DAYS’ Chandler Massey on Will Screwing Gabi: “Will is Battling Self-Esteem Issues”

That sound you hear is a collective groan from fans of Days of Our Lives' Will Horton. As part of the soap's most recent reboot, the out gay coed will have sex with a woman next week — his diabolical, ex-girlfriend Gabi (Camila Banus)!

Poor Chandler Massey, who recently won a Daytime Emmy for his work in Will's gay storyline, tried to make sense of the boneheaded plot twist in this week's Soap Opera Digest. Said Massey:

"Will is battling self-esteem issues," Massey shares. "So when you get two people who have some sort of romantic history in a room together, and both are feeling insecure about themselves, they seek any comfort they can find."

I really don't want to start hammering Gary Tomlin and Chris Whitesell right off the bat, but seriously? Your first story for Will, post-taking over the writers' room, is to have him bang a girl? Has gay soap opera storytelling really stayed on pause since flip-flopping Steven Carrington on Dynasty 30 years ago?

Okay, so Will is gonna be feeling a little low next week, after "T" comes home and starts gay bashing everyone. Then Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) dumps all over him for helping EJ (James Scott), which can't be fun. I get how all of that would make the kid a little unsure of himself, but it certainly would not inspire a sudden craving for vagina in a gay man! So is Will bisexual now? Does he get turned on by anyone who hires stalkers — regardless of equipment?

I don't see clearly-established heterosexual Bo (Peter Reckell) deciding to go snog Abe's (James Reynolds) log when he's feeling a bit blue. So why is it that gay soap characters always want some hetero lovin' when they break a nail?

Chuck Pratt reportedly wanted to do similar madness to iconic lesbian character Bianca Montgomery on All My Children. Pratt wanted Binks to sleep with Ryan (Cameron Mathison), but Eden Riegel reportedly refused to do that to her gay fans. I say good for her!

That being said, DAYS has always been more concerned with campy shock than social relevance. Plus, it is a soap opera, and no one is supposed to make the right choices, gay or straight, all of the time.  

Heck, even primetime potboiler Revenge is introducing a female love interest for previously homo Nolan (Gabriel Mann). Maybe I'm overreacting? Sigh. I really hope Tomlin and Whitesell know what they're doing with this one…

For more of what Massey had to say on Will's hetero happenings, pick up the August 27 issue of Soap Opera Digest!

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  1. Profile photo of oltlfan999

    This is disgusting. What was the last year about with Will coming out? It’s not like he was still undecided if he was gay or not. The last year was a total waste. But DOOL got their GLAAD award and accolades from the gay community so now they don’t care. If they wanted Will to have grief sex it could have been with any guy, even Neil. I feel bad for Chandler Massey having to portray his character like this because it is insulting. No wonder the guy seemed down in the dumps about trying to sell Will and Sonny. I am sure he knew how fans would react to this. It was probably impossible for him to understand Will at this point.

  2. Profile photo of Y2Jin99

    The gay community is gonna have a field day with this story and demand that the writer be fired and that the entire gay community picket Days of Our lives and tell you to stop watching. How dare they! No gay man has ever slept with a woman! bs

  3. Profile photo of appleridge

    It does happen and even does years after someone comes out. I dont like it here because I just see a baby plot but it is true to life. Im willing to see where Days takes this

  4. Profile photo of Y2Jin99

    Gary you are just over the top as usual.
    Just because you may have never thought about sleeping with a female
    doesn’t mean every gay man hasn’t.

  5. Profile photo of cheesehead91182

    Had Will slept with Gabbi say after he kissed that one guy it would have made perfect sense. However having will sleep with her after coming out and accepting that he’s gay is stupid. Also Will and Gabbi have been acting like they didn’t know each other for months so even if Will was straight it still seems weird that he would jump into bed with someone he hasn’t thought about in months.

    I’m really disappointed in Gary Tomlin, I think when he was EP on OLTL was the last time that show was consistently good and I was looking forward to what he would do with Days. The old writers really knew how to write for Will, EJ, Marlena and Sami and Tomlin should have kept up with where they were going instead of doing a 180 with Will. They really should have explored Will’s feelings for EJ. I would have liked to see EJ lead Will on while secretly sleeping with Sami, then Will finds out turns on EJ and Sami then seeks comfort from Sonny.

    Also I think its time Days call it a rap on this group of teens/20 somethings. Other than Will they are all pretty boring under developed characters. They should give Sonny some personality, bring in someone new to interact with them and then bring back Shawn-D, Belle, and Phillip to fill the rest of the Gen-Y gap.

  6. Profile photo of Jaydis09

    While I totally get the ridiculousness of Will sleeping with a girl because he’s “sad”…I do think you do stupid things when you feel down, and I also like that they are showing that sexuality isn’t so black and white. Just because you prefer one sex over the other doesn’t mean your parts stop working.

    Also like to point out that Revenge’s Nolan never identified as gay, he described himself as a “about three on the Kinsey scale”.

  7. Profile photo of appleridge

    This story is more than the Gabi/Will sex. When that is going on Tad (T) is beating the crap out of Sonny. Then Sonny refuses to name his attacker. As from another post Jamey put up, Freddie Smith (Sonny) said that the bashing takes him back to before he came out. Makes him realize he is not bullet proof and he makes mistakes, has to deal with those mistakes and Sonny will have flaws.

    Its spoiled that Will is disgusted by the Gabi sex and Im sure will be even more upset by Sonny’s bashing. I expect Sonny to put up walls now & Will is gonna have to mature & help sonny thru this. Which in the end, will lead to will & Sonny becoming a couple.

  8. Profile photo of GaryJr

    Gary you are just over the top as usual.
    Just because you may have never thought about sleeping with a female
    doesn’t mean every gay man hasn’t.

    Oh ya. I’m so over-the-top. Are you gay? As a gay person, it’s my belief that it makes no sense. If you’re straight would you get so upset you slept with another dude (if you’re a guy)?

    Anyway, I heard it was my right to Free Speech and all that to say whatever I wanted without being questioned? I don’t think you’re allowed to disagree with me per your previous posts.

  9. Profile photo of dellygrim

    gary, y2jin is a a douche or at least posting like one. but he’s also right. there is room for this will twist to be true to life. it wont make sense but it doesn’t in real life either. that having been said i doubt that the way this plays out will have even a shade of the subtlety and believablity this sl has had so far.

  10. Profile photo of Happy Day
    Happy Day

    As I pointed out yesterday, and as has been pointed out here – I would be okay with this on some level if we just as often saw our straight male and female characters getting depressed and sleeping with someone of the same sex. But we don’t. Why? It’s just not considered an option – they’re straight! But for some reason, the bedroom door is open for anyone if your gay – in fact, in the case of Will, you can even come out as gay and STILL not have sex with a gay man before you sleep with a woman again. I get that it happens – but you know what, it happens both ways – straight people occasionally fool around with same sex, and gay people occasionally fool around with the opposite sex (not true for anyone in my circle, but I’ve heard of it) – so why it’s a story option for gay characters but not for straight characters kinda ticks me off! It kind of sends a message that it is a choice and if we just tried hard enough …

  11. Profile photo of storm28

    The Will storyline sucks but in the case of Nolan they never claimed him to be gay they claimed him to be a 3 on the Kinsey scale meaning his equally attracted to male and females. So it makes sense he would end up getting love interests of both sexes.

  12. Profile photo of marybee50

    I am not happy with the way Will’s story is going either.I heard Will and Sonny get together in Sept,so I’ll reserve judgement until then.

    But everyone is so right about this being another Kish story.I loved Kish and was sorry to see that end.I didn’t stop watching OLTL,and probably won’t stop watching Days.But I’m still not happy.

  13. Profile photo of jetty

    Same old story. Writers don’t seem to know what to do with gay characters other than make them suddenly sleep with members of the opposite sex.

  14. Profile photo of guilty pleasure
    guilty pleasure

    I wonder if Melissa Reeves is responsible for this plot twist on DAYS? Maybe she probably paid the new showrunners to have Will screw Gabi so that she wouldn’t see any of that “gay lifestyle” portrayed on that show!

  15. Profile photo of Carol2

    I think the story is ludicrous and clearly something they had planned to do before they were fired and are now reviving instead of dealing with present-day.


    If EJ (who has never shown any interest in men) and Will were the ones having sex, would people be as upset as they are about Gabi/Will? Or would that just be seen as daring and hot and soapy goodness?

  16. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    If EJ (who has never shown any interest in men) and Will were the ones having sex, would people be as upset as they are about Gabi/Will? Or would that just be seen as daring and hot and soapy goodness?
    You’ve got me there. LOL

  17. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Although @Carol2, in my opinion, EJ HAS been showing interest in gay sex, ever since he started sharing scenes with Will, er “William”. The unnecessary back pats, the innuendo, the eye sex. Either EJ wanted to bone Will, or he was playing him on purpose.

  18. Profile photo of dkp

    Talk about ripping a story from Kyle and Fish! Kyle kissed Fish, Fish rejected him. Kyle moves on and dates Nick. Fish gets jealous,and after a bad day sleeps with and knocks up Stacy. Fish releases he has feelings for Kyle. Kyle and Fish eventually get together,

    DAYS gay story: Sonny kisses Will, Will rejects Sonny. Sonny moves on with Brian. Will catches Sonny & Brian together, after a bad day sleeps with Gabi (probably knocks her up). Sonny gets gay bashed. Will releases he has feeling for Sonny. Basically same song and dance.

    Hell DAYS, let’s rip off the entire Kish story while we’re at it! Gabi tries passing child off for Chad’s with the help of her gold digging friend Prim who is new in town, come February a blizzard hits Salem and Sonny figures out child is Will’s. Gabi gives birth, then falls in the ice and dies. Child is saved, Prim fights Will/Sonny for custody.

  19. Profile photo of Carol2

    I can see why people felt that way, Jamey. I just think it was something the actors played up knowing it wouldn’t happen in the script.

    I feel like so much of Will’s story has been wasted potential. I can’t get angry about this lazy twist because I don’t feel like I understand the Will character at this point. But I can see why people are upset.

  20. Profile photo of marybee50

    If Marlena has a rough time accepting grandma,what will she do about great-grandma.And imagine Sami being a grandmother.Good Times.Yeah,right.

    dkp-then does Gabi really survive,have plastic surgery everywhere,and comes back as Rafe after Rafe gets killed accidentally by T.

  21. Profile photo of SoapGod

    This does actually happen. It happened to me. I’m 100% homo but I dated – and slept – with girls before I did with a guy. After my first bf (my first EVERYTHING with a guy) broke my heart, I went back and had sex with my ex-gf. I hated myself immediately after. But I say this because it happens. When things get bad, you go back to what you know, and in this case, being in the closet or pretending to be straight was what I knew.

    So to me, this storyline is not that farfetched. At least, it’s not if Will doesn’t start claiming bisexuality.

  22. Profile photo of archangel

    A gay man can and sometimes does sleep with a woman, especially one that is a friend. It has happened in real life I’m sure many times. Everyone’s life has twists and turns, that’s what keeps it interesting. Let’s see how the story plays out before we have the writers killed.

  23. Profile photo of Ric

    I dont get it they just could have had Will hook up with Neil and then have neil and Brian team up to keep him and Sonny apart. Low self esteem doesnt mean you go against your core. Will is a gay man who we wanted to see accept himself (check), find random guys to hang/hook up with(check) and find love (just about a check) and new writers screw it up, Ive watched this show since 82 and Im about to give it up, i just dont see it around to hit its 50th anniversary.

  24. Profile photo of pumpkin

    It does sound like the Fish story on oltl. That was an excellent story that was ended too soon. Maybe Days can complete the story. It was always rumored tptb above the writers/producers had it ended.

    This is 2012 and maybe Days can continue the story of a gay couple with a family. I am saying this because I am seeing that the encounter will result in a baby.

    That story on oltl also raised the ratings. The guys were popular. The more I think about it the more I would like it to work for Days.

  25. Profile photo of cord2012

    I’m primarily taking the wait and see approach to this development. My initial reaction, however, is not disappointment based solely on the idea of the story. (Soaps tell stories all the time that are totally crazy, and that I don’t believe are the best representation of a particular group, gender, etc…especially women). Rather, I’m more disappointed because, as others have pointed out, this story has essentially been told on a different soap. Yes, soaps recycle and or borrow ideas from other shows all the time. But, I was hoping that Days would take the opportunity to tell a story line with Will, Sonny, et. al. that was a little different than the stories which have been told before them. As it stands, this story, paired with the bullying story sound on paper like some of the most cliched gay story lines they could tell. Only time will tell I guess.

  26. Profile photo of appleridge

    I think we are gonna get a true gay triangle here

    After Will rejects Sonny he meets Brian than gets attacked.

    I think Brian will be hanging around Sonny and Will gonna get jealous

    Sonny wants Will & Will wants Sonny but maybe Brian is the safer oiption. However, with Sonny making mistakes a nd brian could feel that Sonny is not worth all that drama

  27. Profile photo of LonePirate

    This Will and Gabi sex nonsense might be tolerable if the writers had actually let Will be a gay man as he proclaimed himself to be. If he and Sonny had been together for a while, had a terrible fight and break-up and then Will had comfort sex with Gabi, it might be understandable. As it is, it seems nothing more than a reason for Days not to tell a gay romance or let the gay characters lead gay lives.

    I also think some of the outrage comes from the belief that many people feel the road to the gayborhood is a one way street. Once you arrive, you never leave. While this is obviously not true, it is more true than false because once someone publicly comes out (like Will), they generally do not stray back to heterosexuality very often or for very long. On the other hand, straight or closeted people may occasionally swim in the gay pool, but they usually return to the straight sun deck, and many never take a dip at all.

  28. Profile photo of md1347

    I had my doubts that Days could handle a gay storyline. We will have to see who it turns out but I’m really not liking all the negative messages this whole sad affair has had, so far.

    All these hot gay supporting characters they bought on …. but Will bangs Gabi. Right.

    And I really don’t like the dumbing down of the characters, just to have a plot. It’s bad writing and bad planning.

  29. Profile photo of At50

    “Chuck Pratt reportedly wanted to do similar madness to iconic lesbian character Bianca Montgomery on All My Children. Pratt wanted Binks to sleep with Ryan (Cameron Mathison), but Eden Riegel reportedly refused to do that to her gay fans. I say good for her!”

    I never heard that rumor before. I remember hearing Reese was originally supposed to sleep with Zach and maybe get involved with Ryan. I can’t think of any context where Bianca and Ryan would make sense. That would’ve been creepier than Erica and Ryan.

    I haven’t seen that much of the DOOL story but it doesn’t sound like they are doing anything new or progressive with it.

  30. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    Well Natalia went and slept with Frank on GL fully knowing she was in love with Olivia.

    Emily kissed Nate on PLL knowing she’s gay and dating Paige but she didn’t push him away this shit happens all the time on soaps/television and its so annoying!

  31. Profile photo of pjc722


    HONESTLY, would the producers have BO have sex with EJ just to see if he thought he could be gay cause one night he couldn’t get it up with Hope?!

    This is absolutely INSANE!!! For one thing, Will wasn’t able to perform with Gaby before he came out to HIMSELF so the reassurance that he is GAY will most definitely make it impossibly to sport the necessary ‘energy’ to do the deed.

    Or do I see a TEEN PREGNANCY in the making here.

  32. Profile photo of DaysFan23

    First Days ends the awesome EJILL dynamic and now this?! It’s like they’re on a mission to make fans hate Will.

    We’ve seen Will accept his sexuality, be confident, and not care about what others think. Will has a bad day and has sex with Gabi?

    The only way to salvage this is to make Will be straight and write a great romance for Sonny with someone else. I am officially against a Will/Sonny pairing due to the Will/Gabi sex.

  33. Profile photo of jsg03jd

    It would be one thing if Will were still closeted or on the DL, but DAYS did a great coming out arc for Will wherein it was made clear that having sex once with Gabi was one too many times for Will. This is too much to ask of fans who followed Will’s story. There are several gay guys in Salem beside Jackson who’d happily do Will such as Tyler and Brian, so WTF. And if Will felt really badly about his current state of affairs, why couldn’t DAYS just have him vent to Marlena? Why does he have to shag Gabi? Epic freaking fail!!!

  34. Profile photo of Carol2

    [quote=DaysFan23]First Days ends the awesome EJILL dynamic and now this?! It’s like they’re on a mission to make fans hate Will. [/quote]

    Will being EJ’s lapdog probably did as much damage as this Gabi garbage. There has been a complete erosion of anything Will ever meant as a character. If you take away his smirking at EJ, there’s nothing left.

  35. Profile photo of Miry

    (Haven’t read the comments yet, so apologies if this has already been said numerous times but…) Wasn’t the reason why Gabi broke up with Will in the first place was b/c he couldn’t get it up?! I mean, she thought something was wrong with her b/c he wasn’t “attracted” to her & didn’t want to sex her up all the time like any red-blooded teenaged boy would! LoL, so I am sorry, but of all the ppl in the world that Will would want to “seek comfort” it would DEFINITELY NOT be Gabi Hernandez! Bwahahahahaha!!

  36. Profile photo of Happy Day
    Happy Day

    I get that this happens sometimes in real life – but on the soaps, it seems most gay characters just seem to find themselves getting it on with the opposite sex at some point, cause, I guess we get so upset or worked up any ole’ body will do. You know how it is. I mean, when straight men are having problems with their wives, and may have lost their job, and get down – I’m sure they are just one look or touch away from gettin’ on with their best guy buddy. Right? Happens all the time. Sexuality is just that fluid and indiscriminate.

    Only, it DOESN’T happen with straight characters on soaps. Only gay characters.

  37. Profile photo of ConqueringBlue

    [quote=cheesehead91182]They really should have explored Will’s feelings for EJ. I would have liked to see EJ lead Will on while secretly sleeping with Sami, then Will finds out turns on EJ and Sami then seeks comfort from Sonny.[/quote]


    THIS! This is totally the story that makes the most sense, and the story that I could see playing out in my head.

    Unfortunately, this Gabi story seems like the typical cliche, where Will wiill sleep with her and then she’ll get pregnant. SO predictable, and a huge reason why soaps aren’t attracting more viewers.

    I also don’t understand why the networks are still so afraid to show real romance between people of the same sex. The advertisers are constantly aiming for the youthful audience, and younger people are so much more open to same sex relationships (no offense to anyone who might be over the demo and is perfectly fine with it!) 1D is the biggest boyband out there right now and their fans are obsessed with the possible Larry Stylinson relationship lol Not to mention all the cult pop culture online that includes slash fanfics. Yet network TV is STILL so scared of showing anything more than a brief kiss. Don’t get me wrong, props to Days for showing Will kissing that guy earlier this year (or late last year? can’t remember), but his coming out story seems to have been backburnered.

    And I just think it’s ridiculous that Will’s story has been built up for months, and yet the show has done NOTHING over the summer with Will/Sonny. Instead they focused on such duds like Melanie/Chad/Gabi and Nicole/Daniel. Oh and then there is Abby and Lexie’s brother (I really have no clue even what his name is, that’s how much I care). As long as Days keeps focusing on such boring couples, I don’t see myself caring enough to keep watching

  38. Profile photo of Dariclone

    Poor Chandler Massey, he must be having such a hard time defending this storyline after putting so much energy into giving Will a good coming out story.

    I really liked this writing team before they were ousted, but I’m not enjoying the implications in this story. I’ll have to wait and see how this story goes, but at the very least it sounds like a clone of Kish’s baby story, which was much better the first time.

  39. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Frankly I don’t see what the big deal is. This is a soap, these things happen. And it’s clear that it is a mistake on Will’s part and nothing more. Will will not enjoy it, he just uses Gabi for comfort. And Gabi is the easy choice because she’s his ex. That sounds totally plausible to me. And yes, these things do happen in real life too.

    It is not going to de-gay Will or the storyline. If anything, it will solidify Will’s gayness because then he really realizes he does NOT want to sleep with a girl.

    Having said that, if this WERE to turn into a teenage pregnancy then that would be horrible. If for nothing else, the reason that we then have to see Camila Banus for at least 9 more monts – ugh!

  40. Profile photo of Katheryn71

    Yoryla, the problem for me is that this always seems to happen to gay characters. I can’t come up with a single time on a soap that a straight character has slept with their same sex friend because they were lonely/feeling down/grieving. Why is it that straight characters all have a fixed sexuality, but gay characters can sleep with anybody regardless of sex?

    I understand that it does happen in real life and I’m not trying to invalidate anyone elses life experience, but I don’t understand why we have to see this same life experience over and over, with almost every gay character on television and film. If this is the only thing ever shown, then it plays into the belief that gay people can be converted or deprogrammed. If a straight person can’t imagine every sleeping with someone of the same sex, but then they see gay people in media sleeping with the opposite sex, why wouldn’t they think gay people could be cured?

    And I’m not talking about the straight viewers who have broadened minds or gay friends. I’m speaking specifically of the viewers who are ready to see the worst and form their opinions on what they see in the media. Representation matters and maybe these storylines won’t change any minds that are already made up, but they could at least not add fuel to the fire.

    Full disclosure, I don’t watch Days, but I still care about the way gay and lesbian characters are protrayed.

  41. Profile photo of ynroltljunkie2009

    Didn’t Carlivati already do this story with Kish and Stacey Morasco on One Life to Live? It is so not necessary again especially on Days. It seems Tomlin and Whitesell are trying to erase everything the previous regime did in order to promote their own agenda. How can they take a great storyline like Will’s coming out and turn it into a mockery? SMDH!!!! Shame on you Gary Tomlin, Christ Whitesell, Greg Meng and especially Ken “Reboot” Corday.

  42. Profile photo of marybee50

    Just watched NBC’s 15 second promo for next week.Guess what.There is nothing about Will or Sonny in it.But guess who was behind the curtain.I guess they are burying WilSon’s story with you-know-who’s return.

  43. Profile photo of K8LVR

    For the record, it wasn’t that Will couldn’t get it up with Gabi. It’s just that he never had sex with her after the first time, and always made excuses not to.

    Anyway, I’m with Yoryla. Don’t see the big deal. I’ve personally gone down this road before so I know it happens. Not that I think this story development is wonderful or even needed, though. So many other things they should be doing with Will.

  44. Profile photo of gato1

    As far as Fish/Stacy it was slightly diffrent, if memory serves me correct Fish was very drunk when Stacy, umm, jumped up on it to give Rex “a Baby”

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