Phyllis Diller Dead at 95

Comedy legend Phyllis Diller has died, reports TMZ. She was 95. The frequent The Bold and the Beautiful guest star had a remarkable career on the big and small screen. Her incredible comedic timing will live on forever.

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    Sadly, now there will be one less comedic wit in our universe. Someone posted on their twitter feed/FB page that she taught women that they could be bawdy brash, funny & free– I agree!

    R.I.P. Ms. Diller. At least we still have memories of that irrepressible laughter.

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    Ms. Diller deserves so much recognition with her passing for being a female comic legend. It’ll be interesting to see if she’s given her due.

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    So sad that we had to lose her. It’s amazing how incredibly witty she was at 95, and to see how she can throw down while out drinking with the girls when was on Roseanne’s Nuts! WOW! She had me and my friends dying laughing on there, especially when her face and eyebrows perked up when Roseanne asked her if she wanted some wine! LMAO!

    Here’s the episode:

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