General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations


Alexis passes out. John arrives as Sam is dialling 911 and spots the needle mark on her arm. 
Carly has Steve check out Josslyn’s arm.  At first, Steven thinks it’s a bug bite, but agrees to run some tests. Carly explains about the sleepwalking, saying it scared her because it reminded her of Liz and Jake. 
Liz spots Jason waiting and he explains what’s happened with Joss. He then tells Liz about the divorce.  Alexis is brought in and Sam explains that her mother collapsed and she doesn’t know why.  Jason tells John about the divorce and explains about the red mark on Josslyn's arm.  John mentions Alexis having a similar mark.

Patrick is being released when Epiphany arrives to discuss the drugs he stole. She’s angry that the orderly she accused could have lost his job. Patrick says he’s clean now and knows he needs to take responsibility. Pif accuses him of lying to her face and operating under the influence. Patrick swears the last part didn’t happen. He explains he couldn’t face things without Robin and that if Pif feels she needs to go to Monica, he will understand. 
Epiphany agrees not to say anything, but promises to watch him like a hawk in the future. Pif says it won’t be easy, but he has friends to lean on, including her. Patrick admits to being scared to go home, but that he has to acknowledge his feelings.    
When Pif brings Emma to Patrick, the little girl is worried about him being sick and possibly dying. Patrick assures her that won't happen.  He says Robin is watching over them and they need to remind each other of that. 
Starr and Michael overhear Trey tell his father there will be a wedding. When pushed about it, Trey tells them about Sonny proposing to Kate. Surprised by the news, Michael heads out to find Kristina. Starr asks Trey if he told Kristina about his father. When Trey hesitates Starr wonders if he's embarassed about his dad being in jail. She points out, as the daughter of a mobster, Kristina should empathize. Trey says his dad knows about Kristina and is thrilled they're together. He promised his old man he'd keep his time behind bars a secret. Starr presses Trey to trust Kristina.Trey says his father isn’t the man he says he is. 

Jerry pays Joe a visit in jail, claiming he needs Joe’s services again. Joe says he can’t help if he’s locked up. Jerry promises to get him out. Jerry explains he needs someone competent for his latest project. Joe says it will be hard to find good men, since most of them wound up dead on the last job they worked together — The Metro Court. Once Jerry agrees to arrange Joe's release, he says he will help with the latest task.   
Kristina gets home to an empty house, just as Michael shows up to ask about their father marrying Kate.  Kris admits Sonny confided in her about the ring and she mentioned it to Trey.  Michael hopes things work out for Sonny and Kate. 
Dr. Cutie examines Alexis. Sam explains her mother is a cancer survivor and that this is the second time in two days that she’s fainted.  Jason tells Steven about Alexis’ red mark. Liz mentions Alexis’ temperature rising.  Sam calls Kristina who heads to the hospital with Michael. 
John questions Sam, who mentions Alexis being at Wyndermere because the alarm company called. John offers to check it out.  Kristina and Michael show up. Jason tells Michael that Joss is there as well. John tells Jason that there was no alarm tripped and no one from the company called Alexis. He thinks she was lured to Wyndemere and wonders who it could be.  Jason dismisses the Cassadines or Sonny's rivals, so John wonders what Josslyn and Alexis have in common. 
Michael goes to Josslyn’s room and explains to Carly that Alexis is also sick.  Carly says they’re running tests and that the anti-rejection drugs from Josslyn's transplant are still working.  Carly asks Michael if he noticed anything strange the last time he babysat for his sister. 
Jerry tells Joe that they’re going to Spoon Island, just off of Port Charles. 
John wants to go to Wyndemere. Jason offers his boat, which makes John questions his helpfulness. Jason says he doesn’t buy that Josslyn would be sleepwalking at the same time that Alexis is being lured to Spoon Island.    

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    Due to personal circumstances, I haven’t watched GH in about three months. I HAPPILY ignored all the scenes that were based around Kristina b/c I still have not warmed up to the actress who is playing her. The only scenes that really seemed to resonate with me were the interactions between Epiphany and Patrick. I must commend the new regime for giving Epiphany a newfound humanity. Under Guza’s watch, she was pretty much a one-dimensional bulldog, barking aimlessly. I almost shed a tear. And my tears don’t come easy. So brava, for that. Still don’t remember why Alexis was passed out on the floor…..I’m sure there’s a great story there, but these days, I don’t have the time or the energy to keep up with what’s going on in Port Charles.

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    Loved the Patrick/Pif scenes. SE and JT work so well together. There’s just an ease, a smoothness that’s very real. Also loved the PAtrick/Emma scenes because that little girl is so adorable.

    Well done from everyone today. Sam and John getting Alexis to the hospital. john and Jason sharing info and figuring out something is off. John calling the alarm company and then wanting to check out Windemere. Carly’s fear that something is wrong with Joss and Michael wanting to make her feel better.

    Wasn’t in love with the idea that Joe, not only knows Jerry, not only has worked with him in the past, but was in on the Metrocourt job. Hi, my name is Farfetched, nice to meet you.

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    I was enjoying one of the last days of summer break so I didn’t get to see it yet. But your recap makes me excited. Sounds fast moving with lots of characters involved.. Thanks!

    I still really can’t get into Joe Jr or the Krissy/Trey stuff yet…

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    J Bernard Jones

    Having Scully Jr. having been the one who supplied the thugs for Jerry in the Metro Court crises was a very clever way to tie them together, in my opinion. We always want our shows to “honor history” without “rewriting” it (even recent history) and that is more or less what this does: Jerry had to get those red shirts from somewhere and it firmly establishes that Joe never got out of doing dirty business after he was “banished” to New Orleans. I think it is very plausible (as far as these things go).

    The other thing I like is that their connection emphasizes the “Legion of Doom” quality to how these rumored various GH villains will be connected to each other & conspiring against Port Charles as a whole as the “Justice League” (McBain, Anna, Luke, Robert, SuperJase and others) come to the rescue.

    I haven’t been keeping up with spoilers or board posters, but the Metro Court hostage crisis involved a set of vials of dangerous hocus pocus serum, too — not too dissimilar to the vials that Jerry has and injected Alexis & Josslyn. At the time, we never found out exactly what was in those vials or their purpose; they were used like a Hitchcockian “Maguffin” for the larger action/sweeps stunt.

    Is it possible that there is some connection between the vials Jerry was after at the Metro Court and what’s going on now?

    Oh, Patrick & Epiphany were outstanding! Jason Thompson and Sonya Eddy were sublime!

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    Bravo and Bravo today to everyone on General Hospital! Good storytelling, and the whole Jerry storyline has me on the edge of my seat!

    First and foremost, I wanted to express that since the moment he appeared on my screen, I hated Joe Jr. With a burning passion. And since then, he has upheld no particular purpose on the show, except for making his idiotic son Trey to marry Kristina– for what? Getting back at Sonny? But I have to say today was the first time Joe Jr interested me. Because of the fact that Joe was one of the people behind the Metro Court Crisis, it now seems like his story will be beefed up courtesy of Jerry Jacks, and believe me– it needs to be. I’m so sick of the Atlantic City Jail Cell for weeks on end.

    Secondly, amazing scenes with Patrick and Epiphany. I’m not usually a crier, but those scenes particularly touched my heart. Sonya Eddy and Jason Thompson work tremendously together, and I haven’t got the faintest clue why Sonya doesn’t get more screen time.

    Lastly, I have to say the only thing I disliked about today- was Josslyn. I’m sorry, but the girl they replaced McKenna/Karleigh Larson with is not a good child actress. Don’t get me wrong- I’m not attacking the girl- but even those twins did better than her, and they didn’t even talk!

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    Amazing Episode!! The love the Davis Girls have for each other is unbreakable. Great acting from Kelly and Lindsey. Carly and Michael scenes were awesome. Liked that they came together and comforted each other for Josslyn.

    Jerry just has the connections these days. First, Ewen and now Joe Jr. Really Joe can rot in that cell for the rest of his life!!!

    Now the Jason and John scenes. Perfect and Loved It!!! Glad they are working together. Two sharpshooting powerhouses who set aside their differences and come together!! Now McBain needs to be on the PCPD. So Much stuff would get accomplished with Anna, John, Dante, and Delores. LOVE GH THANKS CARTINI!!!

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    Angie Lucy

    This was the first full episode I’ve watched of GH in about 2 or 3 years. It wasn’t perfect, but it was soooo much better than it has been. My trigger finger is still stunned that it didn’t get any exercise during that hour. My favorite scenes were Patrick and Epiphany, and that’s saying a lot since in the past I always found Epiphany to be a terrible stereotype. She was a fully fleshed character, providing much needed support to a friend. Patrick got both the tongue lashing and the building up that he needed. Just beautiful.

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    I am LOVING all of the use of HISTORY on this show!! Esp. seeing as soo many other shows (this one included) forget what they aired last WEEK, let alone years ago!! I like that they are FINALLY going to explain what the complete hell that Metro Court bombing/hostage thing was about (makes me hope/believe that the possibility of Alan being alive is real!!)… and even that they remembered that Alexis had cancer (Oh Sam, that was not a good time in your life… but your being with John helps me to forget). I just wish that they would bring back RIC LANSING!! There is no way that I believe he would be absent from his daughter for this long (they should have written her visiting him off & on for years off screen), just like I don’t buy it from Jax! Also, I remember Ric had a large part in that story as well when he was all about that briefcase! What was in that thing again??

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    @JBJ: Just read your post! I kinda remember those vials… I guess that was what was in that case! Also, I totally agree with everything that you said. It is really kind of brilliant. Goo Cartini!!
    And I can see how they could make Allan alive by stating that Jerry planned his “death” by heart attack (he could have given him a drug to mimic one) & that he has him stashed away somewhere. Also, could explain why Jerry shot Robin (maybe it wasn’t just a ‘random act’ to keep ppl preoccupied)… maybe he wanted Robin too, but it didn’t work out that way b/c she was *rescued* and maybe whomever wanted her just waited until the right time to scoop her up (b/c Allan was enough for the time & they only need her help now or enough time had passed & ppl would never notice the connection).
    Oh, the possibilities!! I just LOVE the direction this show has taken. This time last year the show was utter trash! I could not even watch ONE entire episode without FF. Even ppl who are not enjoying the show (or all aspects: which, is VERY rarely ever the case anyway) must admit that it is better than it has been in about 4-5 years.

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    Bravo to Jason and Sonia for your heartbreaking outstanding performances as Patrick and Epiphany!!!

    And thank you to Kelly, Nancy, Michael, Laura, Steve and Brooklyn for excellent performances as well!!!

    I even liked the nuKristina and Chad yesterday!

    It was an excellent hour of soapy goodness with only a few duds thown in.

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    [quote=Perkie]Wasn’t in love with the idea that Joe, not only knows Jerry, not only has worked with him in the past, but was in on the Metrocourt job. Hi, my name is Farfetched, nice to meet you.[/quote]

    I actually think that was smart way to connect them. If Joe never cut ties with the mob, then I think its plausible he would have connects to Port Charles where he could gotten some guys for Jerry in the MetroCourt hostage plot. So maybe they are revisiting the whole poison vial thing that occurred during the Metrocourt crisis. I think I remember at one point Jerry injected Nicholas with the poison.

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    At first, I thought Robin was taken for her research. But, why the electroshock? Why scramble the brain? Jax loved Robin. It always bothered me that Jax could forgive Jerry for shooting her. And now he kidnaps her? I like Jerry as the villain and I like the tie to the hostage crisis. I am hoping this chemical isn’t going to eliminate core characters I like.

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