Who is Blackmailing Phyllis on The Young and the Restless?

The final month of summer is heating up and so is The Young and the Restless! This week, a bunch of Genoa City citizens will be spending some time by the Abbott pool. However, not everyone will be glistening because of the sun.

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) pulls Kevin (Greg Rikaart) into her schemes,then wants to know who is blackmailing her. Stafford is so good at portraying a guilty, desperate Phyllis. Watch this week’s Y&R promo after the jump!


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More screen time: Kay, Jill, Nikki, Paul, Lauren, Michael, Gloria, Neil, Nina, Lily, Cane, Avery, Rafe, Kevin

Less screen time: Victor, Phyllis,

No screen time: Harmony, Sarge

I just don't know anymore: Sharon, Nick, Heather, Genevieve, Victoria, Billy, Chloe, Murphy, Devon

Yes, let's see the next generation: Noah, Abby, Fenn, Summer, Eden, Kyle

Less time with shirt on: Carmine

What's the point: Sophia, Tucker, Daniel, Chelsea, Jeffrey, Ronan, Anita

Damn, how can the show be focused with SOOOOO many characters?

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You know whats funny about the Phyllis character. I remember when she was with Nick the first time and broke up the first time, people said that Phyllis had lost her edge. What made her a dynamite character in the past had become wishy-washy with Nick. And now look at her...

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I personally have characters I'd like to see run over by a really big truck. Phyllis is at the top of that list. She continues to get away with everything she does and it is starting to look like the writers on the show don't care wheather she is bad,. they just want her on the screen. They nurses on the 10th floor have agreed to stop watching if this continues.