BREAKING NEWS: Susan Flannery EXITS The Bold and The Beautiful!


Another original cast member is out at The Bold and The Beautiful. CBS Soaps In Depth is reporting Susan Flannery has decided to leave the series. Flannery has portrayed the role of fashion matriarch Stephanie Forrester since B&B's first episode on March 23, 1987.

According to the magazine's website, Flannery has agreed to a short-term contract, which will give showrunner Bradley Bell some wiggle room, script-wise. Flannery's departure comes on the heels of Ronn Moss (Ridge) opting to leave the series, and Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) signing a new deal. John McCook (Eric), your move! 

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    This just makes my soul weep!… I just can’t believe it. :-( I know I rag on Ronn Moss’ acting but him and Susan Flannery gone is going to be a huge blow to that show.

    Susan Flannery is probably the best actress in all of daytime now. I feel liek it’s the end of an era….this really makes me sad.

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    Wow. The biggest exit in B&B history.

    I too, knew that this day would come but I am still blown away.

    I hope they really make the most of it, and craft a storyline that brings Susan her final Emmy (nom).

    We love you, La Forrester!!!! :)

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    You’ve pissed off your stars Ronn and Susan, do some DAMAGE CONTROL!

    Get rid of Liam, let him find out what Bill did on his wedding day by bringing Deacon back and disown him, then Hope could disown Liam since he’s shown he can’t be trusted, then let him piss off and lick his wounds some place else.

    Next, let Hope go and work at Forrester International for a while.

    Then, with Stephanie and Ridge gone, let’s have a power struggle for control of Forrester between Thorne (remember him?), Rick and Felicia (maybe even Kristen). Make the remaining and returning Forresters front and centre (including Taylor). While you’re at it get back Bobbie Eakes and let’s have a Macy Thorne reunion.

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    The timing couldn’t be worst.

    I say with Susan Flannery on her way out it’s a shame that it looks like Ronn Moss won’t be there as Ridge. That’s tragic.

    Aside from that, I say if you want to keep this show moving forward & if you still want to have a show – reunite Brooke & Eric and finally use the talent that is Jacob Young.
    Bring back Adrienne Frantz & bring in another love interest for Rick – NOT Caroline – and then you go from there.

    If Brad Bell is being stupid about it and puts all his faith in Liam-Hope-Steffy, this show is going under. The international market will be scared. B&B already even lost a few with their weird storytelling in the past couple of years.

    It’s time to get creative again, Brad. Don’t mess this up or you are going to loose big.

    BTW, what a fantastic story opportunity it would have been if Ridge would be presumed death after a plane crash & Stephanie getting sick – and eventually dying – because of it. This would be Emmy worthy. But because of Bell’s idea of keeping Ridge around … well there goes that.

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    Here I am, getting emotional over this news. I am just shocked, absolutely shocked. But we all knew that she has wanted to leave and retire. She does want to move to Australia to live with her daughter there. She has had an amazing run in daytime spanning from her time on Days of our Lives and her just over 25 years on Bold.

    There is a poll going on that asks how fans would like to see Stephanie written out and the majority would like for Stephanie to pass away from cancer. I must admit, this is how I’d like to see her go out as well.

    Now, I just wish that Brad Bell can talk Ronn Moss in to coming back, re-shooting scenes and delaying his exit until they can get Susan’s done. I think it’s the only appropriate way to do this. Ridge would need to be there for his Mom’s passing. Not having him there would just be robbing the fans and the cast all at the same time.

    Anyone else agree with me on this?

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    I’m in my 20s and have watched B&B for a while now. Flannery’s last day is my last day. Those people left just aren’t enough to keep me watching. I need to break away from this show, and Flannery’s exit will help.

    I wish her all the best and don’t blame her for walking from a show that now just has Liam playing volleyball for 20minutes.

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    [quote=brettyboy]Does any one else agree that Erika Slezak (Victoria Lord OLTL) would be a great recast for the role of Stephanie?[/quote]

    HELL TO THE NO! This is one of those iconic roles that you just do NOT recast! As I said in an earlier post, Stephanie should pass away from cancer.

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    @brettyboy. NO WAY!! Susan Flannery is and always will be Stephanie Forrester. There should never be anyone to play the role besides her. As a loyal B&B fan I would be highly upset to see her recast. Flannery will always be La Forrester, and I would much rather see her pass on that be recast.

    This is a very sad day for me. I have watched the Bell soaps with my grandmother since I was an itty bitty child, and people like the Forresters seem to be a part of me. Wow, too sad :( Susan Flannery, you will be greatly missed.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: Several changes I would make to the show right now would be to recast both Marcus and Steffi.

    Marcus with either (Bryton James or Cornelius Smith Jr ex-Frankie AMC).

    Steffi with Heidi Meiller (ex-Kay Passions).

    Bring back Nick and Jackie Marone.

    Hire Sean Kanan again.

    Finally since she is available to write let Sally Sussman Morina take the reigns of B&B.

    That would be a good start.

    Because B&B is supposed to be a sexy show with fashion industry drama interwoven in to it. Right now though it’s like 2 christian virgins feeling guilty about holding hands.

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    It might not be a popular idea to recast her, but I have always felt that Stephanie was the soul of B&B. Bill Bell originally had Susan Seaforth Hayes in the role, but for whatever reason didn’t come about. I KNOW that Susan Hayes can play the hell out of the role. I know she has been on the show before but I think she would do terrific and she would also be alot more close to her costars age than Susan Flannery. Don’t get me wrong, Susan Flannery is a catagory of her own, however, the role of Stephanie is playable by others. This isn’t like trying to replace Darlene Connely or someone like that. There are others that can play that type. Heck Bill Bell thought so, since Susan Flannery was not his original concept….

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    Come on guys, yes Susan has been talking about leaving for years, but surely the recent crap must’ve been the catalyst that made her decide to go now. If I was her I’d be thinking ‘What’s the point of continuing when I get no storyline anyway?’

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    And this is where I say goodbye to this show forever. I’m sorry but there is no B&B without the one and only Susan Flannery. I don’t give a damn what anyone is. You can’t recast this role. No sir! Brad Bell best not try to hire no damn Marj Dusay either. I tried to give this show a chance again but if Brad Bell is forcing out my veterans for those 3 annoyances then I’m more than done with this show.

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    I always knew this would happen so I was surprised initially but not anymore.
    I don’t know what to say. She will be missed and she has captivated me since I started watching B&B in the early 90s when Eric left Stephanie for Brooke and Stephanie had the stroke and ended up homeless with Ruthanne and Adam.

    I think a recurrence of Stephanie’s cancer would be the way to write her off.
    I’ll need tissue for however they write her off.

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    [quote=david46208]@everyone: Several changes I would make to the show right now would be to recast both Marcus and Steffi. Marcus with either (Bryton James or Cornelius Smith Jr ex-Frankie AMC).[/quote]


    Do you know something about Bryton James, who is currently ensconced at Y&R playing Devon Hamilton that the rest of us don’t?! Inquiring minds want to know.

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    Yes, there are other wonderful actors that are more than capable of playing the role of Stephanie. That isn’t the point. The point is that Susan Flannery is the owner and originator of that role, and I fell like it would be very unfavorable for someone other than SF to play Stephanie. Her role is iconic, and it would be a disgrace for Brad Bell to simply recast the role. Hell, there were plenty of other (and in my opinion better) actresses that could play the role of Erika Cane… however, Susan Lucci was the one and only Erika. It’s as simple as that. You don’t recast roles that have the tenure and iconic symbol of Stephanie Forrester, Reva Shayne, Susan Lucci, Nikki Reed Newman, etc.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @marknsprmo: I always felt that Susan Hayes overacts. Even when she was on Y&R. It’s like when it is supposed to be serious it comes off as over-the-top. Almost comical.

    If they were to recast the role of Stephanie… I’d say another actress needs to be in the role. Kathy Bates would like the type of actress you’d want to take over the role. I know she would never do it, but it needs to be in that vein.

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    If she does decide to leave,I will miss Susan Flannery on my screen.I loved her when she was Dr Laura Horton on Days,and she was the best part of B&B.Maybe,instead of letting her die,she could just decide to meet up with Sally.Then we could get periodical updates on their adventures.

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    [quote=Ryan-Scott]I think a recurrence of Stephanie’s cancer would be the way to write her off. I’ll need tissue for however they write her off.[/quote]

    Hell, I may need half of a box of tissues for her however they write her off!

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    Susan may be leaving B&B but I hope she will continue to act and produce, both of which she has always been very talented at.
    I’d love to see her do some theatre. At the very least, there are many talented artists who would greatly benefit from her knowledge of the business/industry and her skill at producing. I hope to hear about her engagement in new artistic endeavors.

    I no longer watch B&B (haven’t for years) but she was always integral to many of the great storylines and dialogue zingers on that show. I can still remember that pool scene with Stephanie and Sally Spectra where after tussling with Sally in the pool, Stephanie comments about the inevitable ‘oil slick’ that Sally undoubtedly left in the pool from all her hair spray. Whether they recast or not, Susan Flannery left her distinctive imprint (and a lot of Emmy bonafides) on that show.

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    IDK. I kind of would hate to see another Stephanie, but it wouldn’t KILL me. I could see someone like Erica Sleizak or Susan Seaforth Hayes, I guess…but Susan FLannery has put her stamp on Stephanie Forrester…so I just don’t know.

    Besides, if Brad Bell puts all his eggs in the Hope/Liam/Steffy basket, I’m DONE with the show altogether, adn that’s a promise. I turn the tv on now (as if I have a Neilsen’s box or something), but I just turn it on just to do my part to support it, but I don’t watch it. I’m usually in another room or something. I’m not interested in that triangle.


    Bring back Nick Marone and Jackie Marone. If you can’t get Joseph Mascolo back from DAYS, then recast him. Get Jackie and Massimo back together. I wouldn’t even mind seeing a Brooke/Nick/Felicia triangle (temporarily). Then have Brooke and Nick get married, join with Massimo and Jackie and relaunch Jackie M Fashions.

    Get Thorne out of the basement, put him with Taylor. Hire a GOOD young actress to play vindictive, bitter, slightly sociopathic Alexandria Forrester. Pit her against Taylor for her father’s affections (and her bitterness for Taylor’s part in her mother’s death).

    Recast Marcus with just about ANYBODY. (it would be an improvement). Give us some kind of a decent backstory for Marcus AND Dayzee. What were their childhoods like? Who are Marcus’ adoptive parents? Was he really the ideal perfect kid he claimed to be??

    Bring on Sean Kanan. Pair him either with Amber or Felicia. I’d say Felicia, just to put the screws in Brooke. Pair Amber with Rick, and have the two of them, along with Thomas, Steffy, and Thorne run Forrester Creations, along with Eric.

    Lets see Eric do the chasing for a change, and have him kind of want to reconnect with Jackie.

    GET RID OF DONNA once and for all!!!


    Put Steffy back in the Bill/Katie orbit. Let Steffy and Bill rekindle that passion, which infuriates Katie. Have Katie see Steffy and Bill, and go into an early labor, which puts her life at risk. Then we could have Brooke come in and blame Steffy for her sister’s life hanging in the balance. THAT’S how you could respark that Brooke/Taylor rivalry.

    Have Katie get better, and slowly begin to fall for Bill’s colleague, Justin, who has been very supportive of her health recently. Bill could be completely furious with Justin, and that could threaten their friendship.

    There’s still so much Brad Bell could do with this show. He just refuses to do it. Lets hope he sees the light soon….before its too late.

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    TV Gord

    I’d like to see her on the second season of the new Dallas. She was a real standout when she was on the original series, and she could really give J.R. whut-fer!!! At the very least, she could manscape his eyebrows!

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    Recast? Are you crazy! I might watch without Flannery(greatest daytime soap actress of all time) but I WILL NOT WATCH WITH A NEW STEPHANIE! When the feud ended between Steph and Brooke and she and Taylor became estranged alot of the juice was squeezed out of Steph. I think she needs a storyline to showcase her briliance! I hear the death knell of B&B.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @CGat: Susan Flannery is a very good actress. Yes she is. But that role is not comparable to Erica Kane, Dru or Reva Shane.

    When it comes to the others. Melody is not in the same league as say Victoria Rowell. She has not done anything to the role of Nikki that makes it a one- of-a-kind role. The woman just learned how to act in 2008.

    Dorian Lord and Viki Buchanan were recast many times on OLTL. Erika Slezak was the last actress to play the role of Vicki. Dorian was recast when Robin Strasser left the first time. The show went on. Robin was also a recast of Dorian.

    So there are only a few characters in daytime that have that one of kind portrayal that cannot be recast. Stephanie is not one of them in my book.

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    First, I love how Susan has aged gracefully. She looks amazing.

    I bailed on B&B about six years ago, but always loved the dynamic between Stephanie, Brooke and Taylor.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    I do think Susan Lucci could come to the show as a Fashion Maven. She could play a bitchy editor of a top fashion magazine for La Mode magazine. She could do the real life Anna Wintour thing. Now that could work. Plus she is recognizable name. Now that would be something to consider.

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    liason you bailed on B&B at the perfect time. 2006 was the last REAL year of B&B. After that, it all went to crap. Well, actually, 2004 was the last REAL year of the real B&B. But anyway, Stephanie serves little purpose now. Brooke and Ridge are “happy”. Brooke and Stephanie are “friends”. Stephanie and Taylor are estranged AT BEST. And she’s finally back with Eric and at peace. So yeah, there’s nothing for her to do except talk about Hope Liam and Steffy. UGHhhhh like the rest of the cast.

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    @david46208. We will just have to agree to disagree. But in my book, an actress playing a role for 25 years with 8 Emmy noms and 3 wins is pretty substantial by the way we judge the value of an actress. A lot of things go into making a role one’s own, not just by how good of an actress they are. To loyal viewers, no matter what the circumstance, I feel like there is no replacement for La Forrester. She may not be in the “same category” as Susan Lucci but in the eyes of viewers, there is no replacement for roles like SF.

    I called my grandma and told her and her exact words were “They better let her just pass on like a normal human being, ’cause if they try to replace my Stephanie Forrester I’ll burn down my television set.” Hahah.

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    Everyone is acting like Brad Bell fired Susan Flannery. Has she not been saying for years that she wants to retire? She is afterall 73 years old and been working for the past twenty-five years. Granted the Liam/Hope/Steffy triangle/storyline blows – but there hasn’t been confirmation that Susan is leaving because of the storyline – again she is 73 years and maybe she wants to retire.

    All that said – this is a huge blow to B&B. With this extended contract Bradley needs to write Stephanie out so that she does get cancer and die. It needs to be this grand storyline that celebrates the life of Stephanie Douglas Forrester! Where we see people return to celebrate her, but as always the show must go on.

    Daytime now has some grand divas of the genre unemployed: Erika Slezak, Robin Strasser, Marj Dusay – I would write Eric a grief storyline. Where he has to process all of these emotions of losing his beloved Stephanie and he meets a woman in grief therapy (Slezak, Strasser or Dusay) and they connect…months later it’s revealed that she is Bill Spencer’s mother. Bradley needs to look at how he goes about retooling the Forrester family sans Ridge and Stephanie all the while building up the Spencer/Logans.

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    I did not realize she is 73 years old. Time to go and enjoy retirement. Sorry but I won’t miss her one bit. They can get rid of Pam while they are at it with those stupid ass lemon bars. Do NOT bring back Amber. Good grief, it has been a relief not to see her on either soap Y & R or B & B. They need to get new blood in there and stop reusing the same old actors. This soap used to be the best but no more with this ridiculous Liam/Steffy/Hope crap although days of watching Liam trying to dance was hilarious and what Steffy calls “living life.” This soap is so full of really bad actors it isn’t even funny. They need to start hiring people that can act. That would be a start.

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    Susan Flannery’s Stephanie Forrester falls into the category of those you do NOT recast. The powers that be can try, but it won’t be successful.

    And as much as I enjoyed Victoria Rowell as Drucill Barber Winters, THAT is a role that CAN be recast. All the pussy-footing around the past years since Victoria vacated the role of Dru, the Winters family could have been revitalized and moved-on IF the powers wanted to do so. I can think of at least 5 actresses who could step into the role of Dru and not miss a beat. Y&R has successfully recast mega-popular roles in the past – Jack Abbott, Jill Foster Abbott – and they can definitely do it again.

    Back to B&B, when Susan Flannery leaves, Stephanie Forrester should die.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: My Elevator pitch:

    Susan Lucci joins B&B as Gavina Winchester, editor of La Mode magazine. She’s an Anna Wintour type of magazine editor. Considered the queen of the Fashion Industry.

    Gavina would start a world wind of trouble after the accompanying website released a scathing review of Forrester creations latest collection (since they are done 6 months head of the actual season they are created for). This would cause financial hardship as department store buyers didn’t order as much from Forrester creations and retail sales went down.

    The blog piece would be titled “Forrester Creations is Yesterday’s news!”

    And with Stephanie gone, this new story thread could be partly about them trying to regain a foothold in the industry where they are losing ground.

    Brooke who is an executive at Forrester Creations would start a feud with Gavina when she is caught by a reporter saying that Gavina is an old hag and out of touch with the current state of fashion and that she should retire.

    Thus, when this quote was released to world, discussed by fashion bloggers and printed in the press from news to tabloids stirring the pot. Gavina would be driven to take Forrester Creations off the map.

    That would be the beginnings of something new…

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    Regardless of what happens, the day Susan Flannery leaves I’m crying a river. Especially if she passes on from cancer. I’m gonna need some meds to get through that one. Stephanie has been my homegirl since age 8.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @SoapSnob: They tried recasting Dru. The fans reacted negatively. She cannot be recast because Viki put her stamp on that role. It is the way Vicki walks into a room as Dru or how she puts a spin and play on words. Vicki rewrote most of her lines so that her character was distinctive. So that she was hood and professional at the same time.

    Did you ever see that recast they did for her? Vicki created a one of a kind role. She gave Dru certain ticks and personality quirks that cannot be recreated and would be a loss without them.

    Susan is good and won lots of Emmy’s but she did not do that to the role.

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    One of my favorite Stephanie scenes is the fake heart attack and swinging that cane at Brooke. “You stupid bitch” Long Live Stephanie Forrester!

  35. Profile photo of NathanHastingsSr.

    Bye….I missed the sexy tanned Susan who had hair wore dresses, heels,and makeup. Recast her with someone who the audience would actually believe had the slightest interest in men including Eric.

  36. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Ryan-Scott: Yes and and I remember a lot great memorable moments. Like when Stephanie once told Brooke that the “Bed wasn’t even cold yet…”

    So I know Susan Flannary’s work very well. She is a top tier actress, but never quite added that one quality that would make the role “hers and hers only.”

    Susan Lucci is not the greatest of an actress but what she did for Erica Kane made that role un-recastable.

    The thing that the writers were allowed to do with Susan Flannery was to play on her weight and looks with the Brooke and Stephanie feud. Some actresses would not have allowed that. And because she did let them incorporate that into the writing it make some of her performances and the storylines that much better and real.

    You can’t tell me that if Misery star Kathy Bates was given the role of Stephaine that she could not make it work?

  37. Profile photo of booze26

    Oke…first…this role is not recastable. People that try to tell otherwise are just plain well…stupid.

    Second…the forresters are out, they are already out, but nobody seems to realize that. The only thing about Forrester is the name of the fashion house, this is not a soap that is all about two families or two fashionhouses anymore.

    Whats next. JmC isnt going anywhere. I would love him with Brooke. They have a such a sweet relationship, and they always had this connection during the years. Its time to focus on that family. Eric/Brooke and the kids Rick and Bridget. Another option could be Nick/Brooke and Eric/Donna. But I dont Jack Wagner is coming back :)

    I hope Pam is out and I think Taylors role has been played out for a long time and should also leave this show. Hunter Tylo is dead weight with an expensive contract. I think Brad Bell will realize that too.

    But whats going to happen next with this show. I dont even think Brad knows what to do right now. Its a true mess, but ist also a chance to really shift the focus to something new. Maybe thats the reason why he is dragging this H/L/S storyline all this time. Could that be it?

  38. Profile photo of brettyboy

    stoney07 I love all your ideas. I really hope the end of Stephanie doesn’t mean the end of Pam, there is so much potential for that character and Alley Mills is a great actress.

  39. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Susan Lucci already has a prime time gig, so that’s not going to happen. As for Kathy Bates, that’s laughable. I mean, we all love soaps, but come on. The acting community still sees soaps as a step down. Considering how they are now circling the drain, that’s not about to change.

  40. Profile photo of ER Writer
    ER Writer

    Wow. B&B’s landscape is truly changing.

    I, however think the show can survive Flannery and Moss’ departures. Why not bring back Bobbie Eakes as Macy to revive Spectra? Not sure if anyone’s already mentioned it. I haven’t read all the comments.

    I would LOOOOOOOVE Victoria Rowell coming in as a fashion editrix of an Instyle like magazine, to go up against the Forresters and Bill.

    (This is why they should have utilized Lesli Kay’s Felicia over the years so that KKL would have a foe if Susan left. )

  41. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @TV Gord: The point is not for Kathy Bates to take the role. But could she do it? Yes she could. I have no doubt that she would turn it out. So if you find the right actress the recast can work.

    And hey Susan Lucci can do double duty. Victoria Rowell was on a primetime show Diagnosis Murder and Y&R at the same time. So it could work. Remember plenty of actors have done double duty.

    Also with all the damn Hollywood actors who have appeared on Y&R since MAB came it is obviously that they see a job is a job. And for the role of Stepahanie an actress who is not in her prime anymore would love the chance to work. You are not going to find any old-out-of-work former Hollywood starlets turning down a chance at a regular gig.

  42. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @CGat: I have been watching off and on since it began. But once B&B went online with the other CBS soaps I have been able to watch it with no problems. So I don’t drop in and out once a month. Susan is very good actress. I would though say that Erika Slezaks ability to play a woman with multiple personality makes her technically better from an actors point of view. She has won the most Emmys for a female actress with 6 Emmy’s. Susan has four.

  43. Profile photo of justangel24

    I am hoping that SF gets a proper and respectful send off. It saddens me that she is leaving but her retirement has been rumored for years and I was expecting SF to leave over Ronn Moss.

    Like her or not Stephanie was the heart of the show. I was posting in a facebook group about Stephanie’s greatest slaps/moments. You got to admit, Susan Flannery can smack like a pimp. Sorry for using pimp but her slaps are so much better than any catfight slaps I have seen. And I’ve seen every cat fight in Dynasty and the Generations cat fight. I wish Susan Flannery could teach me how to slap like that. She will be sorely missed.

  44. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Loved the time Brooke (pregnant with Bridget) tried to slap Stephanie and Stephanie grabbed her arm and threw it down with: “If you weren’t pregnant I’d break your arm right in half. I’d snap it in two. Get a life. Get another job because you won’t be at Forrester much longer!”

    That was from the 90s but I remember it like it was yesterday word for word..


  45. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    [quote=david46208]Susan Lucci can do double duty. Victoria Rowell was on a primetime show Diagnosis Murder and Y&R at the same time.[/quote]

    Rowell was also in her 30s, not a senior citizen with enough money in the bank to not have to work two jobs when she would rather live on the east coast with her family. ;-)

  46. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    If they are smart they pull a fv and they pretape so they can kill her off but milk the story for the better part of a year. she finds out shes dying and she sets off to set everyone straight – she forces taylor to give up on ridge picking her over brooke even if he should have picked her, she convinces brooke that ridge isnt just missing hes dead and she needs to move on, she works on eric so that he promises her he wont grieve to long, she convinces liam to make a choice and stick with it and she sets FC on a path that so many dont like that it sparks a battle for control that they have never seen bring bill and steffy back in each others orbit. the should use stephanies death to reset the entire canvas.

  47. Profile photo of justangel24

    I need to find this on YouTube. Stephanie was the business.

    Anybody remember when Brooke found out Stephanie faked the heart attack and Brooke made the mistake to slap Stephanie. Stephanie slapped the taste out of her mouth and started swinging her cane to knock Brooke’s head off (she hit a lamp instead.) This was in 2005.

  48. Profile photo of Mets82

    Wow, Im shocked!!! So, the reason shes leaving is because she’s retiring? I might be naive, its just this kind of comes out of left field for me, anyway. I mean the sad thing too is that shes really had no storyline in 2012. All Ive seen her do is talk about Hope/Liam and Steffy.

  49. Profile photo of DaytimeFan0001

    This could be a great opportunity for Erika Slezak. She could handle the role. But I don’t see that happening.

    I don’t think Stephanie is “not recastable”, but lets be honest, they don’t care about stories for Stephanie- the whole show is about Liam and lame montage scenes.

  50. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I can see Erika Slezak in the role, but even I think recasting Flannery would be a mistake…and I’ve never watched a moment of B&B. You just don’t recast an original player after 25 years.

  51. Profile photo of pjc722

    Susan is an icon in the soap world and from what people say about her in private life she is even more of a iconic individual, with an enormous heart, a great spirit and just one of the nicest people one could meet.

    I hope that the show does her character more justice than recasting her and opt for having Stephanie die and a new dynamic on the show created. Soaps these days are too afraid to kill off core characters or just let them go off into the sunset. I think as iconic as the character of Stephanie is to the show recasting her would probably work but would not give me the desire to see just one actress playing this role that was made her own by Susan’s tremendous talent.

    It would also allow Bill Jr the opportunity to show what the character and Susan meant to the show by revisiting her past stories, returning characters to pay tribute to the character and to the actress and to also pass the torch onto another actress/character.

    Retire Stephanie when Susan retires from this show. Far from retiring from life, I am certain with Susan Flannery but from THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL yes.

    CONGRATULATIONS, Ms Flannery, on one of the most amazing careers on TV and in Film. Enjoy whatever you have planned and thank you for the delicious roles from Days, Dallas and earlier all the way up to B&B!

  52. Profile photo of RealityCheck 33
    RealityCheck 33

    Wow, the Bold & the Beautiful is suddenly looking like it’s in trouble. This whole Steffy/Liam/Hope bullshit has brought the show to an all-time low creatively and now the old guard is going for the exits.

    Brad Bell has a huge mess on his hands. CBS has got to be concerned.

  53. Profile photo of ldylkng

    The last thing I want is for Susan to leave! But if after all of these years of being The best Stephanie Forrester we could ahave asked for, Then I wish her the best!!
    BUT, YOU CAN NOT recast Stephanie! Hey, bring on Erica, bring on Kim Zimmer, but do not even think of recasting the role of Stephanie!
    And yes, I watched AMC for years, but PLEASE do not cast Susan Lucci! That woman is too over the top for me.

  54. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    This truly shocks and saddens me! She’s the Susan Lucci of B&B! This show basically REVOLVES around her, and has since day one! Forget Brooke and Ridge, this show is REALLY about Stephanie Forrester!! And they better not DARE even entertain the notion of a recast! Some roles can’t be recast and this definitely applies!!!

    I wish she weren’t leaving, but I guess all good things must eventually come to an end!!

  55. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Susan and Brooke’s rivalry was the template that glue viewers to the set, and now, that she is retiring and Ron is leaving, the younger set is not cutting it for me, Brad’s writing has left much to be desired and people are tuning out, can the show last with this tired triangle that is not Taylor/Ridge/Brooke that made the show in the 90s.

  56. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    [quote=david46208]@DaytimeFan0001: Maybe Stephanie sleeps with Liam…lol[/quote]

    Yes, Stephanie or Brooke, she haven’t done Liam or Bill yet, so Brad, why not make a big deal and have Brooke sleep with father and son, lol. Brad will do that, I bet you.

  57. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    What the hell!

    I take a two-week break from the soaps and during that time Maria Arena Bell gets fired (Glory to God in the Highest!), Jill Farren Phelps makes the biggest comeback since Bobby Ewing, Melissa Reeves makes a passively aggressive homophobic tweet, Greg Rikaart tiptoes out of the closet, the oldest living teenager in soapdom, Ronn Moss, quits because he wants a bigger allowance, and now my Mama Forrester is retiring.

    No soap writer could come up with this stuff.

  58. Profile photo of Restless Vixen
    Restless Vixen

    Sometimes things just come to an end because it’s time for them to. SF has been wanting to quit for some time, and maybe now it’s time. I’m happy that Flannery has given us this powerhouse of a character for decades now. I may not have always rooted for Stephanie, but I certainly was entertained by the character. I will definitely miss SF (both character and actor), but I’m not sad. SF, in my opinion, is choosing to leave on her terms. I don’t think she wanted more money or more storyline. I just think she’s ready to retire from daytime. And why not? The woman has put everything into this role, even portraying her while ill. I don’t think there’s any way in hell Brad Bell could or should get away with a recast. I don’t think there’s a whole lot more story to tell for Stephanie, so I think she should either ride off into the sunset or die. Either way, I think it’s going to be EPIC B&B.

  59. Profile photo of stoney07

    You know what???? All these clips, I become more and more convinced that if this show was better balanced, and Brad Bell took it more serious sometimes, it would deserve to be the #1 show. And that’s saying A LOT coming from me. B&B has had some of the greatest moments in daytime in my opinion.

    Long live the Queen….it would’ve been NOTHING without her :(

  60. Profile photo of pjc722

    I’m sure the show will recast Susan’s role of Stephanie with a slightly younger actress and, dare I say it, SEXIER. I LOVE SUSAN and if anyone saw my earlier post from yesterday will know I don’t want the role recast but Bill Jr will most likely take this opportunity to bring VIXEN back to this role. It’s doubtful it will be a Erika Slezak actress in the role because the role of Stephanie has always walked a fine line between being loved and hated.

    I think with Ronn Moss leaving and the public announcement that the role will eventually be recast with a slightly younger actor that the show will take full advantage of that by recasting the pivotal character of Stephanie. The only actress I think on daytime right now who could take on the role of mom to a 50 yr old man (granted they will cast a 40 year old in the part) would be Judith Chapman (even if she is FAR TOO YOUNG TO PLAY THAT MOMMA) from THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.

    Judith is the consummate actress who brings everything that is required in an actress to her character from fear, strength, anger, sadness, tears and TRUE BITCH! She is amazing on Y&R but since the character of John died and the fight for his estate ended AND Jack opting only to eat at her restaurant, the character of Gloria is there only for comedic effect and sadly, without removing Katherine or Jill, Gloria will never lead this show the way this actress deserves to lead it. So let her jump to B&B.

    As the matriarch of a fashion dynasty, Judith could easily fit into couture and pull it off. Easily fit into diamonds and furs (faux, of course) and pull it off. She could easily bed Liam to get him out of her granddaughter and step granddaughter’s lives and give Bill a run for his money.

    The more I write about Judith taking the role the more excited I am for there to be a POWERFUL woman back in control. Susan was amazing and Judith is the only one to carry that torch if Stephanie is not killed off

  61. Profile photo of booze26

    Yeah, and I guess Thorne will be recast too. I think they are searching for a 30 year old guy.

    I think Brad is going to try his luck without The Forresters…he is doing that for over 3 years now, and with Stephanie and Ridge gone, its easy for him to go further with his adventure with the younger generation.

    I dont think we should hope for Thorne and Felicia, because frankly, they are both pretty pathetic and the both the actors are just not that great.

  62. Profile photo of harlee490

    WOW this is a stunner! :O I seen since it debut always having a grudge against B&B, but also found when Bill was in charge of writing & producing in the early years, found myself swept into Bill’s web of story as always and Stephanie was pitch perfect as Stephanie…but I’m not sure if I honestly want Stephanie to die? Make a great story and afterwards the effect on other characters would and could drive story for years. Thinking out loud, if going to recast: HELL NO to Erika Slezak, as amazing as ES is as an actor, she isn’t the right type I feel. Susan has always spoke about retiring and wish her the best because she deserves all the happiness that she bestowed on my viewing her character over the many years…but that is where I don’t want her to die.

    Why not go with age appropriate with Jamie Lyn Bauer, :love: she was working hard in mid-seventies as was SF, and it could create buzz by reuniting John McCook, and different type of “Stephanie”. There’s only one Susan Flannery.

    Mark, mentioned Susan Seaforth-Hayes which I would love for B&B to scoop her up as Lauren’s mother as she plays beautifully giving a fresh perspective for Eric to play. We could have Lauren cross-overs and Fen, Lauren briefly dated Eric.

    David, I disagree about recasting “Steffy”, the actress has grown by leaps & bounds since starting and has turned “Steffy” hers…I fully been educated and grown fond of her and confidence in her acting ability, where I didn’t have that kind of feeling when she started, aka Molly Burnett. When watching DOOL briefly, I didn’t quite understand the hostile attitude toward her, because I felt she was fine…whiny yes. I every much agree with you about recasting Marcus, bringing back Sean, and have S-S-M as part of writing team. :O


  63. Profile photo of pumpkin

    I do feel the show will be missing something but she has been talking about retiring for awhile now and I don’t blame her. I am retired and I am several years younger than she is. Her co workers probably knew this was coming anyway. As far as Ron M. A lot of the contracts now are based more on appearances and they are featuring the younger characters more than the older characters. I don’t see this changing. He probably wants to move on if he is not making the big bucks he did. His choice.

    I don’t think either should be recast. If soaps were in a better place then I would. I am a fan who always felt recasts are fine for any role. Lets face it B&B is 3 million give or take. I think the show would be in a position to take Brook in another direction. Right now B&B borders on incest anyway. With Stephanie and Ridge leaving there might be more possibilities to branch out. Just sayin….

  64. Profile photo of Dexxi

    Somewhere in La-La Land…

    Mr. Bell: Such a wonderful day for a funeral wouldn’t you say Mr Nail?
    Mr. Nail:Yes, quite lovely. Who knew a burial could gather such a crowd!
    Mr. Coffin: No surprise to me. I am always invited to these affairs.
    Mr. Bell:I’m sorry, I never did introduce you two proper did I?
    Mr. Coffin: I could have sworn we had met before..
    Mr. Nail: But alas we haven’t.
    Mr. Bell: Well then, Mr Nail this is Mr Coffin… Nail.. meet Coffin!
    Mr. Nail & Mr Coffin both: How do you do?
    Mr. Coffin: Do you hear that?
    Mr. Nail: I’m sorry did you say something? There is some God awful gong noise echoing about!
    Mr Bell: Hmh, I do wonder for whom the bell tolls?

  65. Profile photo of Divatude58

    [quote=pjc722]The only actress I think on daytime right now who could take on the role of mom to a 50 yr old man (granted they will cast a 40 year old in the part) would be Judith Chapman (even if she is FAR TOO YOUNG TO PLAY THAT MOMMA) from THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. [/quote]


    Oh the days of Y&R of old. When characters were coimplicated and motivations were not shallow yet still made perfect sensee. JC is one of the best actresses out there. I think she would be a great recast. Here’s the thing. If you are going to recast an iconic role like Stephanie Forrester after 25 years, then the actress you pick better have that “it” factor. There are no rooms for mistakes or do overs. She better be able to convey several different emotions with her facial expression. JC made me pity, hate, sympathize with, care about, defend, castigate Gloria all with the turn of her head and a look in here eyes…no words were ever even needed. She’s bad…in an good way. Ohhhhh….than darn Gloria when JC was allowed to be lead and drive story. Dru/VR was also on canvas at the time and between those two, I never missed a show. Anyways, I agree. Here’s to JC leaving Y&R for greener pastures where she can showcase her skill. Because let’s be honest, I don’t think she will make the cut of JFP anyway. Gloria has no purpose on canvas really. None of the Baldwin/Fishers do…for as much as a like Micheal Baldwin, I don’t see the need for him to have a mother, brother, and sister on canvas…

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