General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Lulu and Dante are still excited, but fearful about becoming parents.  Lulu wants to wait before announcing the pregnancy. Dante agrees to keep it between them for now.  Lulu sets up an appointment with Dr. Lee to confirm it. 

Luke leaves a voice message for Anna not to buy into Heather’s lies.  Steve overhears and wonders what his mother has done now.  Steve offers Luke an apology, saying Heather should have never been released.  Luke figures they’re even, since Steve saved his life. He asks about Heather’s accomplice.  Steve is surprised to hear there was someone else involved. Luke explains that someone in a hockey mask came to feed him.   

Todd wonders why Heather summoned him to visit her.  She wants him to help her get out or she’ll spill the beans about the baby.  Todd says he can’t get her out since she’s a danger to society. He goes through her lists of sins.  Todd says the truth will hurt Tea, but Heather says he’ll be arrested for kidnapping.  Todd wonders what she expects him to do. Heather wants it all to go away so she can make amends to Steve and Luke.  She says Steven needs her and lets it spill that she saved him from the Memphis mess.  Todd quickly realizes that Steve was responsible and not Maggie. 

Todd says the police will likely reopen the case, now that they know Maggie wasn’t responsible, and Steve will end up in jail, something Heather’s not happy about.    Todd says he can either point the Memphis PD towards Steve or away from him.  He tells Heather that he can’t get her out, but he can help Steven is she stops blackmailing him about Sam’s baby.  Heather says she would do anything for Steven and agrees to Todd’s conditions.

Jason stops by to see Carly and she tells him what happened with Josslyn.  Jason wonders if Jax was behind it all, wanting to see his daughter.  When Carly questions Joss, she denies it.  Jason mentions that he and Sam are getting a divorce.  Carly blames Sam, saying Sam is always playing the victim and that if he loves Sam not to give up.  Jason says what they had is gone.  Josslyn gives Jason a hug. Carly notices the needle mark on her arm and is concerned since Joss is still on the anti-rejection meds.  Jason tells her to bring Joss to the hospital. 

Jerry has another coughing fit, and coughs up blood.  Ewen wants to know why Jerry drugged Alexis and Josslyn.  Jerry says everything will be explained very soon and tells Ewen to calm down.  While Jerry is out of the room, Ewen breaks open the briefcase and finds the vials.  Jerry returns and takes one of the vials and drinks it and says it’s just water.  Ewen wonders if leaving the case behind was a test and Jerry points out that he’s always one step ahead.  Jerry swears he isn’t going to harm Alexis or Josslyn. 

Sam questions Alexis about Windemere, but Alexis doesn’t remember anything before waking up on the couch and figured she simply fainted and is very tired now.  Alexis says she’s working on John’s case. Sam mentions that she’ll need her mother’s services for her divorce.  Sam says she can’t get past what Jason did. Alexis warns her to be very sure before starting anything.  Sam admits she thought she’d be married forever, but that it’s broken and can’t be fixed.  Alexis wonders what would happen if John left town permanently. However, Sam says despite her connection with John it’s more about not being able to forgive Jason and get past it. 

Sam says every time she looks in Jason’s eyes now, she sees the man who abandoned her when she needed him most.  Alexis agrees to represent her, but warns that Diane doesn’t do amicable.  Sam says she wants nothing from Jason so it should be simple and tells her mother that she appreciates her. The two hug and Alexis goes to leave but feels sick and faints. 

At the hospital, Lante pay Luke a visit before their appointment.  Luke mentions Heather’s accomplice and how when he told the man about his daughter that the man hesitated, as though he has his own daughter.  Lulu is surprised that her father was thinking of her since she doesn’t expect him to be sentimental.  Luke says it’s not sentimental to think of loved ones when dying and that she’s his only daughter and that she’s on his mind a lot.

Dante wonders who would work for Heather.  Lulu mentions the internet date or the forger. However, Dante figures those guys would only be in it for the money.  Luke says the person was well off, because he noticed the shoes were expensive.   

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    I love Todd and HEather together. Heather’s complete crazyness that she somehow makes seem logical as only a crazy person can and Todd’s absolute sarcasm at every turn. There were some seriously funny lines today and these are just a few of them:

    Heather; Your sarcasm can be very hurtful at times. (her tone killed me!)

    Todd; Not to mention, attempted murder on a police commishioner, with a british accent.

    Todd: Memphis police are probably busy, eating doughnuts and going to Graceland.

    Loved that Lante still seem happy about the whole thing, but scared. That’s very believable to me. I was hoping Lulu would spill the beans to Luke once he told her that she was on his mind while captive.

    Once Carly found the needle mark, I was hoping Alexis would find one too but fainting works as well.

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    I agree Perkie. I thought Todd and Heather were hysterical. The one liners OFF THE HOOK. How about when she lounged over the table at hm. LOL. They were easily the best part of the show.

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    OK, now the plots … some at least … are moving in the right way.

    I am not a fan of the CLOSE MY EYES AS I SAY A SENTENCE IN EXASPERATION KELLY MONACO’S SAM (please watch her scenes and you will ALL notice it, DRINK each time). I am not a fan of the writers breaking up Sam and Jason just so that John and Sam can get together to create an AWWWKKKWAAAARD moment for Sam every time she runs into the cartoon character dressed Jason (his wardrobe alone could keep the show afloat… one multi pack fruit of the loom black t-shirt, one loose fit gap jeans, black reeboks… check. Wardrobe budget for Jason Morgan. $50 annually). If they are going to break them up BREAK THEM UP for a good period of time.

    As for a divorce, most divorces on soaps are never dramatic these days and since Jason is a hitman I would assume they should have everything ironed out within a commercial break OR the time it takes Sonny to fly to his private island, show Kate around, have a romantic dinner, fight with Kate, and fly back to Port Charles… so basically a commercial break.

    I am telling you that TODD BETTER NOT GET AWAY WITH KIDNAPPING/SWITCHING/DISPOSING A DEAD CHILD STORY no matter how much blackmailing is done. Stever should own up to what he did in memphis ESPECIALLY after all that his mom did to cover up for him. Dante should solve the mystery of Heather’s partner BEFORE a common citizen like Robin’s daughter does.

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    I love Heather with Todd… but the deed was done and every soap critic held the character of Adam and the soap YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS up to scrutiny for Adam kidnapping Sharon’s kid and lying about Ashley’s dead one so they better hold him to paying for it.

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    When exactly is GH’s 50th anniversary? Will it coincide with the birth of the Spencer/Falconeri grandchild? (because I still refuse to think of Dante as a Corinthos.In fact, none of his children are…Michael is a Quartermain, Morgan is a Jackes and Kristina is a Davis)

    Because I really want Lante to have a drama free pregnancy, except the natural fear of first time parents and have a drama free delivery to a beautiful bouncing Laura Junior. The last baby to be born without much drama is Emma and even hers started kind of rocky for her parents and there was the HIV drama during her birth. No more miscarriages or dead babies or mamas in peril please.

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    @ Perkie – The 50th anniversary is 4/1/13. Theoretically speaking, if the pregnancy were to go at a normal speed and depending on how far enough she is, Lulu can have her baby around that time.

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    TV Gord

    Heather and Todd are GOLDEN! I hope they can keep finding reasons to slap these two lunatics together. Hilarious stuff!

    I think Dante and Lulu are very cute together with this baby stuff. I’m glad you brought up the show’s anniversary, Perkie, because I was wondering what would go wrong for the baby (because something ALWAYS has to go wrong with a soap pregnancy), and now I’m thinking maybe it will be soapdom’s first normal pregnancy and the point is to make this baby a 50th anniversary birth.

    Did the little girl playing Joss utter a line yesterday? I kept wondering if they had to re-shoot those scenes because they couldn’t get her to say her lines properly. I noticed at one point, Carly asked her a question and Jason answered for her, which made no sense at all. Maybe I’m over-thinking. (Maybe it was a way to get Jason to come out of his shell a little…heh heh).

    By the way, I’ve been wanting to mention the other day when Sonny was proposing to Kate, one of the first lines out of his mouth is that he would never leave her. Who puts that thought into a marriage proposal? Yeah, that’s a stable relationship they’ve got going there. That’s not a doomed relationship at all.

    Back to yesterday’s show…I’m glad to see Alexis involved in a storyline. That collapse to the floor made me laugh, but only in a good way. Nancy Lee Grahn reminded me of her Julia Wainwright days on Santa Barbara. I hope this is the start of Frank Valentini putting her to good use. I wonder what Jerry’s up to with her and Josslyn. I wonder if he got stem cells from them or something (to treat whatever it is that’s making him cough). You know, Jer, they have DayQuil now.

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    Man- Carly is like a pit bull when it somes to Jason. I swear when she was going off about Sam I was like shut it already. You can have issues about Sam and maybe in your mind all what you are saying is true- however at this moment she is very much the victim in this. She was raped- pregnant with the rape baby- and lost the baby.. All with zero emotional support from that husband.. She is obviously heartbroken over it all- and thats all she needs is Carly coming in to yell at her that there is no way she can leave St. Jase.

    Again adored the scenes with Alexis and Sam. I always love seeing their chem play out on my screen. On a show with no females who interact on a very deep bonded level I love seeing it. I use to love it with Liz and Robin- Carly and Lulu, Maxie and Sam.. Seeing girls getting together to help each other. That is one of the reasons I love my Davis coven so much.

    Lante was so sweet together. It made me realize all the reasons I love them. I do hope to see some happy expecting parents moments though. Was totally denied that with my Jasam- so please can I get some happy big belly moments for Lulu.

    So I can’t recall was Jerry in love with Alexis?? I know he would save Joss because she is family- is that why he would save Alexis too?

    I can totally see the 50th anniv show being dedicated to a Spencer/Corinthos grandbaby.. It would be a way for Laura to come home to. I can just see Luke and Sonny being paraded around as grandparents.. Yuck!! I will take Sonny being a grandpa over having any more kids any day!!

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    I just love Roger Howarth as Todd. You never know what will come out of his mouth.
    He is so quirky and funny and even all the bad things he does, you somehow feel sorry for him, which is a testimony to Roger’s great portrayal of the character. And whenever he’s with Heather, the scenes are just priceless! The minute she starts talking about her Steven Lars, and gets that pyscho Norman Bates mother look, I just crack up. The character is un-redeemable at this point but I wish somehow they could keep Heather on the show because she is just so great. Roger and Robin are just terrific actors and as bad as their characters are, they are just so entertaining to watch.

  10. Profile photo of justsomeguy

    Good episode, though I did have roll my eyes when Sam said Jason abandoned her. You demanding someone be more sure of a situation than you are, when you have more control, and then leaving that person is not them abandoning you.

  11. Profile photo of mufasa

    Okay, Jerry is sick with some disease – what I wonder? It’s obvious that he is saving Alexis and Josslyn so I DO think that he IS working for someone, too, and isn’t supposed to do that – I think
    ……if Ewen is leaving soon, then will we ever find out WHY he is being blackmailed?
    Please someone – don’t let it be Helena…..please…….

  12. Profile photo of Kathyg53

    The comment Sam made about Jason abandoning her when she needed him most was right on. He didn’t physically leave her,he did it emotionally which was so OOC for Jason!1we can thank Ron Carlivati for that!!! The Jason we knew and loved would never do that to Sam. He would be upset over not being the dad but he would care for her and the child still!! I don’t blame Sam for leaving,she tried to give him space to think. but then she goes and gets a room near mcBain!!So instead of Jason thinking,he’s becoming jealous!!! Which led him to send thugs after John. every time he came to the motel,she was in John’s room,heck she delivered her kid on his bed!! And he saw her private parts!!! How intimate is that? So Jason physically had a child with Liz and now Sam emotionally had a child with John!!! she feels drawn to him now!!! What crap!! For 8 years we waited for a marriage and a baby and now this crap is handed to us!!!!!

  13. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    Preach Kathy!!! My thing is at the moment she left she was thinking of her baby. I think she knew and hoped that Jason would love and except it. However on the slim chance that he didn’t she needed to make a life for her and the child. Like she told him once at the hospital she didn’t get the chance to just walk away.. She loved the baby already and who would ever want to take the chance that their husband may look at their baby with discust because it reminds them of a rapist..

    But with Sam haters she can do no right anyways- if she would have stayed they would have said she wasn’t fit to be a mother and was to far up Jasons bumm. If she leaves for the sake of the baby then she in fact just leaving him..

    Lets not forget she wanted to have a baby and a family with him. She also was excited to make sure Monica and Edward would be able to be a part of the babies life. I love her wanting to make sure my Q’s got a grand baby.

    I would have never saw Jason acting the way he did but the events leading up to this were very extreme. I don’t think Jason didn’t love her enough but was dealing with an extreme guilt and feeling like a failure for not protecting her. Whatever your views are for how it went down nothing is as bad emotionally for him as having been locked in a room while your wife is raped. Even though I don’t think of it as his fault he has got to view it as his biggest failure. Of course he may not know if he would be able to look in the babies face and not be reminded of said failure..

    In the end Sam made the only choice she could at the moment for the sake of her child..

  14. Profile photo of Kazy24

    I’m just going to do a happy dance that they are done (for now- sadly we all know it won’t last). I am hoping that with Kemo doing DWTS (good luck to her) that the character of Sam will be placed on the backburner for a while. I doubt that will happen, but I can wish. Aside from that, while I am still no fan of sam, I do find her more tolerable in scenes with McBain. The way they act around each other is very comfortable and real.

    And how did Liz end up coming into a conversation that previously had nothing to do with her? Liz’s situation, while stupid and of her own making, was nothing like Sam’s. She was still married and trying to keep Lucky on the wagon (pill wise) so she couldn’t tell the q’s unless she wanted Lucky to know, which she didn’t. She thought she was protecting Jake by keeping his paternity a secret and yea, she was probably protecting herself as well because she felt guilty for lying to Lucky in the first place (even though he hasn’t exactly been an angel himself when it comes to cheating…but I suppose we can’t mention that because Liz is the only one who has ever cheated in the history of soaps). I am not making excuses for her, she was very wrong indeed to not tell the Q’s (and I HATE that she didn’t until it was too late). But her and Jason weren’t married like sam and Jason. They weren’t trying to get pregnant like sam and Jason. There is a difference as to the reasoning behind telling or not telling the Q’s and wanting to involve them in the baby’s life. That doesn’t mean Liz wasn’t wrong for withholding the information, it just means she had her reasons for doing it. And what about Jason? Jason didn’t have his mouth sewn shut. I don’t get why this always falls back on Liz and Liz alone. Jason is a big boy, he could have put his foot down and told Liz they deserved to know. He could have told Monica. He could have told Edward. He wasn’t exactly helpless here. And while Liz deserves blame for her part, how about placing that blame on the shoulders of Jake’s father as well.

  15. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    She told Laura the truth because laura mattered TO HER. She didnt want Monica to know because of “the risk” PUH-LEASE. And I put some of the blame on jason, but jason WANTED to tell monica, it was liz that said no.

  16. Profile photo of js3557

    Liz trusted that Laura wouldn’t tell anyone. If Monica or any of the other Q’s knew about Jake, then the entire world would have known that Jake was a Q.

  17. Profile photo of liason4real

    When Laura came out of her last catatonic state (Nov 2009) she requested no more lies after being told that her last marriage to Luke (Nov 2006) was invalid since he was married to Tracy at the time.

    Liz and Lucky both honored Laura’s wishes and told her about Jake being Jason’s son. Liz immediately went over to the PH where she found Sam after being rescued off of Jerry’s boat. Liz waited until Sam left the PH before telling Jason that she and Lucky told Laura the truth about Jake. Jason was pissed and Liz stated Laura did not want any more lies, so she and Lucky told the truth about Jake. Liz talked Jason into going public and he agreed to come to dinner that night, but Cody showed up at the PH about the Russian’s. Jake was kidnapped the next day by the Russian’s and Liason went their separate ways.

    Jason had plenty of time to tell Monica about Jake from the moment that she came out of rehab until the child died.

    GH is on fire!

  18. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    [quote=liason4real]GH is on fire![/quote]

    Finally, a comment to which I can relate. I am really enjoying how FV is bringing everyone together and intertwining all of the stories. After watching today’s show, it seems that everyone is linked to everyone else’s storylines. With the exception of Patrick and Epiphany, which is pretty much self-contained, all of the other stories were tied to each other.

    THIS is what Frank does best!

  19. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    My thing has always been both Monica’s children (her best friend) Emily/Jason knew about Jake neither told her…they could have it would have provided me more drama

    Jason could have said no but he didn’t just like he didn’t tell her/AJ about Michael for Carly no big deal.. I knew Elizabeth would be thrown under the bus re: this as soon as it was written and Jason would come up smelling like a rose that’s how Guza wrote Jason always had.

    Although its not “on fire” for me because I am with the fans that still have a whole lot of problems with it; I’m certainly happy for the fans that are enjoying the show.

    By the way…where is Monica?

  20. Profile photo of liason4real

    TV Gord, I watched OLTL which is the only reason GH was added back to my DVR in February. I loved how RC’s stories were always intertwined and you had to pay attention, because of the cliffhangers in the middle of an episode and not just on Friday’s!

  21. Profile photo of liason4real

    Emily figured out on her own that Jake was Jason’s son and told her brother to go for it with Liz. Liz confirmed during the B&W barn scene with Emily that Jason was Jake’s father.

    To be honest, I think Frons, JFP and Guza are solely to blame as to why the truth about Jake did not come out to the Q’s. Jason would have been around Liz which was a big No where Frons was concerned.

  22. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    So when Liz does something that most people dont care for, its all Frons’ fault but when Sam does something wrong its all Sam’s fault. When a writer prefers liason they are a hero to the masses, when they dont they are all agenda driven hacks that shouldnt be thwarting “what the fans want” (even though just as many fans want the exact opposite) And when jason does something to go along with sam then its sam swaying him, but when jason does something to go along with liz then jason could have done something different if he had REALLY wanted to. Im seeing a recurring theme.

  23. Profile photo of liason4real

    RC quickly fixed the problem with Liason not sharing scenes the last 3 1/2 years, which previously was all on Frons. The only reason that Becky was fired and Jake killed off was because of Frons.

  24. Profile photo of iowaninmn

    I haven’t been watching faithfully the last few weeks. But I was thrilled to see Heather on today’s episode. I wasn’t sure she was still around. Quite a few people say Heather has become “unredeemable”, but she seemed pretty sympathetic to me today when it became clear she would do whatever it took (even staying in Ferncliff) to keep Steven Lars out of trouble. I think she’s redeemable — I mean seriously, on this show, where the hero, Jason, has killed dozens more than Heather, we need to keep on open mind when it comes to “redeemability”.

    Yes, where is Monica? Every time there is a scene at the Q mansion, I breath a little easier that there is a chance, however slight, that Monica and the some of the missing Q’s might come back in a meaningful way. But when too much time passes without seeing that set, I start to worry that it’s been torn down. That would be so sad.

    I know Leslie Charleson is no longer a contract player, but I feel very strongly about the Monica character. She has more of a significant history on this show than any other character, include Luke in my opinion. I’ve heard characters mention her name the couple weeks, but it would be nice to see her sometime soon!

  25. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    This is when I get annoyed- it’s ok for Liz and Jason to be out of character but never Sam?? Whatever I will say that while I never approved of how Monica talked to Liz after she found out about Jake I can understand it. She was angry and I can get that- although I would never talk to someone like that. But I will say when people say Monica should have never talked to Liz like that because she was Ems BFF- I have to say the same goes for Liz. Liz knew how much heart ache Monica has endured.. She was her BFF’s mom and she knew how many children she had lost- including a husband.So in the end they both owed the other a certain amount of respect. However neither one of them had it. I don’t really see either as a victim..

  26. Profile photo of bishbay

    Anytime Sam isn’t putting children in harm’s way or sleeping on Jason’s couch/eating cold Chinese on the couch is pretty much OOC for her if we’re being honest.

  27. Profile photo of Kazy24

    So because Liz said no, that automatically means Jason couldn’t have said anything? If Jason truly wanted his mother to know, he could have told her. It’s not all on Liz. She screwed up, but so did Jason.

  28. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    I will totally agree that Jason has never cared about the Q’s. It isn’t at all all Liz’s fault. The choice was totally Lizs to make on behalf of her child. My point was that I am happy Sam wanted to make sure the Q’s were a part of their grand childs life..

  29. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    [quote=EricasEvilTwin]So when Liz does something that most people dont care for, its all Frons’ fault but when Sam does something wrong its all Sam’s fault. When a writer prefers liason they are a hero to the masses, when they dont they are all agenda driven hacks that shouldnt be thwarting “what the fans want” (even though just as many fans want the exact opposite) And when jason does something to go along with sam then its sam swaying him, but when jason does something to go along with liz then jason could have done something different if he had REALLY wanted to. Im seeing a recurring theme.[/quote]

    EET – What you are saying is 100% correct but it doesn’t matter. You’re beating your head against a wall if you think the RH/Liz/JizFFs are ever going to admit that their fantasy conspiracy theories cannot be substantiated with FACTS. In reality their paranoid theories are just their way of denying the TRUTH about their favorite actress, character and couple!

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