Brian Gaskill Causes More Trouble For Bay City’s Youth in Darkside of The Bay


Peter Garrett (Kristos Andrews) Lianna Ramos (Passions' Jade Harlow) and Will Campbell (Derrell Whitt) are on the wrongside of the Bay City tracks, and it doesn't look like special guest stars Brian Gaskill (Chase), Rib Hillis (Matthew) and Terri Ivens (Orchid) are going to make it very easy for them to get back home! Pay close attention to Whitt in this installment of Darkside of The Bay. Will's terror, while being held on the party boat is palpable. If I were a daytime soap casting exec, I'd wanna find out who's repping this kid. Watch Darkside of The Bay after the jump!


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    Another great episode. I’m very impressed at how the Bay has grown over time. The production values are very good.

    Also good to see so many daytime actors in this episode.

    Finally, Mr. Gaskill needs a new look. He’s no longer the young bad boy; it’s time to alter his look.

  2. Profile photo of Kristen

    It’s so great to have something to watch while the regular The Bay is on a break for the summer. I’m loving this darker stuff. The Bay has come so far so fast and I can’t wait for more. The Bay is leading the way for the possible future of soaps – a way to keep the genre we love alive, well and thriving. Great job!

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    Edgy! And I love it. I have loved THE BAY since day one, but these summer specials are a special treat! Seriously, the production values of this show keep going up and up…and this episode is by far the most impressive yet. Love, love Brian Gaskill and this, and Rib Hillis too. And Derrell Whitt just continues to impress. Loving this!!

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    I must admit, I started to watch the first episode of The Bay, got busy and hadn’t returned since. Do you recommend I watch The Bay episodes from the beginning? Or can I watch The Darkside of the Bay independently of the original Bay??

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    Nice to see Brian Gaskill back on screen. Lots of scary characters and interesting situations. Can’t wait till the next installment. Keep up the great work. And also Gregori and company always do the best openings.

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    Mary Hargett-Hiduk

    I have been with The Bay from the beginning. It has grown into a first rate soap. The team of actors are superb. And what can I say about Gregori other than pure genius. He is giving us what the conventional soaps have lost, they could care less what the fans want to see. Gregori listens to the fans. He wants our input. My personal feeling, long after the conventional soaps have left our TV screens The Bay will be thriving (and maybe even on the TV screen).

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