The Silence of The Phoenix: Stefano DiMera Returns to Days of Our Lives!

The “murder” of Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) shook Salem and turned practically everyone into a suspect. This week on Days of our Lives, Ian (Ian Buchanan) reveals to EJ (James Scott) he framed him for murder and then pulls back the curtain—literally—on his master plan. Looks like the Phoenix has arisen yet again. Watch the Days of our Lives promo after the jump!

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  1. Profile photo of Scribbles

    Two weeks prior to the CH and the week after the CH has been some of the greatest weeks in recent memory.

    Love that they’re moving FORWARD with storylines and not slipping backwards.

    Repeating what didn’t work isn’t the way to save DAYS.

  2. Profile photo of marybee50

    Can hardly wait for this week to start.I want Kate to be Ian’s downfall.Hopefully WilSon’s story is written as well as Will’s coming out.

    Sorry ID channel.Your promos may look great,but my dvr is busy at the 1PM hour.

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