General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Sam tries to get Alexis to retrace her steps from Wyndemere.  She asks if Alexis remembers anything out of place, but Alexis can’t remember. 

Steve reassures Carly that it’s likely just a bug bite.  Liz brings Josslyn a lollypop. Carly explains that she’s Jake’s mother and how grateful she is to Liz. 

John and Jason check out Wyndemere and are surprised when Ewen shows up.  Ewen claims he also got a call from the alarm company and pretends surprise at hearing about Alexis and Jocelyn’s conditions.  Jason asks if Ewen has been feeling sick, but Ewen claims he hasn’t been there in months.  John tells him there was no tripped alarm and Ewen may have been lured like Alexis was.  He asks to trace Ewen’s call and Ewen decides to head to the hospital. 

Both John and Jason are suspicious of Ewen’s strange behavior. They don’t believe the house is abandoned.  John says the house could be disease central and wonders if Jason knows anyone who deals with bio hazards.  John gets a call about Joe’s release and decides to head down to Atlantic City. 

Starr continues to try and get Trey to tell her the secret about his father.  Both of them get calls from Kristina and Michael and head to the hospital. 

Joe wants the details of the job and wonders who the target is.  Jerry wants to discuss once he’s out and mentions knowing about Trey which surprises Joe.   Joe doesn’t want his son anywhere near what Jerry has planned. Jerry warns him to keep Trey away from Sonny.   Jerry says he needs Joe to provide him with a team of professionals and Joe is released. 

TJ and Molly rib Shawn about new girlfriend Rosie.  Later on, the kids wonder who would make a better girlfriend for him and Alexis’ name comes out.  Molly thinks it would keep the heat off of them, but TJ points out that it could make things worse. Molly agrees that Shawn and Alexis shouldn’t date.  Molly continues to miss Kristina’s calls. 

Mac talks to Shawn about not missing police work and mentions bartending at The Rib.  He tells Shawn that he encouraged Alexis to seek him out for a date.  Shawn realizes that’s why Alexis came to see him that day and mentions Alexis seeing the girl he’s dating.  Mac wonders if Shawn is available. Shawn asks if Alexis is interested.  Mac tells him to give it a shot. 

Ewen calls Jerry to let him know that Alexis and Joss are in hospital and that Jason and John are at Wyndemere.  Jerry warns him to keep his mouth shut and that he’ll need to speed up his timetable. 

Michael and Starr sit with Josslyn.  Starr shows Joss a stuffed frog and says he has magical powers to help those in need and offers to give it to her.  She tells Michael that it’s time to let go.  She cries that children shouldn’t be in pain or die.  

Kristina wonders what Trey wanted to tell her.  He says the production company is suing him. His father will lose his investment and be bankrupt, unless Trey gives them ten episodes of the show and a wedding.  Kris is shocked that he wants to get married.  Trey tells her that he cares about her and believes they’d be good together.  Kristina agrees to help, but wants total honesty.  Trey tells her his father is in jail. 

John is shocked to get to AC and find out that Joe has been given a full release. 

Joe and Jerry move into Wyndemere and Jerry shows him the suitcase of vials. 

Liz rounds up Sam and Carly. Steve explains that it isn’t a bug bite, but it’s something they haven’t seen before. He doesn’t know how to treat it.  Steve wonders about the connection, but Carly says Joss hasn’t been anywhere near Alexis. Ewen lurks and listens as Jason arrives and hears that this was done on purpose.   

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    Loved the look of shock on Ewen’s face when he walked in and found J&J standing in the Windemere living room. Good cover, but my man John is smarter than that.

    Good use of Starr and Trey as the comforters for Michael and Kris. I felt bad for Starr as new Joss really does look a lot like Hope (or what little I remember of her during those few seconds in the car)

    Good lie on Trey’s part about the wedding. I was wondering how he was going to convince her to marry him on short notice and this almost made sense, considering we just saw something similar happen in real life with the Kardashians.

    I liked that Carly thanks Liz for the Jake stuff. I just wish Carly wouldn’t just be nice in times of crisis. And where’s Johnny? You’d think Carly would have called him in.

    I’m confused as to Jerry’s plan now, since I thought he was going to be helping Alexis and JOss not hurting them.

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    i’ve (and A LOT of viewers) have never bought Sam & Alexis being mother/daughter but these last few weeks CarTini has done a good job of making their relationship real and natural. not forced like Guza made it out to be.

    i’m happy to see that Carly is done being a 100% beeyotch to Elizabeth after the past decade of her hating Liz for almost no reason.

    Epiphany, Shawn, and TJ need to go. NOW.

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    Angie Lucy

    Wow. Day 2 of me watching a full episode of GH. Even though I found the new girl’s portrayal of Kristina painful, I enjoyed the show. John and Jason were great together. When Jason said that John should have let Sonny kill Joe Jr., and John said something like “but it would have ruined my new shirt,” I cracked up. Their delivery was on point (loved the swim line, too).

    Alexis, wake up girl so you can get in that Sean-Mac sandwich. Yum!

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    First..why is the acting playing Trey reading cue cards off screen? While he was talking to Starr he was reading cue cards.

    Second…I LOVED the new TJ. He is a cuter and I think he and Molly are cute especially when she put her hand out to shake his hand and he pulled her into that cute hug. I can finally get into this pairing.

    Third..Jason was actually funny. When John asked him to take him back to the main land Jason was like “You can’t swim” Lol loved it.

    Fourth…Loved the Carly/Liz scenes. Still don’t like PodCarly but I liked those scenes.

    Fifth…Kristina has to STOP trying to cry. Please. Just let this girl be happy all the time. Put some of that makeup Joker made from the 1st Batman movie so she can just smile all the time. Her “acting cry” is bad.

    Lastly….How sexy is the new friendship of Mac/Sean. Those men are so freakin sexy is crazy. Mac walking in with regular clothes looking so fresh and clean and talking to sexy chocolate (not coming to america sexy chocolate!)was so great to see. I kind of understand them not showing Mac and Felicia’s relationship because KW is still very green. Can’t wait until OLTL can cross over so Mac can get a real romance.

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    i don’t know where Jerry is going with his whole ‘poison the water supply of Port Charles and hold the entire city hostage’ storyline, but i’m still sticking with it.

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    I was wondring when Joe Jr. was going to be released. He has been in that jail forever. Is there no bail in AC? After all, what proof to they have against him, the declaration on a mobster?

    At least that ridiculousness is over and people do not need to make 15 second trip to AC anymore. That was dragging GH down. Hopefully we will be done with Joe Jr. soon, as he is in this, hopefully shortived, Jerry storyline.

    At least we are seeing people in the hospital>

    And I do want a Patriphany romantic storyline!

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    Ok so I just wanted to say I love Pif and Patrick’s scenes together! I know that interaction wasn’t on today’s show but I needed to say it! Plus Emma is so freakin adorable!

    nuKristina does absolutely nothing for me. I don’t enjoy her acting and even when she is crying or in emotional distress I feel nothing for the character.

    Sebastian Roche is such a great villain. I enjoy when he is on the show.

    Liked the brief scene with Carly/Liz. It is nice to see her say something kind to Elizabeth and acknowledge that she is Jake’s mother to Joss.

    I can’t help but wonder why PI sam, Doctor Steve, and Nurse Liz couldn’t tell that the mark on Alexis and Joss was a puncture wound? I guess it makes more sense for sam not to notice, but why not any of the doctors or nurses that helped Alexis or Joss? Aren’t bug bites usuallys raised on the skin? Maybe there isn’t that big of a difference and I am just thinking too much about this. I guess you don’t look at a mark like that and automatically assume it’s from a needle.

    While I felt bad for Starr and loved when she gave the frog to Josslyn, I am still not much of a fan of KA’s acting. There is still something about it that seems forced to me. Although, that scene was better by leaps and bounds than some of her previous work.

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    I thought the Liz/Carly scenes were beautifully done by both actresses. Liz made me cry once again.

    Jason and John were funny. Ewen is a wuss. I find myself wondering how someone so clueless and soft got involved with the likes of Jerry.

    Mac and Sean looked gorgeous. I love Unlce Mac!

    I still can’t get used to Starr. I don’t like the character or the actress. The new Joss looked uncomfortable when the focus was on her. Maybe once she gets used to the cameras and people she will be more relaxed.

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    Sorry, but I hate this whole Jerry Jax story. GH was doing so well for awhile, dealing with relationships, lightening up Sonny where I actually started liking him again. Now we have another psycho killer storyline. I don’t like seeing a child being injected with a drug. The actor playing Jerry is so good, and even Nancy Lee Grahn said she loves working with him and wished his character wasn’t so psychotic. He is so James Bond-ish, couldn’t they have given him a better storyline, like more adventure instead of showing him coughing up blood and injecting a child?!! I don’t like how they are flipping the story-lines around, where they seem suddenly not connecting. Sam and Jason break up and now suddenly Jason is working with John who he is suppose to hate? Doesn’t make sense.
    GH desperately needs to improve in the ratings and this storyline is not going to help. Bring back more romance, relationship issues, and adventure.I like Heather, even though she is psychotic. The difference is she plays the role so well and her scenes with Todd are funny and so entertaining. Jerry Jax is just morbid.

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    I think Jerry will seem less morbid when Jax shows up. I like that he has the health issue. It makes him less the super villain.

    Loved the Liz and Carly scenes. It is very nice that they acknowledge Jake.

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    I am so happy that Carly was FINALLY nice to Liz. During the whole transplant the way she told the doctor she got the “fathers” permission- meaning Jason. Lucky was the one who convinced Liz to do it. Yet forever afterwards Carly was still lighting candles at St. Jase’s feet for saving “Joss”. I think that is why the death/transplant story lost all power to me. I didn’t get anything from it like with Felicia and Bobbie. I still remember Felicia telling Bobbie all excited then realizing it came BJ…. Those were such great days for this show.

    I can only assume Jason and John must have come to some nice terms when Sam lost the baby. I don’t want to see cops work with Jason anymore though. If Jason wants to help solve crimes go to police academy..

    I still can’t get to into Star…

    I still ca

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    I think a relationship between Patrick and Epiphany would be great. I think it would blow a lot of people’s minds! One of my favorite soap operas is Eastenders and they consistently put people together you wouldn’t expect and it works. With the death of her son (Stan, I think) this could give Pif the family she no longer has. She is probably very loving and could be the mother figure Emma needs until Robin gets back. She is a strong woman and is exactly what Patrick needs to stay on track. I wish they used Sonya Eddy more often and gave her a storyline where she is really interacting with characters even outside of the hospital. I could totally see her going home and feeling the loneliness but brightening up when she spends time with Emma. Patrick notices how good she is wih her and their relationship grows from there.

    I think that this time Jason and John were spending together just shows how much of a spark Michael Easton has with his coworkers. I also saw the potential of an understanding between John and Jason in those scenes. John’s a smart cop ( loved the line to Ewen about how many diplomas he has and couldn’t figure out his call from the security company was a hoax) and I hope J&J figure out this stuff with Jerry.

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    I have a theory about Jerry injecting Alexis and Joss. Is it possible that he has injected them with an antitoxin that will protect them from getting sick when he releases the toxin in the water supply? Lots of immunizations actually infect you with a less virulent form of the malady to make the body create immunity against the real thing.

    Also, I didn’t even notice the new kid playing TJ. They must not have done many closeups.

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    Jrr4, initially I too thought he had injected them with a vaccine/antiviral, especially since Josslyn didn’t seem like she was sick at all and she is his niece and he loves Alexis and would want to save them. But when Alexis fainted I figured something was up.

    No way Carly would call Johnny right now. Why would she? SuperJase was with her and Michael is now around. Hell. Ome in though soon.

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    Interesting how there was no “the role of TJ is now being played by…” voiceover. Is the part that forgettable that TPTB thought no one would notice (or care) that there was a new actor in the role?

  16. Profile photo of Perkie

    Josslyn and Alexis are both cancer survivors. Maybe the injection has something to do with that?

    I have no opinion on new TJ. Seems competent enough, but then, so did the other one. My problem is that you can’t have a relationship offscreen and expect people to care.

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    Great Episode! Carly and Elizabeth scenes were great. Glad they put their differences and focused on how Josslyn is sick and Carly saying she was grateful from the transplant by Jake.

    Mac and Shawns scenes Were Well Done!!! Shawn and Mac friendship could become great making Shawn a major core character. Glad they had some guy talk about women and made Shawn realize what he really wants! Molly TJ scenes were Good too.! I Love this new TJ. Im a big fan of Tequan Richmond from EHC so i like his work. He will fit in fine. He seems more interactive with Molly than the other TJ.

    Ewen looked like he was boutta pee his pants when he saw John and Jason! He had a nice cover up but he will get caught soon. Love Michael/Starr/Josslyn scenes. Starr got some closure helping out Josslyn in the hospital. With Michael there to comfort her. Love It!

    Joe Jr. And Jerry alliance will be a strong crisis for Port Charles!!!

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    I’m extremely curious why Jerry would move into Wyndemere when I am sure there are a million and one abandoned homes all over port charles since it’s the economically stressed UPSTATE NEW YORK area or even a farm house.

    As for John asking Jason if he knows anyone who works in BIO HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS?!!! Seriously?! The ex fbi/cop is asking the KNOWN MOB HIT MAN for help in discovering what is still being considered by the doctors at the hospital as a ‘bug’ for a bio chemical team?!

    SO far there has been NO KNOWN evidence that anyone is behind this or connected to a known bad guy. Once again a good story is being QUICKLY written before a good story can be told so the good story is a MORONIC STORY.

    And Jerry hires a NOT SO KNOWN and relatively stupid ex mobster to kill … hmmm, Sonny … all to work it into one HUGE COINCIDENCE.

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    What JRR4 said is basically right. Sometimes immunizations make ppl sick. It could be the virus itself (that you are vaccinating against) that makes you ill or the adjuvant (the “vehicle” used to deliver the vaccine/drug) or preservatives. Sometimes these reactions can be hypersensitivity (“allergic”) reactions or you get ill due to your body battling the virus. I had a friend who got the swine flu vax and she got really sick from it. Baby girl full-on had the flu with chills, fever, and fainting!

    I hope that this is what Jerry is doing with his “loved ones” and that they will end up being the “cure” for the rest of the town!

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