Is Kevin G. Schmidt OUT at The Young and the Restless?

Is The Young and The Restless gearing up to recast the role of Noah Newman yet again? Current portrayer Kevin G. Schmidt seems to think so. Schmidt sounded off to Y&R's official Twitter handle, tweeting:

Guess he told them! This isn't the first time the top sudser has replaced Schmidt in the role. In Sept. 2010, the role was recast with Gossip Girl's Luke Kleintank, only for Schmidt to resume the role six months later. So far, Y&R is keeping mum.

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    TV Gord

    I don’t think he meant “there’s only one” as “only I can be this character”. I think he means it’s only one character. How many actors can they cast? He has a point. Some of these characters have had more actors than Murphy Brown had secretaries. (Boy, THAT dates me!) ;-)

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    TV Gord

    Boy, people look for the worst possible way to read things into what people tweet. I guess some of us aren’t just always looking for the worst in people.

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    @TV Gord: Come on, his tweet is pretty bad. ;) Of course you can always read something into it. Good or bad.

    In my mind, his tweet just doesn’t do him any favors. Specially in his choice of words. And knowing the history and how much the four-episode-replacement Noah tanked, I think his tweet is just pretty bad. LOL

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    What the heck goes on behind the scenes of this show!

    I think some of these actors are just now venting years of frustration with this show.

    Does anyone think there may soon be a guidelines/rules system regarding tweets on behind the scenes machinations on the 2 CBS and Sony Soaps?

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    I hope Kevin knows he’ll never work again if he keeps popping off on twitter like that. One thing abouit Jill Farren Phelps is she doesn’t play and will be quick to recast or just fire your ass.

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    It’s as plain as day.

    The new regime starring JFP is going to make Noah Newman a VERY central character on the New Y&R. And we can all guess that JFP does not view Kevin Schmidt as hunky enough. She will want someone with big muscles and rocks for brains.

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    Even though I never warmed up to the character, he is right. It has been recast too often. I hate recasts…jarring and sometimes regardless of the name the recast doesn’t work. Look at Diane, the second Heather, Malcom, Mac…I could go on and on. I hope this doesn’t mean that the changes a lot of us are fearing with JFP are happening.

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    Personally I don’t mind Kevin’s acting plus he is getting better looking as he gets older and they allow him to be so rather than making the hair department comb his hair like a twelve year old. I also don’t find all that much wrong with that tweet and the fans that like him would probably agree.

    If they do recast him I just hope it’s not yet another one of those generic tweens who are actually in their 20’s; like that annoying high haired creature who tries to play at being Kyle. But then of course there never was an older Kyle to try to replicate anyway, so it’s difficult right from the get go.

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    Noah was supposed to be gay and even taped scenes at Cassie’s grave where he came out to her but that story got the ax. So that and now being replaced, I can see why Kevin is PISSED!!!!

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    I hate to see Kevin lose his job but I think this is a smart move. The character of Noah has a great deal of potential and with the right actor and good writing could become very popular.

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    JFP already starting up? JFP only likes dark haired men on her shows(unless they are Black), blonde men don’t usually do too well. If you thought Y&R became All My Children’s graveyard, get ready for Genoa Hospital. Noah will be recast with a dark haired, olive skinned hunky male model.

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    hey mon

    Kevin, too bad you are speaking up. I think the kid is a great actor. Last year, he had a great scene with Mike Muhney at Gloworm talking about his Mom. During their conversation, Adam was thinking about throwing the memory card into the creek at The Park. Kevin held his own. Oh well, too bad they never gave Noah an s/l at all. Hopefully, he isnt replaced by a Kyle-look-alike, or something stupid like that. And the 2 months that the Luke guy played Noah in 2010 wasnt too much of a success, either.

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    I like the kid, and think he makes a great representation of what a child of Sharon and Nick would look like, but they haven’t even tried to give him a storyline.

    KSJ last week now KS this week, I guess the actors just don’t give a rats ass anymore, they know the ship is sinking.

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    Since schmidt first took on the role they’ve only tried one other actor in the role correct? Schmidt is fine but his version of Noah is nothing special. I think he’s overstating. With JFP here maybe he’ll be reuniting with big sis any day now.

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    I think the complaints coming from the writers coupled with the numerous recasts of several young characters over the years (Colleen– which they gave up on by drowning her, MacKenzie, etc) seems emblematic of how One-Note the writing has been.
    It doesn’t seem to work much for anyone.

    There are a few truly skillful performers who can ‘overcome’ the material and those who are just plain lucky to be in decent storylines but this show has a problem providing good written material and storylines for all but the most favored characters/actors.
    Every now and then you get a Doug Davidson whose storyline isolation inspires such a hew and cry from the fans as to be finally heard by TPTB that they finally give him a halfway decent storyline where he can ply his trade.
    It would be good if sometime in the near future, this show can become more balanced and everyone gets a crack at a decent storyline.

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    Which one of the male actors on the show wanted to jump Kevin Schmidt’s bones when he first came onto the show. Supposedly one of the straight actors had the hots for him.

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