Jon Hensley Back to Being ‘Bold and Beautiful’

Great news for Jon Hensley fans! The former As The World Turns star will reprise the role of Dr. Meade on The Bold and The Beautiful. Hensley announced on Twitter:

I wonder if Dr. Meade could be used to fill the void soon-to-be left by Ridge Forrester (Ronn Moss)?

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    Well I have to say that I am so glad and relieve by B&B story of Hope/Liam/Steffie . Well let me tell you why ? I was never hooked to any soap in my life until the love story between Hope and Liam started , the love story was so beautiful that reminded me of my teen age years, the movie Love Story and it was entertaining when they had to face Amber .. for time being it could be bared to see Bill and Steffie’s interference and plots and tricks and manipulation, then it started to make me sick after the trip to Mexico and when all the lies came out and Liam asked divorce and decided that he is in love with Hope and want to marry her. It got worse when Steffie started the sick games again and delayed the divorce while was trying to fool every one as usual, O.K with all the critics and treats and comments against this continuation of this stupid triangle the story was going to finish in Italy one of the most beautiful wedding any one can dream ,OH, Thank God everything is going to be finished and the whole schemes and tricks and manipulation which was going on fro more than a year was going to end.. I was really looking forward to see a new story , a new love affair for Steffie with some one compatible with her like Rik, Deacon …and for at least 6 months we are going to see a happy couple Liam and Hope together , then may be some drama starts… No the writer found out that there are a lot of writing, comments and involvements are going on among the followers and they are all begging to end this story… well what they did instead they came up with a new line for this triangle, Steffie continue the same old tactics, … Liam absolutely goes out of his dignity and strong character, Hope stupid to leave the house for them again just like year ago with some salt and pepper of disco, motorcycle…..

    On august 13 I read a spoiler and found out that this story line are going to be dragged in much more stupid and ridiculous way that it has been ever before !!!

    So , that was the time for me to get a complete cold feet and lost all my interest and involvement in following the show. , I decided not even check the facebook like before, not read the spoilers since I was not watching the show as regular as before and was waiting for the end of the story, last but not least , now stop completely continuing to watch this show . The good news is I am so happy that I lost all my interests and I am not hooked to this show any more may be in far future I hear about the show and find out what happened but for me it was really strange in getting hook to a soap like I was during the Liam and Hope love story.

    I am sure it won’t make a difference if I watch or not but I am sure that it has effected a lot of viewers and the writers are losing a lot of them like me.

    I might check only how Ridge is going to leave the show , for the moment my only curiosity is the way Ridge will leave the show.

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    [quote=ChristianDavis148]Now that Ronn Moss is officially gone from B&B (he taped his last scenes yesterday), enter Dr. Meade to mend Brooke’s broken heart! How many of you saw this coming a mile away?![/quote]

    That never actually crossed my mind, until you posted it! However, I say bring it on!! At least we have seen Dr. Meade in some capacity and plus it’s Jon Hensley – HELLO! he’s a hottie who at this point is not a Marone, not a Forrester and not a man who Brooke has taken into her bedroom. It adds a fresh new dynamic if you ask me and I think it could be good.

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    Well, I for one dont think Jon is suitable for a contract roleon this soap. He is just not Bold and Beautiful enough. He is a bit like RH (whip),its a good actor,nice looking man, nut just doesnt fit in with B&B very well.

    We are looking for a man, that brings in a little camp, maybe Hunt Block…

    Justin Deas couldplay camp very well, but he is too old. Euh…we need to think in a different direction Ofcourse is Jack Wagner still the best option. people will accept him with KKL. People will buy that love story. Its difficult to replace Ridge, because he was, not the last year, but always a pivotal part of this show. You cnat replace him by giving Winsor (Thorne) a bigger role, that wont work…we need to think out of the box.

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    I have to respectfully disagree with you, booze26.
    Was Ridge ever camp? I mean, on purpose?

    There are many characters who are definitely campy but I always thought Ridge, Brooke, Taylor, Stephanie…they were mostly the ‘heavies’ of the show.
    And frankly, B&B was not always known for camp but for sweeping romance and melodrama. Perhaps Bell wants to return to its original romantic roots.

    I think with good writing, Hensley can definitely be both ‘Bold’ and ‘Beautiful’.

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    Ofcourse MsAgent. I hope Bell returns to the camp actually, because that is what is lacking this show nowadays.

    Ronn Moss is all camp ofcourse, not on purpose indeed, but he is camp. But you are right thats not the point. I havent seen good drama on this show since a very long time, and you are right, it would be nice to see more drama or even some action. Its too soft, too childish and it doesnt feel as B&B anymore, at least not the one that I like.

    For some reason I dont see Jon Hensley in the picture as a replacement for Ronn. I do remember btw, back in the time, that Lane Davies replaced Ronn for two weeks on the show.

    Well we have some options, but in the end, Brad Bell decides, so I wonder how this is going to work out. It could be a good thing for the show to move further without Ridge, I can definetly see the possibilities…

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    I only watched the last three or four years of ATWT and it seemed like Hensley may have been bored–I didn’t think he was doing too well with the role at that point, in any case. I actually thought he had good insta-chemistry with Steffy when he treated her ski injury…but I’d like to see him tested with Brooke, too.

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