Who Does Kelly Monaco Want Sam McCall to End Up With on General Hospital?

Who should Samantha McCall (Kelly Monaco) be with on General Hospital, short on words hitman Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), or even less talkative, cop John McBain (Michael Easton)? Xfinity's Sara Bibel attempted to get Monaco to weigh in on who the P.I. she portrays truly desires. Here's what Monaco said when asked her preference:

Sam has two hot men in her life right now. Do you have any preference for whether she ends up with John or Jason?

Monaco: No, I don’t have a preference. Maybe on Monday morning I want a little blonde, Tuesday I need a brunette. She is married, though. Her heart’s broken. She was betrayed.

Oh come on, Kell. You know McBam is FIYA. The only way to get over one quiet, gun-wielding, blue-eyed man, is to get under another one! Who do you want Sam to end up with? Tell us where your loyalties lie in the comments!

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    No Daisy

    I think her comment is par for the course. She will never give her preference, (as an ABCD girl she knows better), but both KeMo and SBu have always been wishywahsy about this pairing. It’s time for Sam to move on whether it be with McBain or not. Jasam is just boring together. They couldn’t even sell their breakup. Even their goodbye kiss was lame. Someone needs to tell Kemo making lots of runny snot does not equate to deep emotion. And Jason? He needs to learn how to work on a relationship before sending a woman packing.

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    Could care less who she ends up with as long as its not Jason.

    And, she was betrayed? By who? She made the first move as a married woman kissing another man.

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    They are so boring together, I can’t stand it. SB needs to be more with someone like Elizabeth. I literally fall asleep when Jason/Sam have a show where there is a dialog between them. (I don’t use the joined names)

    I just don’t get the Jason and Sam supposed connection by fans.

    I actually see a closeness develop between Sam and John and then whamo in comes Natalie. It is called good soap opera writing. Even if she didn’t stay, she would still rock John and set things back.

    As a longtime viewer of soaps in general, I think the fan bases of certain couples have ruined some soaps. Back in the day, the writers did their thing and I have to admit I was not always happy. But I realized that sometimes decisions were made on story or the chemistry between actors. The ratings were higher so the audience stuck with the show and stories above couples.

    (Just a footnote here but I am not surprised that every once in awhile it comes out how on different shows the actors who are part of supercouples do not actually like each other–I guess they should be given kudos for acting in those cases. I am not saying that in relation to this article but just a comment in general about all soaps)

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    I have been a huge Jasam fan. They are the reason why I watch the show… I want her with Jason but at the same time I would like to see her with McBain.

    However if they go the route of Sam and McBain. Please I beg… no Liz and Jason. I can not stand Liz.

    I am on team Sam… all the way!

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    I just love that my girl is in the middle of two such handsome men- and I love that she is getting such buzz with both of them.. For me though- I want Jasam all the way!!!

    As a Sam FF I don’t really care what she says about it.. She is doing a job playing a fictional character. I sometimes wonder do to the hate mail she gets from the crazy side of the Liason fans if she would prefer to not be in the Jasam pairing just because they take it so seriously… I mean it is one thing to not like the character but when you get a part of your fanbase that does crazy shite like- I just think it is silly to take it that far….

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    This is a job and if the writers havent decided yet which direction they want to go or they want to tease both pairings they arent going to want kelly saying oh yes sam belongs with jason or its time for someone new, so I prefer mcbam. Her statement is what I would expect – a little of both and thoroughly non-committal.

    As for what comes next for Jason, I dont think either fan base should count their chickens. I do think liason is going to happen and my guess is mcbam too but then the baby is going to be found and that will be a huge game changer.

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    TV Gord

    I think she and Jason are over romantically, but they will continue to work together for a while as the truth about their baby comes out. They’re clearly clearing a path for her to be with McBain. After yesterday’s near-funeral for their relationship, it’s over and out.

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    Tv Gord I think that very much depends on whether or not the plan is to bring on melissa archer in january. If archer is coming, they could go forward with mcbam and liason then the truth comes out about the child, sam and jason slowly inch back together and boom natalie shows up. If natalie isnt coming then yes I think its more likely to be mcbam only because they will want michael easton with a lead and you have carly with todd and jax and anna with luke and Im betting robert at some point.

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    TV Gord

    I think it’s highly unlikely that Archer is coming. I think there’s a frenzy on the boards that she’s coming because of the Prospect Park deal reverting to ABC again in January, but I’d be surprised to see Frank Valentini trying to wedge Natalie into the GH dynamic that’s being set up.

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    Straight up – Jason and Sam was the stupidest thing EVER on GH that I have seen in 30 years. HOW did they accept that dialogue????? Especially Kelly – saying good – bye but I don’t wanna say goodbye….please say the words Jason – it was the worst……

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    Why would the JASAM fan base be mad that Kelly didn’t specify who Sam should end up with? She is a professional who has ALWAYS supported whatever pairing she was paired with. Unlike Rebecca and her hubsand who beg people to write in or call in for Jiz even when Liz was paired with Nick or Lucky. I guess I can’t blame them, they want Rebecca on screen more so do I but I don’t think pimping Jiz is the way to go.

    I am a fan of Liz but I am a bigger fan of JASAM. Liz belongs with Lucky and Jason belongs with Sam. Liz deserves better, she does NOT need to be the rebound girl. And after yesterdays episode that is what she will be.

    I just don’t see the chemistry between Jiz or Mcbam. Mcbain is creepy. Jiz are just boring even before Sam came to town. I never seen the chemistry. The love story should of been told when she had Jake but it wasn’t. They had few and far between times when they were together. And when they were it was always Jason asking about Jake.

    I laugh everytime I hear Jasam as tanked the ratings. Well no pairing can destroy a show and every soap has went down in ratings but if you go back and really see GH lost viewers when they split up Jasam the first time and alot of viewers have never came back. Still waiting to see the ratings rise since Jiz has shared screen time. Jiz fans said put them together and you will come. Well where is everyone? I stopped watching when they split them apart, just started watching again when I seen that they were getting married. Well I am done again. They have ruined one of the greatest couples on daytime EVER. For boring Jiz. Won’t matter I am just one person and there are millions of Jiz fans who are going to pull in the ratings.

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    The other thing to consider is that this jasam break up might also be happening to facilitate kellys dwts schedule – moving her from jason who is typically on every day to john who doesnt appear as often and could potentially film outdoors on the east coast if needed.

  13. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I was thinking bicoastal because she was the last time, but i still suspect with dwts she will be on a little less. Still her being on the show is VERY good for the show because it brings press.

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    [quote=jasamrluv]I am a fan of Liz but I am a bigger fan of JASAM. Liz belongs with Lucky and Jason belongs with Sam. Liz deserves better

    This statement confuses me..so are you saying that Sam doesn’t deserve better. Jason is good enough for Sam but not for Liz or is Lucky a better man than Jason.

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    Sorry if I confused you. I am saying that Liz doesn’t deserve to be the rebound girl. Let’s face it that’s what she will be if they pair her and Jason up. And as a fan I don’t want to see that happen. It so evident that Jason loves Sam and Sam loves Jason. She deserve someone who’s life style isn’t a issue for her. I fell in love with Liz and Lucky especially after she was raped. There love story was incredible. So for me Liz and Lucky are Endgame. Liz has never fit into Jason’s life and she never will as long as he is in the mob.

    Jason is the better man for Sam. They belong together. Sam is the ONLY woman that has excepted Jason for exactly who he is. She has NEVER tried to change him. Jason and Sam are ENDGAME. There love story is EPIC. JASAM are the only reason I started watching GH. I have NEVER witnessed a pairing like them EVER. They are truly MAGICAL.

  16. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    While I agree that Sam has never tried to change (thought I’d should say accept)Jason it appears by all accounts that Sam is changing and as such Sam shouldn’t expect Jason to change for her.

    Their growth has been stinted which is why Sam had to go outside of her marriage to find a man who she felt comfortable to talk to.

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    The common argument by JasamFF are that Sam accepts Jason and his lifestyle. She is the ride or die chick who gets and can handle the violence. Except, she is holding his violent action against him. She was the one who was supposed to be able to bring a baby into his world without danger talk. She is blaming him for endangering her child as if arrying a new born through a storm was secure and safe. She is now upset that he hired goons. Sam is supposed to be the one who understands the secrecy but she is the one cuddling the cop. Hasn’t she rewritten the rule book? Isn’t she trying to change Jason now? She wants to be allowed to confide in a cop. She wants Jason who has always been the brain damaged slow to express himself guy to embrace a child that isn’t his overnight.

    I think Sam has rewritten the rule book and is punishing Jason for not changing to suit her. He was the one who had brain surgery. She was the one lying and keeping secrets. He was the one slowly dealing. She was the one pushing to get her way.

    I do not know about endgame. I kind of hate that whole concept because soaps have always been fluid. The whole idea of endgame means people are embracing cancellation. There was a time when I would have thought Luke and Laura would be forever together but actors contracts and careers and writing changes. It is the nature of a soap for couples to change. When viewers start talking endgame it makes me sad. It seems like some Jasam fans want the cancellation so their fave can win some crazy debate. I would much rather the show survive and Jason enter a monastary. I am not LiasonFF. I am GhFF. VetsFF.

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    Sam had no problem with Jake being kidnapped by Maureen or hiring the thugs to go after Liz/Cake in the park, but when it comes to HER baby, heck no to the danger. Jeez. What a freaking hypocrite. Sam is suppose to be able to handle Jason’s life, but the moment that he sends his men after McBain she throws a fit when it’s her child’s life on the line. Jake could have died while with an unstable woman or due to the men that Sam hired in the park.

  19. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Anyone who has been forgiven such a horrible act should be more likely to forgive. Also, the difference between her actions and Jason’s were that hers was premeditated. Jason had no idea she was in labor. He was just mobbing up a cop. She knew she was harming Jake and Cam. Hypocrite is correct.

  20. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    Geez- honestly if Sam just stayed with Jason then the Sam haters would say she has no spine.. She is grieving and for me there are no rules when it comes to grieving. Sam is divorcing and taking nothing- yet the Sam haters claim she is after his money. She isn’t taking any- she doesn’t want any. Again there are no rules to grief- she can’t get over the death of her son and I don’t blame her on her reaction. Especially because she has lost two children and has none. My BFF lost her first child and it was hard as hell because she didn’t have another child to concentrate on or give her hope. Sam has been through more shite than any of the other characters in the spam of six months.. Yet the Sam haters will judge every reaction no matter what it is. If she stayed then she is wrong- if she leaves wrong- an opinion wrong- no opinion wrong. My point is that it is clear no matter what her character does you will hate her. Your point is pretty non valid to her fans and even the ones with no horse in the Jasam/Liason war. Because I can give credit to the fact that these writers have totally given Sam a POV- and have 100% given her most of the viewers sympathy. This story isn’t even at all close to how everything went down during that horrid SOS.. So thank goodness for that… So the same people can keep mentioning riding Ric or the kidnapping but the truth is it only matters to you guys.. So keep saying the same thing over and over and over. No matter what she does you are never gonna like her anyways. That hate doesn’t take away at all from her very large fanbase- that will no doubt get even larger with DWTS all stars..

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    I think you are all missing the bottom line…Jason didn’t love Sam ENOUGH, to stay with her and a child that he thought was not his…That to me is the worst thing about it all…His love for her has limits. If he really loved Sam, he would have stayed with her after discovering Franco was the father. She was a victim…What happened to her was not her fault…His love for her should have trumped any bad feelings he had for Franco….I think this is the real problem.

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    TV Gord

    GHFan777, I agree with all of that! One of the things on soaps that bugs me is that men are portrayed as loving children based on their paternity (John McBain, I’m looking at you, too!). It’s particularly disgusting in the Jason case, because Sam was raped and Jason is being portrayed as the victim. It makes no sense. Suck it up, Morgan!

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    I don’t think jason is being portrayed as the victim. Jasamabby makes the point that Sam is the one getting the sympathy. She is getting the writing from these showrunners. I would say that she would get sympathy from SamFF anyway. They find a way to excuse her purposefully harming small children while blaming Liz for turning her back. But, I digress. Jason is being thrown under the bus while he has been lied to and is recovering from multiple brain surgeries. He also lost his oldest friend. Where is Jason’ s sympathy?

    I would also like to add that it is interesting how Jasamabby completely disregards anyone elses opinion

  24. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I dont think Jasamm seems to be disregarding your opinions so much as she doesnt share them. As for jason – he seems to have this strange fixation on franco and the sc called limitation of his love for sam wasnt so much about sam being pregnant in the end so much as it was sam being pregnant with FRANCO’s baby. We saw that when he was sick, the only thing that really seemed to trigger him was franco. Im wondering if he isnt as 100% as people believe. If it turns out that he abandoned sam because unbeknownst to anyone he still has bran issues going on, will you come back to this thread and admit that no, there are no limits to his love for one woman – SAM

    I find it funny that the people that are so fixated on sam sleeping with ric and jason having to witness it forget that jason walked in on zander and liz boinking.

    and yes sam was forgiven because a. she begged forgiveness for years b. she saved jake and c. jake didnt die because of sams actions, he died because liz was reading her latest paternity test and had never installed proper locks on the doors. Its way easier to forgive I would think if no one was ACTUALLY harmed in any lost lasting way vs. Jason Jr. who as far as sam knows is DEAD.

  25. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    I am not disregarding your opinion because your opinion is yours. I highly doubt anything I could say would make you love Jasam as much as I love them. I was pointing out that no matter what Sam does she will be hated by certain viewers. I have seen some people say they couldn’t respect because they knew she would roll over and stay with Jason. When she didn’t do that she was then just hated for leaving Jason. If you hate Sam so much that she can never do any right then your opinion on her is just not valid to me.

    I don’t have that kind of hate for any character on the show. However if I hated say Liz as much as certain posters hate Sam and always went out of my way to say negative things about her- would you really care what I had to say about her. Highly doubtful..

    Again their are just certain people who no matter what she does they are going to hate her. That is their right.. It’s totally my right to not agree with them about it when it doesn’t make sense to me..

  26. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    Not to harp on this but also I was mainly refering just to the fact that I don’t take some peoples opinion about the character of Sam as fair. Not other issues or characters on the show. I love being able to read what everyone thinks because I sometimes get a different POV then my own. However I love the character of Sam- and when I can tell by reading from the same person over and over that hate her- and to some extent the person also hates Kemo- well why would I consider what they had to say about her..
    Because in the end that person will probably never care for the character. So the writers will never be able to make the character please said person.

  27. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Well I don’t hate Sam because she isn’t real. Fiction is something i understand. I do not like the character. I have never hid my disgust of her yes sir no sir attitude with Jason and his couch. Has she walked away? Sure but in the most hypocritical fashion. Forgive me for my transgressions but please understand that I will never forgive you yours because I have found another shoulder to cry on. That is crap and I would love to see Jason call her on it. Maybe Carly will.
    As for Kelly Monico- no, don’t love her and don’t hate her. She isn’t a very talented actress and she uses the worst facial expressions and arm waving to ever get me to love her. I want poor Leslie Charleson to be appreciated but I cannot have that so I focus on KM and her eating up LC airtime. It isn’t fair but I dont hate her.

    Let her focus on DWTS . More power to her. Maybe other actresses will get some story.

  28. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Gee I guess Becky whos in the steven story and the jasam story and the ewan story and the patrick story and im sure at some point the lulu story isnt eating up leslies screen time? I guess laura isnt taking up any of the airtime that could otherwise go to Leslie. I guess Kristen A isnt taking up any of the airtime that could otherwise go to Leslie. Nope its all about kelly.

    As for the rest, I find it comical that a becky fan could EVER complain about an actress having poor facial expressions. If that aint the snarkabrow calling the kettle black.

  29. Profile photo of liason4real

    I love Liz/RH’s “bitch please and snarky brow look”! Heck, even Cam gives a good “bitch please” look! ;)

    I have no idea why Monica/LC is not on the show these days, because RC/FV used the older vets on OLTL.

  30. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    Again in my POV when it comes to Sam leaving it all has to do with her grief- hypocritical by your standards or not. I would not judge a character based on their actions during the grief of loosing their child..

  31. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Becky is on WAYY more than two days a week and she is in every story. The character is uninteresting and the actress too weak to be on that much and yes thats time that could go to monica. I would much rather see monica reaching out to sam, visiting patrick, mixing it up with tracy and in Heathers face.

  32. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Becky is on WAYY more than two days a week and she is in every story. The character is uninteresting and the actress too weak to be on that much and yes thats time that could go to monica. I would much rather see monica reaching out to sam, visiting patrick, mixing it up with tracy and in Heathers face.

  33. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    The assumption being that Monica would reach out to Sam. I would love her to reach out to Jason or Tracy or Patrick. I am hoping she gets involved with this medical crisis. I would like her to be shown with Anna. Has anyone told her that Sam’s baby died and he wasn’t Jason’s?

    Would she side with Sam after she discovers Sam has been cheating?

  34. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    Jason told her about the baby and what happen on their honeymoon. It wasn’t cheating and she was aware of that. That is when she told Jason the story about how she couldn’t love him until she held him. Then Sam and Jason met at Kellys and he told Sam Monica wanted to still be a part of the babies life and she was excited for it. I think I got that right…

  35. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Kelly Monaco’s only preference, I’m sure, is to stay gainfully employed with GH. So she’s smart to stay on the fence. No sense in playing favorites in these ongoing soap fan wars. :D :D Nobody seems to ever win!!

  36. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    One thing monica is not (if written true to character) is a hypocrite. I highly doubt monica would throw stones at sam for kissing another man given how unsupportive jason had been especially in light of her own marital history. Monica likes sam because she knows sam advocated for the qs with jason and gave her a pass on the hit and run, Post robin what have the other women in jasons life done for monica that even remotely compares.

  37. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    One thing monica is not (if written true to character) is a hypocrite. I highly doubt monica would throw stones at sam for kissing another man given how unsupportive jason had been especially in light of her own marital history. Monica likes sam because she knows sam advocated for the qs with jason and gave her a pass on the hit and run, Post robin what have the other women in jasons life done for monica that even remotely compares.

  38. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    [quote=liason4real]If Monica knew the truth about Sam’s vile actions against Jake, she would NOT be nice to the woman at all.[/quote]


    And Monica has always been about Jason so if she knew that Sam was sucking face with Mr. Hottie Cop while still married it might make her unhappy. And sorry just because I cheat doesn’t mean I plain on accepting everyone else who does it…so what Monica has done in the past should not play especially when its against your child

  39. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Amen to that – honestly, I would love for Monica to have a voice so we do not have to wonder what she would say. I don’t see her siding with anyone but Jason.

  40. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Do you really think shes really going to go off on sam for something that she did nearly five years ago and jason has already forgiven? In that, you are right she is going to follow jasons lead, esp. since sams actions did not lead to jake getting actually hurt. That would be liz who, unlike carly, did NOT have a fenced in yard, and also did not have proper locks on the door, failed the lock what normal lock was on the door, and lost track of him twice before. Even if sam had NOT been in the park, you all seem to forget that maureen STILL would have snatched jake after the opportunity that liz presented her to take him.

    As for the kiss, i dont believe she would be hypocritical. I think she would say that she regretted her outside relationships and then she would encourage the two of them to work through things.

  41. Profile photo of js3557

    I love how people still imply that Liz was negligent when she tied Cam’s shoe while Jake was kidnapped by Maureen! Anyone with kids knows that you don’t have your eyes on them constantly. It’s impossible, especially when you have two. It’s also these same people that in the same breath will say it’s not Sam’s fault she watched Maureen walk away with Jake, didn’t stop her or say anything, didn’t report it later, and refused to help find Jake all the while rubbing it in Liz’s face that Jake was probably dead. Sam’s imaginary, unwritten mental breakdown (for which she received not hospitalization or treatment – because it never happened) excuses her endangering Jake twice (both purposefully), but Liz is a horrible mother for tying her other son’s shoe? Really?

    As for Monica….she is a hypocrite and has always been a hypocrite. How many times did she cheat on Alan, and then get angry at Alan for cheating on her? Look at the way she has spoken to Liz lately. Monica has been torn between two men before and has lied and plotted and schemed, yet she bitched out and judged Liz. She also bitched at Liz about the stolen drugs, yet she was an alcoholic driving around town like a bat out of hell and never turned herself in for OUI. Monica likes Sam and is nice to Sam in order to get access to Jason. If Jason was with any other woman (except Carly), Monica would suck up to her as well in order to get close to Jason.

  42. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    She didnt bitch out Liz for being torn between two men, she bitched out liz for lying to her about a grandchild she desperately ached to hold and then not taking proper care of him. Plenty of moms watch two children without allowing one to be kidnapped. And that gets you a pass ONCE. How many times and ways did she take lousy care of jake? Not getting the yard fenced in even though the street was busy. Not having an out of reach lock on the door. Not locking the lock she DID have on the door. Not getting the lock fixed on the door when it locked her out of the house and the house nearly burned down. Losing control of jake at the fair and then leaving him at the hospital alone so she could gowax niks floors with her naked behind.

    I also thoroughly reject the idea that just because sam didnt get treatment doesnt mean that she wasnt going through a breakdown. given the amount of loss she had in her life leading up to liz wedging herself between her and her fiance and the lack of people in her life at the time to see that she was spoiling out, its not surprising that there wasnt someone to pull her out of it. She didnt really become herself again until lucky mended her broken heart.

  43. Profile photo of js3557

    Lucky mended her broken heart? When did that happen? When he used her to get back at Liz and Jason, or when he called out Liz’s name while making out with Sam? They had some chemistry, but the writers never fully explored it and they never had a meaningful relationship.

    And yes, plenty of moms have watched two kids without one getting kidnapped. And plenty of moms have had a child get kidnapped, or have had a child run out a door into the street or into a neighbor’s yard with a pool, or have a child run off at a fair. People with children know that you can’t prevent everything and you can’t watch your child all the time. It doesn’t make you a bad mother just because you turn your back for 2 seconds and something bad happens. She has never done anything purposefully to hurt her children. And, this is a soap. Soap kids getting lost, kidnapped, sick, etc. are a staple of soaps.

    But, sure bring up accidents that happen to Liz’s kids while at the same time defending Sam for harming kids on purpose. I can admit that Liz makes mistakes (cheating with Nik, trying to keep Cam from Zander, trusting Ric, etc.), but can SamFF admit that Sam purposefully harmed Jake twice without making up mental breakdowns that were never written?

  44. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Js- no they cannot.

    I doubt there has ever been a parent who has never last track of their kid. They are slippery little things. I about had a meltdown on the Staten Island Ferry when one of my boys ran off in the opposite direction because he saw a guy that he thought looked like the Comedian who voices Tow Mater. True story! He hid on me for fun in Walmart.

  45. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Its not losing track of the kids once its the pattern. Its not having fencing, its taking the kids trust fund, its leaving jake in the hospital alone so she could go ho ho hoing her way over to wyndemere, its not fixing the lock on the door pre fire.. Those arent the things that just happen to busy moms they are incidents that stem from choices liz made. Every parent loses track of their kids on occasion. few moms have a pattern.

    And yes, sam hurt jake once purposefully and once she didnt do anything to help when maureen moved to kidnap him, but Im sorry I do believe she was in the midst of a breakdown. I think sams bigger mistake was the earlier cons – even if I do understand why she did it in trying to provide for danny all while functioning without a degree and while being hunted by the cops – but it was still wrong.

    As for lucky, I believe they loved each other as people even if they were never IN love.

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