REPORT: Phelps and Griffith’s Young and Restless to Debut Early-to-Mid October

Get ready to say goodbye to ousted showrunner Maria Arena Bell's version of The Young and the Restless, kids! I'm hearing new material from executive producer Jill Farren Phelps and head writer Josh Griffith will begin airing by early-to-mid October.

Word on the street is, JFP and Griffith have been working overtime the past few weeks trying to get this sudser back on track. Will you be sad to see any of MAB's staples, like Chipmunk bank robbers and extreme klepto-whoring, go? Sound off in the comments! 

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    I am really glad to see this posted, as most seem to think the new people are already writing Y and R and replacing characters and such. It doesn’t appear to be that way, if they are not starting until October.

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    [quote=ChristianDavis148]This cannot come soon enough!

    BTW, when does Y&R’s 10,000th episode air? That way I can completely avoid watching it due to the fact that I’m hearing that it is horrible![/quote]


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    Sadly we have to get through the 10,000th episode first.

    I can’t wait for Josh Griffith’s writing to appear on-screen. I won’t miss Maria Arena Bell one bit. Her last year on that show was worst than what Lynn Marie Latham ever did to that show – and that really means something.

    After reading the spoilers for the 10,000the episode, Maria Arena Bell is without question the WORST head writer this show has ever had.

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    Restless Fan

    Can’t come soon enough. It’s hideous that we still have to be tortured with Maria Bells material for at least 6 more weeks. I still wish they would revisit the 10,000 episode. If it’s as cornball as it sounds (and given what MAB did earlier this year with the double nuptials of Gloria/Jeff and Kevin/Chloe) I might miss it all together. Let the healing begin.

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    You know the 10,000th episode should be easy. I mean just load the show up with old clips. That could be a mistake because then people will remember how good the show was.

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    Clear Springs? LML better than MAB…not quite. I hope everyone’s optimism on here pans out. If there is one thing MAB did well, is that Y and R at least looked like Y and R under her “regime”. I agree that the writing was questionable but superior to LMT. I do want Hogan gone. Let’s hope Josh’s writing heralds us back to the days of Bill, Kay and John. Keeping my fingers crossed…

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    Clear Springs was a disaster. No doubt about that. Still … Lynn Marie Latham didn’t hurt Y&R as much as Maria Arena Bell.

    Look at the outrages stuff MAB has done. Two doppelganger stories at once, countless death, one awful murder mystery after another, THE FAKE VOLCANO, the Victor/Sharon romance, countless character assassinations, rewriting history and changing back stories SEVERAL times. Not to even mention the tacky weddings we’ve been watching and the sad truth that marriage means NOTHING on that show anymore. MAB’s regime of terror was a wacky version of what she thought Y&R was about.

    In the end, it had nothing to do with the Y&R Bill Bell, Kay Alden or John Smith were writing.

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    So why are we excited? Is it because the Museum Curator is gone?

    All I know is that I found GH unwatchable under her regime; she can blame it all on Frons all she wants, this woman has a history as a Serial Killer.

    Prediction: if Y&R isn’t already cancelled by this time next year, the announcement will have already been made.


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    [quote=Coffee_Junkie]I have no interest in Y&Rs future if it doesn’t include Jill (Foster Abbott).[/quote]

    Ditto! After years of having 61 year old Patch the Pirate shoved down my throat with Kay, I sure hope they are trading SN’s salary ( and the rest of the 50 & 60 year olds… GenV, Anita, Sarge, Jeffery etc., etc. in for Jess Walton.) It’s not Y&R without Jill and I’d rather have Jill than ALL those stupid new characters Y&R is wasting their money on.

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    I have to agree with pferrando.

    During her last two years MAB may not have been very good but she was definitely better than LML. Under Lynn Marie Latham began the destruction of a show we once knew as Y&R. She did irreparable damage, some of which Maria actually managed to repair, i.e. brought back Ashley, dropped the ridiculous storylines with Brad and reliquary, the Sharon/Jack marriage (Good Lord!!!) and the idiotic idea to start a MAGAZINE in Y&R, the Victoria/Brad marriage. Those were all LML’s work. Horrible, utterly horrible.

    Y&R’s downfall began in 2006 and 2007-2008 were the most horrifying years in it’s history. 2009 was a little better but I distinctly remember thinking that 2010 was the first time I started to thoroughly be riveted and interested in the storylines. And 2011 was even better than that. Actually since 2005, 2011 has been the best year thusfar.

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    [quote=bishbay]I’d really like to want to watch Y&R again. I hope this works out.[/quote]

    I feel the same way.

    People arguing about which showrunner was the least toxic (LML or MAB) seems beside the point. When is the Lowest Common Denominator become the normal barometer for Soap storytelling??? When did we expect (and accept) less than the consistently compelling?

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    A new top 5 list!!! The worst LML versus the worst MAB.

    Chipmunk vs Reliquary!
    So long sister killer vs clear springs
    Crop dusting vs …….
    Die in a volcano vs. ……
    Devon sleeping with his aunt? Anyone?

    I personall liked Sharon with Jack and I liked Kay and Jill as mother and Daughter. It added a new element to their relationship.

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    Last time I looked JW was in that age group Sorry but you can give me SN over JW anyday Tuker just now starting to get Good. Whats left for JW to do on Y&R a Story where can be lead that not already been done

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    [quote=80srockfan]Last time I looked JW was in that age group Sorry but you can give me SN over JW anyday Tuker just now starting to get Good. Whats left for JW to do on Y&R a Story where can be lead that not already been done[/quote]

    Jess Walton could be doing anything that Stephen Nichols is doing. He does not belong on Y&R, and Tucker needs to GO.

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    Looking forward to Josh Griffith as headwriter, he has been with the show and gets the history. JFP will run the show and he will write it. I can’t imagine his agreeing to return if he wasn’t given some form of autonomy. Afterall MAB drove him away with her crazy ass antics.

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    [quote=Coffee_Junkie]Jess Walton could be doing anything that Stephen Nichols is doing. He does not belong on Y&R, and Tucker needs to GO.[/quote]

    That’s an understatement! When Jill Foster Abbott was plotting you were in for a huge treat not a long nap.

    Current story with Sharon is a huge joke, MAB must have been desperate to shoehorn him into a story. Tucker’s one of the few characters in Genoa City who didn’t have a bone to pick with Victor. And Tucker didn’t know Sharon at all. But we are supposed to believe he shows up on Victor’s doorstep one day and Sharon instantly trusts him and follows all his suggestions? GMAB There is no question this should be Adam & Sharon’s story. Now that would be interesting and sexy, rather than ridiculous and GROSS!

    Katherine needs Jill back too! Kay’s boring as this one-note mommy doting on her new senior citizen son & advising him on his sex life. Not to mention a little perverted. I’d rather have Brock visit, he knew how to keep things interesting with the ladies.

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    Im sorry. I’m still not excited. WE ALL know what JFP has done with other shows. and I agree, LML was worse than MAB. I mean, who are we kidding here?

    If I were to turn on Y&R right now, and it was 1992, I’d still somewhat recognize the show, if for nothing more than the background musical scores.

    Under LML, I didn’t recognize the music, the cast, the stories, the short paced scenes…it was all “off” for me. It would’ve worked perfectly for an ABC soap, but it just wasn’t Y&R.

    MAB had horrific stories, but at least it felt like I was watching a horrible version of Y&R.

    LML felt like I was watching a completely different horrible show. Let’s face it, they both were horrible fits for Y&R in different ways. But in no way, shape, or form am I excited about JFP killing off all the old heads and bringing in fresh new ones. Sorry…

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    Daniel’s porn addiction….Victor’s epilepsy….Brad’s rewritten history…….Jack and Nikki both RUNNING FOR OFFICE when neither had ever had any political aspirations…..Sheila with Phyllis’ face (when they had never met each other)……and as noted before the DISASTER LITERALLY THAT WAS CRYSTAL SPRINGS.

    Just a sampling of the crap LML treated us to.
    As I have said before, I think LML’s genius is in primetime.

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    Restless Fan

    At least LML had done good work prior to Y&R. Albeit night time. MAB was just awful and her first and only show was a train wreck to watch. I do believe the show will get better.

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    Thanks Yoryla and stoney07…Trust me, I’m gonna hope for the best. I’ve defended this show for years (okay except when LML was ripping it to shreds). I really don’t know a thing about JFP, but I’ve HEARD horrible things from GH fans. Y and R has more Emmy noms than any other show, I believe and that was when there was 13-14 shows in the running. Personally if the writing improves and the production goes to crap are we getting a better product. I don’t think so. I too hated LML and her quick pace, the new sets, the new music, AND the horrible writing. I’m gonna drown my sorrows and watch some old Kay and Jill (Brenda Dickson) clips on YouTube.

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    [quote=pferrando] I’m gonna drown my sorrows and watch some old Kay and Jill (Brenda Dickson) clips on YouTube.[/quote]
    Unfortunately those clips aren’t very long and there aren’t too many of them. If anyone has a clip of Katherine Chancellor driving Phillip Chancellor off the cliff, please, please post it.

    I’d love to see “early Jill” & Kay with adult eyes. Like many, I started watching when I was in grade school. Y&R should do a story that brings up the original conflict between Kay & Jill, and show all the big moments as flashbacks, nice long flashbacks. I’d be glued to my seat. I don’t think it matters that Jill was BD. I’ve googled BD, and Jess Walton looks more like an older “early Jill”, than BD does. LOL If I was a newer viewer I don’t think I’d know the difference especially when young Jill was still a heroine.

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    After watching today’s episode where Phyllis nonchalantly convinced the EVER DIMWITTED AND OBNOXIOUS Kevin to dispose of a dead body and watching them go from one building on one side of town to the other side to another building and get away with it, to Sharon taking over NEWMAN and Tucker hiring Genvieve to find Victor INSTEAD OF LET’S SAY the most expensive and highly trained P.I.’s in the world.. MID OCTOBER couldn’t be any closer!!!

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    Pjc722-I dont think Kevin is obnoxious. I think he got caught in yet another Phyllis scheme where she uses everybody to her advantage. I think Tucker hiring Genevieve to find Victor is a smoke screen. Either A) He doesnt want to find Victor either or B) He is setting Genevieve to take a fall somehow. I dont know why, I just have that feeling.

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    Blue Skies and Palomino Ponies

    I can’t lie. I enjoyed Phyllis & Kevin yesterday. I enjoyed Dr. Tim as Bernie. I feel like Greg Rikaart gets the funny out of a lot of people, and I enjoyed seeing some nuances of comedic timing from MS, too. The encyclopaedia thing was over the top (and obviously will come back to bite Kevin,) but at least I knew I was supposed to be chuckling at this instead of “DO NOT EVEN TRY MESSING WITH ME!”, which once again had me unsure of whether I were laughing with or at SC.

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    Has anyone seen the tweet from Nelson Branco this morning? It almost sounds like a recast for LILY! LOL! I wish:

    “casting new role: [SALLY TATE] AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN. MID 20s. She’s a mom balancing work family. Sexy, romantic, fun-loving.”

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    Well, MAB has made Y&R more tolerable of late, but that doesn’t mean I sure-n-hell want MAB to stay, because if she had stayed we would be moaning in fall, because nothing lasts long with her and her writing. I’m very familiar w\JFP and her destruction first handed w\GL & AW, but at least in GL’s case aside from her mistakes GL was very enjoyable period creating so many good characters and having the talent to make the character work. The Grants, Speakes, expanded Reardons w\Matt, Jenna was on her watch as Buzz, she did a amazing story with Lillian, gave Maeve Kincaid some of her best material, which Maeve won her Emmy (I believe in supporting, Roger & Holly always had story, return of Alexandra, return of Alan, vets had lots of story :davie: under JFP. Are changes coming you bet, but I’m not going to commit viewer suicide just because of her past. People are so damn determined she will do redux of GH…you naysayers are going to eat your words. First, CBS & Sony will have TREMENDOUS creative control and CBS is not ABC. JFP knows this her chance for redemption and to prove to people that she can produce a classic soap, w\Josh and being in charge of the number 1 soap, she’s not taking lightly but serious and give fans something to scream about with excitement.

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    Harlee, I agree for the most part, but didn’t Ms Jill kill off Maureen? I hope CBS has her collar on tight and with leash in hand. And if we do have to commit viewer suicide will you be my Kevorkian? I was close when LML was running rampant…

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