as to what happened, but doesn’t seem to remember and leaves. Jerry has another coughing fit then says she has what she needs.

Carly checks in on Josslyn and finds her missing. She panics that someone has taken her. Johnny offers to check outside while she calls the police. She tries Dante, but doesn’t reach him. Johnny comes running back in with Josslyn, whom he found asleep outside. Carly asks her daughter if she remembers waking up and going out, but Josslyn says no. Ewen lurks outside.

Jason and Sam have flashbacks of their lives together as they kiss. They declare their love for each other and he leaves.

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    I’m spoiler free, but I’m assuming that Jerry is about to unleash some deadly disease onto the city and he’s just injected Alexis and Josslyn with the antidote so they aren’t affected by it.

    Loved, loved, loved the Lante scenes. So happy that she seemed happy about it. I want one pregnancy to be normal on this show.

    Is it a coincidence that both Kate and Lulu were wearing red dresses, as one is proposed to by the father and the other tell the pregnancy news to the son.

    KeMo looked so young in those flashbacks. Kudos to her on nailing the emotions today. I hate Jason and don’t care that JaSam are breaking up because she deserves better, but she made me feel bad for her. Jason, not so much.

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    Perkie – there isn’t any paternity question for Dante and Lulu so I predict the baby will be at risk during this viral scare. This show is hell on babies.

    Was I supposed to do anything but laugh at the ridiculousness of two people divorcing before their first anniversary when I am told they are soul mates? Uh? Where I come from, you honor your vows of better or worse. You don’t jump ship because your husband did his job. It is just plain stupid. Jason hasn’t changed.

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    Perkie, Jerry cloned Jossyln. That’s Joss2 who Ewen returned. Joss2 will grow up quickly and will be played by JMB in a dual role that is sure to net her the Supporting Emmy next year. Alexis, too, will be cloned, and will be played by Ronn Moss when she begins to age very quickly.

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    Todays epi made me weep – I felt for Sam because they clearly still really love each other and if she knew the baby was not in fact dead they wouldnt be breaking up, but she cant get past what she believes happened, at least in the here and now. Having that play out in the midst of lantes pregnancy and skates engagement only made it sadder

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    I have to admit it…I was actually quite moved today by the scenes with Sonny and Kate. MB is so easy to get tired of with his same old mad mob man routine, but it’s scenes like today that make me stop in my tracks and remember what a multi-dimensional actor he is. I hope Ron will write more scenes for him like these in which he oozes emotion and compassion. And KS was very sweet and believable in her reaction to his proposal. Very well done!

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    I was so heart broken with the Jasam scenes today.. They did such great work and Kelly knocked it out of the park. I am curious to see what they are doing with this story though. It’s being written with them obviously still in love and parting because of “someone” playing them with a lie.. So what is going to be the story- them working together to find their son or something else.. Jason is obviously going to go crazy over the baby and Sam just can’t get over his death.. However he isn’t dead- he is out there waiting for them.. So I can’t wait to see them come together as a family.. Also just becasue they said they are getting a divorce doesn’t mean it’s happening- so I guess we will see… The dialogue was fantastic.

    So happy for Lante- I hope they get a nice normal fun filled pregnancy…

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    The extent this show goes to pimp the awful couple of Jasam is amazing. Even when they break them up, they give them almost a 2 minute montage of memories. YET….when Robin dies Scubs doesnt seem to warrant one. It is amazing how they continue to try and sell this couple. Thy need to face facts that no couple should need this much propping. I really wish this break up was for good.

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    I’m hoping this truly is the end of JaSam. Even when the baby is found and the paternity is revealed, I don’t want them together. Jason is a lousy excuse for a husband or father and he doesn’t deserve to be with Sam and “her” baby. Sam deserves so much better, whether it’s John or someone else.

    I knew it had to be that Jerry was immunizing Alexis and Josslyn against whatever evil virus he is about to inflict on PC. I’m not looking forward to this SL. I was so upset that they brought Jerry back at all and now he’s going to rain all kinds of horror on the show. We have one irredeemable character in Heather…we really didn’t need another one in Jerry.

    Lulu and Dante were cute and I hope they can have a normal, happy pregnancy and baby. Maybe CarTini can break the spell of doom on all babies born in Port Charles.

    Still having to FF through most of the SKate scenes. I was able to watch some of them, but I’m so tired of the weeping Kate. It’s time for her to just stop it…at least for a while. I hope Connie is still lurking inside her somewhere. She’s the one who makes Kate interesting. And since Connie is the original, it’s time they address that and truly integrate her and she becomes a combination of the two personalities. Of course with CarTini, we’ll probably have to suffer through several more personalities before this is over.

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    [quote=GHFan777]The extent this show goes to pimp the awful couple of Jasam is amazing. Even when they break them up, they give them almost a 2 minute montage of memories. YET….when Robin dies Scubs doesnt seem to warrant one. It is amazing how they continue to try and sell this couple. Thy need to face facts that no couple should need this much propping. I really wish this break up was for good.[/quote]

    I FLOVE you!!!

    I blame Scrubs stuff on the old regime as Cartini was just getting a foothold I am sure it would have been a lot better than what we got.

    Why would I feel sorry for can’t pick and choose when you hold Jason in contempt for something he’s done. I found her annoying that she can’t forgive him but she wants HIM to say the words..grow up.

    Trial seperation..isn’t that what you’ve been on the last month.

    Jason it’s not good to lie to your wife and say she is your best friend..puhlease that honor is only for Carly, because treating a person like an after thought most of the time is not normal treatment for besties.

    Though I know that I will most likely be subjected to this couple again..I will hope and pray that McBam lights up the ratings because in the end no fan base can compete with that.

    I enjoyed Skate and was shocked when I realized that I did not FF there scene.

    Lante…not sure how I feel maybe that’s because I have no love for LooLoo, but Dante as a woman let me tell you this. When your wife is holding a peepee stick please dont gross us out by saying she is holding someone else’s peepee stick.

    I am looking forward to who is holding leverage over Jerry because it must be bad to make Jerry take this risk to protect Alexis and Joss (at least I hope he was protecting them)

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    I FLOVE you too Sista Raven. When is the last time you saw a couple get a montage during a breakup. Talk about overkill.

    I actually liked the Lante scenes. I never pay attention to Skate, but it seems alot pf people liked their scenes.

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    Tris Drake

    If it hadn’t been for Jerry I would have been asleep. Sam has been snotting over Jason for eight years,shut up already. He is the same jerk he has always been,put on your big girl panties. I wanted to smack her because she couldn’t say the words.

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    Hi Im New To The Site And I Thought Today Was A Good Episode! Hated To See Sam And Jason End. I Love JaSam.!!!
    And I Hope Whatever Jerry Gave To Alexis And Josslyn Doesnt kill Them!! Carly And Johnny Eewww! Not a big fan of CarJohn. Jerrys craziness makes this storyline so much better. And it wont be long before Ewen is found out by Jason or Elizabeth.

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    Card welcome. And yes I share your love for JaSam.

    777 I truly think robin and patrick WOULD have gotten a montage if cartini had been writing the story. I thought the montage was great because it showcased their history going in to the search for their child.

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    Thanks EricasEvilTwin. I appreciate it! And this show has gotten 1000x better with Cartini! His writing of Jerry and Ewen is Amazing!!!! He has made Ewen Change from a dryboard character too a much more threedimensional character.

    Sonny and Kates relationship I can actually watch! Sonny has been written to be more responsible of his actions and not just wavin that gun around all day! Carly is so much better too, looks and writing! Todd is so much fun. And the Lante relationship is so adorable! With this baby, they will be great parents.

    This show has started putting the Mob arc on the backburner a lil and changed those Mob characters and molded them into somethin more than just killers. Hopefully Jason Is next to get some evolution!

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    Snoopy Dance! JaSam is O.V.E.R.

    JaSam has to be pimped and propped, because they have NEVER stood on their own. RC had the OLTL characters doing a lot of Jolie 2.0 (John/Natalie) pimping toward the end of last year, and all I wanted was to turn off the TV.

    I had to laugh at Jason looking in the lake house window at Sam crying, because he probably had a flashback to his wife riding step-daddy Ric. :Sp

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    [quote=liason4real]I had to laugh at Jason looking in the lake house window at Sam crying, because he probably had a flashback to his wife riding step-daddy Ric. :Sp[/quote]

    I had the same thought and when you think about it isn’t this around the time of the NOP which would mean that the last time he looked in that window a certain ride or die chick was riding step daddy

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    Week behind…better late than never in PC…what happened last Monday?…
    take a walk back with me…

    Max and Milo’s sous chef and maitre d’ are, I admit, cute. I know they get played as buffoons, but they cut the tension in “serious” scenes and add humor to other places that aren’t all superfluous. I like to think of them as the “Chip and Dale” of GH. No relation to the male dancers ;)

    It was nice to see KSul glammed up for Kate’s engagement dinner. The only thing I’d have changed would be her hair style, which overall seems to be the one area that the (unemployed) fashion editor doesn’t pay attention to. I really enjoyed the range of emotional beats she got to play here: The stroll back to Bensonhurst, revisiting her ill fated first wedding try, the gasp and attending waterworks at the bully’s proposal. “What if
    “Connie” comes back?” What if indeed? “You’re crazy, I’m crazy. That’s why we fit.” Hmm. They’ll fit for a little while, but I’m thinking “Connie’s”
    gonna come fox trotting out to join them on the dance floor…

    Something bothered me listening to the bully waxing poetic about
    “…people who cared, stayed…accepted my mistakes…waited…till I got to the other side…” It wasn’t the linking of their mental illnesses. I could maybe forgive some of the emotional damage he’s done but where do you draw the line on his crimes as they relate to his life’s work running the mob? Are we to excuse every hit he’s ordered as a consequence of his mental illness? Just me with a thought… :~

    After an intriguing entrance NB’s Ewan went through a very fallow period. (No talking about the LIW.) With this recent reveal as part of a larger umbrella story, it’s given him not just a bigger role but the chance to show off more than just an attractive physique. The decision to “pair” him with SR’s Jerry Jacks, is advantageous for both in terms of character POV’s as well as the younger man gaining valuable time with a savy verteran talent. I’ll even forgive the writers letting him have ridiculously easy access into Carly’s house, spiriting Josslyn away, while LW and BrBa’s (I kind of like ‘em) lovers play cougar tag. I didn’t expect to feel for the shrink, but when he briefly looks up, “Forgive me.”, holding the sleeping child I thought “Poor guy.” Same thing when he brought her back for John to find, lurking, secure in the knowledge she’s back home but wracked with guilt for what he’s done as well as who he’s gotten involved with…

    SR blends suave and diabolical while throwing in a touch of “You don’t understand why I’m doing this but it’s gonna protect you.” reasoning. Which is, I’m assuming, the basis for that line after the major coughing fit he endures. “…Not to worry. You and Joss both have what you need.” Still, the sight of vials, syringes and injecting defenseless people gets me squeamish. It’s Jerry Jacks. I should be used to it…

    Alexis coming to, disoriented, and tottering out saying “God, I hate this place!” was amusing even though it maybe wasn’t meant to be. NLG gave it the right note of “I’d really like to sell this house, but it’s part of my family legacy.” inflection…

    Between KSul and KeMo I think you’d have a close race for who’s had to cry the most. If nothing else, we know their tear ducts are in good working order…

    It’s not about chemistry. KeMo and SBu have it. That’s never been a question for me. I think they’ve lost some of it, a result of what they’ve had written for them. As well as what hasn’t been written for RH and SBu. This isn’t to say I prefer one pairing over another. In all honesty, I think both of these young women are doing a lot more heavy lifting at their ends than SBu. That’s not a knock on him. He’s quite charming and animated in person. But, lately it hasn’t translated to the screen. Again, it’s the writing. (I won’t get into regime change-That’s for a seperate post.) Having said that, I felt way more of a punch with KeMo in these exchanges. I appreciated Sam’s honesty when Jason brings up their pending divorce: “…standard…proceedure…went through it with Brenda.” “It wasn’t a real marriage…just like none of mine were real…” I don’t recall her talking recently about her con artist past. Self preservation, survival and caring for her brother Danny probably are too painful to examine closely. As is her “indecision” about what she wants for herself and her husband: “I thought this…is what you wanted..” “I don’t know…I’m going in circles…can’t forgive you…can’t stop loving you.” His actions concerning McBain and how he dealt with his “rival” are hard to overlook. That he’s sorry for what happened and says that he could’ve loved her baby is something he’ll have to live with, just as she’ll have to live with leaving the motel and walking through the storm. Yes, she was looking for help but, sweetheart, you would’ve been better off staying put. (Of course then we wouldn’t have had the baby switch.) When it’s all said and done, that good-bye kiss didn’t strike me as good-bye. Yes, it lingered but to me it said “Let’s give it a rest. For the foreseeable future”…

    Breaking here…be back with other obsevations…about others…
    Swan! 0:)

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    Back for a second entry…Kudos to Kate Hall…let’s see what’s up with my favorites…

    She manages to keep her nerves at bay. He’s none the wiser. They both remark on Liv’s “…about to pop.” hallucination, with D laughing it off as he wanders away. “…tryin’ to picture you…” She laughs but it’s
    uneasy. To herself: “In nine months you won’t have to.”, as L fishes in her purse, finding the test wand. She plays with a pillow, attempting to shape a pregnant belly, fitting it to her slender frame. She flips it back on to the couch as he pads in, rolls to the fridge, ferreting out some old cannoli while she suggests take out. She wrinkles her nose at his offering
    “…stomach’s a little off.” He turns nusemaid. She protests. “…I just wanna talk to you…” He insists to the point of popping a thermometer under her tongue and making her tea. She jumps in. “…Something happened at the hospital today.” “…with Maxie?” Taken aback. “How did you know?” Which throws her off as he lists his observations about her BFF before getting distracted himself by “something” lodged in the cushions. He finds the wand, pauses, looking at it, then fixes his gaze on her, frozen to the spot. His voice betrays no emotion. “Things like this?” A beat. “Who would of thought. Maxie is pregnant.” “What?!!” (Oh, duh!) He starts rambling, variously pegging Matt then Patrick as the father, all the while she tries to get a word in edgewise until there’s an opening “…These kind of secrets can ruin-” “Stop it! Maxie’s not…pregnant. I am!” Eyes popped like light bulbs, words come to a screeching halt, caught mid munch.
    His turn to be frozen. A beat, Two. Trying to swallow. “Can you say something? ‘Cause having a baby is kind of a life changing Holy Crap.”
    Choking, coughing. The tea is passed, gulped, spit spray. And she’s scared. He recovers, gathers himself, reassures her he’s fine then somewhat calmly: “…are you serious…pregnant?” “Yeah.” Picking up the test. “…this is yours?” “…99% accurate…” Feeling her way. “…they
    tell me.” Haltingly. “…we are gonna be parents, if we wanna be.” Holding her breath. “If we wanna be.” Whispered, dazed. Repeated with laughter bubbling. “Baby, this is awesome! We’re gonna have a kid!” He launches, tackles and engulfs his wife in a bear hug, the same laughter now muffled as their lips lock, setting off a long, mutually pleasant and lingering series of kisses, lost in the joy her words have brought. He breaks the kiss, suddenly mindful of the presure he’s exerting on her. “I’m sorry.” Anxious. “Did I hurt you?” “By kissing me?!” She rights herself, a mix of amusement and confusion. He stammers charmingly about her being “with child.” To which she retorts “Let’s never call it that..” She goes through the pregnancy discovery and both pause. Reality. “…Us. Parents.” A big breath, exhaling. He’s up and off the couch to walk away, already thinking ahead, his lungs pushing the air out. She’s right behind him, her face clouded, not seeing his reactions. “Are you happpy…?” He snaps around. “Oh, yeah. How could you not think I would be?…we talked….”
    “…one day, not today…this is an accident.” A hint of apology. “…an amazing accident…” She looks unconvinced, her eyes searching his, as if wanting reassurance. “…I couldn’t be more happy.” He pauses, surveying her dubious face. “Are you happy?” Now he’s hesitant about her reaction, how she feels. “…we’ve been working through somne stuff. If you…have reservations…if you don’t feel like the time is right.” He opens the door, letting her be the one who makes the decision, for herself. Three beats. She’s silent, thinking. “No.” Quiet. Clear. “No, what?” “…I don’t have reservations. Fear, yeah…(with a chuckle),…I wanna have a family with you.” Breathy, almost dreamily, maybe a sudden “Yes, why not?” realization for her. His smile breaks, small. Widens. “..we’re gonna do this?” Her shy grin blossoms, lighting up her face. “L S-F, I love you, so much.” Kisses sweet, emphatic. “Me too.” On cue, he addresses her stomach as she sighs at her husband who has transformed into a total doofus.
    “…we love you all the way to Yankee Stadium and back.” “Wow.”, laughing.
    “We’re gonna have…I can’t believe this…a freakin’ baby!…He bounces off the couch,…we have a baby!” Racing to the loft door, flinging it open, shouting his joyous news. She follows, reaching him, her own joybreaking to the surface as she shushes him, a hand over his mouth, smiling. She giggles,echoing his elation softly. “We’re gonna have a baby.”
    “Yeah.” As softly, almost introspectively. Their lips meet, infinitely tender, setting a seal on their love, now expanding to three…

    The partnership between JMB and DZ is something that can’t be “taught”. What they have and why its so beautiful and natural is that it’s completely unforced, founded on respect and trust. The qualities these two posess are so rarely found. Theirs is an inate vibrancy, honesty, and easy rapport. I feel lucky to be able to watch them. And I thank them…

    Till next time…
    Swan! 0:)

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